Love Should Never Die

Chapter 41

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"So how did ya actually find me cause I know ye had to have 'elp from someone" Jack said as they walked passed the docks.

"This would do it, don't you think?" She held up a compass, identical to the one he owned.

"Oi! where'd ye get that from?!" He immediately felt around where he usually kept his compass, and sure enough it was still there. He held it up looking at it curiously. "What the bloody hell have you got my future compass for?"

She was reluctant to answer that question, but couldn't not answer him at least a little. "...You gave it to me. You told me to keep it" She said uneasily.

"Why?" He couldn't see himself ever giving away his compass, not for any reason. He didn't know if he could make it point to anything else, but he couldn't imagine getting rid of it.

"...You didn't need it. You said it was better someone you trusted could make some use out of it" She knew her presence there would effect the timeline, which was her goal, so it didn't matter what she said or did. However, she didn't want to talk about this, even though she knew she would have to eventually. The longer she could keep away from this subject, the better.

"Trust? Darlin, I don't trust you for a second. Not you, and of more importance, the you of this time" He stated.

"That will eventually change." She said. "Hopefully"

"What was that? What do you mean hopefully?! Don't you know?"

"Not for sure" She sighed. "My presence has changed the timeline. Anything I tell you and anything I do here affects the future to a point that is unpredictable. Since I arrived, the future that I was apart of no longer exists because I changed the past. Do you understand? I can only give a good guess as to what will happen, but I do know somethings don't change. You will eventually trust me again." She tried to explain.

Jack was trying to wrap his head around everything she just said the entire way back to Teague's office, and he just kept getting confused so he gave up and figured if he really needed to know, she would just have to explain it again. They stopped right outside the office. Jack really didn't want to go in there.

"Ye know, I already have the maps and that's all we need, what do ya say we get a drink?"

"Later, we are not leaving until you resolve this"

"Resolve what? There is nothing that is need of resolving"

"Look, Jack. This treasure you are after will require more level headedness than you are capable of at the moment. You need your wits about you and you have to stop being so angry all the time"

"You don't know what he's like" He said changing the subject slightly.

"Yes I do" She said. "You need to give him a chance to explain before you end up making the same mistake!" She knew immediately after speaking that she had said too much.

"ehh? What does that mean? What mistake?!" He asked her but she refused to answer, instead she knocked on the door, trying to escape his questions.

"Oi, answer me damnit! What happened?!"

"Nothing yet…" She said quietly just before the door swung open.

Teague was standing there with a grim look on his face and a bottle in his hand.

"Get in 'ere ye don't 'ave all day" He grumbled.

Jack didn't answer but took a seat next to Angelica, in front of Teague's desk. He went in with the idea that he was going to make his best effort to speak as little as possible.

"'ello Angelica, thank ye fer bringin 'im back 'ere" Teague said. Jack glared at her, but didn't say anything. She ignored him.

"Jackie, you 'ave a problem"

"Do I? And what exactly is that?" He retorted rolling his eyes, completely abandoning his earlier goal to remain silent.

"Don't forget who yer talkin to boy!" Teague growled causing Jack to shift uncomfortably in his seat. "It seems ye forgot yer manners. I let ye get away with it yesterday, but now I'm tellin you to shut your mouth"

"Oh come on, this is not about my manners! Get on with it already, if I do, as you pointed out, 'ave such limited time!"

She could see this was going to turn into a heated argument if they didn't stop and get to the point.

"Jack shut up! You don't want to be here,and I've got news for you, no one else does either. So the faster you shut up, the faster we can leave!" She looked at him sternly and he sighed, leaning back in his chair. Teague was almost amazed at how she wielded so much power over his son, whereas he could hardly get him to do anything anymore. "Captain Teague, would you continue?" She asked softly.

He nodded. "Now Jack, you didn't let me finish yesterday…"

"How could ya do that to her?" Jack interrupted.

"It was that treasure ye see. In order for it to be controlled, ye need the second piece, or it will control you." He started to explain. "It was cursed…"

"Everythin that's worth anythin now a days is cursed...why does that make it special?" Jack questioned sounding calmer than he had just moments before.

