Love Should Never Die

Chapter 20

They all gathered around Jack's dead body. Neither Angelica nor Elizabeth had the heart to look at him, but they turned to look at Will who was coming down the stairs with the items they needed.

"Ok, so one candle needs to be placed by his head, one by his feet, and one on both sides of him." Will explained looking up from the large book. Angelica and Elizabeth nodded and began to light the candles and place them around Jack.

None of them knew it, but Alex was watching from the stairs. He was curious to see what would happen to his friend.

"Now, here is the bottle of rum, I already mixed some seawater with it." Will said. " Now it says first we add the tears." He added, handing the vial and the bottle to Elizabeth. Elizabeth poured her tears into the bottle, and handed it to Angelica.

"Ok, now Angelica, give me your hand" Will said as he put the book down. "This might hurt." He warned. Angelica gave him her hand and looked away. She didn't like the sight of blood, especially her own. Will pulled out his knife.

Alex who was still on the stairs gasped but couldn't look away.

"Ok, relax you arm" He said before he quickly cut her hand.

"Ay!" Angelica tried to yank her hand back, but Will had a strong grip on it. She gave Will the bottle, and he squeezed her hand until some blood fell into the bottle. She winced and quickly pulled her hand back as soon as he released it. "Angelica!" Alex said as he ran to her from the stairs "Are you ok?" He asked concerned. All four of them turned to see Alex now standing beside them.

"Yes, I'm fine" Angelica gave a slight smile before wincing again at the pain in her hand.

"Here, you should wrap it up." Elizabeth suggested and motioned for Angelica to give her her hand. Elizabeth carefully wrapped it in a small cloth.

"There you go" Elizabeth smiled before turning to Alex.

"Thanks" Angelica said, trying forget about the pain.

"What are you doing down here?" Elizabeth asked Alex who was now watching Jack wince at the expression of pain on Angelica's face.

"I wanted to see what you were going to do to my friend Jack" Alex answered plainly.

"Ok well you can watch if you want. Just sit over there." He said pointing to a barrel in the corner.

"Ok" Alex sighed and went to sit on the barrel.

Will turned back to Angelica and Elizabeth "So that is the tears, the rum, the water, and the blood." Will said then turned to Jack who was standing besides Angelica. "Ok, the book said after that, Jack would have to be in the same place as his body. Jack go lie down."

"Aye 'sir'" Jack smirked as he walked over to his body. He sat down, and swung his legs over onto the crates where his body was lying.

"Now drink this" Will said as he started handing Jack the bottle. Surprisingly, Jack was able to hold it. To Elizabeth and Angelica, the bottle looked like it was floating. Expressions of wonder and slight confusion spread over their faces.

"Bottoms up" Will chuckled as Jack began to drink the mixture.

Jack drank the entire contents of the bottle. His vision began to blur and he dropped the bottle. It crashed to the floor and shattered into a million tiny little pieces. Jack passed out and fell back onto the crates. Alex jumped, Elizabeth and Angelica took a step back, but Will seemed unphased.

"What happened?" Angelica sounded concerned.

"Jack passed out." Will said, "He is now in the same place as his body, so you should be able to finish the ritual." He continued.

"was that supposed to happen?" Elizabeth asked.

"I don't know, but the book says that once the spirit drinks the mixture, their lover must kiss them while they occupy the same space as their body." Will explained, "And since he now is, Angelica need only kiss him, and he should come back." They both turned to Angelica, before they motioned to Alex to go with them. They left Angelica alone with Jack as they walked back to the upper deck.

She slowly walked up besides Jack. His face was pale, but he looked peaceful.

"Oh Jack." She whispered as tears started running down her face. She leaned over and put her lips to his, and closed her eyes. Jack's eyes flickered open. He wasn't sure if he was still a ghost or not. Then realized that Angelica was kissing him. He moved one hand to her waist and brought the other to back of her head, and kissed her back. Her eyes snapped pushed herself off him, he hit his head on the crate."Ow.." Jack said softly rubbing his head. "What was that for? I was enjoying that" He smirked.

"Jack!" She almost jumped on him as she hugged him. "Your alive!"

"Aye luv, I'm back" He smiled. "Now could ye let me go? Yer crushin me luv" he chuckled.

"Sorry" She mumbled as she let him go. Tears of joy now running down her face.

"Now can ye help me up?" He asked, being without a body for a few days had left him with little strength.

"Of course" She helped him up and he put an arm around her for support.

She helped him up the stairs and out onto the deck. Will, Elizabeth and Alex were all standing at the helm looking out over the sea with grim expressions on their faces.

"Oi!" Jack tried to yell up to them. They all turned, and smiles spread across their faces. They all rushed down to Jack and Angelica.

