Love Should Never Die

Chapter 39

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He sat back in his chair and stared down his father. "How much am I expected to remember exactly?"

"I don't know, that's why I was askin Jackie. Ye were so young when she..." Jack knew his father to be emotionally stronger than him, but he could tell that this was hard for him to say.

"Ye, don't 'ave to say it." Jack said thoughtfully. "What does this 'ave to do with 'er anyways?"

"Do ye remember what 'appened to 'er?" That question made Jack really uncomfortable. He hadn't been there. It happened when he was a little over eleven years old, after he'd run away for the countless time. By the time he returned less than a year later, she was gone.

"You always tol' me she got sick, ain't that what 'appened?" Jack asked suspiciously.

"...Ye weren't here, ye ran away, don't ye remember that?"

"Aye, I was mad at mum for somethin"

"Do ya remember Captain Rinnegan?"

"Ye mean that sorry bastard who had eyes for her? Ain't that why I left?"

"I don't know what was goin on in yer head boy, but thats why she ain't here now"

"I-I don't understand, she got sick, she died of an illness" Jack stammered. He was confused, and he had never really gotten over his mother's death, it was still somewhat of a sore subject.

Teague looked away without answering.

"That's what you always said all those years! Now stop with the questions. What the bloody hell is this about and what in godsname does this have to do with the damn treasure!" Jack growled.

"It's why she's dead boy"

"Well go on then, ye better have a good explanation!" Jack seethed. He desperately tried to remember what happened, but he wasn't there and the last memory he had of his mother was not very pleasant, and he regretted it.

Only about three weeks after he'd run away, his mother had found him in Tortuga and begged him to come home. He would never forget that night, the last time he ever saw her. It sickened him to even think about it.

There was a violent storm. Standing under the awning outside a small pub in Tortuga with a bottle of rum in hand, he enjoyed watching the occasional drunk straggler stagger through the rain, and slip through the mud. The streets were mostly empty, and the pub was closed, but he was content to just be alone, that was, until a familiar voice called to him from nearby. She was in a long black coat that night, waiting for him in the downpour outside. She was yelling "Baby come home" in a melody of tears.

All he remembered was, "Baby, come home". Her words stung. There was no way he was going to go back with her. Not after he caught her with alone with Captain Rinnegan.

++He unwaveringly refused to return with her and even went as far to say that he hated her. Eventually she apologized, turned and left. He was alone again but he felt uneasy. From where he was he had a pretty good view of the harbor, and even in the dark of night and the rain, the easily identifiable sails of her ship contrasted with the sky. He was angry, but he also felt guilty. He loved his mother and everything, but he was still mad at her. He watched and after a while he saw the sails gradually grow smaller and smaller as the ship left the harbor. After that night, he decided he would return home, but little did he know it would be too late. It took him longer than he expected due to problems that arose. As soon as he returned to Shipwreck Cove, he could tell something was wrong by the looks of pity he received from everyone he saw. Most everyone knew everyone else on the island, and although secrets could be kept, major events could not, including births, deaths, marriages, and so forth. He ended up running all the way to his father's office. He had a bad feeling. By the time he got there, his vision was blurred and his eyes were red. He burst into the office where his father was sitting alone behind his desk. He demanded to know what had happened and where his mother was. Teague merely said she had died of an illness before revealing her now shrunken head. He did nothing at all to console Jack in the slightest. Angered and upset, Jack stormed out of the building and back to the docks, at which he boarded the next ship and didn't return for months.

"She was murdered Jackie." Teague said tearing Jack away from his memories.

"By who?! I swear I'll kill 'em!"Jack snapped. "And why the hell did ye lie to me?!"

Teague ignored his question. "That treasure has evil properties, turning even the most respectable men into monsters. Ye can't control it. Not even those who posses the ability to find it."

"That doesn't make any sense! What's the point of bein able to find it if ye can't use it?!" He snarled.

"That was part of the agreement made with the sorceress. The two men would be able to find the treasure, but they would need to be in possession of the…" Teague started to explain, but was quickly interrupted by Jack.

