Love Should Never Die

Chapter 24

"Jack" Angelica said sleepily having just woken up. She opened her eyes. Of course, he always had to be the first one up. Why couldn't he ever sleep in? She sighed, not wanting to get up, but she did anyways. She slowly rolled out of the bed and searched the room to find her scattered clothes. She was not yet aware of the weather or the time so after she was dressed she slipped on her jacket, pulled on her boots and placed her hat on her head before going outside. Jack and Will were both where they usually were, at the helm. It appeared like they were talking but she couldn't hear them. She began her walk up to them. Jack saw her and immediately stopped talking and smiled at her.

"Good afternoon, luv. Nice of ye to join us on this fine day" Jack chuckled as her expression quickly changed to that of shock.

"What?! Its already afternoon? Why did you let me sleep that long!" She hated to sleep that late into the day.

"Ye seemed tired and I thought ye could use some extra sleep." He smiled. "But don't get used to it."

"That won't be a problem." She retorted. "So will we be arriving soon then?"

"We will most likely be there within the hour" Will said nonchalantly. "Jack don't you have something to discuss?" He elbowed Jack in the side to get him to start talking.

"Ow" Jack glared at him, but quickly turned back to Angelica who looked at him curiously. "Ah yes, are ye sure ye want to come with me?" He asked cautiously.

"Yes Jack. I am going with you" She said without hesitation.

"Aye, I know ye want to, but it is very dangerous." He said as he put his hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes. "Are ye sure ye wouldn't much rather stay with Elizabeth until I return?" He asked even though he knew she would not.

"No. I am going Jack." She said sternly pushing his hand off her.

"But Angelica darling…" He was about to continue trying to reason with her until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Will shaking his head. Jack sighed turning back to Angelica.

"Fine, ye can come, but ye have to promise to be careful" He said softly with a hint of worry in his voice. She rolled her eyes.

"Ok, I promise to be careful" She said unenthusiastically. "Happy?"

What was he thinking? She can take care of herself, and he knows that. Doesn't he? She thought hoping he did so he wasn't constantly worrying about her.

"Aye luv, thats good enough for me" He smiled although he was still wishing he could have talked her out of going.

"Well, if you change your mind before I leave, I can take you back to Port Royal." Will added although he knew she wouldn't. From what he had seen, she was particularly stubborn.

"Thanks Will, but I won't." She said wishing that they would stop worrying about her.

"Ok, well then you should get your stuff together cause we will be arriving shortly." Will said not sure if he would miss either of them after they left.

"Aye, but take only what ye need, we will be travelin light" Jack said.

"Jack, you know that you tried to leave me on an island with nothing, what stuff exactly do I need to 'get together'?" She was already wearing all of what she had with her.

"Ok ye have a point." He said.

"Oh Jack" Will had just remembered something. "Did you decide yet?"

"Decide what Will?" Angelica asked curiously.

"Yes what is it Will?" Jack had apparently forgotten. Will rolled his eyes.

"Did you decide where you are getting married?" He asked. Jack glanced nervously to Angelica who was surprised by that question. She hadn't thought about it at all. As a young girl she dreamed of a traditional white wedding, but that was before the covenant. She hadn't thought about it recently.

"Aye" Jack finally answered. "Ye are a captain Will, ye can marry us right now b'fore we leave"

"Sure thing, if thats what you want" He said directing his statement mostly to Angelica who wasn't really listening. "Angelica?"

"What?" She snapped out of her thoughts.

"Do ye want to get married now? Or would ye rather wait and have a traditional wedding?" Jack shuddered at the thought of having the ceremony at a church but he would if she asked him to. "ye do want to go through with it still eh?"He asked confused by her lack of and answer.

"Of course I do, but I wanted it to be memorable." She looked down not sure what he would say to that. He stepped towards her, and lifted her chin so she could meet his gaze.

"Then we can wait luv. It's no problem at all" He said softly before smiling at her.

He turned to Will who was now giving his crew some orders.

"Oi Will" Jack called to get his attention.

"what?" He asked.

"Thanks for the offer, but it looks like we shall be postponing our wedding until..uh.. sometime in the future" He chuckled even though he was slightly disappointed, but Angelica didn't know what to think. What if this was their only chance? What if he changes his mind by then? When was 'then'? How long would they have to wait? She hoped she hadn't just made a huge mistake.

"Ok, thats fine" Will said before he saw that they had arrived. "Drop anchor and lower the longboat!" he snapped at his crew.

"Well, we have arrived." Will said before he walked them down to the main deck. "Good luck to you both, and be careful. I don't want to see either of your souls on my ship for at least twenty-five years" he joked.

