Love Should Never Die

Chapter 35

"In ya go" A voice said as he was tossed back into the cell.

He rubbed his eyes and looked up disoriented. He tried to recall the last few minutes. He remembered seeing Will drag Angelica off to his ship. He remembered how much she struggled against poor Will. Hopefully Will would keep his word. He didn't want to see her anytime soon. Not because he didn't want to. Of course he wanted to see her, but then again, he didn't. A pirates life is not safe for a woman. His life was not safe for her. He had too many enemies; too many problems that would end up tearing them apart. He promised he would never leave her, yet again that is exactly what happened. Only this time instead of him leaving, he made it so she left. He promised that they would meet again, but he wasn't so sure. He knew very well that he may never see her again. Perhaps that would be for the best. He didn't want to hurt her, that was never his intention, but whenever she was around, her safety always jumped to the top of his list of his priorities, distracting him from any of his previously set goals. He should have never have admitted his feelings for her back on that beach. Like always, he and now her as well would have to pay the price for his momentary lapse in judgment. If he hadn't, maybe things would have been different. It would have possibly been more lonely and less exciting, but maybe better for each of them. She deserved more of a life than he could give her anyways. Besides for the fact that Will probably had to tell her that he had made him bargain only for her safety and not his own as well. She most likely would not be pleased with that. She would likely be furious with him for having her taken away like that against her will. He wouldn't be surprised if she would have left him over it. He didn't know if he could have lived with that, but at least she would be able to move on a have a good life out of harms way. He may never know though. He would probably end up sitting here, as the eternal prisoner of this cell. At least she was free though. Free and safe from himself. Yes, that sounds better than nothing, he thought to himself just as the sound of someone approaching distracted him. He didn't know how much time had passed, but he didn't really care when he heard the footsteps stop just outside of his cell.

"Spend enough time here Sparrow?!" An unmistakable voice said.

Jack looked up. "Ah Hector. Fancy seein you here. I should count meself lucky that the captain visited me in my lowly cell. Now what do ye want?"

"Ye are a clever man. How did ye do it?"

"Do what?" Jack replied completely uninterested.

"Ye got the Pearl without my noticin"

"Ye need to pay closer attention mate. We were there listenin the whole time, everythin ye said we heard, or at least one of us did." He said smugly. "Now what is it that you want again cause as you can see I'm very busy"

"I see. Remind me again what yer so busy doing? B'cause it looks a whole lot like nuthin"

"Contemplating life, death, love, loss, sacrifice...murder, ye know, the usual" Jack said causally.

"Ha, well in that case I'll leave ye to 'contemplate' some more instead of lettin ye out" Barbossa turned to leave and Jack suddenly didn't want to sit there anymore.

He jumped up "Wait wait wait, was just jokin, please let me out"

"Only cause I need yer help" Barbossa opened the door.

"I have conditions, my help comes with a cost ye know"

Barbossa rolled his eyes, "Name them"

"Firstly, ye will not put me back into this or any cell similar for the remainder of this little venture."


"Secondly, I will not help ye find Angelica so don't even think it. As well, if we come across her, she will not be harmed in anyway"

"Agreed. Anythin else?"

"Thirdly, if ye decide to get rid of me, I will be left on some island with 'all' of my effects includin a pistol"

"Easy enough"

"And finally, Barbossa, will be granted use of the first mate's cabin"

"Ye can sleep with the crew"

"I most certainly will not"

"Or would ye prefer this cell?"

"Neither, You will grant my request, or no deal"

"Damn you Sparrow, fine, but I want to hear no complainin, and ye best remember who the cap't of this ship is"

"Aye, agreed."

"Is that all yer majesty?" Barbossa mocked.

Jack nodded and smirked feeling confident that was everything on his list as he sauntered out past Barbossa.

"So what is it ye need my help for anyways?"

"I be in need of findin a map or two" He answered as he followed Jack up the stairs to the main deck.

"Ah, I suspected as much" Jack said as he made his way up to the helm. "And this map is to that treasure to rule the tides or whatever"

"Aye, the one that yer beloved seemed to know more 'bout than you" Barbossa said as he reached the top of the stairs.

Jack ignored him and flipped open his compass. It spun wildly for a few seconds before it stopped and pointed behind him. He knew it was pointing to her. He quickly snapped it shut, and turned to Barbossa.

"" He handed over the compass. "You should very well know it points to what you want most."

"I'm surprised at you sparrow" Barbossa chuckled.


"Jack, do ye not think I can tell"

"Tell what?" Jack's voice was a bit higher than he expected, and he was sure he knew what Barbossa was getting at.

