Love Should Never Die

Chapter 33

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"Master Turner, to what to do I owe the pleasure of your company" Barbossa said with surprising graciousness.

"Nice ship. How did you manage to acquire it, I wonder." Will said calmly. Barbossa made his way over to the desk, towering over Will.

"Nuthin unreasonable, I assure you" He scoffed. Jack glanced at Angelica who looked like she could have killed anyone in that instant. He put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head silently. She seemed to relax slightly under his touch, but she was far from calm. "How be Mrs Turner?"

"Funny you should ask, let's see, uh oh yeah I haven't seen her in a long time" Will growled taking his feet off the desk and standing up. Barbossa glowered at him before he pulled up a chair and sat down casually. Will returned to sitting although he was now distracted with memories of Elizabeth. Will continued on their conversation and watched anxiously as Jack and Angelica stood up and quietly crept out of the door from behind Barbossa. Angelica was eager to get out of there, but Jack seemed more hesitant and curious. The cool sea air hit them hard as they stepped outside, it was still fairly early in the day.

"I think that went well" Jack grinned.

"I should have killed that bastard!" She was not amused.

"It was not the opportune moment, b'sides, there is more I need to know" He said in all seriousness. "Go take these back to Gibbs...and get to Will's ship" He handed her the bottle and instructions.

"What?! Where do you think you're going?!"

"I'm going back in there to...uh...make sure everything goes according to plan" He replied, although he knew she would argue it. She always did. Everytime he told her to do something while he was doing something else, there was always an argument about it. Ever since he first met her all those many years ago. It was like she was allergic to being safe; apparently since she met him, that would always be the case. When she decided to leave with him that night, he had told her it would be dangerous, but she argued with him even then when she barely knew him.

She was about to speak but he spoke first. "No. Don't even think it. Go back to the brig b'fore I drag ye there meself" He said harshly.

Why did he always do that? Hadn't he learned by now that she wasn't fragile or weak; she could take care of herself. She didn't need to be treated like a child, or looked after like a sick puppy. She was willing to do anything he did. What kind of an option was that anyways, running away to another ship or spying on the enemy; what a choice.

"No Jack." She shoved his ship back into his hands. "Why do you always do that?!"

"Do what?" He asked slightly taken aback, but not terribly surprised by her reaction. "Just once, I know it's difficult for you, please stay here, or go back to the brig, either or. And try not to do anything dangerous"

"No!" She has had enough of this. "Stop treating me like a child, listening in on a conversation is hardly dangerous"

"Luv, if I was treating ye like a child, neither of us would be here! I would have deemed it far too dangerous" He growled. "However, since you are not in fact a child, we are here and I have things to do. And it just so happens that getting you, and yer bloody friend Cristina off this ship is of utmost importance at the moment." That ought to shut her up; hopefully. It always took something that could mean anything about his feelings to silence her. It was like if it didn't have to do with her, it didn't matter.

He was right, she didn't have an answer, or a clever remark; she just looked at him.

He heard Barbossa laugh wickedly from inside the cabin, and realized he still wanted to hear what they were saying. He didn't have anymore time to argue so reluctantly he decided to give in. He didn't want to but he didn't have time to waste. "Now then, since we wasted so much time, go on then" She grinned at her victory, but frowned when he turned to walk away from her.

"Now where are you going?!" She demanded.

"What is it with you?! Why must you always know where I'm going and what I'm doing?!" He snapped. "Since yer so keen on hearin what they be sayin in there, go ahead, see if I bloody care, but someone has to get Crissy. She's yer friend, but once again here I am going to help her, not you!" She didn't answer him. Why was he always so difficult to deal with?

"Don't just stand there and stare at me!" He said. "You wanted to do somethin, now off ye go!" He waved his hands at her before he scurried down the stairs to the main deck and then further down below.

She rolled her eyes and crept cautiously back into the cabin. She managed to almost crawl back to her earlier position next to the cabinet behind the door.

"Do ye know how hard it is to find a good crew?" Barbossa sighed. Will had been listening but almost jumped when he saw Angelica sneak back into the room.

"uh, I havn't really had that problem" Will said distractedly trying not to look directly at her.

"Course ye haven't" Barbossa said gruffly. "Now tell me, what is it that ye want?"

"I have a need to find a captain and the remnants of a crew of a ship recently sunk not too far from here" Will said plainly. "You wouldn't know anything about that would you?"

"Now that you mention it, we did acquire a few prisoners. What be they to you?"Barbossa questioned.

