Love Should Never Die

Chapter 43

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The voyage had been less than eventful. She tried to help out wherever she could even though Elizabeth had reminded her that she wasn't part of the crew and therefore wasn't required to work. She didn't mind though, it helped her think more about what she would do when she saw Jack again. She figured it wouldn't be long, and she had a few choice words for him. Knowing him, he would avoid any accusations on himself and blame her for everything. Perhaps she would be happier when they arrived, which wouldn't be much longer, as she could already see the lights of the port from their position. By the time they docked, the sun was low in the sky and it was growing steadily darker. The dock wasn't overly crowded, but there were few larger ships that had quite a few people loading and unloading. At one point she thought she noticed the Revenge, but it was getting dark, and she couldn't quite tell. She decided it couldn't have been especially if they had gone to Shipwreck Cove, they would have no reason to stop here."Hey Angelica, everything's pretty much wrapped up here, ready to go?" Elizabeth said as she came to stand next to her."Sure" She agreed."Great" Elizabeth smiled. "Daniel, Cristina, come on"

"Okay, okay, I'm coming." Daniel grinned on his way down from the quarterdeck followed by Cristina.

Everyone who wanted to go to shore had already left, leaving two of the crew to guard the ship.

They walked off the dock, and up the crowded street. There was music and singing, and a lot of drinking. The air was stale and reeked of sweat and alcohol. As they walked, Elizabeth tried to determine which of the taverns Jack would most likely be in if he were to be there at all. Angelica was just taking in the familiar surroundings. She remembered why she didn't ever go there.

The only tavern Elizabeth recognized was the Faithful Bride. It was the one she had found James Norrington in all those years ago before he was killed. She thought of him sometimes and how untimely his death was. How he helped her, and treated her like a lady. She resented the fact that he denied having any knowledge of her father's death, but then again, Becket was evil and manipulative, he may truly not have known. She put on a smile and forced those memories out of her mind. She turned to Angelica."Shall we go have a drink?"She didn't wait for a reply before she started weaving her way through the crowd towards a table near the back of the tavern. She knew that Jack Sparrow was infamous in this port and if he was here, everyone would know it.Angelica, Cristina, and Daniel were still struggling to get through the crowd so she took this opportunity to get some information.She stopped a passing waitress."Pardon me, may I help you?" The lady asked."Yes, I'm looking for a Jack Sparrow, seen him around?""Sparrow" She said, a dreamy tone in her voice as if she knew him well. "I 'avnt seen 'im in a few months now, let me ask one of the gents""Oi, Johnny! Seen Sparrow around 'ere?"A man looked up from his drink. "Sparrow? I 'eard he came to port earlier this evenin. I ain't seen 'im, but the rumors round 'ere is he's got a new lady, won't let no one near 'er, nor does she show 'er face. Some say he's plannin on marryin 'er. She must be mighty fine, if she's got Sparrow to fall for 'er like that""The lady, do you know her name, by chance?" Elizabeth questioned.The man eyed her skeptically."I don't know, I ain't seen 'im to ask. What's he to ya anyways, lookin for yer chance to get up and close to Sparrow is it?""No, I have unfinished business with him that needs to be taken care of" She said defensively."Well, if ya get the chance, send 'im this way, he owes me some money""Thanks for your help." Elizabeth said before turning to join the others around the table. Now she was confused, and there was only one person who could help her understand exactly what she had just heard, but she had to find him first.