"Jack!" Will smiled widely. "It worked, You're back!"

"Aye, I'm back" Jack smiled.

"Jack, I've missed you" Elizabeth smiled, but at that Angelica rolled her eyes.

"Aye, its been too long" Jack joked.

"Jack are you feeling better?" Alex asked.

"Aye lad, I'm feeling better." Jack ruffled his hair.

"What are you going to do now Jack?" Elizabeth asked curious if he had a plan for the near future, or if he was just going to wing it.

"Err, I dunno." He glanced at Angelica who smiled at him.

"Well, we can decide these things tomorrow, Jack, I'm sure could use some rest." Will smirked.

"Aye, I be needin some rest" Jack agreed. Will walked back up to the helm, followed soon after by Elizabeth.

"I'll see you later Jack" Alex said before running after his parents. Jack nodded.

"He's a good lad." Jack said turning to Angelica.

"Aye he is" She agreed before regaining her focus on Jack., "You have to go rest." Angelica reminded him.

Angelica helped Jack into the cabin where she had been staying for the past few days. She let go of him so he would lie down on the bed, but he was still holding onto her for balance.

"Jack you have to let go of me. Get in bed. You need to sleep." Angelica said.

"And what if I don't want to let ye go?" Jack smiled widely at her.

"Jack, don't make me push you into that bed" She threatened playfully.

"ye couldn't get me to lie down if ye tried." Jack mocked.

"Wanna bet?" She gave him a shove, and over he went. She had forgotten that he was still holding onto her until she fell over as well. Angelica landed right on top of him on the bed.

"Did ye gain some weight luv?" He moaned jokingly from underneath her.

"No Jack, you are just not as strong as you thought" She smiled not really wanting to move, but Jack wrapped his arms around her and slid her off him.

"I've missed you Jack" She whispered as Jack pulled her closer to him. She yawned and stretched out her arms before wrapping them around Jack.

"I missed ye too, luv" He smiled before he closed his eyes. He actually was tired and it was not long before they both fell asleep in each others embrace.

Jack woke up the next morning, Angelica's head was resting on his shoulder, and her arms were draped across his chest. He shifted slightly trying not to wake her. He brushed some strands of hair off of her face. He thought she looked peacefully stunning. He shifted again before kissing her lightly on the forehead. He began thinking about where he was going to go and what he was going to do, and how he could be sure to keep Angelica with him forever. He promised himself that he would not leave her again, and under no circumstances was he going to intentionally or otherwise hurt her again. He has left her and vise versa so many times he didn't want it to happen again. But, how could he make sure she didn't leave him instead? Maybe Will will know, yes, I'll ask him, he seems to know a lot about relationships, he thought. Angelica stirred slightly interrupting Jack's thoughts about their future.

"Jack?" She whispered softly.

"Aye luv. I'm here. What is it?" He whispered.

"Don't ever leave" She whispered.

"I won't luv, I promise." He said softly. "But, I am going to get some fresh air" He said as he tried to get out of her grasp.

"No, stay. You don't have to get up yet" She willed him to stay.

"Ok luv, but only for a few minutes. I have to speak with Will." Jack said as she curled up next to him again.

"About what?" She spoke, keeping her eyes closed.

"Nothing of importance, there are just some things I need to discuss" Jack thought back to how he could ensure that she stayed with him.

"Ok, but you know I will find out sooner or later what you are hiding" She smiled.

"I'm not hidin anythin" He defended before she rolled over to look into his eyes.

"I know you Jack, don't forget that" she smiled. "I know you are so don't lie about it, cause I will find out eventually" She continued.

"Aye, but it isn't important right now" He leaned in to kiss her. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips to hers. He had to talk to Will. He couldn't lose this, he thought referring to Angelica. He pulled back, and got up.

"Jack? where are you going?" She asked slightly annoyed that he decided to get up.

"I told ye already, I must speak to Will" Jack said as he pulled on his boots.

"Fine" She pouted.

He turned to her and lifted her face to look at him.

"Its ok luv, I'm not leavin. I'm only gunna be talkin to Will." Jack said before walking out of the room.

She was still curious about the nature of his 'discussion' with Will so she got up and put on her boots, jacket and hat before too exiting the room. She walked on deck carefully not be noticed by Jack who was now standing at the helm next to Will. She crept closer until she was standing almost right underneath them and in perfect position to hear their conversation.

"Good Morning isn't it." Will said to Jack who did not seem to share his enthusiasm.

"Aye, that it is. How was yer evening with Mrs. Turner?" Jack smirked.

