Love Should Never Die

Chapter 23

It was still early in the evening, but with the swordfight he had with Ricardo, the long row to and from Port Royal, and the argument he had with Will, Jack was tired. He walked straight to the cabin to lie down. He walked in and immediately threw off his hat, jacket and shirt, then kicked off his boots before flopping over on the bed. He only wished he had some rum, or some company, but he was so tired that he almost instantly fell into a light asleep. Angelica came in only moments later, she too was tired and was going to lie down, but Jack was sprawled out over the whole bed. She decided she didn't care, she would just push him off the bed if wouldn't move. She took off her hat, jacket and boots and climbed into the bed next to Jack.

"Oi, who's there" He mumbled, rolling over.

"Who do you think, genius" Angelica said slightly annoyed that he couldn't guess it was her. "Now move over"

"Fine" he grumbled moving over slightly, but soon relaxed again.

"Thats better" She said as she curled up next to him. "Jack?"

"Aye?" He said putting an arm around her.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"I am now luv," He smiled, "I am now" He said looking into her eyes, he couldn't have been happier in that moment. She shifted to rest her head on his shoulder.

"mm, Jack, have I told you I love you?" She smiled against the warmth of his skin.

"Well, ye could say it more often" He joked, "Aye, luv, I know, as do I" He said in all seriousness.

"Elizabeth said we went well together" she yawned.

"Eh? Did she now" Jack chuckled. "Well, at least she's right about somthin"

"Then why aren't we together Jack?" She asked, not really sure where she was going with it.

"What do ye mean luv? Yer here aren't ye, or is this a dream?" He was now confused. Why did she always have to do that? Why couldn't she just get to the point.

"No, Jack this is real." She said plainly. "But, we aren't really together are we?"

"What are ye goin on about, of course we are" He said still unsure what she was talking about.

"But there is no us, its just you and me." She said softly.

"luv, you plus me equals us, so what are ye talkin about?" He just wanted her to tell him so he didn't have to decipher what she was trying to say.

"but Jack, we aren't…" She trailed off.

"What is it? We aren't ...what?" He asked now enthralled with this confusing conversation and he had to know what she was trying to say. He didn't get it.

"We aren't really anything." She said not sure how else to describe their relationship.

"Luv, what does that even mean?" He said trying to figure it out. "It is clear that ye want something, now what ever it is, ye can tell me without all of these riddles. Now I ask again, what is it?" He just wanted to know, he sensed she was troubled and he needed to know why.

"Jack I know how you feel about this, but I want this - us, I want to be official...I wan to uh, never mind, forget it" She mumbled, although not quietly enough to go unnoticed by Jack. He sat up and looked at her.

"Luv, just tell me, what is it?" He smiled as he brushed some of her hair out of her face.

"Jack, maybe we should get married." She blurted out, she hadn't planned on saying that although she was thinking it. Jack froze, and looked away.

"What?" He mumbled surprised by what she had just said. He started thinking about how great it would be. But, he had a blank look on his face and must have been thinking too long when he noticed Angelica frowned.

"I said never mind." She grumbled and rolled over to hide her expression of disappointment.

"What?" He said snapping out of his thoughts. "No, what? yes, sure we can if ye want"

Angelica was too deep in her own thoughts. How could she be so ignorant again? Why even bother suggesting that? Stupid.

"What, aren't ye happy? I just agreed, and ye won't even look at me?" He said confused by her reaction.

"What?" She said not paying much attention to what he just said.

"Ugh fine." He said rolling his eyes as he got up. He walked to her side of the bed and knelt down. He pulled a ring off his finger.

"Jack? What are you doing?" She questioned as she sat up to look at him.

He cleared his throat so he could attempt to speak clearly.

"Angelica, err I mean, Ms Teach. Will ye marry me?" He asked.

"Get up Jack. You don't mean it." She said still thinking about his lack of reaction only moments ago.

"How dare ye question my integrity." He said almost hurt by her words. "I mean it with all my soul luv, I would not have asked ye otherwise" He smiled at her.

"Do you really?" She was still skeptical of his sudden proposal. "Why are you only asking me now?"

"Does it matter luv?" He tried to maintain his smile "If ye must know, ye never seemed interested in it before now so I never brought it up after last time." She still didn't seem convinced so he thought back to a conversation they had earlier in the day for inspiration.

"Ye asked me earlier if I thought we would have a future together. I do, and here is yer proof." He said in a last attempt to rid her of her skepticism. "So what do ye say? Want to Mrs. Sparrow?" He chuckled, he couldn't ever imagine her answering to that name.

"Yes" She said jumping up to hug him. She flung her arms around him with such force that he almost fell over. She hugged him tightly as if he would slip away if she let him go. He looked into her creamy brown eyes, and he knew she was his. He managed to pry her hand off him and he gently slipped the ring on her finger.

"Jack? Is this the same ring you gave me before?" She was curious how he got it since she had lost it years ago.

"Aye luv, it may just be the same one" He said smugly.

"How did you find it?" She almost didn't care, she was just happy to have it back, to have him back.

"Lets just say a friend had it and I traded for it." He recalled taking it from Tia Dalma's shack before he was eaten by the kraken years ago.

"I love you Jack" She said softly.

"Shh" He said before kissing her passionately. "You talk too much" he breathed before kissing her again. He shifted his hand down to her waist and the other to the base of her neck. She smiled. It had been a while since he had kissed her like that. She missed it. Without breaking the kiss, he stepped her towards the bed. Typical Jack, she thought as they fell over onto the bed. He already wasn't wearing a shirt, he was so muscular from all the years he has been on a ship, she loved it. She let her hands glide over his back, she could feel him tense slightly under her touch.

