Love Should Never Die

Chapter 36

"So what's going to happen? What is so important that we had to sit down to discuss it?!" Angelica sat back in her chair.

"...uh…" Cristina couldn't make herself say it, but she had to remind herself that it was for the best.

"She was about to say, that you don't really want to rescue Jack." Will interjected.

"Thats absurd, why wouldn't want to save him? We were happy together!" She was borderline yelling, but it was mostly because of the alcohol.

"Try not to get upset, and just hear me out before you jump to any conclusions." Will hoped he wouldn't ever have to do this, but there was not much else he could do.

"Alright already just tell me what the hell is going on"

"Jack told us to tell you that if he didn't make it off with you yesterday that he...uh...revokes his...uh" He didn't know if he could say it either.

"My god, spit it out Will!" If she hadn't been irritated before, she clearly was now.

"He revokes his proposal of marriage, and he wants you to move on with your life because he doesn't want you to care about him anymore" Cristina finished the lie for him. Both Will and Angelica turned to look at her, but she tried not to look at them. She glanced at Angelica who was now looking intensely at her empty bottle of rum.

"He couldn't have said that" She muttered monotonously, the words not yet sinking in as truth.

Will glanced at Cristina who looked uneasy about Angelica's reaction.

"Angelica are you alright?" Will asked cautiously. No answer. He wasn't sure if he should have expected one though. He couldn't fathom what it must be like to be lied to by almost everyone you trust. Ignorance is not always bliss. He wondered how Elizabeth would react to this kind of news. He wasn't sure he could imagine that either. Not being around women kind of left him clueless on how to best talk to her.

"Angelica...are you ok?" Cristina tried this time, but there was still no answer.

"He wouldn't do that. He promised" She mumbled to herself, still enticed by the bottle in her hand.

"Angelica can you hear me?" Cristina tried to get her attention again, but still not a word in response.

"Angelica what are you thinking about?" Will asked again, but he could guess, that like anyone, it was only a matter of time before she blew up at them.

"What am I thinking about? Are you sure you want to know?" She finally said quietly to them.

"Yes, we only want to help you" Cristina said softly. Will and Cristina shared a similar expression of both confusion and worry as Angelica stood up.

"What I am thinking about is how many different ways I could kill that sorry bastard!" She yelled viciously. "And how stupid I was for trusting him and you, my so called friends! This is all your fault!" She threw the bottle across the room narrowly missing Will's head. It shattered against the wall. Christina gasped.

"How could you of all people tell me that!" Angelica hissed.

"I told you because I am your friend!" She stood in defense, speaking with a similar volume as Angelica who staggered towards her.

"You should have let me believe it. You're no friend of mine!"

"How can you say that? I have known you for years!"

"Well no longer! You have almost single handedly ruined my life!"

"What life?! You mean the one where you wait hopelessly for the man you think you love to change and suddenly become the prince charming that you want him to be?! After 'this' and everything else he put you through?!"

"How dare you!?" Angelica shoved her roughly away from her.

"How dare I what?! Tell you the truth? Try to help you get over him? Say what he told me to tell you? Oh yes, I'm such a bad person for that!" Cristina retorted giving Angelica a shove as well.

"I might not be able to blame you for that, but we were fine until we came aboard your ship!"

"Whose fault is that then?! I certainly didn't ask for you to stowaway on my ship. Which should I mention is now sunk along with my crew because of you!"

"That's not the point!"

"Then what is?! You say I ruined your life somehow, but you basically ruined mine too, so I guess we're even"

Angelica rolled her eyes.

"But do you want to why we are different?"

"Go on, spit it out"

"Because unlike you, I still have a chance to live a happy life, with someone who truly cares for me. But not you, you will waste your days waiting and hoping that the man who doesn't really care about you, and least of all who doesn't deserve you, changes into something he will never be: the man you do deserve. You say you hate him now, but you don't really. You will go back to being head over heels in love with him in a matter of days, and you will risk your life to save him. But I have news for you. He can't be saved. You can't save him from himself! He will never change, and you two will continue this love affair until one of you is killed! Probably you!" She wasn't even really aware of how she, herself was now almost yelling just as violently.

