Love Should Never Die

Chapter 6

Certainly sailing the seas for eternity had its perks, but none of them was good enough to make him want to continue. For with his freedom came his duty to ferry souls to the next world if they decided not to join his crew first. The worst part of his job was being so far from the ones he loved. It was a hard life for young Captain Turner, but he had no choice, for the Dutchman needed its captain and he could not go ashore but once every ten years.

Every time someone died at sea, he would have to go convince their soul to accompany him to the next world. It was what he considered to be the worst part of his job. The people who had died often wished to stay with the ones they loved, although they could not interact with them. Others wished to stay around to haunt their killer for all time. It was rare when he came across someone who was willing to go with him.

Captain Turner usually enjoyed watching the sunrise as it reminded him of his dearest Elizabeth, but this morning was different. The sunrise that morning had intrigued him particularly, the sky had turned blood red and he knew that someone had died who was not supposed to. He barked orders at his crew telling them to make sail, he had some lost soul to find. He only hoped it was not someone he knew, but for some unexplainable reason he had a feeling it was quite the opposite.

Will didn't need a compass or a map to know where to go, he knew that this person had been killed off the coast of Sola Fida Island, which happened to be a near a well travelled trade route. Lucky for him he was not that far away, and it would take him only a few hours since the Flying Dutchman was almost a match in speed for the Black Pearl.

His bad feelings continued as he neared his destination, he feared that this would be a troublesome task for him.

The waves broke around the Dutchman as she surfaced again a few hundred meters off the island. Captain Turner was surprised to see a small dinghy floating offshore as well, but his gaze quickly shifted when he say two figures on the small island. He made out one of them to be a woman who seemed to be weeping, and the second to be a man with a pointed hat on, kneeling behind the woman attempting to comfort her. He could not believe this. Who here needed him? No one appeared to be dead. He could usually tell who it was, but he could not see the face of either person here cause he was too far away.

"Lower the long boat!" He ordered.

"Aye sir" replied a crew member.

Although he could not go on land, he needed to get closer to see who these upset people were. As he got slightly closer to shore he found himself once again wondering who this guy was, and why this woman was upset. Looking through his telescope again, he studied the man.

"You've got to be joking" He stated, clearly not amused when he realized who the man was. He couldn't help but wonder why Captain Jack Sparrow was here of all places, and who this woman was.

He got as close to the land as he dared, and yet only a few feet off the shore the upset woman still hadn't noticed him. That was however not the case with Jack who had seen him and started walking towards him.

"Well if it isn't the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow" He called out jokingly, "What are you doing here old friend?"

With that the woman now took note of his presence, and lifted her head in his direction. He still did not recognise her though.

Jack had not yet answered him, but the look on his face suggested that he was not in a good mood.

"Jack Sparrow! What are you doing here?!" He called out again. Jack stopped and turned around whilst wondering if he should answer yet. Jack was more curious about Angelica's reaction to Will.

Angelica stood and walked briskly over to Will with an upset and confused look on her face.

"Who are you talking to?" She asked with an angry tone in her voice.

Will not sure what she meant by that, he thought it was obvious that he was talking to Jack.

"I'm sorry miss, but I was talking to Jack Sparrow, I take it you know him quite well" he said to her as nicely as possibly, although he was getting irritated that Jack had still yet to answer him.

"Hey Will, be careful what ye say to her, she is in quite a mood at the moment." He spoke in a friendly tone.

"Don't you dare talk to me about Captain Jack Sparrow!" She almost yelled at him, her face red with anger and just as she has stopped crying she felt tears running down her cheeks again.

"And why is that I wonder? I mean he is standing right there." He said looking and gesturing towards Jack, who at those words was waving his hands everywhere in front of him as if to signal that Will had said something he shouldn't have.

"Uh oh, ye shouldn't have said that mate" Jack said looking slightly concerned.

Suddenly, the Spanish woman took a few closer,to Will who was still in his little boat. She had a shocked expression on her face which made Will completely confused.

"Don't be stupid! Jack Sparrow is dead! He was shot a few days ago!" She spoke with such force in her tone that Will was afraid to talk to her anymore.

"Oh. I understand now. I'm so sorry miss I meant no offence" He pleaded for forgiveness.

He had no idea what to do now. Then Jack walked over to the woman who was once again crying and tried to hug her knowing very well that he could not.

"Angelica, please stop crying! I cannot watch you like this anymore it is too painful, so I command you to stop at once." Ignoring Will's presence again Jack spoke to her, even though he knew she could not hear him.

"Miss Angelica is it? Why don't you come with me aboard my ship?" He offered, hoping she would stop crying soon.

"How do you know my name?" She inquired, still uneasy of this strange man.

"I am a friend of Jack's and he spoke of you often" He lied about the second part, and as he said it Jack glared at him.

"What did ye say boy?" Jack said still glaring at him. Will ignored him, and returned his attention to Angelica.

"You were friends? I didn't know he had any. And if you really are, then tell me who you are." She was determined to know who he was. Jack was hurt by that comment, he considered himself to have many friends.

"Captain William Turner is who I am, and my ship the Flying Dutchman is right over there. Would you like to come aboard to rest and get cleaned up?" He offered her once again, hoping that she would accept and they could get back to the ship as soon as possible.

She nodded and climbed aboard the longboat. Will signalled for Jack to join them. He dared not speak to him again in her presence so he needn't meet her angry self again. Jack quickly got in and sat next to Angelica.

"Wait, what about Jack? We cannot just leave his body here." She said still drying her eyes.

"Aye, ye can't leave me body here Will, ye must go get me, or send someone to" Jack said to him, and he nodded.

When they reached the ship Will ordered two of his crew to row out and bring Jack's body back. Will helped Angelica aboard and showed her to the spare cabin below decks where she could rest.

"Here you are miss Angelica, and if you need somthin let me know" He truly wanted to make her feel comfortable. She nodded as he left and returned to his own cabin followed closely by Jack. This was going to be an interesting conversation, he thought to himself.

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