Love Should Never Die

Chapter 38

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"Here, sit down. Do either of you want a drink?" Elizabeth offered. Cristina had fallen quickly asleep on the sofa, while the others moved to the dining room to talk.

"No thank you" Angelica murmured as she sat down across from Elizabeth.

"What about you there?" Elizabeth asked Aaron who was awkwardly standing in the doorway.

"Uh, no thanks. I actually have to get back to the ship." He said grudgingly. "Before I, it's from Will" He handed her the letter Will had given him.

"From Will? Thank you." She took it anxious to read it.

"I best be getting back there, b'fore Will gets upset. I wish you luck Angelica, and tell Cristina I'll see her around, alright?"

"Sure, good luck to you as well, you and Will have quite the journey ahead of you" Angelica replied still upset that she wasn't going with them.

With that Aaron nodded before he turned and left, shutting the front door behind him.

"What do you mean? Where are they going?" Elizabeth shifted her attention back to Angelica. "And...where's Jack?"

"They are headed to Shipwreck Cove" Angelica said coldly. "Will probably explained in his letter. The way I acted, he didn't have a chance to tell me his whole travel plan. But he probably wouldn't have told me anyways"

"Oh…" Elizabeth was surprised to hear that of Will, but then again there had been times when he had lied to her as well. She carefully opened the letter.

It read:

'To My Dearest Elizabeth,

It has only been a few days, and already I miss being around you and Alexander. I hope you both are well. I am afraid I must ask a favor of you. Could you please allow Angelica and her friend Cristina to stay with you for at least a few days? I know you will, so thank you in advance. To keep this explanation short; a series of unfortunate events led to the separation of Jack and Angelica. I would suggest being careful when approaching this subject with her. Also, you have probably already noticed Cristina is slightly injured. Don't was only an accident. As for me, I made Jack a promise, and now I have to go save him from the peril he faces on board the Queen Anne's Revenge under the tyranny of Captain Barbossa. I'm sure you remember him. I only have a little idea what he is up to, but it can't be good. Just don't let them leave for at least three days from the time you get this, so they don't do anything stupid, and also so I can keep my promise to Jack. I am sailing for Shipwreck Cove, and then who knows. You don't how much I miss you, and how grateful I am. Thank you my darling.

You have my love, as does Alexander.

Until next time.

-Captain William Turner

PS: Hide the rum.'

"Jack was captured by Barbossa, who must be ancient by now, and is being carted off to Shipwreck Cove? Is that right?"

"Yeah, thats about right" She looked away.

"Why? What happened between you? Jack seemed the happiest he has ever been when he was around you" Elizabeth recalled. Angelica glanced back at her with a cold expression. "What happened?" Will warned her to be delicate with this subject, but she didn't really give a damn, she just wanted to know.

"It's a long story." Angelica said not wanting to get into it.

Elizabeth could see that Angelica didn't want to talk about it, but she wasn't going to give up just yet.

"It was only like a week or two ago! How could it be that long? Just tell me." Elizabeth really wanted to know.

"You wouldn't possibly be able to stay awake to hear it all at this hour, nor I to tell it. Perhaps tomorrow" Angelica didn't have any intention of explaining at that moment.

"Fine. You can sleep in the spare bedroom. Come on follow me upstairs, but be quiet cause Alex is sleeping." She said. "He'll be so excited to see you again. He hasn't stopped talking about you, Jack, ghosts and pirates since you left."

Angelica followed Elizabeth upstairs.

"I'm sorry, that must get quite annoying"

"Oh, not at all. He hasn't been this happy in a while. As long as he grows up to be a gentleman, he can talk and play pirates all he wants. Here's the room"

"Thank you"

"You know, I don't know what happened between you, but I expect to hear about it tomorrow morning, no excuses" Elizabeth said clearly. "Good night"

"Good night" With that Angelica carefully shut the door and immediately threw off her coat and boots.

She crawled into the bed. It felt great. She hadn't laid in a bed that soft in a long time, and granted how long her day had been, she had no problem falling asleep.

She rolled over, not wanting to get up. She opened her eyes to see cracks of light shining through the curtains.

There was a knock at the door. Why? She was so comfortable, but she got up anyways to see who it was.

