Love Should Never Die

Chapter 7

"Took ye long enough to get here, eh Will?" Said Jack playfully as he walked into the room.

"What happened to you Jack?" Will asked questioningly as he reminisced about all those near death experiences that Jack had but had never died from. Who could possibly have killed him? Does he know? Having never completely died himself, he didn't know how much about his death Jack would remember, because depending on who, how, and the other circumstances of his death he may not remember anything or he could remember everything. He just looked at Jack in complete wonder.

"Apparently I was shot and killed, and now I am here" Jack said unenthusiastically interrupting Will's thoughts. "And what of you Will? What have ye been up to?" Jack continued.

"Oh, not as much as you might think Jack, only ferrying lost souls like yourself to the other world." Will stated, and no sooner had he said them did Jack look towards him with a look Will had never seen in his eyes before. Will figured it was fear. Jack was still wondering the cabin looking at Will's stuff glancing up occasionally, whilst Will had sat down and just watched.

"Who killed you, Jack?" Will desperately wanted to know, because whoever this sorry excuse for a person was, he was going to kill them.

" isn't that the question of the day." Jack said, and gave a slight chuckle at his own comment.

"Do you remember? Who was with you? What were you doing? Why were you on Sola Fida beach? Jack, if you want my help you have to remember." Will said sternly making Jack stop what he was doing and approach Will.

"I do not in fact remember. Obviously, I was in that dingy, and with Angelica. I do not remember why we were there, and I do not remember what happened after we got there. I only remember last seein her face before I turned into..this!" He almost shouted, flailing his arms everywhere.

"her" Will had completely forgot that Angelica was still aboard.

"Aye, what 'bout her?" Jack asked curiously, but was left unanswered as Will stood and left the room. Jack followed him to what he hoped was not Angelica. He had no desire to see him make her upset with an interrogation.

"Do not speak to that woman!" Jack spoke warningly behind Will. "I doubt she can answer yer questions anyways." Will stopped just outside the door to her cabin.

"Why shouldn't I talk to her, she may want to talk about it with someone. And seeing as you can't stop me, you can't answer my questions, and there is also the fact that you can't talk to her, I will talk with her. But I will need you help to make her remember." Will said too loudly, seeing as they were right outside her room.

"Ok, if ye are gonna talk with her, be careful what ye say. She is dangerous when provoked." Jack warned.

"Jack how dangerous can one woman be, and plus neither of us can die so what can she possibly do? Ok lets.." Will was interrupted by the door suddenly opening behind him. He knew then that she must have heard him talking, and in her perspective it would have seemed like he was talking to himself.

He quickly turned to face her. "Hello Angelica" He said warmly. "How are you feeling?"

"Who were you talking to?!" She demanded in her less than friendly tone.

"Uh...I was talking to my first mate" Will tried to be convincing, but it was hard when she was glaring at him.

"I do not believe you, what do you want?" She said unsure of his intentions.

"I want to know if you are ok, and if you can answer my questions." Will said trying to look as calm as possible.

"I'm completely fine, why do you ask and what do you want to know?" She spoke confidently, although looking quite the opposite.

"Its just that….uh… in light of recent events I thought you may want someone to talk to. You seem to have had deep feelings for Jack, and right now I think you need some help." Will said not knowing the consequences of what he had just said, he just looked over to Jack who was standing next to him. He looked back to Angelica, whose expression had changed from curiosity to fiery anger. She took a quick step towards him, and slapped him hard in the face. Will raised a hand to his sore face and looked to Jack, who was chuckling at what she had done.

"Ye shouldn't have said that mate. Ye need to be more careful, if she gets much more upset she will rip your head off. Step back slowly." Jack said warningly as he and Will both took a step back.

"Sorry miss, I don't know what went on between you and Jack, but please help me to understand what happened to him, he was one of my best friends" Will said shifting his attention back to Angelica.

"How do I know you were friends and not the person who killed him" She said, her face still hot with anger from his previous comment.

Will was getting irritated by this woman more and more by the second, and now he had to find a way to convince her that he was friendly. He turned his attention towards Jack, and gave him a pleading look to give him some ideas, but knowing he could not talk to him in front of her, he hoped Jack would get the idea.

Jack had stopped paying attention, when he soon realized that they had stopped talking. He turned to Will, who was giving him a pleading look.

"Oh um, somethin that only me friends know, uh…" He could only think of one thing, but he didn't know if she would believe him. Damn, he thought to himself, but he wanted answers more than he cherished his ego. "Damn woman" he muttered. "Tell her, that tell her I...uh… Damn...tell her I luv her." He said looking very unhappy with himself.

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