Love Should Never Die

Chapter 40

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"I have to run to the bakery and a few other places to pick up and arrange a few things, Angelica would you come with me?" Elizabeth asked distractedly trying to find her coat on her way out the door. "And Cristina can you watch Alex for a few hours?"

"Actually, I think Angelica should stay with Alex. She's apparently better with children. I'll go with you" Cristina piped up.

"Na, he will be napping most of the time, and besides, you have to rest up for our trip."

"She's right. It's okay, it will only be a few hours before we're back." Angelica said.

"Great, let's go. Oh, and Cristina, can you make him some dinner too? We might be back late." Elizabeth said.

Angelica grabbed her coat, and slipped on her boots before quickly following Elizabeth outside.

It was early in the evening and the sun was partially obstructed by some clouds. It was fairly warm, and there were plenty of people milling about. They walked along the street, passing all manner of people, including the occasional navy officer. Their behavior and the looks they gave Angelica made her uncomfortable around them, but Elizabeth would just smile and nod as if everything in the world were perfect. They walked a ways further, until they came to a small shop. It was out of the way and seemed rather run down, borderline dilapidated.

"I thought we were going to the bakery" Angelica said curiously eyeing the old building.

"Well, we needed to stop here, and it was on the way anyways. Come on"

Angelica followed Elizabeth inside. There was sawdust and metal shavings all over the place, and it had a burnt smell to it. Angelica could tell it was a blacksmiths workshop. The place was really dirty. There was a donkey, a hearth with a smoldering fire, and swords all over the place. The walls were made of old wood and there was basically no floor; it was mostly covered in dirt and dust.

They at first they didn't see anyone, but they heard something crash in the back room of the place.

"Daniel?!" Called Elizabeth.

"Oi, May I help you?" Said someone from the back.

"Yes, if you don't mind, I would like to speak with you" Elizabeth said politely. There was no answer. "I'll be right back, I trust this guy, but apparently he's little busy" Elizabeth walked around into the back room leaving Angelica all alone.

"Oi, who gave you permission to come back here" Daniel said when he heard Elizabeth enter.

"I don't think I need permission" Elizabeth said bluntly.

"Ah Elizabeth, what a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here on this fine day? And who's that out there with you?" He asked peering out the door past her at Angelica.

"Angelica" He nodded. "I need you to assemble some of the old crew, between ten and fifteen of them, we depart in the morning"

"Sure thing, might I ask where we're goin?"



"Just because" She stated, not wanting to explain any further.

"Alright then?" He said uncertainly.

"She's why we're going." She felt almost bad that she didn't tell him, but she couldn't.

"Well, what am I supposed to tell the rest of the crew? That we're going on a vacation to Tortuga for no particular reason?" Elizabeth rolled her eyes and gave in. He was a good friend, she couldn't really lie to him.

"If you must know, we are looking for Sparrow" She almost whispered.

"Captain Jack? Is that where he's got to now?" Elizabeth had previously told him all about her past adventures with Jack and Will. "What do you need him again for?"

"Shh" She gave him a stern look.

"What?...alright, need to know then is it"

"Exactly. We'll be at the docks at six am sharp, have two of the guys meet us there. I expect the ship and rest of the crew to be ready to sail by then." She said changing the subject.

"Aye aye" He winked.

"Thanks again" She said on her way out, leaving him to his newly assigned task.

Angelica was curious about what was taking her, and she could only hear some of what they were saying. She was just messing with her hair when Elizabeth finally came back.

"So, how'd it go?"

"The ship and crew will be ready by six am tomorrow morning. We need to be at the docks by then." Elizabeth said as they left.

"Members of your crew work here? What kind of Pirate King are you if your crew aren't even pirates?"

"Firstly, we do not speak of who I am in public. Secondly, he may not be much of a pirate, but he is one of my best friends. I have known him forever and he agreed a long time ago, that if I was ever to go on another adventure that he would go along as well. I wouldn't go completely alone anyways, not that we couldn't handle ourselves, but I just feel a bit safer."

"Oh, I see" Angelica said as she followed Elizabeth down the street. "What about Will? Does he know your 'friend?'"

"Yes, don't worry they were friends when we were younger as well. Will actually let him take over his blacksmithing business after Mr. Brown died." Elizabeth replied a bit taken aback. "Trust me I know how to handle things."

Neither of them spoke again until after they reached the bakery and bought the loaf of bread.

"So what else do we need to get after this?" Angelica asked.

