Love Should Never Die

Chapter 22

"Thanks Jack" Angelica said as they approached the docks.

"For what?" Jack said before he untied the little boat and helped her in.

"For not killing him." She replied.

"Aye luv, yer welcome." He smirked as he too got in the boat. "Anythin to keep ye happy" he continued as he began their long row back to the ship.

It was still early in the afternoon by the time they returned to the Dutchman. They climbed aboard and saw Will still standing at the helm. Does he ever do anything else, Jack wondered as he walked up next to him, leaving Angelica on the main deck. She decided to walk to the bow of the ship. She thought the view was beautiful from down there.

Meanwhile, back at the helm..

"Will, you look tired, perhaps you should go lie down." Jack said turning to face him.

"What? I'm fine Jack." He said not sure why he was concerned.

"No, yer not fine. Ye look paler than a ghost, and ye got dark circles under yer eyes. Now, go lie down. Or at least tell me what's wrong." Jack demanded.

"It's just that, I only met Alex today. I've already missed the first five or so years of his life, and I will never be around to see him grow up." Will said clearly depressed. "And Elizabeth, I cannot be there for her. She has to raise our son all by herself, she has no other family" He covered his face in his hands and sighed.

"Oi Will. I understand. But Alex is a strong lad, and Elizabeth, if I know her at all, she is more than capable of taking care of herself and Alex. Don't worry mate, they will be fine." Jack said patting Will on the back.

"No Jack! You don't understand!" Will yelled, causing Jack to jump back, and Angelica to turn around. What were they yelling about now? She couldn't help it, she wanted to know, so she walked back up to where they were. She figured that neither of them would notice if she sat on the stairs next to them since they were arguing so loudly.

"You have no family Jack! No wife who loves you and wishes you could be there to comfort her. No children wishing they could see you every day. No one depends on you Jack. You are alone! You couldn't possibly understand what its like to be a father, or a husband! You have no idea!" Will shouted, Jack looked away and sighed. Angelica was astounded at what she just heard Will say. She knew he had hurt Jack. Jack was very strong, but when it came to things like that, she knew he would have a hard time handling it.

"Aye Will. Yer right." Jack sighed again "I have no family. I don't have a wife who loves me. I don't have kids who want me to play with them. No one on this god damned planet gives a damn about me. So yer right Will, I am alone, and I couldn't possibly understand what you are going through because I have no one, savvy!" Jack was furious, and hurt by what he had said, but had no intentions of continuing the conversation any longer. He turned on his heels and stomped his way down the stairs past Angelica and walked himself all the way to the bow.

As soon as she couldn't see him anymore, Angelica stood up, she too was hurt by what Will had said, so she was going to follow Jack, but instead walked up to Will first. He had hoped she hadn't heard any of that but of course she did.

"Angelica wait, I didn't mean.." He started to say before she slapped him in the face.

"That was for Jack!" She said before slapping him in the face again, "And that was for me!"

"Ow, Angelica I didn't mean it." He tried to sound sorry as she turned to walk away from him to go after Jack.

"Shut it. Of course you didn't mean it. Thats why you yelled at him while he was trying to comfort you. Oh yes of course you didn't mean it. " She said sarcastically before she quickly walked away.

"You have no idea what you have done to him" She yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Will covered his face in his hands knowing that he made a mistake.

Angelica walked up to the bow where she saw Jack sitting on the rail with his legs hanging off the edge.

"Jack?" She said softly as to not scare him with her presence.

"Jack? What are you doing?" She was concerned, he was sitting motionless except for his breathing.

"Aye luv, what is it?" He said softly without turning.

"Are you ok?" She asked hoping he would just tell her the truth.

"Aye luv, I'm fine" He barely whispered.

"I heard your argument. Are you sure you're ok" She was not convinced.

"Oh, ye heard. Ye must think I'm a bloody selfish git" He mumbled.

"No Jack. I don't." She said stepping closer to him. "I can't believe he said that to you."

"Aye, well. It's the truth ain't it, so ye can't blame him for that" Jack mumbled again.

"No, Jack. I care about you. You aren't alone. You have me." She said as she stepped beside him and put her arms around him.

"No luv, ye see, I am alone. Will is right. No one really needs me. " Jack said grimly as he lifted a pistol to his face.

"Oh my god Jack! Put that down!" She yelled jumping back. "Jack...for me... please I am begging you. Put the gun down!"