"Because Jackie, it's evil and has a will of it's own. It will only do your bidding if you have the second piece."

"So I'm guessing, you went, found it, but didn't 'ave the second piece, so what exactly 'appened?"

"Yes, I found it, but I didn't have the second piece. I tried to use it, but I couldn't."

"It? What is it, like how big are we talkin? What is it made of?" Jack became momentarily distracted.

"It's an emerald sphere with an amber core, ye can hold it in yer hand."

"'ow much power does it actually 'ave?"

"Shall we just say it's more powerful than the Calypso"

"So what does that entail?"

"It means, Jackie, that if ye 'ave the mind to, ye can do whatever ye want. Both Calypso and the Dutchman would be at yer mercy, not to mention ye would be the most powerful pirate on the seven seas."

Jack's eyes widened. He thought about that for a moment. Being the most powerful pirate in the world would be nice. 'The Omnipotent Captain Jack Sparrow', he smirked just thinking about it.

"and then?" Angelica prompted seeing that Jack was getting distracted.

"As I said, it's evil when not used properly. I was overcome with a feeling of pure rage and hatred for the world and everything in it. Lookin at anyone, every reason I 'ad for hating them flooded my mind. And...I couldn't stop meself, by the time I came too, t'was too late."

Jack brought himself back to the current conversation.

"What'd ye do to 'er?" Jack demanded to know every possible detail, even though he really didn't want to hear it.

"I-I stuck her through with the blade of me sword"

Jack's face paled slightly just imagining it. "What in the bloody hell was she doing there anyways?! Why on this earth would you let her go with you?! You must have known how dangerous it was! What were you thinking?!" Jack was on his feet furiously yelling. He almost felt like he was yelling at himself, as he had had a similar argument before.

"I was thinking that I couldn't stop her, and she insisted on going." Teague replied surprisingly calm.

"Why didn't you stop her?! You could have saved her!" Jack continued yelling.

"She made her own choices Jackie. It weren't my decision"

"I can't believe you were so selfish that you chose treasure over your wife! Over someone you loved! Or did you not really care?!"

"Of course I did! Don't dare question how much I cared for yer mother!"

"And yet you didn't take the time to think about what could happen! You must not 'ave cared that much!"

"It's not like that boy!" Teague exclaimed. "But just in case you 'avn't yet noticed, yer 'bout to make the same mistake!"

"How do you figure that?!" Although he did know what Teague meant.

"Ain't she goin with ya?!" Teague asked referring to Angelica.

"No, she isn't. If I go, I go alone"

Teague glanced at Angelica who looked like she was slightly offended, but Jack didn't notice.

"And you think she will let you?"

"It's not her choice!" Jack demanded.

"Could you actually stop her"

"Of course I could if I had to, it wouldn't be that hard"

"But would you do it?"

Jack didn't answer. He was thinking about the last time he had been in that scenario and he couldn't. He knew he wouldn't be able to. Both Teague and Angelica took his silence as a no.

"I take that as a no. You are no different that I was!"

"I am not!" I'm not like you!" Jack could hardly think anymore."Oh that's right, you're not, because you're not 'bout to drag someone ye care about to find this treasure. Yer not 'bout to risk 'er life or anyone elses for anythin at all."

"It's not the same! I do not care about anyone! I have nothing to lose!" He said, even though in the back of his mind he was thinking of how it was exactly the same. He couldn't take it, he had already tried to distance himself from his own Angelica, but now he had to separate himself from the future one too. He couldn't watch either of them get hurt because of him.

"Jack stop yelling and calm down" She said softly next to him. He glanced at her, a look of horror in his eyes. He couldn't imagine losing her, either one. The fact that there were two of them confused him. He had pretty much lost one of them, but as long as at least one or both were alive somewhere and not dead because of him it was okay. He sighed and sat back down.

"Jack you will be okay" She placed her hand on his, but he pulled away. He couldn't let himself get too close to anyone, especially if he still wanted to find this treasure.

"So..uh...anythin else 'bout the treasure while I'm 'ere?" He muttered.