"No, no, I don't believe you. There is no way you are better than me at sword fighting" Jack protested playfully before taking another swig of rum."I am too, and you just can't admit that you aren't the best at everything." Angie said smugly."Perhaps, however, I clearly beat you in the diplomacy department. You couldn't keep your cool if you were covered in ice.""Ha, diplomacy, you mean finding the fastest and easiest way to get what you want at the cost of everyone else?""Oi, now now, it may seem as if I don't think 'bout what's best fer others, but that is where yer mistaken. More often than not I find meself doin somethin, likely for myself, that ends up helpin others as well. Mutual benefits as I like to think of it." He grinned."Mutual benefits?" She was cracking up.Her laugh was infectious. He was going to answer her again but ended up laughing instead. They had both had a couple of drinks and were just enjoying each others company. They were sitting at a table in the back of the King's Arms tavern on the opposite side of the street to the Faithful Bride tavern where Angie had mentioned was where Elizabeth decides to go."I still think I could beat you in a sword fight, if our last one on one duel was any indication" She said before taking another sip of her rum."Our last duel? As I recall, you were pretending to be me, so how exactly does that help your argument?""I may have had a disguise on, but I was still using my own skill as a swordsman.""And that skill got you where? I am fairly certain I won that fight""Because you cheated" She retorted."What? How?" He may be a pirate, but he isn't always bending the rules."If remember, I received a pleasant kiss at the end of that scuffle, and that my dear Jack, is against the rules" She said lightheartedly."Kissing someone isn't cheating, especially if it's you" He chuckled."Oh yes, in a sword fight it is, you ignored to rules of a fair fight and caught me off guard""If I caught you off guard, then it was your fault" He said."Then perhaps we should have a rematch" She challenged."Oh no no, I am not going to fight you""Oh come on, are you afraid I'm going to beat you?" She teased."No!...I just don't want to hurt you" He said as seriously as he could, placing a hand over hers that was resting on the table."Well, then we'll just have to be careful, right?" She pulled her hand away from him."Fine, but this really is pointless, we both know who will win" He smirked leaning back again. "That would be me""I don't think so, but..." She pulled the bottle of rum out of Jack's hand. "We have to go""Come on, at least let me finish it.." He whined."No, lets go, we have to be on time" They both got up to leave and shuffled their way through the crowded building. She hadn't had that much to drink, but she was feeling a bit light headed. She stopped and stumbled backwards into Jack who caught her before she fell to the ground."Alright there?" He looked down at her."Yeah, I'm fine." She said straightening herself out. He looked at her cautiously. "Lets just go, we can't miss them""Alright, just next time, I'll be the one payin attention to how much you drink""Haha, very funny, but I don't think it's that" She said lightly.He could see she was still uneasy, but he wasn't going to make her ask for help, so he just put his arm around her waist to keep her steady. They made their way into the other tavern across the way."'Ere, take a seat" He pulled out a bar stool for her to sit on. "Oi Thomas you filthy dog, get the lady some water" He demanded to the familiar man behind the counter."She not good at holdin er liquor eh?" The man said."Generally yes, one of my personal favorite persons to drink with. Why she's sick, I've no idea. However, I think water would do er good" The man named Thomas nodded."Take this off" Jack pulled the black fabric off her face. She held her head in her hands and rested her elbows on the bar."Don't you be sick on me now""I'm- fine really"The man returned with a glass of water. "Thank ye very much" Jack nodded."Sure thing Jack. What brings ye this time to Tortuga?""Oh nothin much, just lookin for some acquaintances" He answered."Anyone in particular? I see ye already found yerself a wench. Quite a pretty one too" Thomas said eyeing Angie who rolled her eyes.In an instant Jack's expression grew dark and without a second thought, he drew his pistol and held it eye level. "She is not a wench, and by God, if ye say that again ye'll be dead b'fore the words come out of yer mouth" Had she been feeling better, she would have been ecstatic to hear Jack defend her integrity like that, but she would have to thank him later."Sorry, didn't mean to offend ye, I-I just thought- well, I mean you usually-"Thomas said quickly. "Nevermind. Who was it you were looking for again?""Jack-" Angie moaned next to him, tugging on his arm. She felt like she was going to be sick.He set his pistol on the counter and sat down next to her. Generally, he didn't like to show that he cared too much in public, but he would make an exception. He allowed her to lean on him and rest her eyes."Uh..." He was distracted. "There should be a party of four, one man and three women""Strange combination, ain't it?"He ignored that statement. "But have you seen them? One of them is her identical twin sister, another is a thin, tallish, blonde English girl, and the other a slightly shorter brunette, a European, from Spain or something. The man about my height, heavy muscle structure. Seen any of them mate?"The man took a moment to think. "Aye, ye know what I think I did see em come in 'ere, not to long ago" He pointed to the back of the place. "There the are"

Jack turned slightly to look, and sure enough there they were, there she was. He felt his stomach twist. He glanced back at Thomas who was still standing there. "Oi, you 'appen to see Gibbs round 'ere by any chance?"