"Not that much" Elizabeth said distractedly.

"Like for example?"

"Jeez, calm down, we aren't in a hurry, relax a little. We only really needed some bread"

"Is that it?"

Elizabeth thought for a second. "You know now that you mention it, a bottle or two of wine could be nice to have as well. We can stop at the winery."

"That's it? Then why did I need to come?" It didn't really matter to her, but she thought she'd ask anyways.

"Oh, I just wanted some company mostly." Elizabeth replied plainly as they walked through the streets.

"That makes sense after all this time being alone with only your son and a few neighbors."

"I'm sure you've had your fair share of loneliness though." Elizabeth said as they walked back up the street they had just come down. "I know I don't know that much about your past, but I can imagine you haven't had the easiest life."

"That's an understatement" Angelica scoffed. "My father as you know was recently killed. I don't know what happened to my mother. I was left to be raised by nuns in a convent in Spain. I wasn't unhappy living there, but it certainly was no life of adventure. I lived there until I met Jack. He stumbled into my life drunk, as always, but no less as handsome and charming." She said getting lost in the memories. "...I still haven't decided whether that was the best or the worst decision of my life, to go with him. His life just seemed so exciting, and it was everything I didn't realize I wished my life was."

"So he introduced you to this life, and I assume he left you all alone in the midst of it to go after some treasure, right?" Elizabeth said thoughtfully.

"That's it"

"So..what would you do if we came across him on our trip...we probably won't, but I was just wondering" Elizabeth asked just to see if she was making the right decision.

"I don't know. It would depend on the circumstances of our meeting"

"Of course. I imagine it wouldn't be the most pleasant thing that could happen"

"I said I don't know okay?! I wouldn't really have a good reason to be happy about it, would I?!" She snapped.

"Sorry, I was just asking." Elizabeth ignored Angelica's tone. "Well for one thing, he could explain what he was thinking. But, like I said, it probably isn't very likely that we'll come across him."

"It's better that way" She tried to sound confident, but it sounded more like she wasn't sure if she believed what she was saying, and Elizabeth could tell.

"Don't be so sure that you will never see him again though. He will try and find you, you do realize that right?" Elizabeth said thoughtfully.

"What for?"

"For one thing, when he finds out you have his ship, there is no doubt he will track you down. I know how much he loves it. Almost more than anything in the world." She could have given an example of something he loved more, but she thought better of it. "He once traded his soul for it. Of course he found a way out of that deal, like he always does, although he had some help"

"Well, I can see to it that he never gets his ship back" Angelica stated bluntly.

"True, but what about that doll? I'm sure he would not want that to be in your possession, and you can't exactly get rid of it"

"I could try."

"You don't want to kill him do you?"

"Why should I care? If it just happens to fall in the ocean, or catch on fire, what am I to do?" She said hypothetically.

"You don't really want that, and of course I know you wouldn't be so careless as to let those things happen, because as much as you think you hate him, I can tell you don't" She thought she might as well just make that assumption. Angelica didn't answer. She thought of denying it, but Elizabeth was smarter than that. Any denial from her would be more proof that what Elizabeth said was true, so she said nothing.

They soon stopped at the winery and purchased two bottles a fairly expensive red wine; neither of them spoke much for the rest of the time. They arrived back at the house soon after the sun had finally set.

"Go on inside, tell Cristina the plan, and get to sleep, we have to get up early. I have to go to the neighbor's house, but I won't be long. Oh, and can you help Alex get in bed it's already past his bedtime"

That was the last thing Angelica really wanted to do, but she nodded anyways. She took the bread and wine inside as Elizabeth continued down the street.

Cristina was reading book to Alex who was eagerly listening. They both looked up as Angelica entered the room.

"That's it? You were gone for that long and all you come back with is a loaf of bread and some wine?!"

"Elizabeth arranged our trip, and she had to go over to the neighbor's house for a few minutes." She stated. " Ok Alex, your mother said it was time for bed"

"But I'm not even tired" He whined.

"It's apparently already passed your bedtime, so go on and get ready for bed." She said strictly.

Alex sighed and dragged his feet up stairs. Angelica set the stuff down in the kitchen before returning to the living room and sitting down on the chair across from Cristina.

"We are leaving early tomorrow morning. We have to be at the docks by six am. Elizabeth said that the ship and crew would be ready to go by then. It will be no more than about a day and a half trip or so."

"You really think it's a good idea?"