"Of the two maps, one leads to the globe and the other to the second piece. Here is a copy of the one to the globe." He handed it to Jack.

"Any idea what the second piece is?"

"No, I swore to stay as far away from everythin that 'ad to do with that treasure as possible. I never tried to find the second piece after what 'append"

"Oh...then I guess that's it" Jack said as he got up to leave.

"Your mother loved you Jackie, more than anything. More than life itself."

"Thank you" Jack said as he swiftly left.

"Take care of 'im will ya, don't let 'im lose what's important in this world. He does care, don't let 'im forget it. But mind yerself, this be dangerous"

"I will, and I'll keep an eye on Jack, don't worry" Angelica promised before she too left and followed Jack.

"Jack-wait!" She called after him. He was walking briskly in the opposite direction to the docks, her guess was that he was trying to find himself some rum.

He didn't stop, or even turn around. She followed him into a pub. By the time she found him he was seated in the back downing a bottle of rum. She took a seat across from him, ignoring all of the other people there.

"Jack, don't you have somewhere to go?" She prompted.

He didn't answer.

"Jack, listen to me, we have to leave"

"Why should I go anywhere with you?" He asked pointedly before taking another long drink.

"We have to get to Tortuga, and keep the maps away from Barbossa"

"Didn't ye hear what I was sayin b'fore?"

"Of course I did, but I know you didn't mean it"

"Don't be so sure" He muttered before taking another drink.

"I am right and you know it. You do care, and whatever it is that you think you are going to do, I am going as well."

"Why is it that neither of you can just realize that it is in your best interest to be rid of me, ehh?"

"Because believe it or not, we are the same person, and in fact the future, they way I lived it without you, was worse than my life ever was with you"

"Are you sure 'bout that? I thought you didn't know the future?"

"Not exactly, but I do know the future as I experienced it. And it wasn't very pleasant for either of us"

"Why's that?"

"Jack I don't want to get into this. Not here"

"But supposedly I do meet you again, I believe you said in a few days in how did that happen, cause the way I worked it out, you and Cristina should have gone off to wherever it is, and I should've never seen you again"

"Cristina?" She questioned.

"Yer best friend, who insisted we be separated, and who also ended up getting her wish for me to be gone. Dontcha remember 'er?"

"It's been years since I've seen any of you. I remember the last time I saw her, it's not a pleasant memory."

"How long has it been exactly?"

"At least five years"

"What happened? Since then, what happened to her?"

"I'll explain everything eventually, but not here. Can we just go now?"

"No, I don't want to leave just yet"

"Look Jack, the Angelica from your time still loves you, she is just conflicted about it. If you don't run into her in Tortuga, you may never see her again"

"How is that persuading me to go, because as I see it, that is completing my original goal, to keep her safe by staying out of her life." He raised an eyebrow at her.

"One, because she still loves you, and you her." Jack shook his head, not convinced. "And two, she has your ship as well as the doll"

"Ha, no she doesn't. My ship is in the capable hands of Gibbs, who was aboard the Dutchman with the whelp"

"Whatever you say" She shrugged and got up to leave, but he caught her arm.

"You aren't serious are you?!"

She just looked at him."Fine, but before we leave, I think I'll have another drink " He got up, but Angelica stepped in front of him.

"One is enough Jack, I didn't come back to this time to watch you drink! We are leaving, come on" She dragged him outside.

"Oi, what are you in such a hurry for?!" He grumbled, pulling his arm out of her grasp.

"One, because Barbossa isn't going to leave without the maps, and we are going to get on that ship before it leaves the docks today!"

"Fine, so that just leaves us getting aboard the ship without any problems" He said thoughtfully.

"That could be a problem"

"Not at all, assuming ye don't mind actin a bit" He grinned deviously.

"Where are you going with this?" She rolled her eyes. "Just so you know, I will not pretend to be your whore"

"I know, I didn't expect you to. Here" He pulled her into a nearby alleyway incase any of Barbossa's crew were about.

"Jack what are you doing?"

He pulled the bandana he had taken from her cabin off his his belt and handed it to her.

"Where'd you get this?"

