Love Should Never Die

Chapter 28

A few hours passed. Angelica had cried herself to sleep, unaware of Jack who sat in silent agony down in the brig. She woke up with a start. Someone was knocking at the door.

"Uh..yes who is it?" She asked as she sat up sleepily. Cristina opened the door.

"Are you alright?" Cristina asked sweetly.

"What do you think?" Angelica hissed as she got up and strode passed Cristina out of the cabin. Cristina followed Angelica as she walked up on deck and stood by the rail overlooking the sea.

"I tried to tell you" Cristina said softly as she came to stand next to her. Angelica lowered her head and sighed.

"Yes, you did. You've told me before." Angelica said bitterly. "I should have listened. ¿por qué no me escucha nunca?"

"You never were known for taking advice, even your own" Cristina chuckled. "Perhaps this was a good lesson for you"

"Unfortunately…"Angelica mumbled.

"Cheer up Angie" Cristina gave her a nudge. Angelica looked up, a blank expression on her face. "How about a drink? You know, I recently received some wine as a gift. I think tonight would be a wonderful occasion, if you ask me." Angelica returned her gaze to the sea, clearly unenthusiastic about Cristina's idea.

"Come on, get over him already. You know it was bound to happen sooner or later." Cristina said slightly irritated that Angelica was being so stubborn.

"To be perfectly honest with you, I didn't expect him to leave this time." Angelica sighed.

"Hmm, well, if it makes you feel better, I'm sure he's still thinking about you." Cristina said.

"How would you know that? How could you even say that?" Angelica scowled. "If he was, he wouldn't have left"

"Well, uh, hmm." Cristina didn't really know how to answer that.

"You don't understand" Angelica muttered walking away. She was so upset that she decided that she would find some secluded part of the ship to just be alone and think. She walked below deck and down a few more flights of stairs before she came across two crewmen guarding the stairway down to the lowest deck. They had been talking, but stopped when she approached.

"Pardon me gentlemen" She said impatiently, not wanting to talk to anyone.

"Sorry miss, but access to this deck is restricted" One of them said. "B'sides, you don't want to go down by the prisoners. They're a filthy bunch the lot of them"

"Why? Who are they?" She asked curiously.

"Can't say, but trust us, miss, a pretty lady such as yourself shouldn't be around folk like them" The other said.

"I will go where I like. Now let me pass." She said now extremely annoyed. "Anyways, the captain ordered me to speak with them." She lied figuring that they wouldn't know the difference. The two men glanced at each other and shrugged. They moved and let her pass. She made her way down the stairs. It was really dark and quiet down there. Perfect for her to be alone. She crept over barrels of supplies and around the wooden pillars that held the ship up. She found a nice stack of barrels to sit on. She had not even noticed Gibbs and Jack in the cell near the stairs she walked down, but she was now out of earshot of anything they could have been saying. Not more than a minute later did she hear heavy footsteps on the decks above frantically running about. She was curious to know what was going on but she was in no mood to actually go find out.

Back on deck, Cristina was about to follow her down the stairs, but she heard a yell from a crew member. She turned to him so he would repeat himself.

"Ship ahead. Portside!" He repeated.

"Colors?" She demanded.

"I don't know, I can't tell, they are too far away" He replied. She stormed back up to the helm.

"You better find out. I want to know who the hell they are!" She ordered as she pulled out her telescope. The oncoming ship was massive compared to theirs. Their sails were a deep maroon color, and the ship itself was moving faster than possible even with the wind. She couldn't tell who it was, but she knew they were not likely to be friendly.

"All hands to stations. Run out the guns!" She bellowed. They were still off in the distance, but she wanted to be ready for whoever it was. That meant knowing who they were. There was only one person who had a good chance of knowing who was on that other ship. She grumbled to herself as she walked down to the stairs. She picked up a lantern and brought it with her, since she knew how dark it was down there.

In the minutes before…

"Jack, do you have any idea how we're goin to get outta here?" Gibbs asked anxiously.

"Damnit Gibbs, have we not been over this before?" Jack replied irritated about being stuck in there, about not having his ship, about not being near Angelica, about everything. "I'm workin on it."