"They have information I require" Will lied. "What reason did you have for keeping them alive?"

"Some of them have information that I require" Barbossa said gruffly.

"Do you know any of them?" Will questioned.

"Aye, all but one. Do you?"

"Remember I talk to the dead. I heard that our mutual friend Jack Sparrow was taken aboard, along with two women, and his first mate Mr. Gibbs" Will declared. Angelica continued to listen although she wasn't sure what Will and Jack had planned.

"So that's the way of it then. Sparrow got ye to come to save his hide" Barbossa said.

"No, he did no such thing. I'm not here for him, because of him, or anything. I am not here to help him in any way" Will explained.

"Then who is it that ye want?"

"Is it not obvious that if I'm not here for Jack, then it must be for the persons he was with" Will said. "Obviously Jack is the more valuable prisoner to you, so what I suggest is you release the two women, and mr. Gibbs. And you can keep Jack" Angelica gaped at him, and he tried to avoid looking at her. He knew what he was doing, and he knew what Jack wanted. Angelica's apparent fury and wrath would be unavoidable, so he might as well make the most of his plan and his lies.

"I'm disinclined to agree to those terms" Barbossa said.

"Why? It sounds perfect to me. Send the innocent's over to my ship and that lying bastard can remain here and be forced to do whatever you wish. Or you could just leave him to die on an island somewhere remote where no one will find him." Will smiled.

"That be a good idea. It is always a wonderful sight to see that man standin on some beach, with naught but a name, and the look on his face as I sail away with my ship" Barbossa chuckled. "But remind me again why I must be listenin to ye"

"Because you only have so much ammunition, and my crew and I can't die" Will said seriously.

"Aye, that be true. What be in it for me if I turn them over to ye?" Barbossa asked slyly.

"You can keep Jack. Pirate Lord of of the Caribbean. Also, you said you required information out of them, then by all means, interrogate them before they are released to my custody." Will compromised.

"Agreed, they be of no value except for their knowledge." Barbossa said. "Was there any prisoner in particular that ye were lookin fer?"

"I believe one of them was Angelica Teach" Will shrugged.

Angelica gaped at him. What the hell. Why couldn't he have just pretended like he didn't know her?. "What business does the immortal Captain Turner need with that filthy wench?" Barbossa asked clearly intrigued that he knew her.

"Nothing at all, she was just mentioned by the crew of the ship you sunk" Will lied.

"Was she now?" Barbossa questioned. "What do ye know 'bout her?"

"Not much. The crew only mentioned her as being argumentative, and difficult" Will said, trying to avoid Angelica's glare. Her expression told him that she was not pleased. "So did you have a reason for letting her and the other one live? Or do you just enjoy capturing innocent young women?"

"Ye obviously don't know her very well mate" Barbossa said. "She is not an innocent young woman, but it matters not. I need her to divulge some information before she is released"

"Ah, going after some treasure? Do you even know the rules, rituals, or even how to get there? You don't want it to be isla de muerta all over again" Will chuckled.

"Aye, that be why ye can't take her til she spills what she knows." Barbossa stated.

"Have you tried talking to her? It shouldn't be that hard, but if she is as difficult, and violent as they say, then other measures may need to be taken to get her to talk." Will said.

"It's a matter of persuasion Will. Ye best learn that" Barbossa peered at the desk as if he were looking for something.

"What kind of 'persuasion' do you have in mind?" Will asked anxiously, glancing slightly at Angelica who appeared to be also anxiously awaiting Barbossa's response.

"Do ye think it possible for that scoundrel, Jack, to care for anyone but himself?" Barbossa asked changing the subject and now intently watching Will's reaction. "Perhaps Angelica?"

"Uh.. we are talking about Jack. Jack Sparrow. Are you kidding me? He couldn't keep a woman by him if he tried. Let alone Angelica. That is crazy" Will tried to sound convincing. "From what I have heard, Jack wouldn't even have a chance to mess up a relationship with her, because she would have left him too quickly" Angelica scowled at him, not aware that he was lying on her behalf.

"Ye heard that did ye?" Barbossa said contemplating his response.

"Yes. I have also heard that, she is not the easiest to get along with. Very violent. And we both know how much Jack always runs from a fight." Will continued. "I could never imagine them together. Not today, not tomorrow, not in a year. No, she would drive him insane, and if she didn't leave him, he would wish she had and end up leaving her. It would not be a happy relationship to say the least" If she was not hiding, Angelica would probably have been yelling. She had to remind herself that she needed to hear what they had to say about any future plans. This was not the time to get upset, she still needed to get more information.

