Love Should Never Die

Chapter 42

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They had a few drinks and were laughing casually together. It grew oddly silent, and in the back of his mind, Jack wondered if she was upset about what he had said earlier. She seemed relaxed but a little hesitant.

It was strange for him to be around her when she seemed happy to be with him. They hadn't had any significant arguments and they were actually getting along. Why wasn't his Angelica like this? He needed to know why the future Angelica seemed nicer, somewhat relaxed, less condescending, and more understanding, or at least to him she was. What happened to her? Not that the Angelica of his time wasn't one of the most wonderful persons he knew other than himself, but she did have an attitude problem of sorts. He had grown up with the notion that people don't change. By the end of the evening he would find out what happened one way or another. Although, as much as he wanted to know, he had to tread lightly because he was conscientious that he had said some things regarding her that he probably should not have. He knew his Angelica would have been furious and wouldn't even be in the same room as him, let alone drinking with him. He was curious, but he wasn't sure how he should approach the subject. It's a tricky thing, and it could have potentially devastating effects should he word something the wrong way.

Neither of them were speaking, they were almost avoiding each others eye contact, sipping from their respective glasses.

"So, I see you changed outfits when I left" Jack awkwardly not knowing what else to say.

She had forgotten and glanced down at herself and then back up at Jack. "Yeah, I wanted some fresher clothes." She hesitated slightly at the strange look he gave her. "Do-do I look alright, or too familiar?"

He wasn't even looking at her clothes. He was gazing deep into her eyes to see if there was any hint of anger, or resentment; he found none and that confused him.

"Ye look okay to me" He said continuing to hold her gaze.

She blushed slightly but looked away from him, completely changing the expression on her face. She tried to look as hurt and upset as possible to see what he would do. "Okay? I look okay to you?!" She said as if completely offended, but she was faking it.

"Uh, I didn't mean that! I meant beautiful-beautiful, you look lovely as ever" He corrected afraid she was actually serious. She giggled. He gave her yet another quizzical look.

"I wasn't serious, Jack" She said lightly.

"Ah-uh, of course not…" He smiled uncomfortably. "But you realize you can't go on deck wearing that"

"Why's that?"

"Do you remember what happened the last time you were'ere?"

"Of course I do, did you forget that I have a good memory?" She had actually started to forget. She didn't quite remember. Before she left, both Will and Elizabeth had warned her. They emphasized four things: To be careful, To focus on the goal, To make only necessary changes, and To pay very close attention to detail. Each of those pretty much went out the window as soon as she found Jack. She hadn't lost focus on her goal because she knew she would have to be patient, but she couldn't remember everything, all of the details of her life during this time she could barely remember. It was so traumatic, but had to force herself to remember anyways for his sake.

"Unfortunately" He muttered. "So why is it that you really came back here, because don't think I don't know it was not just for fun. What are you doing here?"

"Is it not enough that I just wanted to see you?" She said as innocently as possible.

"I'm truly flattered luv, but people don't change that much." He said being completely serious.

"Is it not enough that I missed you?" She said setting down her now empty wine glass.

Both of them had finished their wine, so he got up to pour some more. He snatched both of the glasses off the table without answering and sauntered across the room. At the risk of allowing her to drink too much, he kept the wine on the other side of the room. He held up the bottle, it was in fact empty. All they had left in the room was rum. He knew she didn't like it, but he had to offer her some anyways.

"Well, it appears as if we are out of wine, care for some rum instead?" He offered, expecting a no.

"Of course"

"Really? I thought you didn't like it " He said with his back to her as he poured two glasses. " At first I must say it was not that noticeable, but you've changed."

She got up and came to stand behind him, leaning into him and wrapping her arms around him. "Now, is that good...or bad?"

He turned around to face her and gazed once again into her deep chocolate eyes. "For now I am going to say good" He said gently brushing her hair out of her face, while with his other hand he held her waist.

"And do you think you will change your mind?" She said softly. She pushed some of the dreadlocks off of his face.

"Not likely, I think I like this 'new' you" He said smirking. He leaned in to kiss her, gently pressing his lips to hers. He was still unsure if this was a good idea. It felt like her. They had the same face, the same hair, the same smell, the same curves, the same eyes, the same everything, and yet he almost felt like he was betraying her in someway. Since when did he care? He hadn't ever cared before, why did he care now? He didn't realize that while he was deep in thought, he had stopped responding to the Angelica that was kissing him right then.



She looked up at him. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know." He was confused. It was rare, and even rarer that he would admit it. "I know you are her and she is you, but…"

She almost laughed. "We are the same person, just separated by a few years. When you see her tomorrow evening, it won't be lying if she asks you if there was anyone else and you say no" She smirked. "Since when do you care?"

He sighed, holding her tightly. "I guess you're right"

She stood up a little taller so she could kiss him on the cheek. "Of course I am"

"Now let's not get carried away, you aren't always right"

She leaned away from him to look into his eyes. "Haven't you heard the phrase 'women are always right'?"