"Well, you know Jack. I love her. That will never change no matter the distance between us. I just don't want to have to leave her again." Will sighed. "What about you? I mean I guess you probably didn't have much of an evening cause you were so tired."

"Aye, I fell asleep pretty quickly." Jack said. "But, I know what ye mean. I luv Angelica, and nothing could keep me from her. That is, nothing but herself." Jack continued.

"What do you mean?" Will asked slightly confused. Angelica, who was still listening from below, was also wondering that same thing.

"I luv her, and I promised me self I would not leave her again. But I can't help it if she leaves me." Jack said grimly. "If she leaves, I don't know what I would do with me self. But if she stays with me and gets hurt or killed, I wouldn't be able to live me self either." He sighed.

"Thats why you were going to leave her on that island? Isn't it. You were trying to protect her by leaving her there." Will realized.

He was really trying to protect me? He thought I would be better off without him? She didn't know what to say, she just wanted to hug him. However, what she wanted more was to know what he was going to say now, so she remained hidden for the time being.

"Aye, I don't know what I can do to keep her here with me, I don't want her to leave, but I don't want her to get hurt. What do I do?" Jack almost begged for an answer. Will thought for a moment.

"Well, you could...nevermind, that might not work" Will kept thinking.

"What? what won't work?" Jack asked desperate for a solution.

"Well, I was going to say you could ask her to marry you, then, I doubt she would be able to make herself leave you." Will suggested. Jack stiffened, that was crazy, he couldn't marry her. She would never agree to it, would she? He didn't know. He never really like the idea of marriage, even though he had actually asked her before.

"No. No. No. Will. She would never agree to that. She would walk away, and she would be gone for sure. I asked her before and she rejected me, not long after that, she left. I will not let that happen again." Jack said almost considering Will's idea. Angelica heard this and was immediately confused at what would make him think that. She had left him in the past after he asked her, but she wasn't planning on leaving him now. Why wouldn't I marry him? Then she thought back to all those times that he had hurt her. The tone in Will's voice interrupted her thoughts, and she refocused on their conversation.

"Jack. I'm married, and even though I am always out of her reach, she still loves me. If you ask her, it will show her that you are truly devoted to her. She will not leave if you ask her to stay with you." Will tried to convince him it was a good idea. "As for her safety though. I cannot say being with you would be the best option. But you cannot protect her forever. If she decides to stay, you have to remember that." He continued.

"Aye, yer right Will. I can't protect her forever." Jack sighed. "Thanks for yer help. Now, all I got to do is ask her." He was not looking forward to that, because he did not want to her leave him, again. He winced at the thought.

"It won't be that hard Jack. Just go up to her later, tell her how you feel, and what you're afraid of. Then ask her, and she more than likely will make the right decision to accept your proposal." Will assured him. "Besides, when she says 'yes', you can be married within the hour. Right on this deck." Will chuckled and Jack nodded.

"Will, have ye not noticed that I am not the best when it comes to feelings?" Jack said still unsure about this plan of theirs.

"Yes Jack, I know. All the more reason she should believe you when you say you love her." Will said "Unless you were lying to her." He raised an eyebrow at him. Angelica was still listening intently to their conversation. Oh god. What if he was lying? What would happen? What would she do? She hadn't thought of it before. She desperately awaited his response.

"No of course I was not lying to her. Ye people are always surprised when I tell the truth." Jack said before rolling his eyes. Angelica gave a silent sigh of relief. Well thats good, she thought.

"Well, then you should trust her to trust you." Will assured him. Jack nodded and grinned.

"Will, today will be a good day" Jack said finally deciding that he should go ahead with the plan. "Its getting late, she can't sleep all day. I'm going to go get her up." He said as he started walking down the stairs to the main deck where Angelica happened to be. Uh oh, now what? There was no way for her to get past him without him seeing her.

"Jack!" Will called from the helm. Jack turned around to face Will, and Angelica took this opportunity to scurry back into the cabin. Will saw her. Oh no. Thats not good, he thought. She heard everything. That could either be very good, or very bad for Jack, yet it was too soon to tell. He decided it would be best not to tell him.

"What is it?" Jack asked " Spit it out, we're burnin daylight here." Will was lost for words and forgot what he was going to say.

"Err nevermind." Will said nervously. Jack noticed this sudden change in his voice, and walked back up the stairs to face him.

"Will! Speak man! What is it?" Jack said now curious as to why Will seemed distracted.

"Jack, its nothing I swear." Will lied, believing it would better if Jack didn't know. Jack could tell that he was lying and wouldn't tell him, so he decided to leave it.

"Fine. Don't tell me now, but mark my words, I will find out." Jack warned before walking back down the stairs towards their cabin.

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