Love Should Never Die

Chapter 27

"I told ye that ye knew her and that ye would want to speak with her as well," Jack argued. "I figured that it would be a better surprise if ye found out on yer own."

"Why?" Angelica hissed.

"I don't bloody know why so get over it. Ye know now!" He returned in a similar tone. Cristina could tell they were together again. They were arguing over nothing just like they used to. She rolled her eyes.

"Will you two just shut it!" She demanded. They both stopped to look at her.

"Jack, for now just stay out of my way. I will deal with you later." She said before turning to Angelica. "As for you, though, we have some catching up to do. It's been far too long" She smiled.

"It has been awhile" Angelica agreed. Cristina turned to go into her cabin and waved for Angelica to follow her.

Jack didn't really know what he was going to do. He wasn't captain and he wasn't part of the crew so he didn't have anything he had to do. He decided that some rum would be good on a nice day such as this. He walked below deck to find some. He had barely taken two steps down the stairs before he was stopped by two gentlemen, both much larger than him.

"Where do ye think yer goin?" One of them asked.

"Uh...I wasn't going anywhere" Jack quickly said before turning to walk back up the stairs. He didn't get that far before they grabbed a hold of his arms.

"Oh no, ye don't!" The other said. "The captain says yer to be put in the brig"

"Watch the arm won't ya," Jack said wincing at the pain that shot up his arm from the not fully healed wound. They walked him a few decks down until they reached the brig.

"Captain say we aren't to harm ye" The first one growled, and the other man smiled deviously.

"But what she don't know won't hurt her" The second man chuckled before punching him in the stomach causing him to double over, then kicking him in the shin making him collapse from the pain. They picked him up, threw him into the cell along with his hat and ripped jacket before they locked the door and both headed for the upper decks. Jack sat up and looked around.

"Good to see you again Cap't," A voice said from behind him. Jack turned to see Gibbs leaning against the wall of the ship.

"So they threw ye in here too I see," Jack said irritatedly. "Thanks for the warnin" Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"Well, cap't in order to warn someone bout somthin, ye have to have pretty fair warnin yerself eh." Gibbs retorted.

"I shoulda known she would pull somthin like this" Jack said shifting to lean against the bars of the cell. "It's gonna be a long day"

Meanwhile back in the cabin, Angelica sat down in the soft chair across from Christina's large desk.

"I can't believe it's really you," Christina said as she sat down at behind her desk. "I want to know everything," She said excitedly.

"Well, my life isn't that interesting, I want to know what happened to you," Angelica said even though she knew her friend well enough to know that she wouldn't let that answer go.

"All in good time. Now tell me...are you insane?" Cristina asked.

"No…" Angelica didn't really know what her friend was asking, but she could guess.

"Well then why on earth are you with Jack Sparrow?" She asked critically. "Of all the people, you are with the sole person who doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. You know this"

"What can I say?" Angelica said quietly looking away. "He's not perfect, but I love him"

"He is no good for you," Christina said plainly. "It doesn't matter how many times he says he loves you too, he is the same person that hurt you before"

"I believe he can change, and in fact he has changed. He is not the same man you met all those years ago." Angelica said defensively. "And I am not the same naive girl. I have changed as well. Trust me. I can handle my own relationships."

"Where are you guys going anyways, because that will really show how much he cares." Cristina figured Angelica would not say they were going to Spain to settle down.

"We are going after his ship" Angelica muttered quietly.

"Let me understand this, you mean he is taking you to go after his ship!?" Cristina asked harshly. Angelica sat forwards in her chair.

"It's not his fault! It's my fault that he has to, and I chose to go with him anyways" Angelica answered. "He told me not to go with him cause it's dangerous, but I insisted. It's not his fault"

"It sounds like his fault to me," Christina said sitting back in her chair. "Is it not his ship? And, if he really cares that much about you, he would have known that you are too good for him and stayed as far away as possible"

"Coming from someone who knows little on this subject" Angelica retorted. "Are we not friends still?"

"Yes, we are. That is exactly how I can say this to you." Christina said plainly. "You two do not go together. Listen to me. Do not marry him"

"And here I thought friends supported each other" Angelica rolled her eyes.

"Then answer this, which of you thought it was a good idea to get married anyways?" Christina asked thinking she already knew the answer.

"Well, I overheard him talking about it with his friend, but I brought it up to him afterward. Why does that matter?" Angelica asked.

"I see," Christina said knowingly leaning over her desk slightly. "Think about it. If he really cared enough to marry you, he would have brought it up himself"

"Why do you care?! It doesn't matter!" Angelica said angrily even though she was considering her friend's argument. Why didn't he ask her first? What would that mean for their relationship? She liked things how they were, she didn't want it to change. She didn't want to fight him anymore, although she did enjoy their banter occasionally. But what if he didn't really want to get…

"I care because you are my friend and I'm trying to give you advice," Christina said interrupting Angelica's thoughts. "Look, all I can say is, be careful. I may not know him as well as you, but I remember how he hurt you before, and I don't want to see that happen again."