"Enough of the treasure damnit! I demand ye tell me what really happened! What. Happened. To. My. Mother!" Jack got to his feet and slammed his fist on the desk. They glared at each other, but Teague didn't answer.

Jack backed off and sat back down.

"I already tol' ye she was killed. Maybe ye need to get some sleep er somethin." Teague said coldly.

"Yeah, well maybe you shouldn't be so bloody cryptic all the damn time!" Jack retorted.

"Fine, ye want somethin straight forward, do ye? Listen closely then boy. Forget this treasure, Jackie. Get away from Barbossa. Maybe get yerself a girl. And keep away from things ye don't understand" Teague said strictly.

"I already have a gir...uh, a great idea. Yep, a great idea." Jack recovered his slip up, but that didn't stop Teague from giving him a curious look. Jack smiled but he knew Teague had caught what he hadn't meant to say.

"Jackie, who was she?"

"I forget, were ye acquainted with Angelica?"

"Jack, tell me ye didn't get yerself mixed up with that poor girl again"

"Ugh...Don't worry. I am fairly certain it is over between us by now" Teague gave him a quizzical look.

"Jackie, what did ye do this time? Didn't I teach ye anythin 'bout treatin women well?"

"Sure, if ye can call it 'teaching me'. I didn't hurt her if thats what ye mean. Not physically anyways, but she has been an emotional wreck since...ugh...since I can't remember"

"Ye don't seem to upset 'bout it. That's a first, what she do to ye?"

"Oh ye know, only tried to kill me a few times. That's 'bout it." he said nonchalantly.

"So what Jackie? That's it. Ye left her, again cause of that. Do ye luv her?"

"Ohhh, no. We are Not getting into this." Jack said uncomfortably trying to change the subject as a fast as possible. "I know what you're doing. I'm not so easily fooled. Ye tried to get away with that pathetic explanation. Now. I will ask again. Who killed mum?"

"Want some rum Jackie?"

"No, stop that! Just tell me!"

"I killed her! " Teague growled. "Are ye happy boy?!"

"Come on, ye expect me to believe that?!" Jack didn't believe this. "I don't believe you. Look at me and tell me you did"

Teague looked straight into his eyes, and Jack felt sick. "I killed Scarlett Sparrow, ye believe me now Jackie?!"

He was too traumatized to say anything. He tried his hardest to not look back as he left Teague just sitting there. Rum, he should have accepted his offer. He needed rum. Where could he get rum at this hour? Nowhere. Second best to rum is sleep, but he doubted if he would be able to sleep now, he was too angry. He just wanted to be alone, and to get some fresh air. He made his way outside, but he was very careful not to be seen by anyone especially Barbossa. He couldn't bare to think of what he might do to anyone he came across. His safest bet since he wanted to be alone was to walk up to the cliff over looking the bay. It would be at least a half hours hike, but at least he could do whatever without having to explain anything to anyone. It was dark, but he knew the way; as a child he would go there to just sit and observe the peaceful scenery. Other times he would go there at night to watch the stars. He usually never came across anyone else, and if he hadn't then, why would he now. On this night the sky was clear, and the moon was bright in the sky.

The whole walk, his blood was boiling and he knew he was angry, but the distantly familiar scenery calmed him slightly. Although, it was too bad he didn't have that undead monkey to shoot, cause he still wanted to shoot something. Even after everything he had been through in his life, the sea monsters, cursed treasures, the undead and so forth, he had not anticipated that his mother had been killed, least of all by his own father. He had been lied to before, by Angelica, Will, Elizabeth, almost everyone had lied to him at least once, even his father, but this; this was unforgivable. And he thought he would never forgive Angelica for everything; he actually almost wished she was there. As much as he hated to admit it, he wished he wasn't always alone. If she were here they may be arguing, but at least it would be a distraction from the painful truth.