"Ok now Jack, when we do get out of here, don't let yourself get caught up with her again" Gibbs warned. "If you don't we may not be able to get off this blasted ship"

"Aye, agreed" Jack said with a look of inevitable dismay for his realization that he would have to be without Angelica.

Gibbs was about to say something but Jack shook his head and gestured to the stairs. He heard footsteps but he couldn't tell who it was, and their cell was not in a direct line of sight with the stairs. They faded and soon disappeared completely. Jack wasn't sure who it was but he didn't really care. Not long after, they heard the crew running around on the upper decks, he assumed they were getting to their stations and loading the guns.

"If I know Cristina at all, she will let us out the next time she comes down here." Jack whispered. "It's all about sayin the right words"

"And what would you know about talkin to women?" Gibbs asked critically.

"I know a lot, thank...shh" Jack interrupted himself. He heard another set of footsteps but this time in their direction, accompanied by a light.

Angelica saw this and she sat up. She didn't see who it was but she crept towards the light to find out.

"Ah Cristina, back so soon eh? Feeling guilty are ye?" Jack chuckled and stood up. "Come to let us out have ye?" Angelica got closer and hid slightly behind a barrel. She couldn't see the prisoners but she saw Cristina holding a lantern up in front of one of the cells.

"Don't flatter yourself" She said plainly. "I believe you can help me."

"Ah, I see how it is, but the real question is, do you?" Jack said slyly. "What do ye want? And I demand we be released if we are to provide ye with an answer"

"Are you familiar with a large ship with maroon sails?" Cristina asked flatly.

"Oh now what fun is that? You'll have to be a bit more specific, or let me look at the ship me self, unless ye want to be blown to bits without knowin yer enemy" Jack said convincingly.

"Ugh, fine, but you better know who it is!" She said as she pulled out the keys to the door. "Oh, and stay away from Angelica, she is still getting over you!" Angelica leant forwards to listen closer. She couldn't quite tell who Cristina was talking to, and she wasn't close enough to hear his voice correctly, but she could make out some of what he was saying.

"Oh don't worry Crissy darlin, I will be as far away from her as physically possible. B'sides she was the one who called us off in the first place, I should think she would be stayin away from me as well" He said as she opened the door. "Finally. Gibbs get up we're leaving!" He shouted. Jack strode past Cristina who rolled her eyes, and right by Angelica who gasped at the sight of him. The thought of him as the one who Cristina was talking to did not even cross her mind, but now she was shocked. He hadn't noticed her, and he kept walking, while Gibbs and Cristina trailed behind him. She was speechless, not that she had anyone to talk to; she was alone again. She kept her distance as she followed them up the stairs back on to the main deck. By the time she got up there, Jack, Gibbs and Cristina were all standing at the helm.

"Okay Jack. Now do you feel like telling me who they are?" Cristina asked impatiently. Jack wasn't even looking at the ship, instead he was too busy inspecting his fingernails. He didn't need to look, he knew who it was even before he was released.

"Oh, yes. That ship be the Queen Anne's Revenge captained by Barbossa and crewed by his latest bunch of filthy miscreants." He said before turning to Gibbs. As soon as she heard who Jack said it was, Cristina quickly stepped away and began shouting orders to her crew.

"I have a plan to get aboard." Jack continued.

"Do ye now?" Gibbs said sceptical of many of his past schemes, and now curious what he had thought of this time. "And what be this brilliant plan of yers?"

"First we shall need to…" Jack had started but was interrupted by Angelica who had approached them.

"Jack!" She exclaimed happily as she threw her arms around him and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. "I thought you left"

Jack didn't hug her back and shot a look of confusion at Gibbs who returned it by shaking his head.

Jack didn't know what to do, except that he had to make himself stick with the plan he made earlier. He pulled her off him and turned to Gibbs.

"hmm, as I was saying, we need to…" He started to say again but Angelica interrupted him.

"You aren't going to say anything?" Angelica asked, sounding hurt by his lack of reaction. "No apology?"

Jack glanced at her, but quickly looked away to keep himself focused.

