Love Should Never Die

Chapter 16

She rolled over onto her side, as she opened her eyes. She didn't sleep well. She got up slowly, stretched her arms and yawned. She slipped on her boots and her jacket before walking out onto the deck. She shielded her eyes with her hand as she looked around. The sky was clear, the sun was bright, and the temperature was perfect. She took a breath of the cool fresh sea air.

She walked up to the upper deck where Will was standing by the rail of the ship. He appeared to be talking to himself, but she figured he was actually talking to Jack.

"Do you think she will agree to your plan?" Will asked Jack who nodded to Angelica. Will turned around. "Good morning sleepy head. Its good that you are awake cause we will be arriving soon." He smiled.

"And where are we going?" She asked skeptically.

"Port Royal to pay my wife a visit." Will replied still smiling.

"I thought we were trying to help Jack? And how do you expect to see her anyways? You can't go on land." She said trying to figure out what they had planned.

"We are helping Jack. Elizabeth and Jack have a history, and we need one of his friends to cry over his death. We agreed that she is his best chance. And I know I can't go on land to find her and she can't see Jack so, that leaves you." Will explained hoping she would agree, but her expression made him think otherwise. He turned to Jack who sighed.

"Wrong choice of words mate. Now she will think there was something between Elizabeth and I when there most certainly was not." Jack frowned when he saw Angelica's expression.

"What do you mean by 'they have a history'?" She did not sound happy.

"Nothing, I meant they are good friends but nothing more. Don't worry, you are the only one he's ever seemed to truly be in love with." Will chuckled at her jealousy and looked nervously at Jack who was not smiling.

"Whatever you say. Anyways, you want me to go and find 'Elizabeth' and bring her back?" She said, not looking forwards to this.

"Yes. We need you to find her. Make her trust you enough to come back with you. Then me and Jack will take care of the rest." Will said still smiling.

"First, how am I going to find her? I don't know anything about her. Secondly, if I find her what makes you think she will trust me?" She asked still unsure about this.

"Jack will go with you, but here take this. Even though he knows her well enough to be able to find her, this will help you. As far as making her trust you, I'm afraid you'll have to do that on your own. If you tell her that I need to speak to her about Jack, it should gain her interest enough so you can at least talk to her." Will said reassuringly as he handed her Jack's compass.

"Ok, this could work I guess." She agreed, but still wondered how well Elizabeth and Jack really knew each other.

"Let go the anchors, and lower the longboat" Will yelled as the ship came into view of Port Royal.

"Aye sir" Some crew members responded before getting to work.

Will turned back to face Jack and Angelica. "Ok, you both know the plan. I will expect you back by no later than midday tomorrow. That should give you enough time to find her, talk to her and come back." Will said as he walked with them down to the lower deck. "Oh, don't forget the mirror, and the compass. Unfortunately, you probably don't want to carry the ouija board with you so Jack won't be able to talk to you unless you learn to lip read. Now off you go, and be careful." He continued, while helping her into the boat.

"We will be fine. See you in at most a day" She said before she pushed off and started rowing to shore.

She walked quickly up the dock with Jack close behind her.

"Oi, its a shilling to tie your boat to the dock miss." the dockmaster said before they could get very far. "And I shall need to know your name"

"Fine," She sneered as she handed him a coin. "and my name is miss Smith" she lied.

"Well then, Welcome to Port Royal Ms Smith." He said before walking away.

She continued walking "Ok, now where do we go from here?" She asked as she held up the compass. It pointed straight ahead through the town. She held up the mirror to see that Jack had already continued walking. She quickly caught up with him before he could get to far away.

"Hey, you can't just walk away from me. I can't see or hear you remember" She said angrily.

"Well, I want to get this over with as soon as possible if ye don't mind" He replied without facing her, knowing that she couldn't hear him. They walked up the busy street. She kept her eye on the compass to make sure that Jack was going the right way.

He knew that the governor's daughter would not be hard to find. Undoubtedly, after having so many dealings with pirates, and after Will's departure, she would have moved to a secluded area outside of town. Into a house that was inconspicuous and wouldn't attract much attention.

"This way" he signalled to Angelica, as he turned down onto a less busy street.

"Jack, how do you know where you're going? You haven't looked once at the compass. How well do you know this woman?" She asked skeptical of his relationships as she followed him down another even less busy street that led to the outskirts of the town. At this Jack stopped and rolled his eyes. Angelica was looking down at the compass so he stepped behind her as she kept walking. She lifted the mirror again to see where Jack was. She stopped. He was no longer in front of her.

"Jack, where are you?" She said hoping he hadn't left her there. She angled the mirror to see the whole area in front of her, but he wasn't there. She turned it back to herself to see Jack standing behind her. He had his hands on her shoulders. She looked into his eyes.

