Love Should Never Die

Chapter 25

Angelica was being forced down on her knees in front of them. She was being held by a large man, while another taller man had his sword against her throat. A cloth was stuck in her mouth and tied behind her head, preventing her from making any substantial noise. Her hands were also tied behind her back in a quite uncomfortable position.

"Drop your weapons! The both of you!" The taller man ordered. "Or she dies" He threatened nodding to Angelica. Angelica not being able to say anything looked only at Jack. He saw a hint of fear in her eyes as she knelt there. He knew they could easily kill her so he pulled out his sword and slowly crouched down to set it carefully on the floor. He motioned to Gibbs to do the same.

"as soon as we stand, shoot" Jack whispered so quietly that Gibbs strained to hear him but nodded in understanding. They both stood slowly and faced the two men and Angelica. Angelica shot Jack a confused look which he returned with a slight smirk. Jack then gave a slight nod to Gibbs and they both quickly pulled out their pistols. Two loud shots rang through the air as soon as they fired. Angelica cringed as both of the men holding her yelped and dropped to the floor behind her.

"Nice shot Mr. Gibbs" Jack complemented before running over to untie Angelica. "Are ye alright luv?" He asked as he cut the bonds around her hands. He helped her stand up before she quickly hugged him. He pulled her off of him so he could untie the cloth that was stuck in her mouth.

"Thats better eh" He smiled. "What were ye doin gettin caught?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't do it on purpose" She rolled her eyes.

"Might I suggest we leave port with all haste?" Gibbs asked hopeful that they would agree.

"Aye" Jack nodded and Gibbs started towards the stairs. Gibbs carefully stepped over the men on the floor.

One of them groaned so quietly it was unheard by the three, they thought they were both dead. He would show them. He slowly grasped his sword careful not to be noticed. Angelica started to follow Gibbs, stepping carefully over the dead men. Jack was close behind her and noticed some small movement in one of them. He realized what was about to happen. He jumped forwards and pushed Angelica out of the way just as the man swung his sword at her ankles. Angelica fell over hitting her head hard on the deck and was knocked unconscious.

Since he put so much effort into getting Angelica out of the way, Jack fell over face first. The man got up slightly and stood over him. The man raised his sword and Jack put his arms up in defense. The man swung at him, hitting his arm. Pain rushed up his arm and warm blood poured out over him. Quickly Gibbs pulled out his sword and stabbed the man right through his chest in Jack's defense. This time he was dead for sure. He keeled over blood now over all of them.

"Damnit Gibbs!" Jack yelled angrily and in pain "Took ye long enough! Now get me somthin to wrap this in" He demanded. It was a deep gash in his arm and it was no laughing matter, he had to wrap it and clean it up.

"Alright, give it here" Gibbs said gesturing for him to hand over his arm. "My god Jack, I hope Angelica isn't afraid of blood" Gibbs said as he examined the deep wound while blood continued to spill out.

"Angelica?" Jack mumbled. The pain filled his mind and caused him to temporarily forget she was even there. Why was she being so quiet though? "Angelica?" He said louder before turning back to Gibbs when he got no reply.

"Angelica should be fine. She hit her head pretty good though" Gibbs said before he began to wrap Jack's arm in a thin fabric. Jack winced at the pain but relaxed slightly when Gibbs had finished. He got up and went over to Angelica. He sat down and carefully lifted her head onto his lap. Her eyes slowly opened. Jack grinned slightly at her before she closed her eyes again slipping back into unconsciousness.

"Mr. Gibbs, clean up this mess will ye" Jack asked irritated by the blood soaked mess they had made. Gibbs rolled his eyes before hiding the bodies in some empty barrels.

"I think its time we try a new tactic." Gibbs stated. "You stay here with Angelica, I'm goin to find the captain" He continued as he stepped over Jack and walked up onto the main deck.

"Oi, ye get back here" Jack yelled after Gibbs, but it was no use. He didn't want to leave Angelica alone so he stayed there and waited for Gibbs to return.

On deck there were now a few people milling around, but no one seemed to notice Gibbs as he strode over to what he identified as the captains cabin on the small ship. He knocked on the door.

"Come in" Said a voice from inside the room. Gibbs slowly opened the door to see a woman sitting in a large chair. She appeared to be plotting the ships course.

