Love Should Never Die

Chapter 17

"Bloody difficult" Jack mumbled. Why couldn't she just talk to him? He sighed.

Angelica was still sitting at the table when Elizabeth got back.

"Okay, are you ready to go..uh.. what is your name? Or shall I just call you friend of Jack's?" Elizabeth said as she walked into the dining room.

"Don't call me that. My name is Angelica if you must know." She just wanted to leave and be alone.

"Ok Angelica, are you ready to go then?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes lets go" She jumped up and walked towards the door.

"Alex, come on, we are going to see your father." Elizabeth called to the boy who was now in his room.

"Ok mother" Alex said as he walked to the door.

"Alex, this is Angelica, she is a friend of your fathers." She quickly introduced them as they all walked outside.

"Pleasure to meet you miss." Alex said politely bowing to her.

"Nice to meet you as well. You look a lot like your father. I'm sure people tell you that all the time." Angelica said before receiving warning look from Elizabeth.

"No, I have never met him." Alex was on the verge of tears as he held his mothers hand tightly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize. Well, I never really had a father in my life either." Angelica said empathetic to his situation.

"Ok ok lets quit the chatter and keep moving." Jack said impatiently as he walked behind the others. Alex turned around to face Jack as if he heard what Jack said. Thats impossible, thought.

"Mother, who is that man following us? Is he a friend of dad's too?" Alex turned to Elizabeth.

She and Angelica stopped and turned around. There was no one there.

"What man darling? There is no one there." Elizabeth said continuing towards the docks.

"Yes there is. He is right there." He pointed right at Jack, but of course the two women could not see him.

"Ye can't see or hear me, it is not possible." Jack said still pondering what this boy was going on about.

"Yes I can. Why are you following us?" Alex let go of his mother and fell into step with Jack.

"I am a friend of yer parents boy." Jack said giving up on trying to find an explanation.

"Really? You know my parents? What is my father like?" Alex questioned excitedly.

"Alex, who are you talking to?" Elizabeth asked him.

"I'm talking to him." Once again he pointed to Jack.

"Thats silly, there is no one there." Elizabeth said turning back to Angelica. "Children, they have such active imaginations." Angelica noded but was still curious about who Alex thought he was talking to.

"Can you describe your friend for me?" Angelica asked Alex who was still walking behind her.

"Um…" Alex looked at Jack. "he is kind of tall, he has a funny beard, longer hair, a cool pointy hat. Umm he is wearing a cool jacket, boots, and a lot of jewelry. He's said he is a friend of my parents" That was all she needed to hear. He had just described Jack, but how could he know what Jack looked like?

"He sounds like a very interesting character. I wonder if I would like him if he was real." Angelica said jokingly. They all kept walking down the street.

"I think you two would be very good friends. He is very nice." Alex said kindly.

"Thanks boy, but she don't want to be my friend. Anyways, bout yer father, he is kind, strong, brave, and he loves yer mother very much." Jack said answering Alex's previous question.

"I can't wait to meet him, but why doesn't Miss Angelica want to be friends with you?" Alex was confused. Angelica looked back at him wondering what Jack was possibly telling that poor boy.

"Well friends look out for each other right? And when someones upset their friends help them through it right? But how can ye be friends if ye don't trust anyone to talk bout yer problems? Answer that for me." Jack smiled.

"So what you're saying is that she doesn't want to be friends because she doesn't trust you enough to tell you what's troubling her? Right? I agree with you, if you can't trust your friends and family, then who can you trust?" Alex said looking at Jack. Why can't Jack let anything go? She was fine and there was nothing for him to worry about. What even made him think that in the first place? Then she remembered back at the house and how he mind was filled with thoughts of guilt.

They reached to docks which were now busy with people rushing around trying to load their ships. They walked over to the dinghy.

"Ok, get in." Angelica said looking at Elizabeth and Alex. They both did as she said and got in the boat. Jack got in as well and sat across from Alex.

A small ship had just pulled in and suddenly there were more people running around the dock. Angelica was still on the dock untying the dinghy when someone bumped into her and she fell face first into the water.