"You've fallen fer that spaniard"

"Have not"

"Ye have so"

"Have not"

"So ye don't care for her"

"Of course not" He lied, but since she wasn't there to hear him, it was probably ok.

"It be that or ye hate her. Only love or hate could make someone create that elaborate scheme to get rid of someone else like that"

"Neither" Jack turned away slightly to hide his almost guilty expression.

"A shame it would be if she heard ye talkin like that, cause she certainly cares 'bout you"

"No. There is nothing between us; there possibly was, but it likely never will be"

"Since ye two obviously know each other well, it's a wonder she never told ye 'bout this particular treasure"

"She doesn't tell me anythin mate" Jack said glumly because it was actually true.

"That don't make ye angry?"

"Course it does. She should have told me. Apparently I'm not trustworthy enough for her." He hadn't thought about it before, but it did actually anger him somewhat to think that she really didn't trust him.

"So ye do care"

" slimy git…" he muttered under his breath. "Yes I I did b'fore I realized I should probably never see her again"

"Ah ha. And the truth cometh forth" Barbossa grinned devilishly. "And why be that Sparrow? Ye could find er again, that be where the compass point for ye anyways. Don't think I don't know that's why ye wont use it yerself"

He didn't want to get into this right now, least of all with his old rival. But it was perplexing even to him why they had even tried a relationship after what had happened before. He sighed, might as well say it, there was not much else to do.

"Cause, no matter how hard we try, neither of us can trust the other, obviously she can't even trust me with simple information. We always fight over nothing. It is better and safer for both of us if we never see each other again." He didn't really know why he was even talking about this. Any of what he had just said could be used against him.

"Always tryin to be the hero. Only this time ye actually are thinkin 'bout someone b'sides yerself."

"Shut up" Jack mumbled. That's it, this conversation is over. "Can we just find this bloody map, and treasure so we can get on with our miserable lives?"

"Aye, but ye may want to rethink yer relationships, the world be a lonely place"

"What's this, cold hearted Barbossa trying to give me relationship advice? Shoot me now cause it's not possible" Jack joked.

"I may be old, but I know a thing or two" He flipped open the compass and it pointed almost directly behind them. Jack noticed the change in direction but he didn't register that it was the same direction as Angelica. "Come about, hard to starboard" He bellowed to his crew.

"And the hunt begins. Ye best rest up Sparrow, its goin to be a long journey" Barbossa handed him back the compass.

"Aye, just what I need to figure out my life; another adventure" He said sarcastically before walking away.

He trudged down to the lower deck in search of a bottle of rum, or two. He hadn't had it in what was probably only a day, but that was still one day too many. After acquiring his desired beverage he made his way back up to the cabin he was to be staying in. He entered, and was immediately reminded of her. It smelled of her, and he wouldn't have been surprised if all of her stuff was still there. He could go through it all later but for now he had too many things to think about. Like what Barbossa was planning to do with that treasure and why on earth Angelica hadn't told him about it. He sat down on the bed and took a large swig of rum before laying down. Why was it so difficult for her? After all, he was mostly honest with her recently. Why didn't she trust him? If he hadn't had to talk about his stupid feelings on the blasted beach, he may not be in this mess. He took another drink of rum before he rolled over and tried to fall asleep.

It was dark. Her eyes flickered open, but she couldn't see anything. The door had been cracked open. She sat up slowly and turned to see a figure leaning over the desk a few feet away. They appeared to be looking for something, but it was so dark that she couldn't tell.

Angelica slowly got up and quietly picked up her pistol from the nightstand.

"Don't move" She said hoarsely, raising the gun, but the figure did not seem to hear her.

"Finally" An easily recognizable feminine voice said just as the room was illuminated.

"Damn it Christina. I could have shot you, what are you doing?" Angelica set the gun down.

"What? Oh good you're awake" Cristina spun around. "I was coming to wake you up, but this stupid lamp went out. I didn't mean to scare you"

"I wasn't scared."

"Since when do you sleep with a pistol next to your bed? That could be potentially dangerous"

"For safety now that Ja...uh just safety. What time is it?"

"It's late morning, borderline early afternoon."

"What? Why did you let me sleep so late?" She pulled on her boots, and her jacket.

"I dunno, I figured after what happened it would be best if you got some extra sleep"

"Why does everybody always think I need to sleep more? Don't you know how much I hate sleeping late. It's a waste of time"

"Yes, I believe you mentioned that before, but who cares, come on and enjoy the day before we arrive. The weather is beautiful"

"Fine" She grabbed her hat before following Cristina out of the room and onto the deck.

There was not a cloud in the sky, and there was a slight breeze. Will smiled and waved to them from the upper deck.

"Good afternoon, you look like you're feeling better" He said as they came to stand by him.

"Funny, I don't feel better" Angelica grumbled.