"Good morning miss Angelica" Alex said sweetly smiling and bowing before her.

"Good morning Alex. What time is it?"

"It's half past ten. Mum said it's time for breakfast."

"Thank you." She walked past him, and he followed her.

"Um...miss Angelica? Can you please not tell mum that I woke you up? She told me not to but I didn't want you to miss breakfast"

"Thank you for thinking of me. Don't worry, I wont tell her, I prefer not to sleep in anyways."

"Thank you miss"

They got down to the dining room. The table was set with an array of different foods; pancakes, eggs and bacon, and several differents fruits. Alex took a seat at the table, but Angelica found Elizabeth who was still in the kitchen.

"Good morning, do you need help with anything?" Angelica was not used to doing nothing.

"Good morning" Elizabeth said cheerfully. "Not at all. You are my guest, go ahead and get started on breakfast. I'll be over in a few minutes I have just a few more things to tidy up."

Angelica nodded and went to take a seat across from Alex who was already digging into a stack of pancakes.

Normally she didn't have breakfast, it wasn't a luxury she was accustomed to, having spent so much time on a ship. She probably would have been fine with just a piece of fruit, but she didn't want to offend Elizabeth, so she took a little of everything.

After a few minutes, Elizabeth came in and sat next to Alex.

"Mum, what are we doing today?" Alex asked in between bites of pancake.

Elizabeth glanced at Angelica. "Not a whole lot. I suppose we will have to go shopping. And I shall have to look at Cristina's wound later"

Alex nodded and went back to eating. No one said another word for a few minutes.

"Miss Angelica, why are you here?" Alex asked rather suddenly.

"Oh, Alex, she's just visiting. She needed a place to stay" Elizabeth quickly answered him.

"Ok." He allowed. "But miss Angelica, how long are you staying?"

"I…" Angelica started but was interrupted by Elizabeth.

"As long as she needs to Alex"


"I actually probably shouldn't stay another night. There are things I need to do" Angelica lied. She actually hadn't decided what she was going to do now. She was still mad at Jack and wasn't sure what to do. The thought of trying to find him had crossed her mind, but she didn't know if that was what she really wanted.

"Nonsense, you are staying here at least until tomorrow" Elizabeth said remembering what Will had asked of her in his letter. "After tomorrow, if you must leave, you may. I only suggest you stay so your friend has a better chance to heal."

"Okay, but not a day longer. I don't want to be a burden on you"

"You aren't a problem Angelica. It's nice to have some company here."

"Miss Angelica, what happened to your friend? Was she in a sword fight? Was it awesome? Did you watch?" Alex cut in, sounding a little bit too excited.

"Yes she was fighting someone. Someone who wasn't thinking clearly. Someone who had no reason to get mad at her. Someone who didn't mean to hurt her" Angelica said sadly.

Elizabeth figured it out, but Alex hadn't caught on.

"Who was she fighting?" He was curious.

"That's enough Alex" Elizabeth warned.

"No, it's alright." She looked towards Alex. "She was fighting me"

"But why? Why...why did you hurt her?" He didn't understand and he appeared to be slightly horrified.

"It was an accident. I wasn't thinking clearly" She explained. With that his demeanor relaxed again.

"Oh...miss Angelica?"


"Where's your boyfriend?"

"Alexander!" Elizabeth snapped, appalled at her young son.

"Excuse me?" Angelica didn't know what to say to that.

"You know, where's Jack?"

"Alexander Turner, enough with the questions"

"No, Elizabeth it's alright" Angelica could see the curiosity in Alex's eyes. "Jack and I had a falling out. He's out sailing; helping a very bad man look for some treasure"

"Treasure? What kind of treasure?" He sounded thoroughly entranced. That's right, forget Jack, and focus on the treasure, she thought.

"A very powerful treasure, told to give someone immeasurable power over the wind and tides." Alex's eyes widened, and Elizabeth too became curious. But Alex snapped out of it.

"Wait a second...what do you mean you and Jack had a falling out? Is it because you didn't trust him with your problems again? Or because you got closer to someone else than you did to him?" Damn, she was sure the treasure would take his mind off that part of what she said.

"Alexander, what did I tell you?" Elizabeth said sternly.