"I didn't forget what he did, but I can't just get rid of my feelings for him." Angelica sighed.

"You sure as hell can try," Christina argued. "Just wait, I bet he will do something that will upset you. Then what? What will you do? How will you feel when he decides to leave you again?"

"He gave me his word that he wouldn't" Angelica defended.

"And how much, exactly, does his 'word' mean to you?" Christina asked. "And how exactly will his 'word' stop him from leaving you again?"

Angelica thought for a second. It was true, his word didn't really mean that much. He hadn't changed that much, and his 'word' had certainly never stopped him before, she thought.

"I won't" Angelica gave in.

"Precisely, now don't you see that he is just setting you up again?" Christina said.

"No... he wouldn't. Not again. Not after everything we just went through,Lets" Angelica said softly with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

Cristina smiled deviously. Her plan was working. She had decided that she would have to break them up. She determined that Angelica would be better off without Jack. In order to do that, she would have to make Angelica doubt Jack's trustworthiness, and by Angelica's tone and expression, she could tell it was working. Now all she had to do was get Jack to do something that will make Angelica believe everything she had just told her.

"Ok, maybe he wouldn't but, maybe he would. How could I know anyways" Cristina said. "Let's talk about something else shall we?"

"Like...what exactly?" Angelica said now slightly suspicious.

"How about you tell me where you are really going. I know it isn't Spain" Cristina asked.

"Uh...I don't know what Jack wants to…" Angelica started to say before she was interrupted.

"I didn't ask where Jack was going, or what he wanted. I asked where you were going." Cristina explained.

"For now at least, I go where Jack goes. Wherever that is." Angelica said. "It isn't going to be easy to find the Queen Anne's Revenge"

"So that's why he wanted to know" Cristina whispered quietly to herself, remembering her conversation with Gibbs.

"What? Why who wanted to know?" Angelica could barely hear her and was confused.

"Oh, your friend that Sparrow sent to talk to me. He said something about that ship, and he asked if I had seen it around" Cristina said.

"Have you?" Angelica asked anxiously.

"I told him, no, but I have indeed seen that ship," Cristina said. "It was docked, not two days ago, in Tortuga."

"What!?" Angelica jumped up from her seat. "I have to tell Jack!" Cristina looked thoroughly unenthused. Angelica turned to leave but was stopped by Christina's words.

"Where do you think you're going?" Cristina snapped.

"I'm going to talk to Jack" Angelica returned.

"Why?" Cristina now too rose to her feet and approached Angelica who was standing now near the door. "What is that ship to him?"

"We need to get aboard. Captain Barbossa has something we need" Angelica said directly.

"And what is that, might I ask?" Cristina asked.

"Information about a ritual" Angelica said vaguely. "A ritual that will get his ship back."

"Ah, I see" Cristina replied.

"We need to come up with a plan and find that ship," Angelica said before she opened the door to the cabin letting the cool air rush in. "I'm going to tell Jack"

"Good luck" Cristina smiled knowing that Angelica would not check the brig, and would undoubtedly not be able to find Jack.

Angelica walked briskly down to the main deck. Cristina watched her from the upper deck. As soon as Angelica went below deck, Cristina stopped a crewman who was just about to walk down to the main deck.

"Lower a long boat, set up the oars, and leave it adrift." She ordered. "Make sure she does not go down to the brig at all costs. Tell everyone, that if she asks about Jack's whereabouts, he jumped ship and left. She cannot know he is still on the ship."

"Aye, ma'am," He said uneasily before running down to the main deck. Cristina smiled to herself as her plan began to fall into place. She watched some of her crew lower the long boat, set up the oars, and send it off into the sea.

Angelica rushed into her cabin hardly looking around before she started talking.

"Jack, I have to…" Angelica said excitedly until she realized he wasn't in tIn fact, none of his stuff was in there anymore. Perhaps he went looking for some rum, she thought. She turned and strode out of the cabin and walked a few decks down. It was completely empty of personnel, and there were no noises that she could hear so she went back up the stairs.

Maybe he was with Mr. Gibbs, she decided that was probably where he was. She weaved in and out of the crewmen who were working around the deck.

She stopped a younger gentleman who was walking by, holding a pile of ropes.

"Excuse me, but have you seen Jack, or Mr. Gibbs?" She asked sweetly.

"Uh, no miss I'm afraid I don't know who yer talking about" He replied.

"Don't tell me you haven't heard that Jack Sparrow is on board" She said now slightly irritated.

"Is he? Last I heard he jumped ship earlier this afternoon" He said nervously shrugging before he continued walking.

"¡Alto ahí!(Stop right there!)" She hollered at the young man. He stopped walking and turned around. She pulled out her sword and held it under his chin. He dropped the ropes and put his hands up, a worried expression passed over his face. "Tell me what I want to know." She said forcefully.