"Never mind that, just tie your hair back" Perhaps going through her things was not such a good idea. He didn't expect she'd be in proximity to ever notice, but he was sure she would now, or at least her future self would figure it out.

"Now...uh...wait here a sec" He dashed away around the corner. She had only been waiting for him for a few minutes before he came running back. Thankfully there were not that many people around or she could have gotten into trouble while he was gone.

"Turn around" He wrapped a piece of black fabric around her face so only her eyes were showing.

"Jack where did you get this?"

"Doesn't matter" He had actually run into some random building, which luckily for him, happened to be a tailor's workshop. No one was there so he was sure no one would miss that small piece of fabric.

While she was still standing with her back to him, she could feel his breath on her neck, before he gently pulled her hood over her head. He paused for a few moments letting his hands come to rest softly on her shoulders and just looked down on her. It had been a while since he had been so close to her when they weren't fighting. He would have loved to just kiss her and love her until he couldn't anymore, but he resisted.

"Jack" She almost whispered, leaning into him slightly. She pulled the black 'scarf' down, uncovering her face as she turned to look up at him.

In his mind, he was telling himself not to get mixed up with her, but he couldn't help it anymore, she was too close to him and far too beautiful in his eyes. He brought one of his hands to caress her face as he leaned in to kiss her. He kissed her softly on her lips, and she returned it. But, it wasn't long until Jack snapped out of it, breaking it off.

He had an almost bewildered look on his face, while she seemed pretty calm as if it were normal in her time.

He cleared his throat and took a step back "Um, didn't mean to do that, uh can we just forget that?" As much as he would have loved to continue down that path with her, he was not about to let himself.

"Forget what?" She played along. She was a bit surprised that he had that much control over himself. She forgot how good it felt to be near him after five years without him. She missed the warmness of his skin, and the strength of his arms around her. She missed his stupid grin and his sarcastic remarks. Even all of the times he would deny his feelings, and argue with her, she always knew he never really meant it.

"Uh, err, here" He pulled the black 'scarf' over her nose again. He could hardly tell it was her with her hair back and only her eyes showing under the dark hood. He hoped Barbossa would either not notice her, or at least not recognize her. "Don't even recognize ye luv"

"...Right, now what?"

"Now, just don't speak, act like you belong and everything should go swimmingly. Come on"They walked to docks to board the Revenge. It wasn't very busy, as most of the crew who had gotten off the day before had already returned. Jack was a few steps ahead of her so she wouldn't be noticed as quickly.After everything she had been through in her life, there wasn't much she was afraid of. However, she could feel the eyes of the crew focused on her instead of Jack as they neared the ship, and it unnerved her. So much so in fact that she quickened her pace until she was close enough to Jack that she could hold his hand and be more at ease. He was slightly startled by her cold hand in his, but he said nothing and only glanced briefly at her. He didn't mind, actually he wished his Angelica would be more like this. He was tired of all of her deceptions and the way she would almost deny that she had any emotions at all. He almost felt bad for even thinking it, but he almost liked the future her better. She was less confrontational, more open, while still being the same person he seemed to know.As soon as they crossed the gangplank they were confronted by Barbossa, which was exactly what they didn't want to happen."Welcome back, Jack" He grinned in a sinister way that made Angelica feel rather uncomfortable, and Jack could tell. He didn't say anything to her, or even give her a glance, but he did give her hand a gentle squeeze as if to say calm down, it's alright. It had been years since she had faced down Barbossa, and it had been one of the worst days of her life. There were definitely a lot of bad days, but that by far was in the top five."I presume ye have the map as agreed, eh?""Aye, I've got it""Hand it over" Barbossa said, holding his hand out.Jack reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out one of his two maps and placed it Barbossa's waiting hands."There ye go. Just like we agreed, now how 'bout we get a move on to Tortuga so we can celebrate this momentous occasion." Jack said starting to walk away, with Angelica close behind him. She tried to keep her head down as much as possible."Not so fast Sparrow, who's this ya got 'ere?" Barbossa spun her around by her shoulder."No one, that is no one. No one of any significance, I can assure you.""I don't recall that I gave permission for her to come aboard""No, I did. She was looking for passage to Tortuga, and since we are going there anyways..." Jack tried to sound convincing."Not til I see her face" Barbossa went to pull the hood off of her head but Jack stepped in front of her."What does it matter who she is? You will not lay a hand on her""Yer gettin mighty protective over a 'no one'.""I am not.""You are so, now move aside""No. She is nothing to me. Nothing at all." He said generally. Angelica would have been taken aback if she hadn't had to deal with this kind of behavior from Jack before. After all, he was doing it for her anyways.