"No I don't think I ever 'ave, luv" He denied playfully.

" you have" She said before kissing him again.

He would allow himself to kiss her, but he forced himself to have more self control over anything else.Their lips separated, but they were only a few inches apart. "Just like old times, ehh?" Jack grinned.

"Almost" She agreed.They were so distracted by each other that they lost all track of time.

"I'll be right back luv" He said before leaving the cabin, shutting the door behind him. He had an idea so he just left her standing there. After all, there was more he could do to make it really like old times for her before they arrived the next day.It seemed like he was gone for a long time, as if centuries had passed before he came back through the door.She was sitting on the edge of the bed with not a glass, but the entire bottle of rum. She nearly spit it out when he returned.

"Where'd you go?"

"I went on deck. It's fairly dark, and the crew are mostly asleep" He said. "Shall we?" He offered her his arm.She wrapped the bandana around her head again to keep her hair out of her eyes before gracefully accepting. He held the door open for her and followed her up to the main deck.

As soon as she set foot on deck she heard the strumming of a mandolin and she was struck with the memory of the last time he tried to pull this stunt on her.She stopped. She took in the aroma of the sea, the sweet sound of the mandolin, and the soft luminescence of the candles lit around the deck.

"Now, it's pretty damn close to old times if I do say so, don't you agree" He said from behind her.

"Yes" She breathed.

"Care for a dance, m'lady?" He said bowing slightly and extending his hand to her. She took it without question. If she could have wished for one night with Jack before her time was up, this would be it. It was perfect. There wasn't lust in his eyes, instead his gaze was soft and loving. He was gentle, twirling her graciously around to the music. He let go of her at one point allowing her to spin around on her own. He just looked her up and down, letting his eyes take in her full beauty, because she had never looked better. She beamed at him as he walked back up to her. She was about to say something, but he silenced her with a kiss.

"What was that for?"

"As if I need a reason" He protested.



"I love you"

"And I you" He said holding her steady gaze, before kissing her again. If only the you of this time understood that concept, he thought.The music stopped. They looked at the crewman Jack had asked to play for them. He motioned to the upper deck where heavy footsteps could be heard. Jack got the hint and pulled Angelica back down the stairs to the cabin.

"Sorry to cut our evening short darlin" He said after he shut the door.

"Thank you Jack, that was very sweet" She said as she started to change into her night clothes. Jack turned away so to give her some privacy.

"Jack, what are you doing?" She asked.

"Nothing other than thinking I suppose" He turned around again.

"And what are you thinking about?" She said stepping towards him as she pulled her shirt over her head.

"You seem so different from the you of this time." He stated. "What happened? What changed since now that changed you?"

"I learned the meaning of 'life is too short'" She said in all seriousness losing her sweet and soft tone.

He thought for a second. "What do you mean?"

She placed her hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat. "You don't want to know"

"Just tell me for goodness sake...whose life was too short?" If she didn't answer he was going to start guessing. "Cristina? Elizabeth? Will? Aaron?...come on whose death could impact yo-oh..."She looked up at him, tears welling in her eyes. At that moment he understood.


She nodded. "You couldn't be saved" She trembled.

"Calm down, luv, it's alright" He pulled her closer to him. She buried her face in his shirt.

"But now I know, kind of, so we can prevent that." He said softly.

"That's the goal." She said stifling back more tears.

"So how-what happened exactly?"

"I'm tired, can we talk about it tomorrow?"

He smiled warmly down at her. "Course we can." He said letting go of her. He watched her climb onto the far side of the bed and pull the blankets up around her. He opened the door to leave. "G'night luv"

"You aren't going to stay?"

"Uh-no, I just assumed you would like yer own room, I s'pose."

"Would you stay if I asked you to?"

"Sure I would, anythin for you luv" He said completely giving up on his will to remain distant if he hadn't already. He shut the door and threw off his jacket. He tossed off his boots and unfastened his belt of effects draping it over the chair. Finally he carefully took off his shirt, exposing the two major scars on his chest, before climbing under the blankets next to her. He wrapped his arms around her, and they both fell easily asleep next to each other.

She blinked her eyes open. It was morning, and Jack had obviously gotten up early not bothering to wake her, of course. She imagined he was on the main deck. She got up, changed her clothes, yanked on her boots and jacket, tied up her hair, concealed her face with the black scarf, and pulled her hood over her head. She walked up to the main deck trying to avoid the crew and more importantly Barbossa. She looked around for Jack who appeared to be discussing with a crewman. Jack didn't notice her, but the other man did. She couldn't hear them, but she saw him give Jack a nudge. He looked over and grinned, but that quickly turned to a frown. He waved for her to come over, and she would have had someone not grabbed her shoulder from behind. She spun around to see Barbossa standing over her.

"Lookin for someone are we?" He sneered.

"No, because I already found him" She retorted.

"And that be Jack I presume" He continued. "Now tell me, what is your relation to master Sparrow?"

Truth or lie? What would Jack say? Lie, Jack would definitely lie.