"Oh cheer up. Once we reach port we can do some of the things we used to do" Christina said optimistically.

"Are you kidding me? We have to help Jack, we don't have time for anything else."Angelica replied coldly.

Cristina glanced uneasily at Will who had a similar expression of unease. Will could see that Cristina was having a hard time gathering the words so he spoke up.

"Angelica…we discussed this, and after consideration involving everything Jack had told us about, well anything, we came up with a plan."

"Yes, get on with it, tell me what it is, we have to save him" Angelica said almost excitedly. "May I ask why I wasn't included in the discussion of this plan of yours, I could have helped"

Cristina still looked nervous, and Will didn't want her to misspeak so he spoke up again.

"Because, the decision had to be made in the best interest of both you and Jack"

"That would be us going to shipwreck cove, finding the map, and beating Barbossa to the treasure, then rescuing Jack. Good plan. I like it"

"We know what is best for you both, so does Jack. Even if you cannot see it yourself, it is not your decision."

"How is it not my decision?! It is only my decision! It is my life, and no one, not one person, perhaps besides Jack, can make decisions for me!"

"This was Jack's decision" Will said reluctantly. "I am fairly certain that we went though this last night." There was silence. They had already discussed this, but that didn't mean she was over it already.

"Jack knew that only you were getting off that ship yesterday. It was his plan."

"How could he have known that? We were both close to escaping, he wasn't about to stay there by choice."

"He told us all. Mr. Gibbs, Aaron, Will, and myself. He seemed like he knew he wasn't leaving." Cristina finally spoke up. "But, he was caught on the idea that he didn't want you there with him. He made it so only you got off the ship."


"Why don't we talk about what is going to happen next somewhere else, and maybe have a drink" Will suggested. "Mr. Turner, take the helm" His father looked up from the main deck.

"Come on" Cristina said tugging on Angelica's arm who had too many thoughts in her mind. She needed to sit down.

"Keep us on course for Port Royal" Will ordered as he passed his father on his way down the stairs.

"Aye sir" He replied quickly.

Angelica sat down by the table in Will's cabin while Will and Cristina stepped out for a second.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Cristina was not completely happy with his idea.

"No, but what choice do we have. You told me that Jack told you to do whatever necessary to stop her from going after him. That is what we are doing" Will tried to explain away the guilt he too was feeling, but it wasn't really working.

"I don't want to lie to her! And Jack is our friend, what will he think if he finds out what we are about to tell her?!"

"He will either be furious, or grateful, its difficult to say, but that doesn't matter, I can reason with him later, but we have to take care of her now."

"I don't know about this. It was almost unbearable to be around either of them when they were fighting."

"I know what she is like. After she killed him she was devastated, but still, we have too"

"Will...they were going to get married, we can''s not right to lie to her about him. I tried that before, and the outcome was awful…"

"Well, then you need to come up with something more important to her and fast, because that is the best I got."

"She is my best friend! I can't just make up something!"

"Then we are left with but one option. Follow my lead, and don't give in no matter what. Remember this is for both of them. You said it yourself that you thought she was never going to be safe or happy with him anyways."

"Fine, lets get this over with" Neither were happy with the situation, but without going back on their word to Jack they didn't really have any other choice.

Cristina followed Will back into the room. Will lit some of the lanterns around the room while Cristina took a seat next to Angelica, who was busy chugging down a bottle of rum she had found lying didn't usually drink it because she didn't particularly like it, but she didn't really care. She didn't feel good, and thought that perhaps a drink would improve her mood.

"I see you found my rum" Will chuckled uneasily.

"Have anymore?" She set down the empty glass. Will and Cristina just looked at it. The time she was on his ship she hadn't touched any alcohol, not even when she was upset over Jack's death. Cristina was equally awestruck, it had been a long time since the last time she watched her friend drink to rid herself of her sorrows. In fact the last time Cristina had seen Angelica upset enough to drink, Jack had just left for the second time. She could tell this wasn't going to be good.

After a few seconds of silence Will snapped out of his momentary lapse in concentration.

"...uh..Yes, I suppose I can find you some" Will looked around for about a minute or so before he returned to the table carrying a few bottles of rum. "This should be enough" He chuckled.

He handed Angelica a bottle. She quickly uncorked it and took a deep swig of it. Cristina and Will merely watched her.

"Uh...Cristina would you like a rum as well...or would you prefer something else?" Will said distractedly.

"I don't usually drink a lot of alcohol, I'm fine for now, thanks." She knew her friend was not much of an alcohol drinker either. She felt guilty and she hadn't even really said anything yet.

"So what's going to happen? What is so important that we had to sit down to discuss it?!" Angelica hissed.

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