Love Should Never Die

Chapter 30

It was silent except for the natural creaking of the ship. No one was in the mood to talk.

Gibbs didn't care that they had been captured since he trusted Jack's judgment of the situation. He was content to just sit there for a while.

Angelica, on the other hand, couldn't stop thinking. She was upset. She was angry at Jack for breaking up with her. She was irritated that he wasn't talking to her. She wanted to know what was wrong with him, but of course, because of his ego she knew he would never say anything. She needed an explanation. She just wasn't sure if she wanted to hear it. She could ask him later though, for now she just wanted to think.

Cristina was completely crushed. She sat silently trying to fight back tears that threatened to fall on account that she had no idea what happened to the rest of her crew, and she had just lost her ship that she had had for many years. She didn't want to think about anything, she, like Jack, just wanted to forget and be able to think about something else. She couldn't though. The thought of fates that could have befallen her crew filled her mind and caused her even more pain. She pulled her knees to her chest, and buried her face in her hands. She just let go, no longer fighting the tears that silently rolled down her cheeks.

Jack was messing with his many rings. He would take them all off and put them back on one by one, over and over. He was clearly bored and distracted. He wasn't paying any attention to the other three until he missed his hand and dropped one of his rings on the deck. He didn't see where it rolled to. He first looked to Gibbs who seemed to be napping. He then looked to Angelica who had been watching him but quickly looked away. There it was, it managed to get over by Cristina who was paying no attention at all, being too concerned with her own problems. He wasn't sure why she was upset. He had never been around her when she was emotionally distressed so he didn't know whether she prefered to be alone, or if she would rather talk. He knew Angelica was finicky. She would get angry if he ever tried to talk to her while she was this upset, but then she would get even more upset if he didn't. He did know that Angelica and Cristina were two very different people; what harm could a few words do, he wondered, it wasn't like he had anything else to do. He slowly shifted over until he was next to her. She looked up apparently not sure what he was doing. Angelica looked back at him, curious about what he was doing as well.

"Just gettin my ring" He smiled, holding it up before he put it back on his hand. "Oi, are ye alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine" She mumbled.

"Oh I see. And that's why yer cryin yer eyes out is it?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"What do you want Jack?" She muttered.

"I want to know if yer ok, and what yer all upset about" He said plainly. "Why don't ye tell me what's wrong" Angelica might not want to talk to him now, but that didn't mean he couldn't talk to Cristina. Besides, they had plenty of time on their hands, and sitting in silence was not going to make it go by any faster.

"Why?" She asked, still suspicious of his motives.

"Because...why not eh? Maybe I can help ye" He said optimistically giving her a slight nudge on the shoulder. "What else have we got to do? Anythin that we have to say, might as well say it now"

Angelica heard this and could not wait for him to start talking. She watched and listened to him try and make her friend feel better, and wished he would be there like that for her, but the way things were looking now it might never happen.

"I failed" Cristina finally said, letting her head fall back into her hands.

Well, that's a start at least, he thought. He put a sympathetic hand on her shoulder.

"Failed who?" Jack urged her to tell him. "or failed at what?"

"I...I failed as a captain. I..I...I failed my crew!" She whimpered.

"Oi, look at me." He said softly. She slowly lifted her gaze to meet his. "You did not 'fail'"

"Yes...I..did" She sputtered. He put his arms around her, pulling her to him.

"No, It wasn't yer fault, Crissy" He said in a hushed voice. "Yer crew knew the dangers of the sea when they joined ye"

She cried into him, finding comfort in his warm embrace.

"It's alright Crissy." He said gently. "Let it all go. It's alright."

She suddenly realized, amidst her tears, that this was the side of Jack that Angelica had fallen in love with. He was actually kind, caring, and understanding. What had she done? She finally understood what Angelica saw in Jack, and what had she done; she took that away from her. She felt awful. She decided, as safe and comfortable she felt in that moment with Jack comforting her, it wasn't right. She pulled away from him and he let her go.

"That's better" He smiled. "Everyone has their 'moments'. And when those moments arrive, it's best to have someone to talk to"

"Yeah, I guess so. I just didn't take you for the listening or caring type." She said wiping the remaining tears off her face.

"That's because he isn't" Angelica spoke up envious of how Jack was treating her friend.

"Oh, I'm not so sure" Cristina said glancing at Jack who was now glaring at Angelica. "You don't really believe that"

"Trust me, I know. He is not the caring type." Angelica said.

"Oh, and of course that would be you. But wait, ye sat there while your so called 'best friend' cried 'er eyes out." He replied, insulted by her words. "And don't ye feel guilty?"

