Love Should Never Die

Chapter 32

"What is your brilliant plan this time?" Angelica asked skeptically.

"I'll tell ye another time." Jack said, quickly standing up. "Someone's coming"

Hefty footsteps came towards them, stopping just in front of their cell.

It was the same man as before, except now he wore an eye patch.

"You. Get up!" He ordered Angelica. "No way to get out of it this time. The captain wishes to speak with you" Angelica got up, but Jack stepped in front of her. He quickly looked the man up and down and grinned; the poor guy didn't even have a gun.

"I see the kind captain taught ye a lesson, what's your name?." Jack grinned.

"Aaron" He said.

"First rule then Aaron, no no wait, second rule, uh maybe actually third rule, never listen to the prisoners" Jack nudged Gibbs with his foot as he stepped closer to the cell door, waking him up. Noticing what she figured he had done on purpose, Angelica nudged Cristina, waking her up as well.

"What are the first and second rules then?" Aaron asked.

"Secondly, don't fight anyone ye can't beat" Jack grinned. He had an idea.

"Aaron said get up damn it" Jack commanded. Both Gibbs and Cristina slowly stood up.

"May I ask what for cap't" Gibbs asked sleepily. Jack spun around to face him.

"The man said to" Jack said with surprising enthusiasm. "Gibbs and Crissy back up"

Gibbs could tell that Jack had an idea, it wasn't often that Jack took orders from others that seriously. He nodded and stepped back. Jack grabbed Angelica's arm.

"Ye came for her right?" Jack said pulling her roughly forwards. "Come on then, come get her"

"What?!" She hissed, trying to get out of his grasp. "Let go of me!"

"No. The captain wants to speak with ye" Jack said harshly.

"She's a feisty one" Aaron grinned deviously.

"You have no idea" Jack smirked at Angelica who scowled at him. "Don't just stand there! Open the door!"

Aaron unlocked the door. Hastily, Jack let go of Angelica, pulled open the door and nodded to him. Angelica stepped back.

"Just go get her, she's weaker than she looks!" Jack said rolling his eyes. He's an idiot, it shouldn't take him that long, he thought. Aaron eyed Angelica menacingly and took one step into the cell only to have Jack slam the door on his face. "Idiot" Jack muttered. Aaron crumbled over holding his head in his hands. Jack knelt down right next to him. "The first rule, ye slimy git, is to keep yer hands off my fiancee!" Jack growled lowly so only he and Aaron could hear, before swiftly punching him in the gut and then in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Angelica gasped, and glared at Jack who only grinned. He quickly searched the guy for anything of value, as well as the keys.

"Well done sir" Gibbs said happily.

"Some warning would have been nice Jack" Angelica seethed. "Did you really need to do that?"

"One, I saw an opportunity and I took it. Fortunately for you, or ye would have been taken to Barbossa. Ah there ye are" He held up the keys before standing up to face her. "Secondly, if I had told ye, yer performance would have been less than genuine, luv, and thirdly, yes, it was completely necessary"

"Performance?!" She growled as he stepped past her. "What were you thinking?!"

"Ye didn't really think I would let him take you, did ye?" He said turning back to face her. "So be grateful that I didn't, and calm down" She only scowled at him menacingly.

"It had to look real, and thanks to ye, it did." He said, slightly distracted by thoughts of what he was going to do next. "Gibbs, tie him up over there. Angelica yer comin with me" Gibbs nodded before he dragged Aaron into the cell next to theirs and tied him up with some rope he found lying around.

Jack turned his attention to Cristina who was standing behind Angelica. "Sorry" He said before quickly spinning on his heels and exiting the cell. Angelica followed him and gave him a confused look, but before she could question him, he quickly pulled the cell doors closed and locked Cristina inside behind them.

"Jack what are you doing?" Angelica asked uneasily.

"She's staying here" He said before turning to walk away.

"What?!" Cristina was suddenly furious, and Jack was glad she was behind bars at the moment. "You can't leave me here!"

"Ye heard me, it is best that ye stay here" He said vaguely. "Whatever Barbossa has in his, yer not coming" He thought back to Barbossa's earlier threat to get information out of Angelica. It was best that Angelica and Cristina be kept separated as much as possible, he thought.

"What the hell Jack?!" Angelica yelled after him.

"Shut it!" He said harshly, not enjoying the situation. "Gibbs, watch her! No one comes down here, and no one leaves! Got it?!" Jack started walking away but stopped when he didn't get a response. He spun around to see Gibbs standing there with a confused look.

"Where do you think you're going?" Christina asked sharply. Jack grudgingly stepped right up to the cell door. He was close enough to Cristina that even in the darkness she could see the anger in his eyes.