"The feeling is mutual" Jack smiled. "Thanks for yer help Will" he continued, shaking Will's hand.

"No problem Jack. Hopefully the next time we meet, you two will be married and sailing the Black Pearl." Will said before turning to Angelica. "Are you sure you wouldn't prefer to be married before you leave?" He had a feeling she was uncertain about her previous answer based on her late response. She was about to answer but Jack interrupted.

"Don't worry 'bout it Will, she doesn't change her mind to easily" Jack said unaware of Angelica's regret.

"Well if you're sure, then be careful miss Angelica" He smiled "Stick with Jack. He'll take care of you."

"Thanks Will" She smiled slightly.

"Oh and if you or Jack need me, uh...I guess just kill someone, and I'll be there to pick up their soul" He joked, "Really though, if you do need me, go visit Elizabeth, she can help you"

"Thanks again" She said as she climbed down into the small boat.

"Keep a weather eye on the horizon" Will said. Jack nodded as he too climbed into the small boat. After Jack started rowing Will immediately began shouting orders to his crew again.

"Weigh anchor! Prepare to make sail!" were the last words either of them could hear of Will before they were too far away.

Jack rowed them all the way to the docks. Their trip was quiet, and Angelica hardly even looked at him. Sometimes he just didn't understand her.

Jack immediately jumped out of the boat and onto the dock. After quickly tying the boat down he offered his hand to Angelica who had yet to move.

"If ye haven't noticed, we are here, and we have stuff to do" He said causing her to look up. "Are ye alright luv?" he asked when she didn't reply.

"Yes, I'm fine" She said before taking his hand to get onto the dock.

"Good, then lets go" He said cheerfully. This might be his favorite place. It had been at least two months since he was there last.

She followed close behind him as they walked off the dock and into the main street. There were people drinking, laughing, arguing, and fighting all around.

"I love this place" He said stopping abruptly causing her to walk into him. "Oi, what are ye doin?" He said slightly turning to her.

"Can we just find Gibbs and leave?" She wasn't really fond of the atmosphere.

"No no luv, that would take the fun out of this little venture" He chuckled before he continued walking. She sighed before quickly following him again.

He walked towards one of the busier pubs before he was approached by a woman in a loose fitting dress causing him to stop again.

"Hello Jack" She said sweetly.

"Susanna is it?" He sounded slightly annoyed that she recognized him. Angelica glared at her.

"Who's she" She asked nodding towards Angelica. But before he could answer she slapped him in the face and walked away. All to familiar with that response he had planned to keep walking until Angelica stepped in front of him.

"Ow. Don't think I deserved that" He said sorely.

"Oh, I think you did" Angelica said before she too slapped him in the face.

"Ow. What was that for?" Jack complained rubbing his face.

"I think you know" She said irritated "Can we just get this over with?"

"Alright luv, lets go then" He said as he walked around her to the pub. She didn't like how most of the men were looking at her with greedy eyes. She didn't want to, but she grabbed Jack's hand so she wouldn't get separated from him. He noticed and slowed his step slightly so she was closer behind him.

"Jack do you know where you are going" She asked as they continued weaving around people.

"Course I do" Jack said confidently. "If I know Gibbs, he is here drinking away his money" He said as he scanned the scene for the older man.

"There!" Jack pointed to a table in the back corner. He quickly walked over there practically dragging Angelica behind him. Gibbs was leaning against the wall with a mug of rum in his hand. He was so drunk he didn't even notice Jack until he pulled up a chair.

"What do you want?" He growled taking a drink of rum without looking up.

"Have ye any idea who yer talkin to mate?" Jack asked knowing that Gibbs should be able to recognize his voice.

"Jack?" Gibbs looked up to see Jack with his usual smirk.

"Angelica, sit down will ye?" Jack said before turning his attention back to Gibbs. She sat down next to Jack, wishing that she was anywhere but there.

"Now, what news have ye about me ship?" Jack asked.

"Where were you Jack? You told me to meet you after you took care of…" He said stopped himself when he realized for the first time that Angelica was there too. "I knew it. I knew you couldn't leave her there" He said smugly.

"Gibbs if ye must know, it was her that wouldn't let me leave." Jack chuckled. "Complications arose, we ran into some old friends, and now we are here" Jack vaguly explained.

"And what friends be those Jack? You don't have many" Gibbs asked skeptically.

"Ye remember Will and Elizabeth Turner from an adventure or two ago?" Jack asked not sure if he would in his drunken state.

"The same Will who now captains the Flying Dutchman, and Elizabeth who left you for the kraken? Those friends?" He chuckled.