"Stop asking her questions" He said glumly. "But mother, Jack is my friend, and I want to know what happened. I don't want him to be sad or mad"

"Neither do I, but pestering miss Angelica about it wont help anyone"

"Fine, I wont ask anymore questions right now...if she answers that one? Agreed?"

Elizabeth was about to say no, but Angelica spoke first.

"Deal, would you mind repeating the question?" Anything to get off this subject as fast as possible. If that meant answering this one question so she wouldn't have to deal with a million others, she would.

"Why did you and Jack fight?"

"There are too many reasons I suppose. We fought, and argued. He promised never to leave, but once again I should have expected it. I would have to say there was a lack of trust, and in the end he just didn't trust me enough..." She trailed off, tears welling in her eyes. Both Elizabeth and Alex had been listening intently.

"But why..." Alex obviously didn't understand but he was quickly interrupted by Elizabeth.

"Alexander, why don't you go play, maybe miss Angelica will talk more later" She could tell it was getting difficult for Angelica to talk about it.

"Ok, thank you miss Angelica" He got up and cleared his place before he ran upstairs.

"Sorry about him, he's very curious. I should have sent him upstairs a while ago"

"No, You can't blame him. He's adorable. He's so much like Will." Angelica said blinking away the tears in her eyes before they had a chance to roll down her cheeks.

"Yeah, I suppose. You know, he is the only thing keeping me sane...otherwise I don't think I could have lived without Will for this long." She sighed, remembering all the times she wished he was there with her. "At first I didn't like the idea of having a child, and raising him on my own without Will being here. But now, I can't imagine a day without him. What about you?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Have you ever thought about kids?"

"I don't think my life at the moment is ideal for a child. I haven't the time, the money, the resources, or even a husband at that. Eventually I would like a family I suppose"

"What does Jack...uh, nevermind. Did you two ever talk about it?" She thought she better tread lightly if she ever wanted to get the whole story out of her.

"uh..he's told me it wouldn't be a bad thing, but we haven't really talked about it. Apparently we couldn't even get passed the marriage step."

"Did he ask you?" Elizabeth found it surprisingly easy to picture Jack and Angelica together, but she hadn't ever thought of Jack as the married type.

"Yeah...twice" This was really getting into what she didn't want to talk about, but Elizabeth was not going to let her get away with that.


"I said no the first time, but that was years ago. The second time, he proposed the night before we took you back to shore, and I accepted, thinking he actually meant it."

"Why didn't you guys say anything? I could have had the ceremony planned for you two already. I can just picture it now, it will be so spectacular and…" Elizabeth was getting excited now, completely ignoring the last part of what Angelica had said. She didn't have a sister, and she didn't get a chance to plan her own wedding, so she saw this as her chance.

"It's a good thing we didn't actually" Angelica mumbled. She saw Elizabeth's questioning glance and answered before she had a chance to ask. "He called it off"

"You're kidding! What ever for?!" Elizabeth was dumbfounded. "How could he?! You deserve better than that!"

"Maybe I don't. He didn't even have the nerve to tell me himself. I must just not be good enough for him." She muttered.

"Don't say that. At the moment it's the other way around. He did mention his feelings for you at some point I imagine yes?"

"On a few occasions, but rarely when we were without the prospects of being killed"

"So he has told you he cares, and he did ask you to marry him."Elizabeth was still not convinced. "I'll agree he's a lying bastard, but I don't believe he would do that to you. If he didn't tell you himself, who told you?"

"Will and Cristina did"

"I could have guessed as much. So what really happened after I left? Where did you go, what did you do?" Elizabeth was going to get to the bottom of this. There was no way she would believe Jack to be so cruel. "Actually, before you tell me, would you mind helping me clean up? Then we can sit down and have some tea or something."


They cleared the table and did all the dishes before Elizabeth made a steaming hot pot of tea.

Cristina was sleeping in the living room still so they sat across from each other back in the dining room.

Angelica didn't really have a reason not to tell her. She explained pretty much everything except for a few minor details, from Will's depressed temper tantrum to when they found Cristina, to the point when she was dragged off Barbossa's ship. She repeated almost everything Jack, Will, and Cristina had told her. The whole time Elizabeth was listening as carefully as she could to find any reason for Jack's rash decision. By the end of it, Angelica was practically in tears. Elizabeth passed her some tissues, which Angelica accepted gratefully.

