Love Should Never Die

Chapter 34

"Alright, I'm sure our friends 'in the brig' are anxious know what's going on, shall we go then" Will hoped Jack got the hint that they needed to leave. Will wanted to get this over with because he knew that Angelica was not going to be easy to deal with.

Although his head no longer hurt as badly anymore, Jack was still disoriented and his chest ached. Being a few meters away from them, he hadn't seen what Barbossa had cut into him and he wasn't the least bit curious. All he knew was that his chest hurt, that Angelica would undoubtedly fuss about his well being, and that Will had just told him that they needed to get out of there. He sighed internally. Why must everything always be so complicated. He shifted slightly and motioned to Angelica that they needed to leave. She nodded in agreement and made her way silently out the open door with Jack closely behind her.

"Aye, lets go see if she be willin to talk" He heard Barbossa say just as he left the room. Angelica stopped only a few feet out the door and turned to Jack. He didn't even give her a chance to ask if he was okay before he dragged her by the arm down and under the stairs. It was a tight space. Jack sat down and Angelica squeezed in next to him. She wasn't overly fond of tight spaces, but at least she was with Jack. They were so close that she could smell the blood and sweat on his shirt.

He heard Barbossa and his peg leg on the deck above them.

"Jack are you…" Angelica started to say.

"Shh" Jack interrupted her. He knew Barbossa was above them. His plan was to get off the ship. He needed to get her off the ship. It did not matter if he was hurt or not. He was not about to let her compromise their hiding place just to ask if he was okay.

"Jack…" She started again but was once again interrupted.

"shh" He was getting irritated now. He wasn't sure if it was the pain, the company, the overall situation, or the deficit of rum, but he was not in a good mood.

"Jack just let me…" She too was getting annoyed but it was only the fault of her company. She had nothing else to really worry about. But he didn't interrupt her that time. He put his hand over her mouth to keep her from talking instead. He heard more one-legged footsteps above them, and they were getting closer. Angelica tried to pry Jack's hand off her face but to no avail. She squirmed a little but he held her down with his other arm. She gave up when she saw a large black boot on the stair in front of them followed shortly by a peg leg, and then another pair of boots. She glanced quickly at Jack who gave her a look that told her to be as silent as physically possible. She nodded slightly and he let her go. They watched as Barbossa and Will continued walking down the stairs to the lower decks without noticing them at all.

"Can't ye be quiet for once in yer life? I don't like havin to do that every time " Jack said tiredly once he was sure that they were out of earshot. He didn't want to fight with her, he didn't want to argue, all he wanted in that moment was to be aboard the Pearl, a bottle of rum in hand and her in the other. He leaned his head back and just imagined how perfect that would be. He was exhausted, his chest hurt, and he was content to rest there for a few minutes and contemplate how he could end up making his fantasy a reality. That was until he vaguely heard her talking back to him, snapping him out of his paradise.

"You wouldn't have to do that if you would give me some warning Jack" She said harshly.

"What are you goin on about?" He said wearily.

"Ugh. Just let me see your wound, it may need to be bandaged." She said plainly.

"No. It most certainly does not need a bandage, but I don't want to argue, so come on, we have to go" He made to get up but she stopped him, pulling him back by his arm.

"You will sit here while I take a look at you, and you will stop acting like you are okay when clearly you are not" She said as she started removing his shirt. "Just let me help you" He conceded but he wasn't happy about it. He knew that it wouldn't take Barbossa that long to notice that they weren't in the brig.

Her hands glided over his warm skin as she helped him take off his shirt. He shuddered slightly under her cool touch, closing his eyes and enjoying every second of it. It didn't last very long, she gasped causing him to sit bolt up. He cringed a little from the sudden movement, but soon relaxed. There on his chest, crimson red and slightly bleeding, the letter 'A' formed out of a series of deep cuts. An overwhelming feeling of guilt washed over her. She didn't know what to say.

He assumed that she was surprised by what had been cut into his chest. He glanced down. It was as he expected. He knew Barbossa was no fool, and only a blind person would not be able to see that they were together. And what better way to make someone feel guilty than to tear their initial into the flesh of another person. He sighed and looked back up at her. She was speechless. Her expression was totally unreadable. He could guess what she was thinking based on past experience. She was probably blaming herself for all of his suffering over the past weeks, which wasn't all that much or all that bad. She was probably thinking back to when her father carved the trident on the other side of his chest and how she shot him only a few weeks ago. He was saddened by the thought that she would now always be reminded of those painful times and would be constantly feeling guilty. He didn't want that. It wasn't all her fault. Granted a lot of it was, but that was beside the point. He had done far worse to her over the years, and he was reminded of it everyday. Everytime he looked at her he remembered the young girl he met in the convent. He remembered the day he left her the first time. He had left before sunrise, without waking her. Without saying goodbye. All he left her with was a soft kiss and the memory of the time they had together. He saw her secretly after she awoke. He couldn't resist her, but he knew he couldn't stay with her. He saw her cry at his sudden disappearance. He watched her look out of her window into the street to see if she could find him. How much he wanted to go back to her, but he couldn't. He argued with himself and finally came to the conclusion that she deserved better, but he couldn't help but watch her. He remembered how lost, alone, and regretful she looked that day, and he would never forget it. At that moment she had an expression that was not so different from that one all those years ago. Regret, guilt, and sadness were written all over her face, with an ink that was stained into the very fiber of her being, and he knew it couldn't be washed away so easily.