"Why should I?" He muttered.

"Jack. I love you. Look at me and tell me we don't have a future together." She said looking into his dark brown eyes.

"I truly hoped we would luv, but …" He paused thinking back to what he promised himself the other day about how he didn't want to leave her again.

"I need you Jack." She said interrupting his thoughts.

"Do you now?" He said looking deep into her eyes. "Ye can take care of yerself can't ye?"

"Aye, but I don't want to live without you" Angelica said as she looked down, now on the verge of tears.

"Aye, nor do I luv," Jack said changing his mind, he lifted the gun away from his face and pointed it out to sea. He fired, before swinging his legs back over onto the ship. Angelica immediately looked up only to be pulled into a hug.

"Oi, what's the matter luv?" He said softly.

"Why would you scare me like that?" She asked hugging him tighter.

"I don't know." He looked away. "I guess I forgot for a moment that there is at least one person who cares about me. Me dad. He's still around you know." He chuckled looking back at Angelica, but she did not look pleased. She was about to say something but Jack continued talking before she could speak.

"Only kidding luv" He smiled at her, and her expression relaxed. "I remembered that I promised to never leave ye again, and by god I will stand by it, mark my words" He continued.

Once again Angelica found herself about to answer him, but yet again she was interrupted.

"Jack!" Will called as he walked up to them. They both turned to see who it was.

"Aye? Oh... you, what do ye want boy?" Jack sneered.

"I heard a gunshot. Are you both ok?" Will asked sounding genuinely concerned.

"Aye, why do you care?" Angelica stepped out from behind Jack making Will take a step back.

"I just wanted to make sure neither of you were hurt." Will said apologetically.

"Well, if you must know, Jack almost shot off his own head cause of you, but other than that we're both great." Angelica said sarcastically.

"What?" Will was surprised that Jack had been so bothered by what he had said. "Why?" but of course he already knew the answer.

"Why do you think?" Angelica raised her voice again. "because of your little temper tantrum" She continued.

Will looked at Jack who seemed to be thinking about something other than this conversation.

"You were that upset, Jack?" Will asked "Since when do you let things like that bother you?" he continued.

Enough of this, why couldn't the whelp ever shut up, he wondered. Jack stepped towards Will, pushing Angelica behind him.

"Oi, Will, shut it. " Jack had had enough of him for one day. " If you must know, things of that nature always bother me, I can just make meself forget about it, but not when she's around" He nodded to Angelica.

"Oh, Jack, I'm…" He was about to apologize before Jack interrupted him.

"Here's what's goin to happen." Jack said still irritated. "We are sailin to tortuga where we will spit company. Ye can go back to collectin souls or whatever it is ye do, and Angelica and I will be goin after Mr. Gibbs who should be in possession of the pearl. Savvy" Jack said about to walk away before Will stopped him.

"How can you be sure Gibbs is in tortuga?" Will asked skeptically.

"Well lets just see shall we." Jack said as he pulled out his compass, "The thing I want most is to find Gibbs" He said as he watched his compass point behind him. He turned to look; the compass pointed unwaveringly at Angelica. Will noticed and chuckled. Angelica looked confused.

"What?" She asked.

"Uh, it's nuthin luv," He said before quickly turning around again.

"looks like you're lying to yourself mate." Wil said smugly.

"Ugh, it always does that. Here ye want us off yer ship right?" Jack smirked "Well the way to do that is for us to find Gibbs." He said turning back to Will handing him the compass. The needle spun and spun until it stopped pointing back towards Port Royal.

"It's no use Jack, thats where Elizabeth is." Will sighed. "So it won't work for you, or me, and most likely not her either, how are we going to find Gibbs now?" He said watching Jack who appeared to be thinking.

"What do you mean the compass isn't working?" Angelica had not really been paying attention. Jack turned back to her with a devious look in his eye.

"What is it that you want most" He asked her as he handed her the compass. They all watched the needle spin before landing on Jack. He saw this and quickly stepped to the side, but the needle moved with him.

"See, I told you it wouldn't work." Will said as Jack sighed taking the compass back from Angelica.

"Will, just take us to tortuga so we can get off this bloody ship" Jack said walking away irritated. Angelica followed him, and Will walked up to the helm.

"Weigh anchor and make sail for tortuga!" Will ordered his crew.

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