Love Should Never Die

Chapter 21

Angelica quickly ripped off her boots, jacket, and hat, before jumping back into the bed. Just as she had, Jack walked back into the room. She pretended to be just waking up from his entrance.

"Jack?" She whispered trying to sound half asleep.

"Aye luv, it's just me." He smiled trying to imagine her as his wife. It was hard to picture.

"How was your talk with Will?" She asked wondering what he would say to cover it up.

"It was fine luv. Will just helped me figure some things out." He said softly as he sat next to her on the bed.

"What kind of things?" Angelica continued to see if she could get him to tell her.

"Oh, just some suggestions about the future" He smiled at her and brushed some of the hair off of her face.

"Ah, and what does the future entail?" She could see in his eyes that he was not sure if he should tell her.

"That depends" He said slyly "That depends on yer answer to my question"

"And what question would that be?" Angelica was almost excited, until she remembered who she was talking to. This was Jack Sparrow, he wouldn't ask her like that.

"Do ye trust me?" He asked. She sighed, regretting that she did all to quickly, cause he noticed that she seemed disappointed.

"Yes. Jack I trust you. Why?" She knew why he asked, but still she wanted to know how he would lie to her.

"It's just um. well.. No reason." He thought about asking her then, but then decided that it was not the opportune moment.

"Fine, don't ask me then, I can wait, but I won't wait forever" She muttered, as she quickly got up, and put on her jacket, boots, and hat again. She was about to walk out of the room but Jack stopped her.

"What was that luv?" He asked now standing in front of her.

"I said that I hoped today would be a good day." She lied smiling sweetly before walking past him and out onto the main deck. Jack frowned and followed closely behind her. Will was still at the helm, but now he was accompanied by Alex. Alex saw them and waved excitedly.

"Good morning lad" Jack smiled and ruffled Alex's hair when he reached the top of the stairs.

"Good morning Jack" Alex replied. "And good morning to you as well Ms. Angelica." He said sweetly.

"Good morning Alex" She said with fake enthusiasm. "And to you Will" She nodded.

"Err, well, yes..good morning Angelica" Will avoided eye contact with her, and Jack noticed.

"Will?" Jack questioned his sudden nervousness in front of Angelica.

"What is it Jack?" Will asked.

"Yes Jack, what is it?" Angelica was wondering what he was going to say.

"Uh, nevermind, I'll talk to ye about it later." Jack mumbled.

"So what do we have planned for today?" Angelica asked Will who was still not looking at her.

"Unfortunately, my wife and son have to be taken back to land today. Other than that, I guess Jack might have an idea." Will said, and at that Jack scowled at him. Angelica was just about to question Jack, but Alex started talking first.

"Awe Dad, do I have to go back with Mom? I want to stay here with you and Jack, and Angelica." Alex wined. Will knelt down in front of him.

"Now Alex, you have to be strong for your mother. You are the man of the house while I'm gone. It is too dangerous for you to stay here. I need to know you are safe." Will said, and Alex looked down. Will lifted his head to look into his eyes. "I need to know that you will look after your mother for me. Promise?"

"Aye sir, I promise" Alex said sadly before turning to Jack. "Jack even if I go can we still be friends?"

"Aye lad," Jack smiled.

"I'll go wake Elizabeth, she's worse than you, you know. She always has to sleep in." Will joked smiling at Angelica.

"What? Worse than who?" Elizabeth said smiling as she walked up the stairs.

"Oh good yer awake." Jack said "Now lets get ye and yer son to shore" He continued.

"Lower the longboat" Will shouted to his crew before turning to Elizabeth.

"Will, I love you." She said giving him a hug before they walked down to the longboat.

"I love you too." He said before turning to his son. "You behave now." He said.

"I love you Dad." Alex's eyes started to water.

"I love you to son." He gave him a hug, then walked him down to the main deck.

Jack climbed down and got in the small boat. Elizabeth came next followed by Alex.

"Angelica will ye be coming with us?" Jack yelled up to her.

"Aye," She said as she climbed into the boat next to Jack.

Elizabeth and Alex waved to Will as Jack began rowing them to the docks.

Jack tied the boat to the dock while Angelica helped Alex and Elizabeth out.

"Now what is to become of the mighty Jack Sparrow?" Elizabeth asked as they began their walk back to their house.

"We'll be headin to tortuga. I got to get me ship back." Jack said remembering that he had sent Gibbs to get the Black Pearl. He only need find him, and figure out how to free it from that bottle.

"What happened to your ship this time?" Elizabeth asked remembering when she first met Jack who was trying to get his ship back then too.