"So wait, Will and Cristina told you, that Jack told them, that he would call of the wedding should he not go with you?"

"Yeah" She murmured as she dried her eyes.

"That doesn't make sense. If you said that Jack told you he would see you again, why would he bother calling it off? If he knew he would see you again, why not marry you then? And if it really was his intention to break up with you again, why not tell you himself? And why..." She had a lot of problems with the whole story, it didn't make sense to her.

"I don't know, because he's a heartless wretch who doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything but his precious ship. Not to mention he's not the most straight forward person in the world" Angelica snapped.

"Very true, but I find it hard to believe that he would change his mind that suddenly. Was there any reason he would have been angered over something else? Like long term problems between you?"

"Look Elizabeth, ever since he left my life the first time there has been a lack of trust between us. But any tension there is now was caused by him in the first place! So don't even think about saying this is my fault." She said sharply.

"Well then, it doesn't seem like he has a logical reason." She could tell it was still a sore subject. "We'll figure it out eventually. In, the meantime, would you mind showing me the ship and the doll?" Elizabeth was curious to see the tiny Pearl as well as the doll that was so powerful.

"I'll be right back" She went upstairs and returned a minute later with both the doll and bottle in hand.

"Wow, how did it get in here again?" Elizabeth carefully studied the bottled ship.

"My father cast a spell on it."

"And that Jack?"

"I don't…"

"Sorry, I meant Jack the monkey. He belonged to Barbossa. Pesky little devil" Elizabeth said, menacingly glaring at the miniature monkey.

"Oh…uh, here's the doll." Angelica said nonchalantly handing her the doll. "Don't bother being careful with it, if it kills him, he deserves it."

Elizabeth look up, skeptical of how much Angelica actually meant that.

" looks just like him. He even has his cute red bandana. A few more scars than I remember but, hey, he must have gone on quite the adventure with you" She almost smiled at how close it was to how he actually was. "I couldn't hurt Jack. I owe him everything."

"What do you mean? Jack isn't the selfless type."

"Oh, you're wrong. I owe him my life, Will's life, and respectively Alexander's life. If not for him, we wouldn't be here."

"Right…" Angelica rolled her eyes.

"Years ago, he could have let me drown, but he didn't. He risked his life knowing that the royal navy would catch him for sure. And Will, Jack had the choice to be immortal or save him. He chose to save Will, even if it meant losing his chance of living forever. He even forgave me, or at least I think he did, for leaving him to die. I mean, I did help save him so we're even now...anyways..." Elizabeth explained, remembering those fateful days when Jack had saved them. "And of course I don't need to explain why Alexander wouldn't be here" She chuckled, but frowned when she noticed Angelica's stoic expression.

"Oh come now, don't tell me he has never done anything for you. If I didn't know better I'd say he would sail to the ends of the earth for you, sacrificing himself to save you, or at least thats how it seemed to me"

"He has saved me on several occasions. In a similar way to how he saved Will; by giving up his own opportunity for immortality to save my life." Angelica sighed. "Unfortunately by killing my own father in the process."

"That's awful. I'm sure he wouldn't have chosen that had it not been you're life at stake" Elizabeth inferred.

"Perhaps not, but then again maybe he just enjoys making me suffer" She said. "For all of the time I have known him, he has only ever shown me how selfish he can be, and how empty his words are."

"But can you imagine your life had you not met him?"

"Yes, had I not met him, I probably would be a sister at the convent where I grew up in Spain. Not once setting foot on a ship, nor sailing out to sea. Not having to endure the heartache of men, nor dealing with the drama that comes with it. Not risking my life almost everyday, not ever finding my father. Yes sometimes I do imagine what my life might have been had I not met Jack" She said, unenthused.

"And I thought my life before I met Jack was boring. If I hadn't met Jack, I would either be two places. Either dead, or married to James Norrington. In which case I have no idea what my life would have been. My father may still be alive too, I have no way to know. But I do know that I almost miss the days of adventure, full of Jack's crazy plans, great escapes, daring sword fights with the sound of cannons firing, out on the open ocean." She was almost lost in a daydream. "But think of everything you would have missed out on had you not met him. For one thing, love. You would not have known what it was to love and be loved by someone. Granted you wouldn't have experienced loss either, but the pain that comes with love is proof that the love was real"

"It wasn't worth it. I have spent too much of my time trying to get over him."