"Now 'im for sure I saw come in 'ere. Been in for quite some time. There he is right there" He pointed to the other side of the place where the all too recognizable Gibbs was leaning back in his chair guzzling down a bottle of rum. Near him was the not so comfortable looking Aaron. Jack couldn't see his face, he just assumed it was him.

A slight tugging on his arm made him turn back around to look at Angie. She looked better, but still not as well as he would like.

"In a sec, Elizabeth is going to get up for some drinks" She mumbled. Sure enough she was right and Elizabeth started coming their direction.

"You sure yer up fer this, cause I could just as easily do this myself." Concern dripping from his words.

She smiled weakly and nodded while pulling the black fabric mask over her face. He wasn't convinced but they were out of time."Good, then lets see what she's up to, although, we should take her outside for a talk"

They both got up and looped around in the opposite direction and approached the bar from the other side."A whiskey and three rums" They heard her order to the bartender. The man nodded and left her waiting there.Jack took this as his chance. He walked up and stood right next to her, and Angie went to stand on her other side."This ain't a nice place to be for a lady such as yerself." He said, the distinction of his voice muffled by their surroundings."And I'm sure you would know where a better place would be?" Elizabeth retorted without even looking to see who he was.He rolled his eyes. "In fact we do, come on" That was the signal to Angie who grabbed her hand on her other side. Before Elizabeth could say anything, or even see who it was, her arm was grabbed from her left side and she was being pulled through crowd to the outside of the pub by a hooded person. She struggled to get free of the hooded figure, but she couldn't. Whoever it was had a strong grip.She was being pushed gently from behind so she couldn't turn around to see who was there."Let go of me!" She cried."Calm down luv, we ain't gunna 'urt you" Jack said from behind her.He sounded familiar to her, but the noise of the crowd around them made it nearly impossible for her to recognise."I'm married, my husband will come after you if you hurt me" She threatened."He's not that scary luv""You probably don't even know him!""The hell I don't. Angie let go of 'er" He said once they were outside and away from the crowd of people. She nodded and let her go.Elizabeth spun around ready to slap who ever was right behind her, in the face, not caring who it was, but he caught her wrist inches from his face."Ah ah ah, now that's no way to greet a friend""Jack?" She said confused.She blinked at him. Finally realizing and accepting who he was, she hugged him the way any friend would after a long time."Yes, sorry bout that, but we needed to talk to ye" She pushed herself away from him."So you thought you would just drag me outside? You could have just said something""Well, we didn't want certain people knowing about our conversation, savvy""Who is with you?" She asked referring to Angie who still had her face hidden and was standing slightly behind Jack."At the moment she is of no importance to you." He said. "Now about you then, what the bloody hell are you doing here?!""Me?! What about you?!""Oh no, you are not turning this against me, you better start explaining!" He barked."No Jack, not this time." She turned to go back inside."Jack we need your ship, you better say something. You can't just let her walk away!" Angie said from behind him. Elizabeth thought she recognized who she was, but that was impossible so she pushed that thought out of her mind and kept on walking."Alright fine, she'll come back over here for sure" He replied before yelling after Elizabeth. "Well then Elizabeth, have a jolly good time without Will for a few more years. I can only imagine how much your son will appreciate that." He grinned, but it turned into a frown when Elizabeth, sure enough, came marching back up to him."Do not speak to me about Will" She snapped."Well, I feel we can make an agreement here. I help you free bloody Will, and you 'elp me get my ship and find some all powerful treasure" He stuck out his hand to her she just looked at it."How could you possibly help him?!""I'm still workin on it, but it is possible" He turned to Angie for some reassurance."Yes Elizabeth, it is possible""Excuse me, do I know you, you sound familiar. What's your name?"Jack glanced at Angie. "No, you don't know each other, not at all, not in the slightest.""Angie, the name's Angie" She stated."That's