"It's really not that bad, luv, honest. It looks worse than it is." He tried to assure her, although it actually was quite painful and he was sure that he wouldn't be able to hide it from her.

He sighed and put his hand under her chin, lifting her head to meet his gaze.

"Stop lookin like that. It weren't yer fault." He said softly. She pulled away from him and looked away. If only she would have listened to him when he told her to stay on land, many things would have been different.

"Yes it was. You're like 'this' because of me" She replied quietly.

"Like 'this'? What is that supposed to mean? I'm fine. We can toss the blame around when we get off this blasted ship, but for now stop feelin sorry fer me and yerself and come on." He said still hoping that they would both get off the ship, and wishing that she would be able to get over her obvious self loathing.

"It will need to be cleaned, but that can be done later." She said quietly as she turned back to face him. She ripped a piece of fabric and gently pressed it over the wound. He flinched causing her to jump slightly. She could tell that although he was trying to hide the pain, it was getting to him.

She wiped away most of the blood, but he would be left with a scar after it healed.

Carefully he slipped his shirt back on and made to get up. Getting to his feet, he swiftly got a head rush and his vision faded slightly causing him to stagger a bit. Angelica jumped up to catch him. He leaned on her, but as his normal vision returned he quickly let go of her. No one on deck seemed to pay them much attention. They made their way over to the edge of the ship.

"Let's go" Angelica said as she climbed onto the rail and held onto some nearby rigging. "Jack what are you doing, come on"

"Go" He said quietly. He couldn't move, or else he would have just pushed her off the rail into the water below, then at least she would be off this ship.

"Jack what is it? What's wrong?" She was confused until she heard that same maniacal laughter from her dream the other night. She looked over Jack's shoulder to see Barbossa holding the voodoo doll tightly in his hand. Will was standing right behind him, looking very uncomfortable.

"Greetings miss Teach. I hope we're not interrupting anythin of importance" Barbossa said slyly. "I'm afraid yer beloved Sparrow won't be goin anywhere. Isn't that right Jack" He turned the doll in his hand to face him. Simultaneously, being at the doll's mercy, Jack turned to face him as well.

"Ah Hector. Good to see ya again" Jack said sarcastically. "Oh and you, Mr. Turner, long time no see eh" Will merely looked at him.

"Get over here Sparrow!" Barbossa growled. Jack did as he said and scampered over, stopping right in front of them. Angelica had since gotten off the rail, and was now not sure what to do. Jack had been forced to his knees in front of her, Will was doing nothing to help them, and Barbossa still had that stupid doll; there was basically nothing she could do.

"Ms Teach, we but require some information and yer free to go, so I suggest ye start talkin" Barbossa barked.

"It is the only way you get off this ship with minimal casualties." Will said "After he gets what he wants to know, you will be escorted to my ship unharmed"

"And what about Jack?!" She asked focussing her irritation towards Will. "I won't say anything unless he is released as well"

"Sparrow stays here and ye get to go, that is our agreement. Now tell me what ye know of the treasure to rule the wind and tide, or ye can kiss good ol' Jack here, goodbye….Permanently" Barbossa said gruffly, squeezing the doll in his hand slightly, making Jack gasp suddenly.

"Don't...say...anything…" Jack barely managed to say with the increased pressure squeezing him to the point where he could hardly breath.

"The map to the place where it's hidden can only be read by two specific people, and their kin." She explained grudgingly. "You will never be able to find them though. I don't even know who they are." She lied.

"Unless perhaps I already know who they be, eh."

"How could you? It's not possible! How could you know that only blood relatives to Linus Taig or Isaac Teach have the ability to read the map and find the treasure?!" She regretted saying that as soon as she saw the smirk spread across the older man's face. Jack too wished she hadn't said that. He wasn't entirely sure who the first name was, although he had a pretty good idea. However, he did know that she stated one of her own ancestors therefore making it less likely for herself to be let go.