"I did nothin that I feel is worthy of an apology." He said calmly. "What is it with you anyways? Wait, nevermind, explain later, I have not the time nor the patients to talk about this right now" He made a hand gesture and turned back to Gibbs. Her face reddened with anger. How could he talk to her like that? Sometimes he could be so irritating. She grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to face her again.

"Don't you talk to me like that!" She growled.

"And why shouldn't I? I can talk to you how I like" He retorted.

"Because I'm your fiancée, and I will not be treated like that!" She scowled at him.

"Hmm, is that so?" He questioned knowing that she obviously forgot some things. "It appears to me like you forfeit that, earlier today in fact. For otherwise how would I come to have this" He held up his hand showing her the ring. Her jaw dropped. She gapped at the ring on his hand, speechless.

"As you have obviously forgotten, you broke up with me this time, and I forgive ye." He said plainly. "But don't think for a second that ye can just come running back whenever it's best suited for ye."

"Jack!" Cristina yelled from the main deck. "Get down here!"

"Ta" Jack said as he turned and began walking down the stairs to see what Cristina wanted.

"Jack wait I…" Angelica yelled after him. He stopped halfway down the stairs, but without turning around he continued walking.

"An awful thing you did to him" Gibbs grumbled from behind her. "Ye should of seen how upset he was after you left him this time." She spun around to see the older man leaning on the rail with a disapproving expression.

"What are you talking about? I did no such thing!" She defended.

"Don't tell me ye didn't send yer friend, Captain Cristina, to tell Jack of your 'change of heart'" He said accusingly. "Then to come right back to him. That was not the best idea you ever had"

"I did not!" She objected.

"Then how did Cristina come to give him the ring that he had given you, I wonder" He said. "He was tryin to get over you for the longest time. That was, until he found you in England posing as an imposter."

"I don't understand." She mumbled, confused at what the older man was telling her.

"I told him it wasn't a good idea to bring you along. He should of listened." He said. "But, I suppose we 'av to remember who we're talkin 'bout. Jack listens to no one. No one but you that is...or was, I guess now it would be"

"I still don't understand. What happened?" She was confused.

"Weren't you listenin to anythin him and I were sayin?" He sighed impatiently when he noticed how much closer the Revenge was to their ship now. "Best hear it from him. Anyways, you 'av more important things to worry about right now"

"Like what?" She questioned harshly.

"Like that!" He pointed to the approaching vessel. "Hope ye be prepared to fight!" He said quickly before he moved quickly down the stairs. Angelica followed him over to where Jack was now arguing with Cristina.

"Jack we are no match for them!" Cristina stated. "We are outgunned, and out manned. Not to mention that their ship is clearly out of our weight class!"

"Fear not Crissy darlin. I have a plan." Jack said smirking enthusiastically. "A plan in which we all get what we want"

"And what exactly is your plan?" Gibbs asked.

"The details aren't important Mr. Gibbs. Surely you know that" Jack said happily. "And Crissy, just steer the ship on an intercept course"

"Meaning you don't really have a plan." Angelica said plainly. Jack rolled his eyes.

"Non sense." He said waving her off as he turned towards the bow of the ship. "I always have a plan. I thought you would have known that out by now"

"And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" Angelica hissed.

"Nothing at all" He said turning back to face them.

"Jack, what exactly is your plan?" Cristina asked sharply, cutting off Angelica from questioning him again.

"Tell me somthing." He said stepping towards her. "Do you trust me?" He asked.

Angelica rolled her eyes.

"Do I have a choice?" Cristina asked. Gibbs shook his head at her question. "I guess I don't."

"Good" Jack said as he stepped back and turned around again. Jack got up onto the rail of the ship and started climbing the rigging up to the crowsnest. Angelica followed him, even though she didn't really like high places. Gibbs and Cristina figured it could be a while before either of them came down, and there were more things to be done.

"Get down lad" Jack said to the boy who was positioned as the look out. "And get yerself a sword. You'll need it"

"Aye sir" The boy said nervously as he cautiously made his way back down to the main deck. Jack stood on the small platform and looked out over the sea ahead of them, his dreadlocks blowing in the now much stronger wind. Angelica pulled herself up next to him and followed his gaze before turning to him. It was not often to find a ship with a railing-less platform, but of course that was how this one was. She didn't like it, so she stood closely next to him without being 'too' close.