"What do you want to know exactly?" He asked.

"Where are Jack and Mr. Gibbs?!" She asked harshly.

"You may wish to speak with the captain regarding those matters, miss" He said. She lowered her sword. He quickly picked the ropes up off the floor and walked away speedily to avoid anymore questions.

She turned on her heels and stormed up to the main deck.

Cristina smiled as Angelica approached her.

"Back so soon? What did he say?" Cristina asked innocently.

"I can't find him. One of your crewmen told me he jumped ship." She said nervously hoping it wasn't true. "Tell me he didn't" Cristina turned around and scanned the area where the little longboat should have been.

"I hate to tell you, but it appears like he has" Cristina pointed to the small boat drifting in the distance behind them. "It looks like he left while we were talking earlier, he got pretty far" Angelica gasped and quickly turned away.

"No...he wouldn't" She said quietly to herself.

"But he did, and he didn't even tell you" Cristina said happy that her plan had worked so far.

"That bastard!" Angelica yelled. She pulled the ring off her finger and dropped it on the deck before she ran off to her cabin. She wanted to be alone, but she also wanted to be with Jack. She couldn't think. She slammed the door behind her, and not bothering to take off her coat, hat or boots, she threw herself onto the bed. She buried her face in the pillow and sobbed. She didn't want to think about what she would do now. She just wanted to lie there.

Back on deck, Cristina picked up Angelica's ring, and although unenthused to see her friend so emotionally distressed, she smiled at how well her plan was working. Now she had to confront Jack. This will be fun, she thought to herself as she made her way down to the brig.

Jack was still leaning against the bars of the cell when she approached them. They heard her footsteps and jumped up.

"What the hell is the meanin of this ye bloody wench!" Jack growled through the steel bars.

"Oh, whats the matter? Poor little Jack can't stand confinement?" She mocked. "Actually I have a message from your dearly beloved" She emphasized causing Jack to take interest in what she had to say.

"What is it? And why won't she tell me herself?" Jack snarled.

"She wanted me to give you this" She said handing him a small item. He stepped back and looked at it. He paled slightly and his stomach churned when he saw what it was. He couldn't move and he didn't know what to say. Gibbs took a step towards him, curious to see what had Jack acting so funny.

"Good God" He gasped. "Jack, are ye alright?" Jack didn't answer, too emotionally conflicted.

"Jack, snap out of it man" Gibbs said putting a hand on Jack's shoulder and giving him a small shake.

"What? Of...course. I'm perfectly perfect." He said monotonously. "Why didn't she just say somethin? Why couldn't she just tell me herself?"

"Well, lets just say, she couldn't find a way to tell you" Cristina said slyly. Jack felt his face redden with anger.

"She could have just bloody told me!" He yelled. "Ugh, it was her idea anyways!"

"Cristina, you should go, he's best left alone when he's like this" Said Gibbs cautiously. She chuckled at his concern.

"Oh don't worry, I don't plan to watch his self destruction" She turned. "I'll be back to check on you later." She continued walking and made her way back to the upper deck. She was satisfied with herself. Jack would now think twice about trusting Angelica again, and if she was lucky, Angelica would not trust him either.

"Jack, sit and calm down" Gibbs said as he sat down against the wall of the ship again.

Jack was again transfixed by the ring in his hand. He returned it to its previous place on his hand. He sighed and let his head hit the bars of the cell.

"Whats the point?" He said dully. "Bloody wench!" he growled.

"Jack, don't speak of Angelica like that, you don't mean it."Gibbs said plainly.

"Oh, no Gibbs, I was referring to that bloody friend of hers" He mumbled. "We were fine until we got on this bloody ship!"

"You have to choose Jack" Gibbs said cautious to not anger his friend further. "Either, we stay here and you can hope to get back together with Angelica. Or, we escape and we go after getting your ship out of that bottle" Jack let himself fall to his knees.

"Gibbs, if ye haven't noticed, she left me again. She's not comin back this time." he sighed. "We escape or get released, either or. Then we'll go after me ship. There's nuthin left for me here" He muttered.

"Don't worry cap't. We'll get yer ship back" Gibbs said with false enthusiasm.

Jack felt awful. He felt like he had just been punched in the stomach. He thought of his ship, and how wonderful it would be to sail her again, but thoughts of Angelica's absence filled his mind. It would not be like he imagined because she would not be there with him. He turned and sat with his back once again against the bars. He decided that when he got out of there he would not be angry with her, but he would not speak to her unless spoken too. He did not want to continue their relationship, if only for either one of them to be hurt again. He closed his eyes trying to relax and clear his mind, but it wasn't working. Thinking of her was too painful. That was it. Pain. He rolled up his sleeve and pressed his good hand onto the healing wound. His arm throbbed, and he winced at the pain. But at least he could distract himself from thoughts of her for a short while. Although the pain in his arm was less than the pain in his chest, it took his mind off it ever so slightly.

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