"Funny ye say that" Barbossa said thoughtfully. "B'cause I captured them in each other's company. Actually, they was arguin like an old married couple completely oblivious to what was goin on"

"That's odd. That doesn't sound like Jack" Will said nervously."Aye, that's what I thought as well" Barbossa said. "Now Sparrow may not be capable of lovin anyone but himself, but I doubt the same can be said for Ms Teach. Perhaps she might be disinclined to see him for the pathetic, spineless, miscreant he is"

"So let me get this" Will sat up thinking he figured it out. "You mean to torture Jack in front of Angelica, in order to get information out of her"

"Precisely" Barbossa grinned wickedly. Angelica thought about where Jack was at that moment. He was probably in the brig, or getting Cristina off the ship.

"Jack is strong, what makes you sure he can't handle your torture?" Will raised an eyebrow.

"It's not Jack who is really being tortured now is it. The question is how long will it take to break Angelica." Barbossa said. "There be a doll. Said to cause excruciating pain, there was one of Jack somewhere on this confounded desk" Will's hand immediately went to his pocket where he put the doll. Will glanced cautiously at Angelica who was watching him cautiously.

"Ye wouldn't happen to have seen it, would ye Will?" Barbossa eyed him skeptically. Will quickly shook his head no.

"Why am I disinclined to believe ye?" Barbossa said gruffly. "Let's say you return my leverage, or no deal"

"If it gets them off this ship, then agreed" Will said.

"Aye, now if ye want them off my ship, ye'll do good to hand over the doll" Barbossa said with a wicked tone.

"You mean this?" Will pulled out the doll. Angelica face palmed herself. Barbossa stood up and pulled out his pistol from his belt.

"Hand it over" Barbossa threatened.

"You have what? One shot and I can't die" Will said complacently. "But I would rather watch Jack suffer if only to save the lives of two others. Here" He grudgingly handed over the doll. Angelica glared at him menacingly.

"Good choice" Barbossa took it sitting down again. "Now let's give them a taste of persuasion, shall we" He held a knife to the dolls face.

"Are you sure this is the best idea?" Will said, but it was too late to stop him, Barbossa had slashed the side of the dolls face.

Angelica gasped and could only imagine Jack being completely caught off guard.

Only a few minutes before…

Jack trudged his way slowly back down to the brig. "Gibbs, get up we're gettin off this bloody...what are ye doin?" Gibbs, Cristina and Aaron were all sitting around a lantern, apparently having a conversation. They all looked at Jack as he stepped closer to them.

"Are we leavin, sir?" Gibbs asked enthusiastically.

"Get up. You and you" He pointed to Gibbs and Cristina. "What are you doin?" He looked at Aaron.

"Nothing much captain sir" Aaron replied calmly.

"Bloody hell. Mr Gibbs!" Jack growled. "Tell me you did not enlist this man into my crew!"

"He's actually quite a nice person" Cristina spoke up, smiling.

"Well, cap't, we will need a crew for the Pearl, and he volunteered" Gibbs shrugged.

"It would be better than being here. Please captain Sparrow, don't leave me here" Aaron pleaded. Jack looked from Gibbs, who shrugged, to Cristina who was smiling and obviously in agreement. He rolled his eyes.

"Fine, ye can come, but believe you me, we will be havin a conversation when we get off this bloody ship" Jack said.

"So, what is your plan cap't?" Gibbs asked changing the subject.

"We are goin to the Dutchman. Will has a greed to help us." Jack explained. "Take this. Don't ye dare lose it, or else." Jack handed him the Pearl in a bottle, and the page of instructions he had with it.

"Aye sir. Is that all? It sounds simple enough." Gibbs seemed unsure about this. Usually Jack's plans were complicated.

"Aye, ye three will get to the Dutchman, while I go back for Angelica" Jack said.

"By the Dutchman, do you mean the Flying Dutchman?" Aaron piped up.

"Aye, the Flying Dutchman captained by William Turner" Gibbs said.

"Gibbs, there is a chance however, that I will not be accompanying you aboard the Dutchman." Jack said seriously. "I have asked this of Will, but he is not the most reliable. Do not, I repeat, you must not, in any circumstance let Angelica, or for that matter, anyone, try to come after me."

"That's a hard thing to ask Jack." Gibbs replied. "You know better than I that Angelica won't like th…"

"I do not care if she bloody likes it! Alright?!" Jack snapped for the second time on the same subject. Why couldn't these people just listen and accept it, he thought. Cristina jumped at how angry he sounded. "Keep to the code! And keep her to the code! If ye decide they be more like guidelines, so be it. But for her they need to be non-negotiable rules!"