short for Angelica I'd imagine" Angie nodded. She was completely appalled. "You-Jack how could you?!"He was momentarily confused, looking back and forth between them, but he caught on. "No, Elizabeth it's not like that. You don't understand...""Oh, I think I do, and you're going to have a hard time convincing me or anyone else otherwise." Damnit, he should have thought of this situation and the unbelievable explanation, why didn't he?"I know, but you wouldn't believe me if I did. Please, Lizzy, don't tell Angelica. Not yet." He pleaded."Don't tell me what exactly?!" He closed his eyes and he took a deep breath before he turned around. Angelica walked up to them followed by Daniel and Cristina. She glared harshly at Jack." 'Ello what a pleasant surprise seein you all here""Oh, I'm sure it is" Angelica rolled her eyes."Elizabeth and friends would you excuse us for a moment" He grumbled.Angie nodded, she wished Jack the best in dealing with her past self. Jack glanced at her briefly before he took Angelica's hand and walked her a few paces away.She jerked her hand away from him. "What do you think you are doing here!""Oi, trust me, if I didn't have to be here, I wouldn't be, especially around you, goodness no, but I don't have a choice now do I""How dare you talk to me like that after what you put me through" She slapped him in the face and he glanced back at Angie who covered her eyes in disappointment in her past self."Don't look at her! Who is she anyways!""Can't tell ye darlin.""Don't call me that! And why not!""Just because, ye wouldn't believe me anyways""I see how it is, you replaced me after you had me dragged off of the Revenge. I'm just another woman to you, I don't mean anything to you!""No, it isn't like that. Why don't you just trust me, and understand that keeping you away from me is in your best interest""I don't trust you for a second""Oh come on, I saved your life on countless occasions does that mean nothing?""Right now, yes" She responded coldly."Fair enough, but don't you know that I only care for you?" He said a bit softer."No, damnit Jack enough lies!""I'm not lyin...since you, there hasn't been anyone else" Technically he was telling the truth. He was quite sure that even being with her future self it still counted as her. He tried to hold eye contact with her, but she looked away."Now that is a lie, because you have someone else with you right now!""That is true. But I do not love her, and our relationship is strictly business.""Right...then why don't you explain who she is, and her relationship to your 'business'!""No, I don't think I will. You are not in a well enough mood for that""Shut up Jack don't make this about me!""Oh, but it already is. It is all about you, because everything has to be about you. If it doesn't pertain to you, it doesn't matter, and you know it""It sounds more like you are describing yourself!""You stole my ship, you are jumping to conclusions that are in no way true, and you are accusing me of lying to you for no good reason, so let's re-evaluate shall we?" He said. "I lied to you only once today, and that was that it wasn't good to see you again" His tone softer."I don't believe you""Then don't, but just listen to me, because I know you're upset at how things ended last time""You think?! Well, go on then""Firstly, Yes I did in fact have Will promise to remove you from the Revenge and my company, but it was only for your safety. Secondly, I swear on my life that I did not have any relations with anyone, nor did I want to""Is that all?""No...thirdly, I found new information regarding my familial past as well as the treasure that you failed to mention to me""And do you know why?" She interrupted him."Not a clue, care to explain?""No, anything else?" She asked pointedly avoiding his question. She kept her eyes looking over his shoulder so she didn't have to see the look in his eyes.

"Yes. Lastly, for the moment anyways…" He felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest if she continued to avoid his gaze. He hated talking to her like this. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, before releasing his breath and gazing back at her. "Although I lie to you, and even though it may seem as though I don't care, you have to understand that you couldn't be farther from the truth. I do those things with you in mind, to protect you, to keep you safe. Being with me will not keep you safe."There was silence for a few moments that felt like an eternity. He watched her face, and if even for a fraction of a second, he thought he saw her expression soften ever so slightly.