"Angelica!?" Elizabeth and Jack said at the same time. Jack would have helped her but he couldn't so he laughed instead at her frustration.

"Uh, idiota!" She said. She would have yelled at the man who pushed her if he had not helped her out of the water. Jack's smile faded when he realized that the man knew her.

"Angelica? Is that you?" The man asked.

"Ricardo?" She said between coughs. Before she knew it he gave her a big hug. Alex looked over at Jack who was now looking angry.

"Whats wrong...uh what is your name?" Alex realized he didn't know his name.

"Jack, my name is Jack." Jack tried to sound calm as he watched Angelica.

"Ok then what's wrong? Will you tell me what's wrong?" Jack turned to him in astonishment at his concern.

"It is just hard for me to see my friend that close to someone else when she is never that close to me." He tried to explain.

"I understand, you are jealous aren't you? You like her don't you?" Alex asked smugly even though he already knew the answer. Jack did not want to talk about this anymore so he turned his attention back to Angelica.

"Ricardo what are you doing here? Its so good to see you." Angelica smiled.

"Well I could ask you the same question. I got hired to be a deckhand for this commercial shipper, so what happened to you?" Ricardo sounded more than happy to see her.

"Oh you know, I found my father, then he was killed, I fell in love, but I don't know how that's working out, my life is just a big disappointment after another." She tried to sound sorry for herself, knowing that Jack was probably listening, she could get him back for earlier. She didn't really mean any of it, but it was always fun to make him jealous. Jack looked away and tried to focus on the ships coming and going around them.

"Well, that doesn't sound like you. What do you say we talk about it over dinner?" Ricardo said sweetly. Ugh, Jack couldn't stand the thought of her actually saying yes. He kept trying to block out their conversation, but to no avail.

" I can't, I have to help some friends. It was nice seeing you again. Perhaps we shall meet again before I leave." Angelica said as she got into the dinghy.

"Ok, I will count on it" He said as she started rowing them away.

"Who was that friendly fellow?" Elizabeth asked skeptically.

"Oh him? He is just an old friend" Angelica said not wanting to talk about him anymore.

Alex was still watching Jack who was making a point to not look at Angelica.

"Jack? What's wrong Jack?" Alex asked concerned that his friend had not hardly turned his eyes away from the open sea. Jack snapped out of it. He turned back to Alex who gave him a concerned look.

"Nothin lad, I'm fine. I just want to get back to yer father's ship, thats all." Jack lied, he was actually hurt by what Angelica had said earlier. He wasn't sure if she had actually meant it. He was right about what he said earlier, he could never understand her.

"My father is captain of a ship? That is so cool!" Alex said excitedly catching the attention of his mother."Who told you that?" Elizabeth had never told him that much about Will.

"My friend Jack did." He said as he looked back over at Jack.

"You and your imagination." She smiled and ruffled his hair.

Angelica was still curious about how Alex, this small child could see and hear Jack while she could not. Why is that? She wondered as she continued rowing. Soon they came up to the Dutchman.

"Is that the ship?" Alex pointed excitedly.

"Yes darling, and there is your father" She pointed to Will who was standing at the helm giving orders to his crew. Both Angelica and Elizabeth were busy tying off the boat, that both of them missed Jack and Alex's conversation.

"Jack? Are you happy to be back to the ship?" Alex looked confused by Jack's expression.

"Aye lad, I'm happy to be back, I'm just not looking forward to what will take place later." Jack said grimly.

"Why? What's going to happen?" Alex was now concerned.

"Nothing that will affect ye lad, some people will just be getting emotional, and its not somthin I enjoy watchin." Jack smiled slightly.

"Why are people going to be upset?" Alex was curious.

"Don't tell anyone but a friend of yer parents died recently, and so they might be upset. Don't go tellin them now." Jack said warningly.

"Aye sir." Alex said understanding what Jack told him.

"Good lad." Jack smiled, now if only everyone was like this then there would be no misunderstandings he thought.

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