"How touching, but that was the last straw! If anyone's going to die, it will be you! Right here! Right now!" Angelica drunkenly snarled as she pulled out her sword. Cristina backed up until she felt the wall behind her. Her momentary burst of fiery anger quickly faded at the sight of that blade before her. She wasn't upset anymore, she just wanted to get out of there. She knew Angelica wasn't herself. She wished for things to go back to the way they were. Before her ship was sunk. Before Jack and Angelica had found her. Before she had to lie to her best friend.

She wasn't afraid of what Angelica might do to her. She was afraid of what Angelica would do when she came to her senses.

All the while Will had been sitting and watching these two women fight. He thought perhaps letting them blow off some steam would be good for at least Angelica, but he wasn't about to let them have an actual fight. Not on his ship. He jumped up and stepped in front Angelica's sword blocking Cristina.

"Stop this now! There will be no fighting, or killing on my ship! Just everybody calm down" He demanded.

"Make me! This is your fault too!" Angelica taunted waving her sword at him.

"Fine then!" He moved to force the sword from her grasp but she was too quick. He saw the glint of pure anger in her eyes just as she drove her sword through his stomach.

He sighed as she stepped back stunned at herself.

"Don't you remember that I can't be killed" He slowly pulled the now bloodied sword out of himself and set it down on the table.

He stepped towards her, but she backed away from him too horrified at what had just happened.

"Stop this, and just calm down. Everything will work out the way it's supposed to..." He said calmly before he was interrupted by a knock on the cabin door. "Come in, what is it?"

Aaron opened the door. "Will, we will be there in about two...Cristina, are you alright?"

They all turned in time to see her stagger a few steps before collapsing.

Both Will and Aaron rushed to her side, but Angelica didn't move at all.

"Cristina, Cristina can you hear me?" Aaron asked softly, whilst holding her hand tightly. She didn't respond except for a few erred groans of pain.

She had a gash on her right side. Will realized Angelica's sword must have gone through him and cut her.

"Aaron help me lift her onto this table." He quickly brushed everything onto the floor. They lifted her onto to table carefully.

"Aaron, put pressure on her wound, I'll be right back with some water and bandages, listen to anything she says. She's already lost a lot of blood, she might not..." Will trailed off before he ran from the room followed by Angelica although she was walking as if she didn't care at all. He sped down to the storage deck as fast as possible, got what he was looking for and made his way back up to where Aaron was with Cristina.

He ran right past Angelica who was now sitting on the stairs to the main deck.

"Is she going to live?" She called after him. She didn't sound as drunk as before, and she was definitely calmer, but Will couldn't tell if she was upset or not. But, she sounded rather uncaring from where she sat.

He stopped for a moment to look back at her.

"I don't know" He said grimly before turning and running back into the room.

"Will! Get over here, she won't wake up!" Aaron yelled as soon as he saw Will.

"Did she say anything? Before she completely passed out, did she say anything?" Will asked.

"Yeah, that she was sorry for getting blood on the floor, but that was it"

"That it?"

"I couldn't tell, she was too quiet, but I think so."

"Ok, well she's not dead yet, so we may still be able to save her" He rinsed the wound and bandaged her up as best he could since he obviously was not a doctor. They carefully moved her over to Will's bed so she would be more comfortable.

"All we can do now is wait and hope that she does wake up" Will said sitting back in a chair.

"How did that happen, I'm sure you didn't hurt her" Aaron sat on the other side of the table nearest to where Cristina lay. He didn't know her terribly well, but he had grown fond of her in the past day.

"No, I did not." Will sighed thinking back on how that even started and how it escalated so quickly. "It was a mistake, a drunk accident"

"Angelica" Aaron muttered. Will nodded, but he became suddenly aware that he had not checked on her since the incident. He had to make sure she didn't hurt herself, or at least that she wasn't drinking more.

"Stay with her will you, and let me know if she wakes up" Aaron nodded before Will turned to leave the room.

Out on the main deck Will couldn't seem to find her. He had walked the whole length of the ship twice and had even looked in the cabin she stayed in, but he couldn't find her. He gave up looking by himself and walked up to the helm where his father was.

"Have you seen Angelica?"

"No, I can't say that I have"

"Ugh, then perhaps the crew can find her" He said as he walked back down to the main deck.

He gathered up a few members of his crew to help him.

"You need to find Miss Angelica. Report back to me when you find her. I want this ship searched top to bottom, stem to stern. Get a move on!" He ordered his small search party. But none of them moved, they all blankly stared back at him.

"What does she look like again?" One of the crewmen asked.