"Will you two just shut up." Cristina said harshly. They both glanced at her. "Neither of you believe what you're saying, so just stop talking"

"Sure, it be fine with me to sit here in silence" Jack shrugged.

"Fine then, just sit there like the lazy bastard that you are!" Angelica huffed. "See if I care!"

"Well, may I just say, that obviously you do, or you wouldn't have said it," Jack said nonchalantly.

Angelica rolled her eyes.

She watched him sitting there. They certainly had plenty of time on their hands, and he was right, it would be a long time sitting in silence.

"Jack," She said carefully, not sure if he would talk anymore. Cristina glanced at her, but Jack didn't even look up.

"Aye, what is it?" He asked enthusiastically.

"Look at me will you," She said irritated by the tone of his response. He immediately looked up at her.

"Spit it out will ye. What's on yer mind now?!" He said in a less than friendly tone. "Take yer time, we just so happen to have all day"

"I want to know" She said plainly.

"You want to know what?" He asked skeptically. He was still in no mood to argue with her, but if she insisted, he would.

"What do you think?! I want to know why you left me again!" She hissed. At this Cristina looked up. Oh-no, she thought, not this again, she would have to find a way to tell them. They had to get back together. She felt guilty.

"Ha, leave you?! I did no such thing. I swore I wouldn't, and I was completely prepared to stand by that." He growled. "In fact, if it were up to me, we would have been married already! It was you who had a sudden change of heart. Don't ye dare think that ye can blame me for yer decision!"

"What decision?" She defended.

"Don't play dumb now. Anyway,I think we best not talk 'bout this right now" He grumbled, looking down again.

"I think we should! As you said we have plenty of time while we're are stuck in here. By your doing, I might add" She said accusingly.

"Shut it!" He commanded, looking up again. "Fine, ye want to talk, then lets talk shall we?!"

"Yer right! Ye didn't tell me a goddamn thing!" He barked. "Ye sent Crissy to tell me for ye. So ye didn't have to!"

"What?!" She had no recollection of that. "I did not!" He stopped listening and jumped to his feet. He thought he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"No she didn't" Crissy tried to say but only Angelica was listening to her.

"Quiet!" He said impatiently.

"No. Listen to me!" Angelica demanded, getting to her feet as well.

"Shh!" He quickly wrapped his arm around her head and covered her mouth with his hand. She tried to pry his hand off her face, but that only caused him to grip her tighter. She struggled against him for a few second before giving up. He was sure she would yell at him now if he let her go. He listened as the footsteps got closer. She noticed them too. He let her go slowly and stepped to the door of the cell to see who it was. It was the guy that Angelica had fought.

"Captain wishes to speak with her" He pointed to Angelica.

"Hmm, let me think... No." Jack retorted. "The captain would find it more useful to talk with me"

"Fine. I'll take you first." The man said. "Any last words?" He joked, he knew the captain didn't often kill his captives so quickly.

However, Jack didn't know if he was being serious or not. He hadn't thought that he would not come back. Oh well, he could probably talk himself out of it. But he turned back to the other three anyways.

"Crissy, catch!" He tossed her a small object. "Hold on to it will ye? If I be goin to die, then I'd rather not be the one wearin it, it holds too many memories." He winked. "Thanks luv, see ye 'round alright"

"Ok Jack, goodbye" She replied softly, and nodded giving him a weak smile. Jack smiled in return and turned his attention to his first mate. He was still sleeping so Jack gave him a weak kick to wake him up.

"Gibbs, pleasure sailin with ya, mate," Jack said grimly.

"Same to ye, cap't" Gibbs responded sleepily. Lastly, Jack turned to face Angelica.

"Jack, what are you doing?" She asked nervously. "Don't..."

"Angelica, ahem" He cleared his throat. He put a hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes. "If this really is goodbye, then I am going to just say this. As you are the only woman I have ever, I respect yer decision to leave me, and I only want ye to be happy. I want ye to know, ye...Always have and always will, no matter uh... goodbye" He promptly turned away from her to keep his emotions under control.

"What?" She said, barely audible.

The man opened the cell and Jack stepped out. The man slammed the door behind him, and swiftly locked it.

"Move it!" The man yelled at Jack who was watching Angelica.

"Everythin will be ok" Jack called back as he started walking away.

Their footsteps grew quieter as they left the deck.