"What are we doing?" She yelled against the wind.

"I don't believe we are doing anything" He replied without turning to her. "I'm lookin for a way to execute my plan."

"And what plan is that again?" She asked tugging on his arm to get him to look at her.

"Ow, stop that" He said pulling his arm away. "What are ye doing up here anyways? You hate high places."

"I want to know what you're planning" She said. "And who are you to tell me what I like and dislike?"

He pulled out his telescope and returned his gaze to the oncoming ship.

"Oh now Angelica, we may not be 'together' anymore, but that does not mean that I don't know ye still." He chuckled as he continued scanning the deck of the Revenge. "B'sides, I clearly remember the expression on yer face when we came to that blasted ravine on our way to the fountain of youth. The ravine that I saved ye from havin to jump into, cause guess what...I know what ye'r afraid of"

"What?!" She was astonished at what he said. She wasn't sure what was more shocking to her, the fact that he just explained what he was saying earlier about their relationship, or that he thought he knew her fears and could possibly use them against her. Neither of which were pleasant thoughts.

"Ye heard me. I am quite certain I know what ye'r afraid of." He restated. "Ah, there ye are you slimy git…" he said as he spotted the all too familiar captain. Dressed head to toe in black, and topped with his signature large feathered hat, was Barbossa standing by the railing on the quarterdeck. His ship wasn't that far away, they could barely hear him yelling at his crew, but through the telescope, Jack watched him making grandiose gestures to his crew as they scurried around loading the guns, battening down the hatches, and securing the rigging. They had maybe a few minutes before they would be broadsided by the larger ship. Jack intended to carry out his plan, and therefore had to get moving.

"I hate that man" Jack growled as he lowered the telescope from his face. "This is gunna be fun" He smirked deviously.

"Oh yes so much fun" She said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

"I do not appreciate yer false tone of enthusiasm" He said as he turned back to her. "I have a plan to execute. Now if ye'd be so kind as to move over" He would need to get around her to get back to the netting that they had climbed up. She didn't move. She took one glance at the deck below and had no desire to. She remembered worrying for Jack when he jumped off the cliff, but this was different. This time she was worried about herself falling. It was not often that she was in high places, and when she was, she didn't enjoy it. Although it wasn't quite as high up as the ravine, it was close enough to let thoughts of death by falling fill her mind.

"Oi, ye can't stand there the whole day, unless ye plan on dyin up here" He said rather nonchalantly.

"What?" She snapped out of her thoughts and looked back at him.

"Fine then" He said, before he impatiently grabbed her by her shoulders and moved her to switch places with him. He let go of her as soon as he was on the side nearest the netting and was about to start climbing down when he realized she was gripping his shirt, and rather tightly at that. "What are ye holdin me for? I gotta get down off here!" He said slightly confused and distracted.

"Sorry, I didn't even realize" She said before quickly letting go of him.

"Not afraid of heights, eh?" He chuckled as he started climbing down the netting.

"Ha ha. Very funny!" She yelled after him before she too made her way down the netting.

No sooner did they reach the main deck did they hear Cristina yelling to them.

"Jack. Angelica. Prepare to fight!" She yelled from the helm. She put the ship on a course that would run them parallel to the Revenge like Jack said, and although they did not have as much fire power, it was their best defense since they were not nearly fast enough to flee. Not to mention that the Revenge was equipped with both bow and stern chaser guns, therefore, makinging it impossible to get away even with proper speed.

The crew sat ready at their stations, guns loaded and ready to fire on command. Jack withdrew his sword and walked up the stairs to the helm, followed by Angelica.

She pulled out her sword as well and stood nervously next to him. She was still wondering what his plan was, but she had not time to think of the possibilities, for they were about to pass right next to the Revenge. It was quiet, except for soft murmurs for the crew as they awaited their target, and orders to fire.

"Steady men!" Jack yelled as he walked over to the rail of the ship and scowled at Barbossa, who didn't even see him.

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