Will rolled his eyes. How could they not have noticed the Spanish beauty aboard their ship, now for the second time. "Brown curly hair, chocolate brown eyes, caramel tanned skin, spanish accent, tallish, sassy attitude, brown leather coat, and a hat with a feather in it. Get the picture?!"

"Aye sir" They all said at once before they scurried off in all directions, while he made his way back up to the helm to wait.

"Somethin the matter son?" Bootstrap asked from behind him.

"Some women are so difficult" He sighed and leaned against the rail overlooking the ship. Bootstrap chuckled.

"What?" Will was slightly confused at his father's amusement.

"No, you're wrong. All women are difficult" He joked.

"Sir! I found her" A crewman said hastily from behind them.

They both turned around to see where he was pointing.

"Of course. When people feel guilty, they do do stupid things."Will realized as he spotted her sitting on the edge of the crows nest on the main mast.

"Well don't just stand there boy, go and get her. I don't fancy scrapin a young lady off the deck." Bootstrap said.

At that Will nodded and started climbing the rigging.

"Angelica!" He yelled against the wind. "Angelica come down from there!"

She didn't answer. She didn't even look in his direction.

As he got closer he saw that she was holding yet another bottle of rum, but by the looks of it she already drank most or all of it.

"Angelica, stop this nonsense." He said calmly as he came to sit down next to her. She wasn't paying him any attention though. She dropped the bottle over the side, but Will caught it.

"Hey, what are you doing? That guy was in the perfect place to get hit with that" She grumbled.

"Angelica, stop this childish behavior. Obviously you are mad at me. You are mad at Jack, and you are mad at Cristina."

"No… no duh...genius" She slurred. "So what...what do you want? Can't you… you just leave me alone?"

"No, because you might hurt yourself"

She stood up shakily and peered over the edge down at the main deck, something could not have been paid to do had she been sober.

"Why must… must everyone always have to worry...about me...I can take care of myself..." She was about to accidentally step off the platform, but Will stopped her.

"Because if we don't, who will?"

She didn't answer.

"No one, now come on, you need to get down before you really do get hurt or worse. If that happened, Jack would probably find a way to kill me"

"I like it though, and I… I thought you were...immortal?"

"He's Jack Sparrow, he would find a way, that is if something happened to you. Now come on before something does"

"No. And after all you've told me...I don't think he would mind at all, in fact he might even thank you"

"That's it! You're coming down with me right now, whether you want to or not"

"No. I'm afraid of heights, I can't"

"Well, I'm not going to carry you so you will have to climb down yourself" Will was getting tired of this.

"Fine" She said tipsily.

"Great let's go then, we don't have all day, we are soon approaching your destination" He said with sudden cheerfulness as he started climbing down.

"Where is that again?" She asked as she followed him down the rigging.

He rolled his eyes. He wasn't sure how fond of her he was when she was sober, but he definitely did not enjoy being around her when she was drunk.

"It's where you will be staying for a while" he said as he helped her down off the rail.

He turned around to see Aaron walking towards him.

"She hasn't woken up yet, but she seems like she is sleeping easier at least."

"That's good, she can rest until we get there, and you can carry her to Elizabeth's house before you return to the ship"

"Who are you talking about exactly?" Angelica asked from behind them.

"Cristina" Will said calmly. Her confused expression quickly changed to that of concern.

"Is she okay?" She was getting over her drunkenness and her thoughts and behaviors were slowly returning to normal.

"uh...probably...hopefully she will make a full recovery, but it will take her at least a few days before she is back to normal" She barely waited for him to finish his answer before she darted off into the room where Cristina was lying. She sat on the edge of the bed.

"I...I didn't mean it...I didn't mean any of it" She mumbled as tears tugged at her eyes. She held her hand in her own. "You need to wake need to be okay...this isn't what I wanted…" She looked away. Once again she let her damn emotions get out of control, ending in the injury of just one more person she cared about. Maybe it was this life. Maybe she was never meant to be a pirate. She loved the ocean true enough, but everything that came with it, all of the pain, and loneliness. Was it worth it? She felt Cristina's hand twitch slightly, tearing her from her thoughts. She looked over to see her friend grinning up at her.

"You're here...I thought we weren't friends anymore" Cristina said weakly.

"Of course I am. I...uh...I did not mean what I said earlier, I was a bit drunk. Sorry"

"A bit?!" she chuckled lightly. "I haven't seen you like that in a long time. You were more than 'a bit' drunk"

"Yeah, I know. Can you forgive me?"