"We are just friends, luv, there is nothing between us at all" He said hoping to answer her previous question. She tried to read his lips and thought she deciphered some of that he said. "You just said that 'you are friends, and there is nothing between you' right? I assume that is in response to my previous question?" She inquired. He nodded before he stepped back in front of her. He turned down another street and waited for her to follow.

She looked back at the compass and followed Jack around the corner. He really did know where he was going. He was stopped in front of a house. She looked at the compass again, how could he possibly know that this was the house? Not even Jack's words were enough to clear her conscience. He smiled at her before she lowered the mirror to knock on the door.

"Just a minute" Said a voice from inside the house. "Yes, what can I do for you?" Asked the young english woman.

"Are you Elizabeth Turner?" Angelica asked trying to sound nice to this 'friend' of Jack's.

"That depends on who is asking." The woman said skeptically.

"I am asking, because, I have word from Will" Angelica said trying not to sound irritated.

"Yes, I'm Elizabeth. Will sent you?" Elizabeth sounded unsure of what else to say.

"Yes Will sent us, uh.. I mean me to find you. Can I come in, I really need to speak with you" Angelica asked.

"Yes of course, any friend of Will is a friend of mine. Please come in" Elizabeth opened the door for her.

"Would you like anything to eat, or drink?" Elizabeth asked as she walked to the kitchen.

"No, I'm fine, can we please just talk, I have some other things that I would like to get done today." Angelica said thinking about Jack.

"Ok fine" Elizabeth returned to the dining room where she left Angelica.

"Will needs to talk to you. Its about one of your old friends." Angelica said watching her cautiously.

"Who is it? Whats wrong?" Elizabeth questioned sounding upset.

"I believe you are quite 'familiar' with a certain Jack Sparrow." Angelica asked already knowing the answer.

"Captain!" She corrected. "Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes I have had dealings with him in the past, and I consider him a good friend. Why what trouble is he in now?" Jack, who was standing behind Angelica's chair smiled at her reaction to Angelica's mistake.

"I am afraid that Will told me explicitly not to tell you. He wanted to tell you in himself" Angelica sighed.

"Why is it that ye people are so bad with yer wording. Of course now ye told her that ye can't tell her, she will make ye tell her." Jack sighed, now pacing around the room.

"Why would he need to tell me himself if its only about Jack? Why can't you tell me yourself? Actually I'm surprised Jack isn't here himself, usually he looks for his own help, and doesn't recruit some random person to do it for him" Elizabeth said suspiciously, completely ignoring the fact that Will must not be far away if he sent Angelica there. Jack's smile faded when he heard this. Uh oh. Not good.

"That was not very wise. She is not just some person, and by the looks of it she is about to tell you that. Why do ye people continue to make awful word choices." Jack chuckled standing now behind Elizabeth as he watched Angelica's face turn red in anger at Elizabeth's comment.

"Ok fine, whatever, I won't tell you anything, but the news is upsetting so Will thought he should tell you himself. And I am not just some 'random' person. You are not the only one who knows Jack." Angelica said sharply clearly wishing she wasn't there.

"Upsetting? well thats new." Elizabeth said sarcastically, "And just how well do you know that bloody liar Jack Sparrow?" She asked now curious about Angelica's reaction.

"It is a long story that I have neither the time to discuss nor the desire to do so. Can you please just come with me to talk with Will?" Angelica asked now completely annoyed by this conversation. She was thinking about how she killed Jack and she just wanted to get him back. She did not want to wait for this 'friend' of his.

"Ok, but let me get my son first. He is at a friends house, you can stay here if you wish, I will only be gone a few minutes." Elizabeth said as she got up and walked towards the door.

"Yes, I will stay here until you return." Angelica rolled her eyes as Elizabeth shut the door behind her. Still remembering how she killed Jack did not help her mood.

Angelica held up the mirror to see Jack standing behind her once again. He was not happy with her.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked sounding very irritated.

"Sometimes I just don't understand you." He said shaking his head in disappointment about her behavior.

"You don't understand me? Is that what you said?" She was now getting angry. "And you think it is easier for me to understand you? Well think again." He knew she wasn't angry because he wasn't easy to understand, she was just using it as an excuse. Finding out what she was really upset about was going to be much harder to figure out.

"I'm sorry, luv, now tell me what's wrong, cause me being hard to understand is not enough to make ye this upset" Jack smiled hoping she understood.

"You are sorry? Well that's just great!" Angelica was fuming, why couldn't he be angry at her for killing him. "Why do you care why I'm upset?" Angelica growled.

" I care because I can. I couldn't stop caring about ye if ye killed me. Which as a matter of fact, ye did, and I still care, so now I'm going to ask ye again. Why are ye so upset?" Jack said having no idea that she was thinking about his death.

She put the mirror down. She couldn't look at him anymore. Thank goodness she couldn't hear him cause she would certainly start crying again.

"I.. I'm fine. We just need to get Elizabeth back to the ship and everything will be ok." Angelica mumbled not even holding the mirror anymore.

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