"Oh, ye know, some voodoo magic was used on it. Now it be stuck in a bottle, and I need to get it out." He explained.

"And what do you know of voodoo magic?" Elizabeth chuckled.

"Not much, but I got her, savvy" He said nodding to Angelica. "Ye know how to get it out don't ye? I mean it was yer father who stuck it in there anyways, eh" He hadn't really been thinking about his ship lately and only now did he realize that he had no idea how to free it.

"Aye, I might be able to help you" Angelica said, but she knew it wouldn't be easy. In order to free it, they would need the incantation used to bottle it in the first place, which happened to still be on the Queen Anne's Revenge. The ship that is now captained by Barbossa. It would be no easy task, but she decided that she would tell Jack later.

"Ye see. I told ye she knows." He smiled.

They continued walking until they reached their house.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye Jack." Elizabeth said. "I have no doubt that we shall meet again"

"Aye, ye have not seen the last of ol' Captain Jack." He said as she hugged him goodbye. Angelica rolled her eyes.

"Goodbye Angelica" Elizabeth said giving her a hug as well. "By the way, You and Jack go well together, don't let him forget that" She whispered so Jack couldn't hear.

"Aye, and thanks for your help bringing him back" Angelica replied before letting go of Elizabeth and turning to hug Alex.

"Goodbye Ms. Angelica, I'll miss you" Alex said as he hugged her too.

"Goodbye Alex," She said sweetly as she released him from her arms.

"Jack. You never told me about your adventures." Alex whimpered before hugging Jack as well.

"Err, well, yer mother can tell them better than me anyways, ye would much rather hear them from her." Jack said as ruffled his hair.

"I will miss you Jack" Alex said still hugging him.

"Aye lad," Jack pulled Alex off of him and lifted his face to look into his eyes. "We will meet again lad, mark me words" Jack said and Alex smiled.

Elizabeth and Alex waved as Jack and Angelica turned to leave.

"Now where are we going?" Angelica looked to Jack as the continued walking down the street.

"It seems a waste of trip into town if we don't stop for a drink" Jack grinned.

"Fine, one drink. No more." Angelica said sternly.

"Aye, luv. One drink , ye have my word" Jack smiled. "Ah this place looks nice" He said as he grabbed her arm and led her into the pub.

It smelled of sweat, and rum. The air was heavy, and the place was filthy. Jack let go of her arm and left her to go order a drink. "I'll have a rum, and a glass of wine" He told the bartender knowing that Angelica did not like rum as he did.

"Aye sir, one rum and a wine coming right up" The bartender said before ducking behind the counter.

While Jack was waiting at the bar, Angelica decided to find a table near the back of the place. It was crowded and loud in there, and she couldn't ever understand why people enjoyed that kind of atmosphere. She made her way to the back, trying to avoid bumping into people as she went. She looked back at Jack, who was still at the bar, as she continued walking. She turned around again only to find herself bumping into a man, causing him to spill his drink.

"Oi, who do you think you are?" The man said angrily as he turned around to face her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to…" Angelica paused recognizing the man. "Ricardo?" Her eyes widened.

"Oh, Angelica, what a pleasant surprise. You know you ought to be more careful where you're walkin" He said before pulling her into a hug. She tried to resist, but he was too strong for her so she stopped trying.

"Aye, I told you that I'd see you again before I left, did I not?" She smiled as he let go of her.

He walked her over to a table and they sat down.

"So, what you been doing with yourself all these years Angie?" He said sweetly.

"Not that much, just a few adventures here and there, like I said the other day." She replied unenthusiastically since she hated being called that.

"Aye, I remember. I also remember you sayin that you fell in love with someone, but you weren't sure it would turn out. Who is this guy anyways? You know, if he hurts you I'll kill him" He said with a slight tone of jealousy.

"No, he is a good man, uh he is actually right over…" She turned and tried to spot Jack whom she thought was still at the bar but now wasn't. "Where did he go?"

"Where did who go luv?" Jack asked, now standing directly behind her, causing her to jump.

"What, no one, I mean I was looking for you" Angelica said, wondering how she didn't see him leave the bar.

"Aye, here's some wine luv, I know ye don't drink rum" He said handing her the glass of wine, before noticing the man she had been talking to, "And who might you be?" He asked, noticing the man was familiar yet he couldn't remember his name.

"I am Ricardo." The man said proudly, "And who might you be?" he said raising an eyebrow.

"I am Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?" Jack said before pulling up a chair.

Ricardo looked back at Angelica who was looking down.

"This guy? You're trying to tell me you fell in love with this guy?" Ricardo said in disbelief.