"Then don't. Look Angelica. Everyone needs someone who can stand alone, who finds the way instead of being shown. Somebody with confidence who's strong enough to be hit more than once. You need somebody who likes themself, who lives for life and never calls for help. You need someone who loves you too before you ask. Think of one person you know that fits that description perfectly"

"Jack...but I am tired of being treated like I can't take care of myself, of being told what I can and can't do, and being left alone time after time"

"Have you told him that?"

"No, but I won't get the chance, not that he would care anyways, I mean really…"

"I don't believe that, not for a second, there has to be a reason…" Elizabeth actually had an idea who would be able to explain this for her.

Just at that moment, Alex came running down the stairs.

"Hello again, mum and miss Angelica."

"Hello Alex" Elizabeth smiled. "Having fun? What is it?"

"Yeah, but I was wondering...if...if miss Angelica would play pirates with me? And maybe if she would tell me about one of her adventures"

"I don't know if your mother would approve of such things" Angelica said hoping Elizabeth would agree.

"I actually don't mind, go ahead. Just be careful. It will give me a chance to clean up some things, and also to look at Cristina's bandages." That was just what she needed in order to figure some things out.

"Come miss Angelica, lets go play" Alex said happily tugging on her arm.

"I'm afraid I only respond to Captain" She demanded playfully since she figured she wouldn't be able to get out of it, but she didn't mind that much. It would take her mind off everything for a while.

Elizabeth chuckled at the expression that overcame her sons face at that.

"What? No! I'm the captain!" Alex argued.

"Oh, yes of course Captain Turner, my apologies"

He pulled out a paper with lines scattered on it. "Here be a map. Now to find the treasure!" He said in an overly exaggerated accent.

"Have fun" Elizabeth said as Angelica was practically dragged out of the room.

She cleared the table once more before she headed into the living room where Cristina was laying. Elizabeth shook her lightly waking her up.

"Good day, how are you feeling?" Elizabeth asked softly.

"My side hurts, but besides that I'm well"

"You need stitches...I can do that for you if you want?" Elizabeth offered.

"Sure, as if I'm not in enough pain already" Cristina said sarcastically. "Will isn't the best doctor"

"I would assume not. Roll over onto your other side, will you?"

Cristina did as she was told. "Where's Angelica at?"

"She's out occupying my son"

"Oh...I assume she told you why we are here?" Cristina asked nervously; she didn't like needles.

"Yes, she did" Elizabeth said.


"I have a question though" Elizabeth said as she almost finished stitching up her wound.

"What is...ow...that?"

"Why are you lying to her?"


"All done...when you told her that Jack broke up with her again?"

"The first time I don't know, I guess I just didn't trust Jack" Cristina said as she sat up again.

"And what about the second?"

"Ugh, where are you going with this?"

"I don't believe Jack would do that, so should I assume that's what happened, yes?"

"You mustn't tell her!"

"What did Jack really say?"

"Nothing" Cristina said quietly.

"What did Will promise Jack?" She was determined to know what her husband was up to.

"He promised to not let Angelica go after Jack under any circumstance. So did I."

"You lied to her, so you could keep your promises to Jack. And she said you were her friend!?"

"It was Will's idea! I didn't want to! You have to believe me!"

"Oh, I believe you. I may not have known her as long as you, but you better believe that she is going to hear about this. As will Will. I can't believe him, what was he thinking?!"

"NO! You can't tell her!"

"Well, I can't just let her sit around here and feel awful about herself can I? No"

"You could…" Cristina started before she was quickly interrupted.

"No, I couldn't, because I know that if that same thing happened to me I would want someone to tell me rather than let me just go on believing the lies told by those closest to me"

She got up and looked out the window into her backyard. Angelica was showing Alex how to use a compass to read his map. He was so happy, pointing and marching off around the yard.

Elizabeth smiled at that. He reminded her of Jack, in the way he would just go in whatever direction his compass pointed. Angelica looked almost happy for a moment or two there as well. Elizabeth wasn't sure if she was really going to go through with telling her, but when she saw them playing out there, she knew she had too.