"Because of a certain bloody someone, me ship is in the hands of that bloody one legged, yellow bellied, lily livered, deck-ape!" He growled. She stepped back from the door, realizing that he was blaming her. He was right though, it was her fault. "And I am going to get it back. Given the stakes, Angelica and I will be going. Gibbs is that clear?!" He swiftly spun around.

"Uh...sir are you sure?" Gibbs did not usually question his judgment, but in this case, he wasn't sure if this was the best idea.

"Jack you can't leave them here!" Angelica protested but Jack ignored her.

"I said is that clear? Answer man!" Jack said more forcefully.

"Aye sir" Gibbs quickly responded. There was little worse to him than angering Jack, except for maybe angering Angelica.

"Hold these!" Jack tossed the keys to Gibbs, who caught them uneasily. "If ye let her out before I get help will be swabbin the deck for the rest of yer miserable mutton chopped life!"

"And what will you do if you get your ship? We will still be trapped here on this ship" Cristina said. "You can't leave us here!"

"I have no intention of doing so." He said plainly. "I need ye to be out of the way, but I will be back."

"What's your plan then?" She asked skeptically.

"It's far too complicated, however, if all goes as I believe it will, then, my dear, we will be off this vessel free and clear" He said. "If not, what I do every time something goes wrong...improvise." He smirked before he turned and walked away.

He slowly crept up the stairs listening to the sounds of the crew running around. Angelica followed closely behind him. She was not happy with his decision but she knew better than to argue with him right now, he seemed too distracted. They made their way to the upper decks, weaving around barrels and crates to avoid being seen. They stopped when he heard a cannon fire in the distance. It was too quiet to have been fired from this ship, and since nothing impacted the ship, he decided that it was probably a warning shot from an approaching vessel. If it was who he expected, he had to get his ship-in-the-bottle back quickly. They approached the upper deck where they could only hear Barbossa yelling at his crew. That slimy bilge rat must be on the quarterdeck, he thought. With the crew in so much disarray, they should be able to slip past him. They edged their way silently up the stairs and onto the main deck. They stepped in time with a couple of crewmen carrying barrels of gunpowder. Jack caught a glimpse of Barbossa up at the helm before they slipped under the balcony of the quarterdeck.

"Don't give me that master Davis! I want to know who they are!" Jack jumped at the sound of Barbossa's voice above him. He knew that there was one deck between him and Barbossa so they should have a good chance at getting by unnoticed.

"Aye sir, but they're not flyin any colors!" Crewman Davis responded. Jack didn't have time to waste, and he certainly didn't want to wait around for Barbossa to find them.

"Cut the jibber jabber! Got to do everythin meself then!" Barbossa bellowed, interrupting Jack's thoughts. "Get out of the way!"

"Now what Jack?!" Angelica whispered harshly.

"Come on!" He responded in a similar tone. She followed him slowly up the stairs. Luckily, there was still no one on the deck directly above them, and Barbossa was still on the uppermost deck at the helm.

"Do you know who shot at us?" Angelica asked quietly from behind him. He ignored her and quickly slipped open the door to the main captain's cabin. "Answer me will you!" She demanded as she followed him into the room. He ignored her again as he made his way further into the room. He was not in the mood for talking right now, he only wanted to find his ship and the information on how to release it. As soon as he made sure the room was empty, he sat down behind the desk and began pawing through any papers or maps that were within his reach. He went through paper after paper, nothing even close to what he wanted. He pulled another pile of papers in front of him, although he accidentally knocked something on the floor. He looked up at Angelica who was paying him no attention before quickly leaning over to see what it was that he dropped. He felt around under the desk with his hand until he felt something softish but sturdy at the same time. He sat up and brought it into the light. Some of the color left his face as he saw what it was. How did that bastard get this! It was thrown over a cliff into a river to the ocean, how the hell did this get here?! He was so confused and slightly angered at the discovery of his voodoo doll. One of the last things he wanted was for Angelica to have it so he shoved it into his pocket and continued nonchalantly going through papers.

Angelica went over to one of the side tables and too went through papers. She sighed at how familiar this place was to her. She remembered only a short time ago when she was first mate aboard this ship with her father. She wished she could have known him longer, and maybe if she had been a better daughter she could have saved him. She still hated herself for not being able to help him. Everything she had ever learned in the convent all related to the belief that every soul could be saved. She wanted so much to believe that, but of course, Jack in all his infinite wisdom, had taken that idea and tore it apart. She hated him for that, and for killing her father, but she couldn't really hate him. After all, he did save her several times. Paper after paper, she didn't find anything even remotely related to the bottled ships. She picked up a small folded piece of paper. It was yellowing with age and covered in wrinkles from being folded so many times. She glanced over at Jack who was now looking in the drawers of the large desk. She turned her attention back to the small item in her hands. She unfolded it carefully; it only had a few lines of writing that were faded due to age. She was trying to read what it said when Jack interrupted her thoughts. "Why must blood always be bloody involved." He growled under his breath. "I swear it's like every curse, someone's got to cut open their hand or be sacrificed or something, I mean really, couldn't whoever came up with this stuff have been a bit more creative?!"