Jack was led up the stairs and onto the main deck. The ship had yet to move after the battle. He saw some of Cristina's crew being tied up to the base of the mast of her ship. He saw a few a Barbossa's crew loading the cannons once more. They're gunna sink the other ship with all those men on board. Wow. He is really in a bad mood today, he thought as he was led up the stairs to the quarterdeck and to the doors of the captain's cabin, where Barbossa was sitting at his desk. The man left Jack for a moment to inform his captain that he had returned with the prisoner.

"Cap't, I brought the prisoner," He said proudly.

"Don't just stand there! Bring her in!" Barbossa growled. The man quickly walked out.

"You! Get in here!" He yelled at Jack who was leisurely leaning on the rail looking over the ship.

"Aye aye sir," Jack said sarcastically, as he sauntered past him into the room.

"Ah, Hector. Long time no see" He smirked. Barbossa sneered and stood up.

"Sparrow! What are ye doin up here?!" He barked.

"Just out for a stroll, as it were," Jack said casually.

"Ugh...I told him to bring Ms. Teach! Not you!" He sat down again.

"It's hard to find a good crew these days, eh?" Jack asked as he wandered around a bit, glancing at anything that could be of any help to him.

"Aye, these poor saps have no clue" Barbossa muttered. "And what, might I ask, are ye doin in this part of the sea?"

"Oh, nuthing of much importance I assure you," Jack said plainly.

"Now why am I disinclined to believe ye, I wonder?" Barbossa asked distrustfully.

"Me, I'm dishonest, and a dishonest person ye can trust to be dishonest," Jack said slyly.

"Ugh," Barbossa rolled his eyes.

"So, what can good ol' Jack do for ya?" Jack asked as he walked back to stand in front of the desk.

"Answer these questions, and I'll let ye return to yer cell," Barbossa said.

"Shoot" Jack replied, hoping that he could answer them. "Not literally. What do ye want to know?"

"This was discovered on the ship ye were on" He lifted a bottle onto the desk. Jack mentally smacked himself when he saw it. He had forgot about it after he was imprisoned on Cristina's ship. It was the Black Pearl, rocking on the waves within the glass bottle. "How do ye get it out?"

"Why ask me?" Jack countered. "I have been told that any information regarding said task, is kept in this very room"

"Hmm, we shall see" Barbossa grinned.

"Is that it?" Jack asked hoping he could leave now.

"Nay. I require a way to get information out of Ms. Teach on a different matter." Barbossa said. "And, I bet ye know how to do that"

"Ha, good one. Why would ye think such a thing?" Jack asked jokingly. "I can't get that woman to even talk to me, why do ye think she would talk to you?"

"Let's just say there will be certain consequences if she doesn't" Barbossa said with a wicked tone. Oh-no. His thoughts immediately went to Cristina. Barbossa was planning to use her against Angelica. Not good.

"uh, what kind of consequences?" Jack asked cautiously.

"Jack...Jack...Ye know me Jack." Barbossa grinned wildly. "I do what's needed done, no matter what that be"

"I did know that." Jack said uncomfortably. "On to it then, what else do you want to know?"

Barbossa was prepared to answer but there was a knock on the door."Aye…" Barbossa said in acknowledgement. The crewman opened the door and stepped inside.

"All ready with the cannons, sir," He said.

"Took ye long enough," Barbossa grumbled as he stood and made his way towards the door. "Follow Sparrow!"

"With pleasure sir," Jack said mockingly. He followed Barbossa out onto the quarterdeck. "What are ye doin?"

"Nuthin more than a routine ship sinkin" Barbossa replied smugly.

"If I may say, it seems a pity waste," Jack said knowingly. "Why not spare the crew and then dispose of the ship if ye so desire to blow it up"

"Now why would I do that pretell?" Barbossa asked suspicious of his motives.

"If ye spare them, ye can force 'em to work for ya," Jack said convincingly. "B'sides, who don't love makin other people work for 'em? eh"

"I gave 'em a chance to join me crew. They chose their own fate" Barbossa countered. "Fire!" He ordered to his crew. An explosion of cannon fire impacted the smaller ship. Jack cringed at the noise of the destruction.

A chain shot was fired at the mast, splitting it completely, causing it to crash to the deck. The cannon fire continued until there was little left a float of the smaller ship and her crew.

"Well done," Jack said, clapping his hands sarcastically.

"That'll be all, ye'll be returned to the brig now" Barbossa said motioning to one of his crewman. The man came up behind Jack, swiftly hitting him over the head with the butt of his gun, in addition to a solid punch squarely in the face. Jack groaned as he landed on the deck unconscious.

"Take 'im back to the brig," Barbossa said before he returned to his cabin.

Back in the brig, just after Jack was taken, Angelica was left standing speechless, unable to process his last words.