"Who are you and what do you want?" She asked looking up at him suspiciously.

"Well ye see miss, my friend and his fiancee are injured. We be on our way to uh…" He didn't really know where they were going, but he did know that he would have to come up with something. "Uh, Spain is where we are headed." He finally decided. Spain was the only place he could think of seeing as that was where Angelica was from and he couldn't very well ask the captain to take them after Barbossa.

"Spain?" She raised an eyebrow, "I used to live in Spain. Why do you want to go there?"

Once again he was stuck, but this would be an easier lie to tell.

"Uh, ye see, me friend and his fiancee were gunna get married in Spain, but on our way there our ship was attacked by pirates. We escaped when they docked here, but we were left with no way to leave." He tried to sound as pathetic as possible.

"I see, and you want me to help you. Is that it?" She asked skeptically. "Truthfully Spain isn't too far out of our trade route anyways, I suppose we could make an extra stop." She conceded.

He just wanted her to agree, but he didn't want to make Jack anymore upset about the situation.

"My friend and I would be willing to help out around here, after he heals that is" Gibbs offered hoping to speed up her decision.

"Who is this friend and his fiancee, and what happened to them?" She asked with a hint of concern in her voice. He knew that too many people had heard of Jack Sparrow, and many were fearful of Edward Teach, since Angelica had his last name, he decided it was not safe to use either of their real names.

"Uh, my friend is Jack Bird… and his fiancee is Angelica Saville" he said before mentally smacking himself in the face afterwards for not being more creative. "He got a nasty wound on his arm from a sword fight during our escape, and at the moment she is unconscious. He pushed her out of the way of the fight to protect her, but did so too forcefully and she hit her head, but they will both recover" He smiled weakly.

"Ok, well as long as you and him can help out. We will be leaving in exactly two hours" She stated. "Also, I'm sure they both need some rest, they can use the spare cabin." She said.

"Thank ye ever so much" He said nodding to her before he turned and left. Mission accomplished, he thought as he walked back down to where Jack was with Angelica.

"Good new cap't" Gibbs said cheerfully as he walked down the stairs towards them.

"And what news be that?" Jack asked wearily, pale faced and obviously tired from his loss of blood.

"I got us passage to Spain, all we got to do is help out around the ship." Gibbs said happily.

"Mr. Gibbs" Jack said calmly. "Why on earth would we want to go to Spain? Of all the places?" Jack was angry.

"Sorry. that was the only place I could think of… anyways thats besides the point, she said you two could share the spare cabin" Gibbs offered in an attempt to calm him down again.

"Wait, wait, hold on a minute" Jack said confusedly, "did ye say 'she', the captain is a 'she'?" He asked skeptically.

"Aye, and not that bad lookin if I do say so" Gibbs smirked, and Jack rolled his eyes.

"Fine, but help me up, will ye?" Jack demanded. He shifted Angelica's head off his lap before he stuck out his good hand to Gibbs who pulled him off the floor. Jack immediately felt dizzy, and staggered a bit before turning back to Gibbs who had an unsure expression on his face.

"Oi, help me get her to the cabin. I think we all be needin a rest" Jack said holding his good hand to his head. Jack leaned over and lifted Angelica from under her arms while Gibbs lifted her feet. They brought her into the room and carefully laid her down on the far side of the bed.

"I think she put on some weight, it seems like every time I have to pick her up she is heavier." Jack said now out of breath and shaking his head.

"Naw Jack, I think you are just tired from blood loss, and need to sleep" Gibbs said knowingly.

"Fine, but while we are restin, see what you can find out about this captain." Jack wanted to know everything he could. "This place is too familiar, and I need to know why" Jack said sleepily.

"Aye sir, don't lay on that arm now" Gibbs said as he left shutting the door behind him. He often thought of himself as a jack-of-all-trades and was willing to do just about anything. However, this time he wasn't sure what Jack wanted. What had Jack so uneasy about this ship? Why did he care that the captain was a 'she'? He didn't know, but it didn't really matter to him, he would find out eventually, but first he was off to find himself some rum.

