Love Should Never Die

Chapter 29

Barbossa stood proudly on the quarterdeck sizing up his target and overseeing his crew. Against his mighty ship, this tiny vessel would cost them nothing. They had almost double the guns, and at least twice the crew compliment of the smaller ship. There might not be much reward from this attack, but the crew had been acting up lately so he decided it would do them good to attack a ship now and then between stops at port. He had been looking for her for weeks now. He had gone through all of Blackbeard's belongings and came across something very interesting. He was determined to find it, but that meant he would need her. But for now, he shifted his attention back to the task at hand.

He grinned devilishly as his ship was nearly in position to open fire. It wouldn't take long to irreversibly cripple the smaller ship, while taking little damage to his own. It would be over quickly.

On the other ship, Jack watched expectantly as the ships lined up.

"We have to shoot first" He said turning to Christina who nodded. "Fire now!"

"Fire all!" She yelled to her crew, and not a moment later, explosions of noise filled the air.

"What are ye waitin fer?! Fire the guns you bloomin cockroaches!" Barbossa yelled, then several others repeated the order to the lower decks. A shower of cannon balls impacted the smaller ship. Rails splintered and glass shattered, throwing all manner of debris into the air and water. The ship pitched violently at the impact, tossing all those who were not holding on to the rails to the deck, including Angelica and Cristina. They landed near Jack's feet. He offered each of them a hand. Angelica ignored him and pushed herself up and off the deck. Cristina didn't care; she took his hand and nodded in appreciation. At least he wasn't hated by everyone, he thought. He decided not to say anything to Angelica. It was bad enough that they were being attacked by his old enemy, but starting an argument with her was not something he wanted to do right now.

"You said you had a plan!" Cristina yelled over the noise of cannons in the background.

"Aye!"Jack shouted and crouched below the rail quickly as a cannon ball hit the deck right next to them. Splinters of wood rained down on them. Cristina and Angelica crouched near him to avoid more debris.

"Crissy, this ship is no match. We must take the fight to them!" He said loudly to make sure he was heard over the battle noise. She wasn't really paying attention. She was too focused on the total devastation caused to her ship. Men were sprawled across the deck, splintered wood was everywhere, the main mast was on the verge of collapse. It was a mess.

"Crissy, luv, listen" he said putting a hand on her shoulder to get her attention. She turned to him, on the verge of tears; she looked into his eyes, afraid of what he was going to say.

"I know what this ship is to you, but we have to go. Now" He tried to sound as understanding as possible under the circumstances. Angelica had completely stopped paying attention, and therefore, luckily for Jack, didn't hear this new tone he took with Cristina.

"Are you insane!?" Cristina didn't really like the thought of leaving her ship to be sunk, but she also didn't want to die.

"No. Now follow me, but ye both better watch yerselves, cause I can't be worryin 'bout either of ye gettin hurt." Jack said before he stood up and turned about to walk away. "I will not let either of you stay here to die."

Cristina glanced at Angelica, who merely shrugged at his last words.

"Where are you going!?" Cristina yelled after him.

"I'm gettin off this bloody ship. And yer comin with me" He yelled back to her.

"Ok" Cristina said as she quickly got off the deck and stood by him. "Angelica come on, we are leaving!" Angelica rolled her eyes and got up to follow them.

He headed down to the main deck trying to avoid debris all the way. Shots continued to be fired, and both ships took damage, however, Cristina's more so than the Revenge. Jack made his way over to Gibbs who was stumbling around, trying to avoid being shot dead.

"Gibbs fetch the ropes, we're gettin off this ship!" Jack yelled to him.

"Aye sir" and with that Gibbs scrambled below deck to fetch the grappling hooks. Jack turned back to face Cristina and Angelica who were right behind him.

"Crissy, how are ye with heights and rope swingin?" He asked. He wasn't worried about Angelica, more so about Cristina. If Cristina didn't make it, and he was left alone with Angelica, he could imagine it would not be a pleasant experience. If Cristina died, Angelica would be devastated, and he would be blamed for it. Therefore, his main goal was to get both of them aboard the Revenge, and deal with Barbossa's crew when they got there.

"Uh, I have never done it" She replied wary of where he was going with it.

"Fine, I'll get ye across." He said plainly. "Angelica, since ye aren't afraid of heights, it should be no problem for ye"

"Jack, I don't think I…" Angelica had started to say but was interrupted.

"Alright, thats the new plan then" Jack said happy with his decision. "Ok, we will swing across from the quarterdeck." Angelica was uneasy about the whole idea. Besides for her fear of heights, she didn't like how Jack was treating her friend better than he treated her.

"Here ye are, cap't" Gibbs panted as he ran up to them, the ropes slung over his shoulder.

"It's about time" Jack said. "Now, we just swing on over there, and fight. Order who ever is left of yer crew to do the same, then get yerself back up here!" Cristina nodded before quickly running below deck.

Jack thought things were going fairly well, besides for them being on an inferior ship, that was until he heard an all too familiar voice.

"Hands to graplens! Prepare to board!" Barbossa shouted at his crew.

A shiver went up Jack's spine when he remembered the battle between the Pearl and the Interceptor, in which Barbossa gave the same order and not soon after, they were all captured. He knew what was coming next.

"All hands, prepare to fight!" He yelled to the the crew as he pulled out his sword again.