"I suppose, on one condition."

"What? Anything?"

"Don't let it happen again" She smiled.

"Done. We will arrive in a short time, it wont be long till we're headed to shore."

"You mean you decided to stay with Elizabeth for a few days?"

"Yeah, I..uh...I realized I have some issues to work out before I decide what to do and you have to get better"

"Alright, as long as you're actually okay with it"

"Rest for a few more minutes, I have to get some stuff before we leave"

"Okay" Angelica picked up her sword as she walked out back to the main deck where Will and Aaron were still talking.

"Wait what do you mean I have to come back?" Aaron sounded confused.

"Because as I understand it, you are part of Jack's crew therefore making you partly responsible for his rescue. Besides, I can't go on land which is what I need you for" Will explained.

"Come on. If I go with you, who's gunna protect Angelica and Cristina then?" He really didn't think they needed protection, but he didn't want to go on any sort of rescue mission. Although, Jack had probably saved his life, he still didn't want to.

"They will be fine with Elizabeth, besides, they are generally capable of taking care of themselves" Will said as he walked off. They were approaching the harbor, but with a ship such as the Flying Dutchman, he thought it best to have them row to shore in a dinghy so as not attract the attention of the royal navy.

"Drop anchor, and lower the long boat" He ordered his crew. "Angelica if you brought anything with you don't forget it. I don't imagine you will be back here anytime soon."

"Ok, I'll be ready to go in a few minutes then" She trudged away to the cabin to make sure she didn't leave anything.

She had her hat, her coat, and most importantly the doll. The only thing left to do was to find Mr. Gibbs. He was just where she expected him to be, sitting below decks with a bottle of rum.

"Hello there Miss Angelica, aren't ye on yer way off now?" He sat up as she approached him.

"Yes, I agreed to stay with Elizabeth for a few days"

"Come to say goodbye then 'ave ye?"

"Yes, but not before I get what I want" Her voice suddenly turned sharp.

"And what's that?" He set down his drink, paying more attention.

She pulled out her sword quickly pointing it at him. He slowly stood and put his hands up. "Sure, what is it then?" He said, a bit confused.

"I need the Pearl. where is it?" She demanded.

"Ye know I can't give it to ye, Jack'll have my head"

"But I will have your head now if you don't hand it over" She stuck the blade closer to him.

"What am I goin to tell 'im then? That I let a woman take it from me?"

"No, not just some woman" She snarled. "You can tell that sorry bastard that I took it from you, and if he wants it, then he'll have to come and get it himself!"

"Ok, easy, put the sword down, and I'll fetch it for ye" He had wrapped it in a small piece of cloth and left it near his hammock. He retrieved it, and reluctantly gave it to her.

"Thank you" She walked away, but stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

"I'll give Captain Jack yer regards then shall I" He called after her.

"If you think thats a good idea" With that she walked away up the stairs and back onto the main deck.

By now, the sun was low in the sky, but it was still reflecting vibrantly off the smooth waves that caressed the ship.

Out on the deck Will and Aaron were helping Cristina into the smaller boat, and now the only person they were waiting for was Angelica.

She meandered over to the edge of the ship and carefully climbed into the little boat, sitting next to Cristina.

"Safe journey to all of you, and Aaron...wait, I'll be right back" He ran off to his cabin, and returned with a sealed letter. He passed it down to Aaron who took it curiously.

"Give that to my wife will you?"

"Sure thing. I'll be back in no more than six hours." He began the row towards the port. It was long and quiet. None of them were feeling very talkative, in fact Cristina was practically asleep. The sun was setting, and the sky changed from bright orange to a dull lavender. Angelica couldn't help but stare at it in wonder, transfixed by it's beauty. When they landed, the walk to Elizabeth's house seemed longer than Angelica had remembered, or maybe it was just because she had to keep waiting for Aaron, who was carrying Cristina, to catch up. Either way, they finally arrived and knocked on the front door. Footsteps were heard from inside just before the door was cracked open.

"Yes? Who is it?" Elizabeth asked before she could clearly see who it was. " it? It that you?"

"Yes, it is. Will said you could help us. My friend is injured and needs a place to rest" She said glancing back at Cristina who looked almost comfortable being held by Aaron like that.

"Sure, come in. Set her down on the sofa in the living room." She stepped aside, closing the door after them.

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