Back in the cabin Jack took off his hat and carefully slipped off his jacket, slightly wincing at the pain as the sleeve slid off his injured arm. He looked at the tear in it and sighed. It was his favorite jacket and had owned it for many years, and now it had an aweful rip in the left sleeve. He was too nauseous to think about it now though. He kicked off his boots and crawled into the bed next to Angelica who had stirred slightly. She seemed to be waking up somewhat and Jack just watched her. She yawned and stretched her arms, unintentionally brushing past Jack's wounded arm.

"Oi, I'm here ye know" Jack said wincing at the pain that shot up his arm. She hadn't really been aware of where she was until he spoke. She sat up and turned to him.

"Jack?Qué estás haciendo aquí?" She was confused.

"Now luv, just cause we aren't married yet does not mean I can't sleep here" Jack replied assuming she wanted to know why they were there. He wasn't sure why she was speaking in Spanish, but it would be a lie to say he didn't like it. "Let me see yer head" He said sitting up. She turned her head to the side revealing to Jack the bruise she had along her hairline above her left temple.

"I guess I pushed ye a bit too hard" He said leaning against the headboard cradling his injured arm. "It'll get better though" He smiled lightly.

"What are you talking about?" She didn't remember what happened. "And what is wrong with your arm?"

"Lets start with what ye do remember shall we?" He smirked. "What is the last thing ye remember?"

"I remember you proposing to me, I think. Was that...real?" She wasn't sure, she couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't.

"Aye, it was" He smiled, and reached for her hand. " I gave ye this, and ye are still wearin it" He said reminding her of the ring she wore.

"I remember that night" She smirked and he chuckled thinking back on it as well. "And think I remember finding Gibbs in a pub and then boarding a ship" She continued. "Then its a blur" She sighed.

"Thats alright luv, ye remember the most important thing." Jack said pulling her into a hug. He forgot about his arm until she rubbed against it again. "Ow ow ow. watch it" He said painfully. She quickly let go of him to see what was wrong. She spotted the bloody red cloth that was tied around his arm.

"What happened?" She asked concernedly.

"Oh well, I pushed ye out of the way of this guy with a strong arm and a sharp sword. Thats when ye blacked out. Sorry bout that" He said rubbing the back of his neck. "Lets just say my arms were my only defence, and well they worked cause as ye can see, I don't have a scratch on me face." he smiled. "Gibbs stuck that git right through the middle so its all good" He continued.

"give it here let me see" she said and reached for his arm. He pulled it closer to him, refusing to let her see it.

"Its just a scratch luv, nuthin to worry bout" he lied. He knew if she saw how bad it was she would feel guilty, that or she would be sick at the sight of it. Neither reaction he was eager to see.

"Jack just let me see your arm" She said irritated by his refusal.

"No, Gibbs just wrapped it. If ye want to see it so badly wait till tomorrow mornin when I shall have to change the bandage." He said knowing it would be too painful to remove the bandage now anyways. He leaned back against the headboard again, no longer having the strength to hold himself up.

"Fine, but you look pale are you sure you're ok?" She asked.

"Aye, I'm fine, ye don't have to worry bout me. I can take care of meself." He said even though he knew she wouldn't let it go that easily. He looked into her eyes. He saw worry and doubt on her face and he didn't like it. "Trust me luv, I'm fine, I just need to sleep." He said softly. He motioned for her to lay next to him. She wrapped her arms around him, and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I do trust you, but sometimes I just wish you would admit to being hurt or that you need help" She sighed. He turned to look into her eyes.

"Fine, if it will make ye happy" He said. "Yes, it is more than just a scratch on my arm, and I'm pale from the loss of blood. It ain't a pretty sight, and it hurts like hell." She gasped and looked away from him.

"Jack, if our marriage is going to work, you have to be able to just tell me" She mumbled. "You can't hide things from me"

"Of course, luv." He agreed. "But, ye have to be able to do the same. I don't want to have to worry bout ye all the time."

"Fine" She didn't mind. She let go of him and slipped under the blankets. It was cold in there. Jack shifted as well, so he was lying next to her. She shivered and moved closer to him. He wrapped his good arm around her and pulled her closer. She loved the warmth and comfort of his embrace.

"Sleep well Jack" She whispered, closing her eyes.

"You too" He muttered before he fell quickly to sleep.

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