Their lips separated for a moment so they could breath.

"I've missed this" She said her heart now pounding in her chest. He smiled before kissing her again.

"So have I luv" He almost whispered before he continued. He slipped his hands under her shirt in an attempt to remove it. She didn't resist, and helped him take it off. She let it fall on the floor next to the bed. She loved the warmth of his skin on hers.

She melted under his warm touch. He stopped kissing her lips, and slowly kissed his way down her neck causing a shiver to run down her spine. She wanted him. He worked his way back to her face, leaving soft kisses everywhere. He captured her lips again until neither of them could breath. He looked down at her and just marveled at her beauty.

"Just like old times, eh" He smiled at her happily.

Now breathing heavily, he shifted over so he was closer to her, letting her head rest on his shoulder.

"It's settled then." He breathed. "Tomorrow we shall be married, then I'll take ye wherever ye want to go."

"Don't you need a ship for that?" She asked trying to calm her breathing.

"Damn, yer right." He said completely forgetting about the Pearl being in a bottle still. "Well dearest, I guess that means we will be going to release the Pearl first, ye said ye knew how?" He sighed remembering that slight flaw in his plan. She rolled her eyes. It always surprised her how fast he could change the subject when he wanted something.

"Aye, we will need to get aboard the Revenge though, my father kept all the rituals he ever used in his cabin." She said looking forwards to getting revenge on the man that killed her father, Barbossa.

"No." Jack stated to her surprise. "We are not going after Barbossa. It is too dangerous"

"Since when do you care about danger?" She asked confused at this new tone Jack was speaking in.

"Since now. Do not ask me to watch you get hurt or worse" Jack said grimly but with a hint of concern in his voice. "I cannot always protect ye, but if ye aren't in harms way, then ye don't need protecting. So ye will stay here until I return" He continued.

"Jack, you need me. I know my way around that ship better than anyone. Plus I know what we are looking for." She tried to convince him he needed her there. "Or is that how this relationship is going to be? You go on adventures while I stay home and hope for your safe return." She didn't like thinking that, but she knew he wouldn't object.

"Of course not sweetness" He pushed the hair out of her face so he could look into her eyes. "This adventure in particular is too dangerous, even for me, but I'm willing to take that chance with my own life. I will not risk yer life for a ship" He said remembering how she almost died the last time they encountered Barbossa, he wouldn't let it happen again.

"Ye didn't seem to mind before" She yawned, now really tired from everything. She closed her eyes and let her hand rest on his chest.

"Alright luv, we can talk about this tomorrow" He said kissing her forehead before he too closed his eyes and drifted to sleep.

He woke up early the next morning. Angelica had her arms draped over his chest. She was still sound asleep and he wanted to keep her that way. She didn't need to get up yet so he carefully slid out from underneath her and got up. He searched around for his cloths that he carelessly tossed around the night before. He got dressed, slipped on his boots, pulled on his jacket, put on his hat before he quietly crept out of the room. Once again it was a beautiful day and he was happier than ever. He walked on deck to see Will in his usual place at the helm. Jack walked up to him hoping to find out their estimated time until arrival.

"Hello Jack" Will said calmly hoping that Jack had forgiven him for the day before.

"Ello Will, how goes it?" Jack asked.

"Fine, we should be arriving in a few hours." Will said relieved that Jack seemed to be over their conflict from yesterday.

"I was afraid ye'd say that" Jack sighed.

"Why? Don't ye want to get there already so you can 'get off this bloody ship'?" Will was slightly confused.

"Aye of course I do, but I asked Angelica to marry me last night at her request, and well I don't want to put her in harms way" Jack muttered so quietly that Will could barely hear him.

"Thats great Jack!" Will said patting him on the back. "I assume she said yes, so are you getting married here? or at a church somewhere?" He said sounding more excited at the news than Jack himself.

"Here is fine for me, but she might want somethin more...traditional, we didn't really talk bout it." He said wishing that she would agree with him, although he had a feeling that she wouldn't.

"Well, whatever makes her happy I suppose is what you'll do right?" Will said although he didn't know her that well, her behavior made him assume that she would probably prefer something of a more traditional nature which was opposed to Jack.

"Aye, no matter what, my goal is to keep her happy" Jack said hoping he wouldn't regret that later.

"Ok, so did she tell you how to free the Pearl?" Will said leaving Jack with his thoughts of the previous subject.

"Aye, which is why I'm not so keen on arrivin quite yet." Jack replied "Ye see, we need the ritual, which happens to be on none other than the Queen Anne's Revenge. Which has recently changed ownership from Blackbeard to the hands of Barbossa." he explained.

"Ah, I see. So you are torn between being with her, and going after your ship." Will thought he understood now. "Well of course you'll choose her right?"

"Aye, I already told her that I would not risk her life for a ship, but she doesn't listen." Jack complained. "She thinks she needs to come with me. She is completely unreasonable." He grumbled.

"Well, if she wants to go, let her go. Like I said before, you can't protect her forever" Will said sternly as to get his point across. "If she knows of the danger and the risk, and if she is willing to take that chance with you, then you should let her. And if she isn't, then I will sail her back to Port Royal and she can stay with Elizabeth." Will said with every intention of helping Jack solve his dilemma.

"Fine" Jack mumbled. "Then I will have to try me best to convince her to stay." He said consciously aware of how difficult it would be to do.

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