He reached the top of the cliff, and he could only see part of the massive structure that was ShipWreck Cove, through the haze and fog. Sitting down and pulling out his compass, he had no idea where to go after this, and no idea what he wanted. He wasn't sure if he should go after the treasure anyways, or not. But if he didn't, what would he do? He could always just set sail somewhere and not look back, but then he would need a ship. His hopefully was still in the hands of Gibbs, and who knows where he was. Probably drinking a rum in a pub down at Tortuga, but then again he had been with Will, so maybe not.

The needle spun wildly, it would stop in front of him briefly before shifting to point behind him and it would repeat as if it were confused. How could it be confused? That stupid thing should know even if I don't, Jack thought before lazily setting it next to him.

He laid back and just gazed at the stars overhead. He didn't want to think about anything so he just laid there.

In all of his years of sailing, he had never stopped to just watch the stars from the deck. He imagined it would just as beautiful, or even more so without any lights near to take away from that of the night sky. He thought about it some more, and decided that he would make a point to take some time to relax and just look up at the sky sometime. His mind drifted some more, and his eyelids grew heavy, after a few minutes he was in a light sleep.

When he awoke only a few hours later, he felt a strange object next to him. It felt like a person. He opened his eyes and sat up quickly trying to determine his surroundings. He was still on the cliff overlooking the harbor, his compass was still beside him, and he hadn't lost anything. He looked over to the woman laying next to him. She was hooded and hadn't woken up from his sudden movement. She was probably a little shorter than himself, but he couldn't see her face. He got up, careful not to wake her. He moved to the other side of her and carefully lifted the hood from over her head. It was her...that's not possible. Apart from a new hairstyle and some different clothes, she looked exactly the same.

He snatched his compass and peered down at the dial. It rotated from the woman before him, to some unseeable place off in the distance. That didn't make sense.

Generally he wouldn't wake a sleeping woman, as he found they are much like dogs and aren't very friendly, so he just sat next to her.

After a few minutes she rolled over and seemed to notice his absence and started mumbling things he didn't understand.

"Oi, wake up" He shook her shoulder gently.

She blinked open her eyes and gazed up at him. He returned her look of puzzlement. Her eyes widened and she jumped up and quickly pulled him into a tight hug. He was in shock, but he hardly ever passed up a hug, especially to her, so he squeezed her tightly back even though he was confused.

"It's so good to see you after all these years. You don't know how I've missed you, Jack" She spoke with a soft spanish accent.

"It's only been a few days, luv." At that she shoved him away from her, and just as quickly, pulled her hood over her head and turned away from him without a word.

"Oi, what was that for?" Jack asked confused. "An' how the hell did you get here?!"

"I-I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have come here yet." She said, but she didn't turn to face him.

"Damn right, but that did not answer my question. What are ye doin here, I thought I made it clear to Will to keep ye away from me." Jack had asked for a distraction and he guessed this was it. "Turn and answer me"

She did as he said and turned back to face him although she kept her head low concealing her face.

"You're a smart man Jack, how do you think I got here?" She spoke quickly, and took a step towards him finally raising her eyes to meet his. "Will doesn't control me, and neither do you"

He looked back at her with intensity and he wasn't sure if this was some kind of a trick.

"I don't know, but ye shouldn't be here, Angelica."

"Just call me Angie. And why shouldn't I be here? You're here aren't you?"

"Because I left you with Will not but two days or so ago. So can't be here. How did ye really get here? And since when do you like nicknames?"

"No, Jack I'm not really here, rather 'your' Angelica is not really here, but I am. And as a matter of fact, I have always loved your nicknames for me, I just never told you"

"Wait wait Angelica? Then who are you? Tell me you're not from the future. Please please tell me that is not what's 'appenin here" He wasn't sure what that would mean, except that it would be more trouble than he wanted. "And if you're from the future, how did it make sense to sleep right next to me, since you're not 'my' Angelica?!"

"It's been a long time Jack. Longer than you know or could comprehend. I missed you. Besides, you didn't seem to mind when I asked you, and yes Jack. You do talk in your sleep."

He gaped at her audacity but realized he didn't have anything to say in response to that.