"Angelica sit down" Cristina could see the confusion on her friend's face.

"He will be back...right?" Angelica sat down slowly.

"uh...I'm sure he will be" Cristina assured her, although she didn't really know.

"I didn't say anything. He told me what I wanted to hear, and how did I answer? With not so much as a word before he was dragged away," Angelica said quietly. "What If I never see him again?"

"Don't talk like that!" Christina said. "It's Jack Sparrow we are talking about remember."

"What did he give you?" Angelica asked curiously, as if the object might mean something.

Cristina hadn't even taken the time to look at it. She opened her hand. It was Angelica's ring.

"Here, he wanted me to give it to you" She handed the ring to Angelica who took it cautiously.

"He never said that," Angelica thought back to Jack's words before he left.

"Weren't you listening?" Cristina said. "He said if he was going to die, then he would rather someone else had it."

"He gave it to you though" Angelica was confused.

"But, he loves you," Cristina said. "Just accept it already."

"Oh of course he does," Angelica said sarcastically. "If he really did, why would he lie about me breaking up with him?"

"He wasn't lying" Cristina muttered guiltily. "To him, you did break up with him, even though you really didn't"

"Whose side are you on?!" Angelica asked harshly. "You know what he meant. Dont you?!"

"Alright, I admit it." Cristina decided she might as well say it now. "Yes, made it look like Jack left you so you would be upset the next time you saw him. Yes, I gave him the ring, that you threw away, and told him that you changed your mind!"

"You did WHAT?!" Angelica was furious. "How could you?!"

"Because, when he left you the last time, you were devastated." Cristina defended. "I didn't want to see that happen again. So yes, I lied to both of you, for what I thought was your own good. But it turns out I was wrong."

"Why are you telling me this?!" Angelica said, confused and angry.

"Because you have to forgive him. It wasn't his fault" Christina replied. "I am telling you this, because I understand why you love him"

"Do explain" Angelica couldn't wait to hear this.

"Under his strong, brave and intelligent exterior, he is caring, kind, and dare I say compassionate." Cristina could see by the expression on Angelica's face that she knew what she meant. "When I told him that you called off your relationship, I did not expect the reaction I got. At first he didn't believe me. But when it started to sink in that I could have been telling the truth he was furious. He didn't know what to say or what to do. He was a complete mess"

"You couldn't have told me any of this sooner?!" Angelica was pleased to hear that Jack still cared for her, but she was still not happy. "What if I never…" She was interrupted by the sounds of cannons coming from the upper deck. It didn't last long, and soon it was silent again.

"What if…"Angelica didn't even want to think it.

"Don't say it. He will be back" Cristina tried to assure her.

They sat in silence for the next few minutes waiting for any clue as to what was happening on the decks above. Then came heavy footsteps on the stairs. Both Angelica and Cristina stood up, hoping to see Jack.

Three men came down the stairs. The one in the middle was being dragged by the other two. Angelica gasped when she saw it was Jack.

He had somewhat woken up, but not to the point that he could walk. He gazed up dizzily recognizing his surroundings as the brig.

They stopped in front of the cell where Angelica and Cristina were trying to figure out how hurt Jack was.

"Back up" One of the men growled. Both Angelica and Cristina took a step back from the door.

He opened the door and shoved Jack inside. He staggered a bit before collapsing to his knees. The door was shut behind him and the two men returned to the upper decks.

He tried to pull himself to his feet using the bars of the cell, but he didn't quite have his full strength so he just sat down instead. Angelica and Cristina quickly sat next to him.

"Are you ok? What happened?" Angelica asked, concern obvious in her voice.

"Hello darlin, what's yer name?" He asked with false delusion. He always found it amusing to poke fun at Angelica, even if it made her mad.

"You've got to be joking" Angelica wasn't sure if he was or not.

"Aye luv, I am." He chuckled. "I'm fine but ye don't want to know what happened" She sat back a moment and glared at him until she noticed blood dripping down his face.

"Of course you are, now let me see your face, you're bleeding" She cupped his face in her hands. "You had me worried. What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking that it was better me than you, so yer welcome," He said pulling her hands off him. He leaned back against the wall, letting his hat fall over his eyes.

"Jack," Angelica said softly. "Did you mean what you said earlier?"

"It depends on which part ye be referin to" He answered.

"Did you mean any of what you said to me today?" She asked again.

"Hmm, today...ah yes." He figured he knew what she was talking about. "Every word luv"

"That's good," She said as she leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder. "It's good to have you back"

"Couldn't agree more," He said sleepily, wrapping an arm around her.

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