"So ye did know. I thank ye for yer contribution. Anythin else?" He questioned. "Perhaps a location of the map?"

"No. There were supposedly two copies. One was a fake and the other was real. I don't know where they were hidden though. I swear" She had an idea of it's whereabouts, but she was not about to disclose that information.

"Hold this" He dropped the doll into the hands of Will, drew his sword and stepped towards Angelica. "Ye best not be lyin"

"Barbossa, she is not to be harmed!" Will demanded. Jack caught his breath and stood up next to Will.

"Aye, but Jack be a different story" Barbossa said, eyeing Angelica wickedly for any sign of weakness.

"Get her off the ship!" Jack whispered hastily. Will nodded. "Punch me" He needed a distraction and that was the best he could come up with.

"What?" Will was confused.

"Just do it" Jack hissed quietly. Will gave in and dealt Jack a quick jab to the stomach. He gasped and doubled over.

"Jack!" Angelica was stunned to see Jack now on the deck again. Barbossa spun around.

"It was better than cutting him up" Will shrugged. "It wouldn't have helped you"

"Aye thats probably true."

"There's nothing more she can tell you" Will nodded to Angelica. "We will be going now, thank you for your generous hospitality."

"Pleasure as always master Turner, say hello to the misses when ye get the chance" Barbossa chuckled. "Lower the gangplank!"

"Jack!" He slowly got up and was quickly grabbed from behind by a larger crewman. "Jack!"

"Will remember what I told ye!" Jack said. Will nodded. Angelica looked from Jack to Will to Jack again. She saw what she assumed was regret in his eyes. "We'll meet again, luv, promise" He said grimly before Will grabbed Angelica by the arm and practically dragged her over to his ship.

"I'm not leaving without him! Let me go!" She struggled against him but he only gripped her tighter, and he didn't let her go until they were safely on his ship.

"Jack!" She leaned over the rail of the ship and the last she saw of Jack was him being hit over the head and limply dragged below deck.

"Jack!" She lost him again. The story of her life. There was always something that kept them apart. A few tears rolled down her cheeks as she kept her gaze fixed on the Queen Anne's Revenge that had now turned to port and was sailing away.

"You bastard!" She yelled after Will who made his way up to the helm.

"Calm down! He made me do it!" Will retorted. "Come about! Make way for Port Royal!" He ordered his crew before turning only to come face to face with Angelica.

"How dare you!?" She was furious. "I thought he was your friend?!"

"He is and that is why I agreed to help him, and thus you and your friends are safe" Will sighed.

"I trusted you!"

"Just calm down already. Go change your clothes, and get some rest. There nothing more for you to do"

"You expect me to just lie down while Jack is kept prisoner because of you?"

"He made me promise to protect you at any cost. Even if that cost was himself!" He explained harshly. "Now go sleep, we have a few days journey ahead of us if we want to help him."

"Where are we going?!"

"I'm taking you to Port Royal." He said calmly.

"How is that going to help Jack?!"

"You will be out of harms way, which is what he wanted"

"But the map that Barbossa wants is probably at shipwreck cove" She said. "We have to get it before he does!"

"Firstly, I recall you swore that you didn't know where the map was. Secondly, I am not Jack. I don't make promises that I can't keep." He said. "So yes, shipwreck cove is where I am going after you are safely with Elizabeth at Port Royal"

"Jack is more trustworthy than you give him credit for" Already she was defending him even though he had been known to break promises. "Pshh, what makes you think your wife will let me stay with her after what happened anyways?"

"She will if I tell her to. I'll explain, and I'm sure she can make accommodations for you"

"You don't know women very well." She chuckled. "But it doesn't matter, I am going to shipwreck cove, and you cannot stop me!"

"Can't I?" Will said raising an eyebrow at her. "Angelica, might I remind you that I have a crew compliment of 45 strong men including myself that cannot die. Not to mention your best friend, and this at my disposal" He held up the doll that Barbossa had forgotten about.

"You wouldn't" She stepped back from him.

"You're right" He stepped forwards and placed the doll carefully in her hands. "But do not forget whom you are talking to, I will not hesitate to do whatever necessary to keep you out of harms way."

"Thank you" she glanced down at the doll in her hands before looking back up at him.

"Now get some sleep. You both carry a piece of each other with you, do not forget that."

"What do you mean?"

"Just that you have him immortalized in that doll, and he will always have you close to his heart" He said vaguely trying not to make her upset. "Take comfort in that he will never be able to forget you, and sleep well knowing that you are safe here"

"Thank you William" She said softly before turning away from him and slowly making her way back down to the spare cabin that she had stayed in before. She removed her jacket, and her hat and slipped into the bed. She wrapped the blankets around her and held 'Jack' in her arms as she tried to fall asleep without him.

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