"Jack, what are you doing?" Angelica asked from behind him. He rolled his eyes and turned to face her.

"What does it look like? We are defending the ship" He said as if the answer was obvious. " I suggest out"

Only moments later, some Barbossa's crew landed with a thud on the deck. Jack raised his sword and pushed Angelica back away from the rail, as he immediately found himself fighting a slightly larger man. He had broad shoulders and a heavier fisque. Jack ducked and dodged, and their swords clashed. No longer was cannon fire the main noise to be heard, for now the ringing of swords filled the air.

After being pushed out of the way, Angelica pulled out her sword and began fighting a man around her size. He was slightly taller and he appeared somewhat familiar. However, this familiarity would not stop her from fighting him.

"What is a beautiful woman, such as yourself doing on a ship like this?" The man asked as he swiftly dodged her sword only inches from his face.

"!?" She hissed as she blocked his sword from slicing her arm.

"Well, if you ask me, you look like you deserve much better" He smirked at her before he quickly ducked, avoiding her swing.

"Just stop and let me kill you!" She said frustrated by his agility.

"Oh, you couldn't if you wanted to. As a matter of fact, you obviously can't take your eyes off me" He remarked.

"Only because you are on our ship!" She scoffed. She did have to admit, he was good looking, and she did find him amusing to listen to.

"I don't think so" He said as he lunged towards her, causing her to jump back. "Has anyone told you that you look amazing all defensive like that"

"No, why, do you like it?" She asked playfully. "Because, I bet I look better on the offensive" She swung at him, but he forcefully blocked it, causing her to drop her sword. She put her hands up and stepped back slowly. He stepped towards her until she was against the mast. He held the sword up under her chin.

"You wouldn't kill a defenseless woman, would you?" She asked fearfully. He smiled deviously.

Across the deck, Jack managed to get the larger man to fall over the rail and into the sea. He spun and scanned the deck. He saw Gibbs and Cristina fighting a few men on the quarterdeck, along with miscellaneous crew members fighting on the main deck, but he didn't see Angelica. Uh-oh, he thought. He scanned the deck once more before he saw her pinned against the mast. He had to get over there, but of course, another of Barbossa's crew stepped in front of him.

"I don't have time for this!" He growled as he impatiently fought him.

"Well, I could be persuaded to not kill you" The man said with a slightly wild look in his eyes. "how 'bout a kiss sweetheart" She sighed, but then she saw Jack glancing at her as he fought. Perfect. She could take this opportunity make him realize what he did to her.

"Ok" She quickly said when she saw Jack had finished with the guy he was fighting and was now on his way over to her.

"Really? That was easy" The man said happily as he lowered his sword.

"Shut up" She said as she grabbed his face and kissed him. He put his hands on her waist and she put her arms around him pulling him closer. She pulled away, and looked over his shoulder just in time to see Jack stop walking. He gritted his teeth. Oh that whelp was going to get it, he thought. He didn't want to show his amount of enragement in front of Angelica, but he couldn't hold it all in. He marched forward towards them, brandishing his sword. He stood right behind the man who was still holding Angelica.

"Oi, you there!" He yelled to get his attention. The man spun around to face him, only to be met with a blow to the face. Jack had punched him with the hilt of his sword still in hand. Angelica gasped but Jack payed her no attention. The man pushed himself off the deck and stood to face Jack.

"You no good son of a b…" The man began to say.

"Shut it, before I spill yer guts all over the deck!" Jack growled holding his sword up to the man. Angelica decided she could go farther to get at Jack. She quickly stepped between them.

"Angelica get out of the way!" Jack sneered, he was not in the mood for her attitudes. "That man is the enemy, get away from him. He will kill you, given the chance! Do you really trust him?!"

"You don't know. He is more of a gentleman that you have ever been!" Of course she didn't mean it, she just met him, but she had to make Jack feel guilty, or at least a little jealous.

They were obviously too focused on their argument than the fact that the ship had been taken and they were being surrounded by Barbossa's crew, including the man who had been fighting Angelica.

"Drop your weapons!" The man yelled. Jack stopped talking, quickly looked around and rolled his eyes. He dropped his sword when he saw Cristina, Gibbs, and a few other crew members being held with their hands tied behind them. The man grabbed some rope and bound his and Angelica's hands behind each of them.

"You should've listened to him you know." The man said dubiously.

"Aye, ye should've listen to me" Jack agreed.

"Quiet you!" The man yelled at him, before he turned back to the rest of the crew who were now standing around and making their way back to the ship. "Get the captives to the captain!"

A gangplank was put up between the two ships. The captives were forced to cross it, and when they reached the other side, they were forced to their knees in front of the captain.

"Well, look who we have here lads!" Barbossa said. "One Angelica Teach, and one Jack Sparrow"

Jack smirked. "There should be a captain, in there somewhere"

"Aye, but ye be on my ship" Barbossa smiled wickedly.

"Lock these four in the brig!" He motioned towards Jack, Angelica, Cristina and Gibbs. "The rest have the option to join the crew, or to go back and go down with their ship!"

The four were dragged off down several flights of stairs to the brig. They were all forced into a cell, and left alone shortly thereafter. Jack immediately sat down against the wall of the ship and let his hat cover his eyes. He succeeded in getting aboard, and most everyone was still alive. He felt pretty good about everything unrelated to Angelica. He just wanted to forget that for a while.

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