"What's got you in this mood Jack?" Gibbs was slightly concerned since Jack almost never talked like this. Jack took a deep breath.

"Just say ok." He said is a calmer voice. "That goes for you too Cristina. She's yer friend she may listen to ye"

"Alright Jack" Cristina agreed.

"Aye sir" Gibbs responded.

"Good" Jack said with sudden cheerfulness. "We all know the plan, lets get out of here" He turned and started walking back up the stair. Cristina looked to Gibbs, who shrugged, before following Jack up the stairs. Gibbs and Aaron followed closely behind her. As soon as they caught up to him, he was stopped, clutching the side of his face. He felt his warm blood dripping through his fingers and down his cheek. He lowered his arm and stared at the deep red blood that covered his hand.

"Jack, are you okay?" Christina asked as she stepped right next to him.

"You have to get out of here now." He said softly, still enticed by the sight of his own blood.

"But Jack, you're bleeding" She said. He slowly turned to face her. His face stung but he had to focus.

"Aye, but it can be dealt with later, come on!" He suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her further up the stairs and onto the main deck.

The Dutchman was now parallel to them on the port side. The green sails blew in the wind, and Jack could see the crew running about under the orders of Will's father, Bootstrap.

"Go now!" Jack ordered. He helped Cristina up onto the rail.

"What about you and Angelica?" She asked.

"Nevermind us! We will be fine! Now just go!" He said. He could tell she didn't want to jump. "Take a deep breath!" He pushed her forwards off the rail before she had a chance to think about what he had just said. She landed with a splash into the water below.

"Aaron, yer next!" He ordered. Without a second thought Aaron climbed onto the rail and dove off into the water. He swam hastily to catch up with Cristina who was swimming over to the Dutchman.

"Gibbs, if we don't make it today…" Jack trailed off.

"I'll plan to meet ye and yer lass in Tortuga!" Gibbs assured him.

"Aye!" Jack grinned. "Now get out of here!" Gibbs turned and although not being very young, jumped off the ship and started his swim over to the Dutchman.

Jack frowned. He didn't like what he figured had happened. He assumed Barbossa found out about the doll, and forced Will to give it to him. That whelp. He wandered back down to the crew deck and found himself a sword before returning to the main deck. He strolled up to the main deck and soon found himself outside the captains cabin. He quietly snuck inside to get Angelica. He didn't want her to see the cut on his face, but he decided that she should expect it if she had been paying attention. Will was trying to convince Barbossa not to use the doll again, but it wasn't going very well. Angelica was bored of the argument and was surprised to see Jack. Will was still trying to avoid Angelica's gaze and therefore didn't notice Jack re-enter the room. Jack returned to his earlier position next Angelica. He could immediately tell that Angelica was gaping at the wound on his cheek.

The last thing he wanted was for Angelica to see how deep it was so he put his hand over it. He caught Angelica's hand only a few centimeters from his face, he figured she was trying to help him, but he did not want to be helped. He tried to just ignore her, and the pain, but it wasn't that easy.

He suddenly dropped her hand and pressed his palm to the side of his head. He tried to focus on anything but Angelica who did not know what to do. He forced himself to look up to see what Barbossa was doing to give him such an awful headache. He saw Barbossa holding the doll upside down with its head directly over a candle. He gasped and fell backwards against the wall. He began sweating from the increased temperature. His head was pounding and he could not focus on anything. He closed his eyes and let his head rest against the wall. Will watched horrified when he saw Jack. "Stop this now" he demanded.

"I think not" Barbossa said sternly. "This last one might make her more inclined to speak" He took the coat off the doll exposing it's chest and back. He drew an A with his knife over the dolls heart, going over it several time to ensure it was deep enough to leave a scar on his chest.

Jack clenched his jaw and fisted his hands against the pain. He closed his eyes so he would not have to see the looks he was getting from both Will and Angelica.

"Enough!" Will slammed his fist on the desk. Barbossa immediately set down the knife.

"Now now Mr Turner" Barbossa grinned deviously. "Shall we go pay our Spanish friend a visit" Jack looked up wearily shaking his head.

"She I'm sure can wait while she takes in how much pain she caused him." Will said trying to distract Barbossa. "Let's not forget our bargain"

"Indeed, the three ye want will be turned over to ye as soon as she talks." Barbossa said slyly.

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