"Elizabeth, please, I beg you. Do not tell her" Cristina said.

"Have you ever loved someone?" She asked distractedly.

"uh..I what?"

"Do you know what it's like to feel worthless in their eyes? To feel abandoned by that person, and be left with that feeling like you don't know what you're going to do without them for the rest of your life?"

"No I have not gone through that"

"What about her?" She said still looking out the window. "That's what she's going through right now, and you don't even care that it's partly your fault."

She turned around to face Cristina who was watching her. " Well, I have. Too many days I have lost to feeling alone. If I can help it, I won't make her go through that too. Eventually, I am going to tell her" She said just as Angelica and Alex came back inside.

"Mother look what miss Angelica gave me!" He said with so much excitement and enthusiasm holding up a small brass compass.

"Thats very nice Alex, did you say thank you?"

He turned back to Angelica. "Thank you"

"You're very welcome" She smiled at him before he nodded and ran up to his room.

"Thanks, for playing with him" Elizabeth said.

"I didn't know you liked children Angie" Cristina said from the other side of the room.

"Oh, good you're awake. Uh...I don't mind children, they can be fun, or a lot of trouble" She said as she sat down on the sofa next to Cristina.

"Either of you care for a drink?" Elizabeth offered.

"No thank you" Angelica and Cristina replied simultaneously.

"Alright then, there is something I wanted to tell you." Cristina glared at Elizabeth, who seemed unphased.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Uh…" Elizabeth couldn't quite make herself say it. "I have been wanting to take a trip somewhere, perhaps Tortuga. For some time now I never had any reason to go, or anyone to go with, but I wondered if both of you would like to accompany me?" She lied, but at least if they went they would be closer to finding Jack which was her real reason for going.

"I don't think that would be a good idea" Cristina spoke up, knowing what Elizabeth was trying to do.

"Why? I mean I don't particularly like Tortuga, but it could be fun. Think about it, just us for about a day on a ship, then when we arrive we could grab a few drinks and spend a day at the beach" Elizabeth countered. "What do you think Angelica?"

"I don't see why not, but we would need a ship, and what about Alex, he shouldn't come with us"

"I don't know about this, we could just walk down to the local pub, get some drinks and walk down to the local beach and back in an afternoon. We don't actually have to leave Port Royal."

"But how adventurous is that? Besides, there is more variety in liquor at Tortuga, plus this place is so formal, women like us can't do anything here" Elizabeth argued.

"Tortuga is more dangerous though" Cristina warned.

"Oh certainly, but that's why Alex can stay at his friends house I'm sure. And we all know how to handle a sword I assume. As for a ship…" Elizabeth smiled deviously. "Being Pirate King, does have it's perks. I happen to have a ship still docked in the harbor...under a different name of course."

" were the Pirate King?!" Cristina was shocked.

"I 'Am' currently, and I have dear ol' Jack to thank for that" Elizabeth smirked. "So, it's settled then, we shall leave tomorrow evening"

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Also, I have been waiting for a long time to use these lyrics, cause they pretty much describe Jack perfectly, (in my opinion), and cause I just like the song in general. Tell me, did I use them well? I don't usually use lyrics, but I thought I'd try it.

I used a few lyrics from the song:

Run For Your Life

by Matt Cardle

"You need somebody who likes themselfWho lives for life and never calls for helpYou need somebody to walk you backSomeone who loves you too before you ask

You're worth more, you're worth more than thisYou can take a leap without the riskThere's no time, there's no time for thisTake your love and start again

So run for your life, run for your lifeIf you leave me behind, you'll get there in time

You need someone who can stand aloneWho finds the way, instead of being shownSomebody with confidenceWho's strong enough to be hit more than once

You'll find more, you'll find more than thisTake the world that's at your fingertipsDon't waste time, don't waste time with thisTake your love and start again

So run for your life, run for your lifeIf you leave me behind, you'll get there in time

Run, run and don't look back againRun, run, one day you'll understandI'm not, no, I'm not who you think I am

So run for your life (run and don't look back again, run and don't look back again)Run for your life (one day you'll understand, one day you'll understand)If you leave me behind, you'll get there in time

Run for your life, run for your lifeIf you leave me behind, you'll get there in time"

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