"I have no relation to Sparrow, he is just a kind gentleman who offered me some assistance"

"Ye see, now I know yer lyin. Sparrow does nothin unless there is somethin in it for himself, so what did ye promise him in return eh?"

"Nothing that concerns you" She was about to walk away but he yanked her back by her arm.

He eyed her skeptically. "Ye see miss that's where yer wrong. Anythin that takes place on a ship is the captain's business. As captain, that makes yer business my business"

"You know I'm not so sure that's how it works, Captain" She hissed.

"Right...well then believe what ye may, but just so ye know be prepared to say goodbye to Sparrow as we'll be arrivin in five very short hours." He left her and returned to his watchful position on the quarterdeck.

She walked over to Jack who had watched her confrontation with the Captain.

"Nothin like a good mornin from our favorite Captain, eh" He said mildly amused. "What'd he want anyways?"


"What did you tell him?"


"So what's on the agenda for today then?"

"He did mention that we would be arriving in about five hours. We will have about half an hour before Elizabeth and friends arrive as well."

"This should be fairly easy right?" He asked leaning against the rail. "We find them, obtain me ship, offer them a place aboard and take them back to Port Royal before settin out to find the treasure"

"It won't be that easy" She said morbidly. "Elizabeth and Cristina aren't the problem. Angelica is the one that will take more careful convincing"

"Oh that's right, you said we fought about something. What was that again?"

"She doesn't understand why you forced Will to trade you for her that day"

"Oh...well, now I know about it might be different this time" He said hopefully.

"Possibly, but she still has your ship so you can't avoid her" She admired the sunlight reflecting off the rolling waves.

"We can deal with her when we get there, but you say Elizabeth and Cristina are fairly easy to persuade?"

"If you know what to say" She smirked.

"And ye'll be sharin said information" He nudged her on the shoulder.

"Elizabeth only has two things she cares about in this world. He son and her husband. Promise to free Will and she will agree to help you with almost anything"

"Ah, and Cristina?"

"She's trickier. If I'm correct, she will only go if Angelica goes"

"So it leads back to 'er"

"Jack" She looked up at him. "Just so you know for when you have to explain to her, Cristina and Will both lied to her about something you didn't do...again"

"Why? and why the hell did you keep believing her?"

"Well if it helps, I stopped." She said. "Anyways, you recall the night before you fought Ricardo?"

"Yes, and I hope to never forget it"

"I agree, it was such a wonderful day, but do you remember what you asked me?"

"Aye, but, what's that got to do with anythin?"

"Put it together Jack, you called it off only days later because of the first of Cristina's lies. You found out and you both agreed to resume your prior relationship. Remember?"

"Yes I remember"

"Good, then you also should remember forcing both Will and Cristina to promise not to let her come back to find you"

"Where are you going with this?"

"Don't be stupid, they lied to her to keep their promise to you. They told her that you permanently ended it and wished to never see her again or something like that"

"That's interesting, kudos to them for being so very loyal, but then why is she still on her merry way to Tortuga?"

"Because Elizabeth found out too, and she convinced her to go under the pretense of having some fun when in reality she was hoping to run into you, Jack"

"So that is why she is mad at me, or rather will be, because of why again? This is all rather complex is it not?"

"She doesn't know what you are to each other anymore, and she doesn't understand why, after promising her that you would stay, you separated yourself from her"

"Okay, that's easy. One, to each other, whatever she wants, and two, if she gets hurt I'd never forgive myself, so yes I distanced her from me, but for her own protection so she should be thankful that I'm not more selfish than I already am"

"And that is mostly what you will have to say to her when you see her, except she will probably be yelling at you so you better be prepared to just say it."

"Oh this is gunna be fun" He said sarcastically.

The talked more and time went by fairly quickly. Barbossa got on Jack for not doing anything and forced him to scrub the deck while Angelica was made to help out in the galley. She wasn't the best at cooking and she just felt sorry for who ever would have to eat because she certainly wasn't going to.

Jack burst through the door miffed that he couldn't just kill the sorry bastard. "We're 'ere, grab yer things and let's go. We are leavin this bloody ship right now"

"Aww, Jack had to do some work, poor him" She mocked. He glared at her.

"Oh, come on, we arrived early so we could go stop for a few drinks."

"Aye, that sounds good."

"Only a few mind you I will be paying attention" She said as they walked back up to the deck where the crew were scrambling around to secure the anchors and ties to the dock.

"Course ye will" He winked.

"I'll be right back" She said before she ran down to the cabin to grab the bag she had packed herself, not really for her, but for her other self. It mostly consisted of clothes, but also had her journal and letters.

She came back to stand by Jack just the crew lowered the gangplank.

"Lets go 'ave a drink" He said happily taking her hand and leading her off the ship.

"Don't forget Sparrow, I expect ye to be back at dawn!" Barbossa yelled from behind them. They flat out ignored him and kept walking in hopes to get lost in the crowded streets, as they had no intentions of returning.

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