"I don't believe you. How would yer dearly beloved feel about you seein other women? It seems ye could get in some mighty bad trouble if she were to find out"

"It's not like that, and it doesn't matter because it's none of your business, and she won't know anyways." Jack stated "However, that being said she is not to be harmed or you can kiss goodbye any help from me in finding your treasure!" Jack growled.

"Get a move on Sparrow, yer wastin time." Barbossa grumbled."Thank you" He said grudgingly giving a slight nod, before practically dragging Angelica down to the cabin he had been staying in. Only one deck up, they could hear Barbossa yelling at the the crew who were scurrying around to get the ship to move out of the cove."Ah, here we are..." He opened to door for her.She looked around, it had been so long since she had been there."I'm gunna go get somethin to eat, maybe find some wine er somthin, I'll be right back." Jack left Angelica alone. She locked the door behind him; being there reminded her of something she meant to do. Of their many fights that took place between then and the time she had decided to come back, there was one in particular that she wanted to prevent. At one point in the future Jack had made it clear that he had read her personal diary. If she could prevent him from ever finding it, she would save them a lot of trouble. That is if she wasn't already too late. It had been so long that she forgot where she had left it. She tore through her chest of clothes, tossing them everywhere: nothing. She ripped out all of the papers in her desk: nothing. She checked the only other place; the box near the end of her bed...nothing. She was too late, all she could hope for was that he hadn't read any of it yet.She took the opportunity to change her clothes before he returned, but she didn't think to clean up the mess she made. She sat down on the bed and leaned herself against the headboard. She took her hair down and closed her eyes. It was only a few minutes before she heard a knock at the door, and the sounds of someone trying to get in. She had forgotten to unlock the door again."Who's there?" She asked."What do you mean who's there? Who else would it be?!" Jack's identifiable voice said from outside the cabin.She quickly got up to unlock the door. He was barely able to twist the handle before pushing the door open with his foot, since in one hand he struggled to hold two bottles of rum and a bottle of wine, and in the other, a plate of fish balancing on two empty glasses."Mind helpin me out, luv?" She promptly took the wine and plate of fish, and set them on the desk. He set down the glasses and pushed the door closed."Ye like fish, righ- wow, you managed to make quite the mess while I was gone. Lose somethin already?"

"Where is it Jack?" She questioned.

"Where's what?"

"You know full well what!"

"Could you be a little bit more specific?" He honestly didn't know.

"Don't lie to me Jack, what did you do with my journal, I know you have it!" She scowled.

"Oh, that. What makes you think I am going to give it back, there could be important information in it."

"You haven't read it?"

"Maybe, but perhaps I should take a closer look" He actually hadn't had a chance.

"No! Jack can I please have it?"

"No, persuade me" He said defiantly.

She stepped towards him and looked him in the eye. He remembered when he had told Elizabeth to do that same thing and she was not very successful. He grinned.

"Why are you smiling like that?!"

"I'm not." He straightened his face. " I don't hear anything, I said persuade me to give it back and I will"

"Just trust will save both of us a lot of trouble in the future" She explained quickly. "most likely" She added.

He rolled his eyes, knowing that was the best answer he was going to get, "Fine, 'ere. And take these too" He practically tossed all of the letters along with the journal at her.

"Thank you"

"Now about this aren't a vegetarian in the future are you?"


"Good" He poured two glasses of wine and handed her one. "To the future, might it be filled with good fortune for us both what ever that may mean" The tapped their glasses together.

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"Your mother loved you Legolas, more than anything. More than life itself" - King Thranduil to Legolas (Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies)

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