"Aye, now out with it man, have ye the Pearl or not?" Jack was now growing annoyed by the lack of answers he was getting.

"Aye" He said pulling the bottle out of a bag he had next to him on the floor. "So tell me miss Teach, what brings you here with Jack?" He shot her a curious glance.

"Oh, um, he asked me to come with him, he said he needed my help." She lied, immediately regretting it remembering that Jack wouldn't let her get away with it.

"Now don't lie luv, it's not nice" Jack said shaking his head. "As I recall, sweetness, I asked ye to stay, but ye demanded to come no matter what"

"Oh, I see how it is" Gibbs smirked at them before Jack shot him an angry look. "Don't deny it." He continued. Jack's expression relaxed, he had planned on denying it, but decided that it would not turn out well for him later.

"I can if I want to. But I don't." Jack smiled at Angelica to Gibbs' surprise. "She wouldn't let me" He chuckled turning back to Gibbs.

"Well, um, any idea how to get it out?" Gibbs asked deeming it best to leave the previous subject alone.

"Aye, we sneak aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, find the ritual, and get out of there, and possibly kill Barbossa in the process" Jack said plainly. "Simple and easy to remember. We will need to find it first though." He sighed.

Gibbs almost choked when he heard this.

"That's a fool's errand. Not to mention it'll be dangerous." Gibbs warned.

"Aye, I know that already. It could be close to the most dangerous thing we have attempted" Jack said not pleased.

"Jack, it's awful bad luck to have a woman with us, not to mention she could be a distraction." He stated. "Jack, you have to be smart about this. Going after Barbossa is not somthin to take lightly." He continued.

"I agree one hundred percent, but it could be far worse not to bring her" Jack was now caught between her safety and the ship he desperately wanted back.

"I know my way around that ship better than anyone" Angelica added to help ease Gibbs' apprehension towards letting her come. She was still uneasy about being there and unconsciously fidgeted with her engagement ring. She hadn't realized, but Gibbs did and sighed.

"Jack. You do not want to bring her with you" Gibbs tried to change his mind. "If she gets hurt, what are you going to do? If she is to be your future wife, she shouldn't come. For both your sakes" He continued. Angelica and Jack simultaneously looked up with expressions of bewilderment on their faces.

"How did ye know that?" Jack demanded harshly.

"Her ring. That be the only one you wore everyday after we left Tia's place the last time" He explained.

"Thats not true. I wore other rings as well." Jack defended.

"Aye, but you would change the position of the other ones between you fingers, but you never touched that one. Don't think that as being you first mate I don't know your habits, captain" He said smugly.

"Fine, ye win. But she is coming with us, and I don't want to hear another word about it" Jack said sternly.

"But sir…" Gibbs started but was promptly interrupted.

"I said no." Jack had had enough. Gibbs opened his mouth to speak again but was quickly interrupted again. "Gibbs, shut it" Jack demanded.

"We are leaving, come on you two, get up." Jack said as he stood up to leave.

"And how do you plan on finding Barbossa? We will need a ship." Gibbs said.

"Aye, fortunately, commandeering a vessel is not too difficult eh" Jack grinned.

They made it outside and walked to docks to choose their target vessel.

"Well, that one looks fast, and probably doesn't need much of a crew" Angelica pointed to a small merchant ship.

"Aye, that will do" Jack agreed and Gibbs nodded yet neither of them moved.

"Well? What are waiting for?" She asked impatiently.

"Luv, that would be the opportune moment" Jack answered. "But now seems as good as any other, lets go" He said continuing over to the little ship. Angelica sighed and rolled her eyes as she followed close behind him.

The dock was mostly clear, and there were few people around the tiny ship. There were some small crates of supplies piled up near the ship and that gave Jack an idea. He picked up a crate and pretended to be a deckhand for anyone who was watching as he boarded the vessel. Angelica getting the hint did the same, followed by Gibbs. They walked quickly and quietly below deck, but to their relief, no one seemed to be on board. Jack set the crate down and wandered around appearing to survey the vessel. It seemed oddly familiar to him, but he could not place where he had seen it before. He continued walking around looking at the layout and the contents of the ship.

"Good news, there's no one here, so this ship was the perfect choice." Jack declared. "Gibbs we shall need to cast off as soon as possible." He continued.

"Aye captain" Gibbs replied as he turned about to return to the upper deck. "Uh Jack, we may have a problem"

"What is it?" He asked turning around. "Damn it Mr. Gibbs, that is indeed a problem" he growled as he slowly stepped backwards until he was standing next to him.

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