"What are you looking at?" She went over to stand behind him, peering over his shoulder so she could read it too. "Blood of the conjurer must be dropped into the bottle, then it is to be held under water in the open sea"

"Good thing yer here, eh" Jack said before getting up to look for his ship now that he could get it out.

"Of course, it's always me" She sighed before looking back at the small paper she held in her hands. "Only the cunning daughter of the devil or the sharp-witted son of the keeper may find, the treasure to rule the wind and tide"

Jack stopped what he was doing and spun around. "What did you say?"

"nothing" Without knowing how powerful the treasure actually was, and what inevitable consequences come with it, she thought it best not to let him know about any treasure that could end up taking him from her.

"Ugh women, always so secretive" He rolled his eyes and went back to looking.

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"oh nothing" He said mockingly. "We just need to...ah ha...nevermind" Right there in the cabinet next to the desk, the Black Pearl sat in it's bottle. Jack quickly snatched it off the shelf.

"Nevermind what?" A deeper voice said from behind them. They both jumped and turned around only to recognize him immediately.

"Impeccable timing Will, pleasure to see ye again." Jack said cheerfully.

"I wish I could say the same" Will seemed less than pleased. "You try being less than annoyed after ferrying twenty innocent souls to the netherworld"

"Ah sorry 'bout that mate, unfortunate circumstances arose having nothing whatsoever to do with me" Jack said. "Anyways, how'd ye get in here without alarmin the crew or the captain?"

"Being immortal does have it's perks, I can't be killed and I can walk through the hull of ships. I thought you would have known that seeing as Davy Jones did it many times." Will explained. "I always end up hearing the stories of how those poor souls died and some of them mentioned that four of you were taken captive"

"So that's why you're here" Angelica said stepping out from behind Jack.

"Nice to see you again miss Angelica" Will said.

"Angelica, I must speak to Will, go see if ye can find anything useful" Jack said. She rolled her eyes and went to look over anything Jack may have missed.

"Now what do you want?" Will asked.

"Ye remember Barbossa do you not?" Jack said vaguely. Will nodded. "Course ye do. Well, in another series of unfortunate events, he has now come to be captain of this ship"

"So what? You don't appear to be prisoners" Will stated. "Just tell me what is wrong and what you need help with?"

"We are prisoners, although we have recently escaped...that's beside the point" Jack said irritatedly. "Barbossa needs Angelica for something, and I'd wager he is willing to hurt and or kill anyone to get what he wants."

"What do you want me to do about it?" Will wasn't sure if he wanted to get mixed up in another one of Jack's 'adventures'.

"Her lifelong friend is also aboard. I would prefer not to see her tortured in order to get information or what ever out of Angelica. I need you to take them somewhere safe. I don't care where, anywhere, just somewhere he can't get to them"

"What about you, do you not also want off this ship?" Will was slightly concerned where Jack was going with this.

"I would like to, however something tells me that it won't be possible" Jack said grimly. "I don't care what you do with Angelica, lock her in your brig if ye have to but by no means are ye to let her come after me"

"Jack, you know I can't make her…" Will started to say.

"Damnit Will! At least try" Jack said forcefully. "You're immortal, what can she do to you?"

"Ok Jack, but she won't like it" Will said.

"I don't care if she bloody likes it!" Jack snapped, causing Angelica to look up from the papers she was reading. "She is going to get herself killed!"

"Alright, alright. I said I would do it" Will said calmly.

"Just give her this if she gives you trouble" Jack pulled out the doll from his pocket.

"Why would she want this?" Will was confused.

"Nevermind, don't give it to her, she could hurt me. Just hold on to it, and try not to let it get crushed, burned, suffocated, drowned, or any other form of threat to life. I don't fancy being killed by a doll"

"Alright" Will took it and put it in his pocket.

"Ye said ye needed to talk to the captain, well I think I hear him and his peg leg comin this way" Jack said before he turned back to Angelica. "Come on" Jack crouched down by the cabinet next to the door so when Barbossa entered the first thing he would see is Will and not them. Angelica knelt down beside him.

"Remember our deal" Jack said. Angelica wondered what he meant but didn't have time to ask him. Will nodded as he sat down in the chair behind the desk and put his feet up just as the door swung open.

"Ah Captain Barbossa, long time no see" Will said smugly.

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