"Aye" Angelica mumbled not wanting to take part in this conversation.

"I don't believe this. I am twice the man this guy is. And have I not known you longer?" Ricardo stood, full of jealousy and hatred of Jack.

"Oi, ye don't know who yer insultin lad" Jack stood up in defense.

"Aye, that I do." Ricardo growled "I know all about you Captain Jack"

"Do you now? Lets hear it then. Out with it. What do ye think ye know about me" Jack challenged.

"I know how you left Angie before, and I also know that people don't change. I won't let you hurt her again" With that Ricardo pulled out his sword, and pointed it at Jack.

"Ye told him?" Jack said turning to Angelica who ignored him, then back to Ricardo "I have no wish to repeat that mate" Jack snarled and too pulled out his sword.

"Will you two shut it?" Angelica was now standing as well.

"No" The two men replied simultaneously.

"Then at least take it outside." She said angrily as she marched them outside of the pub and into the street. She stood between them, knowing that neither of them would harm her.

"Angie, he is no good for you" Ricardo said angrily.

"And ye think ye are better do ye?" Jack replied.

"Better than you yes. If Angie wasn't standin there you would already be dead!" Ricardo spat.

"Shall we test that theory?" Jack challenged as he stepped forwards pushing Angelica behind him.

"Aye!" Ricardo lunged with his sword high. Jack deflected, the sound of swords clashing filled the air, as they continued to fight. Jack lunged and Ricardo dodged. They continued to fight, Jack having better skill, and more agility gave him the advantage over his larger opponent. Angelica couldn't believe she was watching this. Why did Ricardo have to get Jack so riled up?

"Ow" Ricardo yelled, causing Angelica to snap out of her thought and look up.

Ricardo was now on the ground after being kicked in the stomach by Jack, who now had both his own and Ricardo's sword. Oh no, please don't kill him Jack, she thought. She couldn't watch, so she looked away as Jack slowly walked up to Ricardo.

"Do you fear death mate?" Jack asked smugly. Angelica heard this and winced. She walked a few steps away so she wouldn't have to hear his last words. She was sure Jack was going to kill him.

"Never!" Ricardo spat.

"Well then, if ye don't fear death then there be no point in killen ye" Jack said sheathing his sword, and dropping Ricardo's to the ground near him.

"What?" Ricardo looked up at Jack with a confused look on his face.

"If ye don't fear somethin, then its not much torture to make ye face it then is it? B'sides I couldn't kill me luv's friend right in front of her. She'd leave me for sure mate." Jack said offering his hand to help him up.

"You are a smart guy" Ricardo said taking his hand and standing up.

"Aye, I know" Jack said before turning to Angelica who was looking away.

Ricardo dusted himself off, and Jack walked over to Angelica. He turned her around, only to see tears running down her face.

"What is it luv?" Jack asked concerned and slightly confused by her tears.

"Why did you have to kill him?" She mumbled through her tears.

"What are ye talkin about? He's right there" Jack said and pointed to Ricardo who only had minor scratches on his face and hands.

"What?" She stopped crying, confused by him not killing her friend. "Why didn't you kill him?"

"What? Did ye want me to? Cause I still can" Jack chuckled.

"No, never hesitate to kill anyone who makes you angry" Angelica was still confused.

"Aye, that be true, but if said person happens to be a friend of yers I can't very well kill im can I?" Jack said putting an arm around her.

"Oi, Ricardo" Jack said as they walked over to him "Sorry bout that mate, no hard feelins? eh"

"Not so long as you take care of Angie" He chuckled, and Jack nodded.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Angelica asked concerned.

"Aye, I'll be fine, You take care now." He said.

"I assume your ship is leaving today?" She asked and he nodded.

"I may never see you again, so here take this." He said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small silver necklace. "I want you to have it" He said handing it to her.

"Oh, its beautiful, but I can't accept this" She said trying to hand it back to him until she realized that he wouldn't take it.

"Please keep it." He smiled.

"Jack, will you help me put it on?" Angelica asked handing Jack the necklace.

"Of course luv," He said as he moved the hair from around her neck. He put his arms around her and fastened the necklace. She always looks stunning, he thought.

"Thanks," She smiled. "Well, I guess this is goodbye Ricardo. We have to go."

"Goodbye Angie, take care of yerself" He said as Jack and Angelica turned to walk away towards the docks.

"Jack?" She looked at him, his expression was calm, and content.

"Aye?" He turned his head to look at her as they kept walking.

"You aren't jealous are you?" She asked curiously.

"Not at all luv." He said. "Should I be?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

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