"What else are we going to do? We have nowhere else to go. I don't have a plan yet but I don't intend to sit around here and do nothing for the rest of my life"

"And you really think Tortuga is the place to go?" Cristina said skeptically.

"I don't know, but it's a start. Who knows what could happen once we get there."

"Yeah, well I guess as long as we don't end up on some random persons ship, or insanely drunk, it won't be too bad. Not to mention some of the guys there aren't half bad lookin if you know what I mean" She grinned.

Angelica was about to agree, but Alex came bounding down the stairs, stopping halfway down.

"Miss Angelica, I'm ready for bed." He said.

"Go on then. Get in bed before your mother gets home"

"But she always tucks me and tells me a story" He complained.

"Yeah, go tuck him in and tell him a story Angelica. Go on" Cristina said, grinning at Angelica's obvious displeasure. Angelica merely glared at her before she looked up at Alex who was just standing there smiling. She couldn't help it, he was too cute to say no to. She rolled her eyes one last time at Cristina who stifled a laugh as she walked past her.

"I'll help you get into bed, but Cristina just read you a story"

"Yeah, she read me a book, but she didn't tell me a story. There is a difference." He said smugly as he went upstairs and climbed into bed.

She followed him to his room, trying to avoid stepping on any of his many toys that were strewn across the floor.

"You are a smart kid. I suppose that means I am required to tell you a story then" His eyes widened at her word and he immediately nodded yes as he pulled the blankets around himself. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at him.

"I have a request. Can you tell me about an adventure you went on with Jack before I met you?"

She didn't want to, but she agreed anyways. She began at the moment she met Jack in London. She left out a few details here and there mostly consisting of any romantic moments between her and Jack, and of course those gruesome moments as well. It didn't seem to affect Alex's interest though. By the time she got to the part when they had reached White Cap Bay she could tell Alex was now forcing himself to stay awake and he wasn't doing a particularly good job of it, so she decided to end it there.

"But...what about the-the evil mer-mermaids?" He asked sleepily.

"Another time. Now get some sleep" She blew out the candle next to his bed and got up to leave.

"Don't-don't leave...please...I don't like the dark" He whispered. "There could be monsters...what-what if I get eaten by the Kraken! Or a mermaid! Or or what about zombies! Please don't leave!" He yelped.

She sighed.

"There are no monsters in your room"

"But they do exist! What if I get attacked?! What if-"

"You won't be attacked. You have nothing to fear, you are completely safe" He didn't look convinced. "However, if you need something, or something does happen, I promise I will come and save you, alright? No one will let anyone hurt you"

"Thank you-" He yawned tiredly. "Goodnight"

"Goodnight Alex. Sweet dreams." She said on her way out, closing his door behind her.

She crept down the hallway as to not make that much noise, but she jumped when she heard Elizabeth behind her.

"Thanks for putting him to bed, usually I have to sit in there with him until he falls asleep before I can leave"

"Oh, it was nothing. He was pretty tired anyways" She said.

"No, you are really good with him. Thank you"

"Yeah, no problem."

"I assume you mentioned to Cristina the plan then?"

"Yeah, I was just going to bed actually"

"Ok, well goodnight then, and I'll see you in the morning"


With that each of them went to their respective rooms. Angelica took off her boots and lay down on the bed. She sighed; she wasn't really tired. She rolled over onto her back and just stared up at the ceiling. She thought about everything she had done, and everything she had said recently. She wasn't particularly happy. Whether it was because Jack wasn't there, or because she had no real goal in her life at the moment. She had always had something to do or go after, and she didn't have anyone that really knew her. Her friends didn't even really know her, or understand her like Jack did. He taught her so much about the world. Oh how she missed him, or didn't. She was still conflicted. How could she let herself even spend one minute thinking about someone so selfish? Why? Why did he have to always lie to her and leave her alone all the time? Why couldn't he just stay? She supposed she would never get a chance to ask him those questions though. If and when she ever did see him again, he was definitely going to get a piece of her mind whether he liked it or not.

She rolled over and pulled the blankets up around her. She lay there for short while before eventually drifting to sleep.

There was a knock at the door. She pried open her eyes. There was no light coming from the window. It was still dark outside, but she expected that at about four forty five in the morning.

"What?" She said groggily sitting up.

Elizabeth cracked open the door. "It's about time to get up, we have to get going"

"I'll be down in a minute."

Elizabeth closed the door, and Angelica could hear her footsteps move down the hallway.

