Love Should Never Die

Chapter 18

"Will!" Elizabeth was ecstatically shouting as she climbed onto the ship.

"Elizabeth is so good to see you" He said as she ran up and hugged him. He almost fell over.

"And who is this fellow?" Will eyed Alex curiously.

"He's our son." She smiled widely at him. "Alex come meet your father."

"Hello sir," Alex said politely. Will smiled.

"Will, my new friend Angelica told me you needed to tell me something important. What is it? What's wrong?" Elizabeth asked curiously. Will looked to Jack who was now standing next to Angelica.

"Will, perhaps ye should let Alex stay with Angelica while ye tell yer wife what happened. It may not be a pretty sight." Jack warned. Alex turned back to Jack with a confused expression, while Will nodded in agreement.

"Angelica, would you mind looking after Alex for a few hours?" Will asked hoping she would accept without an argument.

"Ok, but just this once." She sighed, not really ever dealing with children made her not sure about what to do with him. But how hard could watching one little boy be? "I'll keep him occupied, don't worry"

"Thanks" Will said before turning back to Elizabeth. "Now, maybe we should discuss this in my cabin" He suggested as he led her below deck.

"So Alex, do you want to see the rest of the ship?" Angelica asked seeing the bored look on his face.

"Ok." He said wishing he knew what his parents were talking about.

"Follow me, come on" She said walking away towards the stairs to the lower deck. Alex trailed behind her before he stopped.

"Jack are you coming too?" Alex asked. Jack had been thinking about how happy Angelica looked, even if she was only faking it. He was imagining her with a child of her own before his thoughts were interrupted by Alex.

"Aye lad I'm coming" He said smiling as he followed him.

"Will, what is it? What does Jack need help with now?" Elizabeth asked concerned.

"How did you know it was about Jack? Angelica told you didn't she?" Will said.

"Yes and no. She told me that something was wrong with Jack, but she didn't tell me what. She said it was something that you wanted to tell me yourself." She explained.

"Ah, I see. Well, you see, something terrible happened. You might not believe it, so you may want to sit down" Will said grimly.

"Will, I'm sure whatever it is, I can handle it." She said irritated by his ambiguity.

"Ok then I'm just going to say it. Jack Sparrow, is... um… he's … he's dead" Will winced at his own words.

"Are you telling me that the infamous Jack Sparrow who hadn't been even injured from all of those adventures we went on is dead?" She chuckled. Will frowned, not amused by her lack of seriousness.

"You can't expect anyone to believe that. How did he die then?" Elizabeth asked mockingly.

"He was shot. In the chest." Will said grimly.

"By who?" Elizabeth asked, still skeptical of his claim. Will was not sure if he should tell her, but decided it would be better if he told her the truth.

"Uh, you just met them, today in fact." Will said trying not to say it blatantly if he could help it.

"Angelica? You expect me to believe that she shot Jack? Now that is too crazy. Why would you say that?" Elizabeth asked now annoyed. Will stepped forwards and held her shoulders so he could look her in the eye.

"Elizabeth, Angelica shot Jack. He is dead" Will said sternly. Then it hit her, he was probably telling the truth, but she needed proof.

"Do you have any proof?" She asked hoping he would say no. But, she had a bad feeling that he did.

"Unfortunately. come with me." He said as he led her out of the room.

"Here is the brig. This is where you go if you get into trouble." Angelica explained, still on their tour of the ship.

"This ship is so cool! Jack don't you think so too?" Alex beamed at Jack who was almost enjoying this walk around the ship.

"Aye lad, as a matter of fact, one time I was locked in this cell right over here." Jack smiled.

"Why were you locked up in here?" Alex asked curiously. Angelica listened to Alex, what was Jack telling him now?

"Well, it was cause I made a deal with the man who captained this ship b'fore yer father. He wasn't a very nice guy." Jack explained, not going into too much detail.

"What kind of a deal did you make?" Alex's eyes were filled with curiosity.

"It isn't important, Davy Jones was his name, and he was pure evil, almost as evil as Balckbeard. Ye know bout him, right?" Jack wondered.

"Aye, I know bout Blackbeard, and I've heard stories bout Davy Jones too. Can you tell me about your adventures sometime?" Alex was really interested in Jack, but Angelica had heard enough.

"Alex, come on, lets get back to the main deck, maybe your parents are done talking now" She suggested, not wanting to hear him talk to Jack anymore.

"Awe, ok. But Jack promise to tell me some stories later?" Alex asked as they walked back up the stairs.

"Sure lad, I'll tell ye some stories later." Jack grinned at the boys enthusiasm.

Just as Jack, Angelica and Alex were about to go up the last stairs, they heard Will and Elizabeth coming their way. They all stepped out of sight of the couple. Jack was curious about Elizabeth's reaction, and by the look on Alex's face, so was he. After Will and Elizabeth had gone down the stairs a ways, Jack followed them. Alex had seen Jack walk away after his parents and decided to follow as well.

"Alex? Alex, where did you go?" Angelica whispered. There he was, he was slowly walking down the stairs after his parents. "Get back up here!" she whispered sternly after him. Ugh, why don't boys ever listen she thought. She caught up with him as they approached the deck where his parents were. Their conversation became clearer as they got closer. Jack was already there standing next to Elizabeth. Will noticed him there but made no indication of it. They were standing around an object covered in a cloth. They all knew that it was Jack's dead body, but Elizabeth still felt the need to see it for herself.

"Are you sure you want to see this?" Will asked giving her one last chance to just take his word.

"Yes, if he truly is gone, I need to see it." Elizabeth said strongly. Will nodded and started to lift the cloth off of Jack's face. Jack's face was pale, and ghostly. She gasped, the color faded from her face. She turned into Will who hugged her.

"Jack?" Alex whispered from his hiding place, confused at what he was seeing. He turned to Angelica who had begun to cry. He gave her a hug before he crept up the stairs again, not wanting to watch anymore. Angelica quietly followed him.

"So.. he really is gone.." Elizabeth too began to cry. Will took out a vial to hold her tears in.

"Yes he is." She continued to cry. "Shh. Its ok." He lifted her chin and looked her in the eye.

"I.. I guess I never really thought it was possible...after what happened with the Kraken and all" She muttered between tears.

"Close your eyes, everything will be ok." Will said calmly. As she did Will lifted the vial to her face, and managed to contain a few tears before she looked at him again. Now just to calm her down before she got upset with Angelica. He knew that was a lot to hope for, but he had to at least try.

"It's all going to be okay. Now we can bring him back." Will said still comforting her.

"How?" She asked, tears still streaming down her face.

"Well, now that you cried for him, we have what we need for the ritual. Elizabeth, we can bring him back thanks to you." He held her away from himself to look into her eyes. She smiled, but she was still wondering why Angelica killed him.

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