"Fine, but of all the times to go back to, you shouldn't have come here. I don't have any need to know the future at this moment."

"What happened to your curiosity?" She expected a different reaction than that, perhaps more surprised or something. "I would have expected you to have many questions, oh I don't know like, about our future together, about what you do with the rest of your life, or even how you die?"

Jack shook his head and sat down again, now really wishin for some rum.

"No, not now, I don't need this. Some distraction was all I asked. I didn't want another...ugh, what did I do to deserve this?" He covered his face in his hands. "For all I know, we have no future together; I end up doing something incredibly stupid, and dyin b'cause of it. There we go, I told my own fortune, so why else are ye here?"

"I'm here to help you." She sat next to him. "I'm sorry about your mother, Jack"

"How did you…?"

"I'm from the future remember. Although it took you a long time to actually tell me. The next time I saw you, about a day and half or so from now, you seemed only mad at me. We had a huge fight, but thankfully Elizabeth was there to talk some sense into us. But since then, I did end up finding out why you were more upset than usual"

"Who's upset? I'm fine" He got up, shoved his compass in his pocket and started walking away. "B'sides, I don't know that I can trust you"

"Jack, let me see your compass."

"Fine" He grudgingly turned and tried to hand her the compass, but she didn't take it. She only opened it.

"Great, now what?"

"Don't be an idiot Jack. Look at where it points to."

"It's broken" He said glancing down at the spinning needle.

"No, it's merely confused, much like yourself. But, you still care for me, or her. Therefore you must trust me a little."

"Not really"

"What can I do to make you trust me then?"

"At the moment, not a whole lot...Go on and tell me something...something only she would know"

"Barbossa cut my initial into your chest to get me to give up information about the treasure you are after right now."

He rolled his eyes."So what happens if you two meet? Does the world end or something?"

"No, it would just be very confusing, it is probably better if that didn't happen, Jack."

"So what now?" He said roughly.

"You still seem upset, what's wrong?"

"Too much. I just found out my father murdered my mother. Angelica, or you or whichever, tried to intentionally kill me for no good reason. I somewhat agreed to help find this treasure for my old enemy. Once again my ship is gone, and I have no idea what to do now savvy?"

"I-I'm sorry Jack. I-you-we...uh, my father made me do it. You were the only person who I thought was capable of helping us."

"No matter. Thankfully for you that is the least of my worries, as it never occurred."

"About your mother though, you need to resolve that before we leave"

"You expect me to just sit down and have a chat with my father?! Maybe have a drink while we're at it?!"

"Sorry Jack. It is something you need to do to help you move on."

"Absolutely not. It doesnt matter." He had had enough of this so he just walked away.

After a few minutes, she jogged to catch up, and stopped right in front of him, making it quite clear that she wasn't done talking.

"Jack, I may not be from your time, and it may have been a few years since the last time I saw you, but I am still the same person who you know and love, who loves you too." She said taking a step towards him. "I know you, and I know how you deal with things. You will be miserable if you don't talk about it."

"Do not get me wrong, and do not make me repeat myself" He said coldly. "Maybe ye came back to the wrong time, or the wrong dimension or whatever. But understand this: that blasted four letter word has caused me far too much trouble in the past days. Not to say I do not care, it is complicated, I have too much to think about other than that at the moment. And I do not need to talk about anything"

"I'll go with you. If you want, but you need to know what happened, and why"

"Thanks, luv. But you're from the future, you must know. There we go problem solved. You can just tell me on our way out of here."

"No Jack, I wont. I do know, but you have to solve this yourself"

"Bye then" He said and continued walking.

"Hey! Don't you walk away from me! Where are you going?!" She called after him.

"I don't know, but it's away from you. Actually, I think Barbossa's ship is leaving port soon, it would be a pity if I were to miss it" He called back to her.

"So that's it? You're going to leave. Without knowing why your mother died, or what happened with the treasure? Can you live with that?"

He sighed and walked back up to her. " Don't look so upset, luv." He rolled his eyes in submission. "Come on then, lets get this over with" He muttered.

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