She got up slowly and put on her coat and boots. After making her way downstairs, she found Alex and Cristina eating some toast around the dining room table, and Elizabeth in the kitchen gathering a few other things.

"Everyone ready to go?" Elizabeth called from the kitchen.

"Yes" The other three responded sleepily.

"Good" Elizabeth came into the room carrying a small bag. "Angelica, I assume you haven't forgotten the ship and doll. Here"

In fact, she had. Elizabeth handed her the small bag contain both items and she nodded in thanks.

"Ok, Alex, grab the bag I packed for you, it's by the door, and we can head out."

It was cold outside. They didn't talk much until after the left Alex at his friends hour and arrived at the docks. They arrived almost exactly on time, if not, a few minutes before. Pintel and Regetti were waiting for them at the entrance to the docks.

"'Ello Captain and friends. Fine mornin it is to be sailin off again" Regetti said.

"Indeed it is. I assume the ship has been prepared as well as the crew"

"Aye, all ready to depart Captain" Pintel spoke up.

"Good, lets go then"

They all climbed into the little boat they had tied to the dock and sat back as Pintil and Regetti rowed them over to the the ship. About half an hour later they reached the boat and they could hear someone on board yelling presumedly at the rest of the small crew. While Regetti and Pintil secured the long boat to be hauled aboard, Elizabeth Cristina and Angelica climbed aboard the ship.

"All hands on deck" Someone yelled as Elizabeth stepped aboard.

The crew lined up facing her so she could see who was all on board. Both Regetti and Pintil stepped in line as well as soon as they climbed aboard.

She turned to the other two grinning. "Welcome aboard the Crystal Dawn"

"Nice ship" Cristina said.

The crew included Regetti, Pintil, Murtogg, Mullroy, Marty, Anamaria, and Cotton as well as a few others whom Elizabeth did not know as well. Her first mate was Daniel Archer. He was a tallish, muscular man. He wore an off white shirt and brown pants held up with a brown belt, as well as a deep brown leather jacket. He had a pistol and his sword both hanging off his belt. He had shortish brown hair that fell into his eyes if he didn't have his head wrapped in a bandana. His eyes were hazel and he held himself with a certain amount of confidence. He hadn't joined the crew when they lined up, instead he was still standing at the helm over looking the ship. It was him who they had heard yelling before, and as they came aboard.

The three women walked passed the crew so they could get a sense of who all was on board.

"Ready to sail, ready to sail" Squawked Cotton's parrot as they walked by.

"I agree." Elizabeth nodded to Daniel up on the quarterdeck.

"Batten down the hatches, man the yard and make sail for Tortuga" He ordered.

"Aye" The crew said in unison before scattering about to get back to their positions. The Dawn was not a very large ship so it was able to have such a small crew. It had two and a half masts, twenty broadside cannons: ten on each side, as well as four chasers: two in the bow and two in the stern. It was no where near as fast as the Pearl, the Dutchman, or the Revenge, but with the wind, the Dawn could easily outdistance the average ship. With a full crew compliment of thirty five deck hands, the Dawn could easily hold her own, but with not more than half of the optimal crew they would have to hope they didn't come across anyone hell bent on a fight. There was a nice breeze as the sun had started to rise. The ship lurched forward as the sails caught the wind. After a short while, the ship settled into its perpetual motion of pitching ever so slightly as the waves lapped up against the hull.

Elizabeth, followed by Angelica and Cristina, joined Daniel on the quarterdeck.

"You are right on time for once" Daniel joked.

"Hey now don't forget who you're talking to" Elizabeth returned his joking tone. "Daniel, allow me to introduce Angelica and Cristina. Likewise, this is Daniel. He is my acting first mate and is in charge of the crew on this little venture"

Both Angelica and Cristina merely smiled and nodded.

"It's a pleasure" Daniel said, grinning.

"So, what time frame are we looking at?" Elizabeth said quickly trying avoid any awkward silences.

"Well, it's gunna be a beautiful day, and if the wind keeps up, I'd wager a day-day and a half maybe. That is if we don't run into any problems" Daniel said confidently.

"Lets hope we don't then" Elizabeth said before turning to look happily over the rest of the ship. It had truly been too long since she had been out to sea.

A/N So, I probably could have skipped this chapter, but ehh, every story has its boring moments. I'm just going to stop making predictions for when I will update again, because I obviously am not good with deadlines. However, I have a day off tomorrow, and I plan to write the majority of the next chapter, how hard could it be? (potentially not very...but hey Idk) Have a good day/night :)

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