Love Should Never Die

Chapter 19

"How could you?!" Elizabeth almost yelled at Angelica who was sitting on the top stairs with Alex.

"Excuse me? What are you mad at me for?" Angelica questioned although she already knew the answer.

"You know exactly why! How could you kill him?!" Elizabeth was now yelling. Will ran up the stairs and stepped between the two women.

"Now calm down! Both of you!" Will said sternly. "Ok, yes Angelica killed Jack. But it was a mistake, and she knows it. So, Elizabeth, calm down it will be ok." He continued, hoping that he could prevent further conflict.

"and how exactly are we going to bring him back? He is dead this time. It isn't like last time. He is actually dead." Elizabeth was still upset and glaring at Will, waiting for an explanation.

"Wait, what do you mean last time?" Angelica asked as she stepped out from behind Will.

"Nothing sweetness, she meant nothing at all" Jack lied even though she couldn't hear him, as he stepped in front of her. She walked right through him and up to Elizabeth.

"Are you saying you killed him before?!" It was her turn to be upset now. Will sighed, and stepped between them again.

"Will you both just stop. Stop right now. I don't want to hear another word about this from either of you." Will sad irritated by their argument. "You both have killed the 'infamous Captain Jack Sparrow' now get over it and start thinking about where we will get the special glass for the ritual." Will continued in his irritated tone.

"Fine. So what does the book mean by special? How special does the glass have to be?" Angelica said remembering the ritual.

"Um, excuse me, but what exactly is the ritual?" Elizabeth asked calmly.

"We need blood from the killer, the body of the deceased, tears from a friend, their favorite drink, and something from their favorite place; all of it is to be mixed in a 'special' glass, drunk by the spirit, then they are to be kissed by their lover. Then supposedly their spirit and body will be joined and they will be alive again." Will quickly explained.

"So let me get this, we have my tears, Angelica's blood, Jack's body, seawater and rum of course, but you don't have the special glass. And what about his lover, Jack told me once that his one and only love is the sea. What about that?" Elizabeth asked slightly confused.

"You're right about the glass, we don't have that, but as for his lover…" Will said as he glanced over to Angelica. "She is right there." Elizabeth's jaw dropped. She didn't know what to say. What?! How could someone who loves you be the one to kill you, Elizabeth had no idea, it didn't make sense to her.

"You?" Elizabeth finally said. "Jack Sparrow fell for you?" She said still awestruck at this news.

"Aye, or so he says." Angelica smirked. "And I suppose you're wondering why I killed him."

"Who shoots the person that loves them? Who does that?" Elizabeth was still confused.

"He was going to leave me alone on a beach. I couldn't stand to lose him, so I shot at him hoping to miss, but I didn't." Angelica looked down, tears of guilt had crept down her face but she did not want to show it.

"You love him too. Oh I see, I think I understand." Elizabeth smiled " Ok, so then all we really need is the glass."

"Aye, but the book didn't say why the glass was special, how can we possibly find something with that vague of a description?" Angelica asked. Jack was still listening, but had gone to sit by Alex who was still sitting on the stairs.

"Oi, what's wrong lad?" Jack asked based on the expression plastered on Alex's face.

"You? You're the one they are talking about. My parents are your friends, and Angelica is your girlfriend and the one who killed you." Alex looked slightly afraid.

"Aye lad I guess ye could say that Angelica just loved dear ol' Jack too much. But its ok, I don't blame her." Jack chuckled, but stopped when Alex began losing the color in his face. "Don't be afraid lad, I wont hurt ye." Jack tried to comfort him.

"b...but why can I see you if you're a ghost?" Alex asked as he seemed to be really thinking it over.

"I don't know lad, but yer father can see the dead as well." At this Alex looked up.

"What? He can see you too?" Alex looked really confused.

"Aye, I know he can cause he is the ferryer of souls, but I don't know why ye can, it ain't usually a family trait. But I do have an idea." Jack said trying to remember where that idea came from.

"What is it?" Alex asked curiously.

"Well I heard that children can see ghosts because they have better eyesight." Jack said still not really sure where that thought came from.

"Wow, that is so cool." Alex seemed to calm down and not be afraid anymore.

"So yer not afraid of me anymore lad?" Jack asked.

"No sir, I'm not afraid of you Jack" Alex said proudly.

"Good lad" Jack said before returning his attention to Will, Angelica, and Elizabeth.

"It could be a chalice like the ones we used at the fountain of youth." Angelica said not really sure how they were ever going to figure it out.

"I don't know, I don't think it would be that obvious. It is like a riddle" Will said thinking of how to figure it out.

"I got it." Elizabeth exclaimed, Will and Angelica both turned to look at her waiting to hear her idea. "What if it was not special on its own. But it was just special to Jack?" She continued.

Will nodded but Angelica still looked skeptical.

"The only thing is I don't know how we would ever find something like that without asking Jack." Elizabeth sighed. Will turned to see that Jack was now standing next to him.

"Jack? Got a special glass?" Will asked.

"The only special glasses to me mate are the ones that hold me rum." Jack chuckled.

"Well, I suppose if it is special to you, then I guess a rum bottle could work." Will agreed.

"Will? Who are you talking to?" Elizabeth was very confused. Angelica pulled out her mirror, and angled it towards Jack so Elizabeth could see him next to Will.

"I believe you know Jack Sparrow" Angelica smiled at seeing him again.

"Jack?" Elizabeth wasn't sure if she should believe what she saw.

"Aye Elizabeth, It's me." Jack smirked. Elizabeth saw him, and he looked like he was talking but why couldn't she hear him? She was about to ask before Angelica interrupted her.

"You can't hear him, you can only see him. If you want to know what he's saying, learn to lip read, or ask Will, he can hear him." She answered Elizabeth's question before she even asked.

"Will? You knew Jack was still here, and you made me go though all that anyways?" She said referring to the emotional state she was in earlier.

"I couldn't tell you. We needed one of his friends to cry over his death for the ritual. Neither I nor Gibbs was going to, and since he doesn't have many friends, well, you were our best choice." Will explained. "I wanted to tell you, I did not want to make you upset, but I had no choice. It was either that or keep Jack's spirit aboard my ship forever, and I don't like that alternative." He continued.

"Ok, so he said that a rum bottle would work? Can we do the ritual now?" Elizabeth asked impatiently.

"Yeah I don't see why not. Angelica, Jack are you two ready to perform the ritual?" Will asked as he looked at both of them. They both nodded.

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