He put his hands on her shoulder and she snapped her eyes back to him. He could feel her tense, but he did not remove his hands. He looked her right in the eye. "You have to understand this. I would go to the ends of the Earth to see you smile. I would destroy anyone who hurt you. For you I would do anything. Just know that" He released her with that final sentimental thought hanging in the air between them. For a moment she appeared to be processing his words and trying to come to terms with them, but just as quickly as her expression had softened, her eyes turned cold again as she glared back at him. .

"And I suppose you expect me to forgive you, just like that?!" She snapped her fingers.

"No, I don't. I don't expect you to ever forgive me for all that I've done to you" He sighed.

She was silent. She hadn't expected that response. She thought for a moment, trying to chose her words carefully, but then realized that she was still mad at him, and since he surely expected some response, she would give him one. As long he felt she was still mad at him, he was at her mercy, so to speak.

"Good cause I don't" She answered. She almost felt bad that she had chosen to answer him like that, completely taking the sentiment out of everything he had just said to her.

"Fine, but if that's how you want it to be, so be it" He surrendered. "But Just so you know, I won't leave until I have my ship and the doll back" He said disappointed that he couldn't just walk away at that moment."Ha, you think I would just willingly give them back to you?! Think again""Bloody woman" He grumbled. "Now I will only be saying this once more, hand over my ship!""Why should I?!" She practically yelled. Elizabeth and Cristina both turned around to look at them."Because if you don't I'll…"

"You'll what? What will you do?" She asked pointedly knowing he wouldn't hurt her. "Are you going to threaten to kill me? Are you going to shoot me? What would you do?"

"Absolutely nothing, I will leave your life just as I had planned." He said gravely serious. It was so unexpected to hear that tone in his voice that her breathing hitched. She looked into his eyes, but they were cold and unforgiving. She looked away as he continued. "If it makes you happy that I'm gone, then so be it. It's only a ship...after all." He said trying to control his emotions. He struggled to keep his features as unchanged and neutral as possible when he told her these last words. "This is it, the end. But just know this last thing, the next time you find yourself in a precarious situation with you standing atop a cliff. I will not be there to jump off it for you" He backed up a few steps from her so she could process those final words.

How dare he?! She wasn't sure if she wanted to cry, or if she wanted to scream, or both. What she knew was that she was filled with anger and resentment for every single word he had said to her, and the fact that she might lose him again because of her self righteous attitude was mind numbing, but she wasn't going to break in front of him. There was no way that she would give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry."Go to Hell!" Was all she could manage, she closed the gap between them again, forcing her hand into sharp contact with his face. His cheek stung, but he did not flinch or allow any emotion to cross his face. He just watched her sorrowfully as several conflicting emotions made their way across her smooth features. He wished he could comfort her at that moment, but he just stood there."I'm sure we both will, but not before I get me ship back" He said nonchalantly. With those words, anger became the prominent emotion on her face again and he knew she was going to slap him again, but he wouldn't allow that. She swiftly lifted her hand again, but he caught her wrist and pulled her closer to him so they were only inches apart. A look of hatred, disappointment, and anger equal to her own flashed dangerously in his eyes. "Twice is quite enough darlin" He growled. With that gave her what seemed like a light shove away from him, but in reality was strong enough to end her up on the ground.

Both Cristina and Elizabeth rushed to her side to help her up, while Jack stood there over her, the look fiery anger and resentment in his cold eyes. Angelica was just about to pull her sword on Jack for that, but Angie stepped in front of her. Jack stepped back, upset that he had done that to her, but he knew she wasn't hurt so he didn't feel so bad.

"You have quite the attitude Angelica." Angie spat at her. "You better watch it or you are going to make your future your own personal and very lonely hell. I'm surprised he let you go that far actually."

"Who the hell are you?" Angelica hissed as she ripped her arms out of the grasps of both Elizabeth and Cristina.

"I'm someone you should but won't trust, and who knows your life better than you." Angie said cryptically.

"As far as I'm concerned you can go to hell with him!" She pulled out her sword about to strike Angie, but was surprised when her attack was blocked. Both Elizabeth and Cristina backed up not wanting to get caught in this sword fight. Elizabeth looked to Jack who looked as if he were weighing his options.

Angelica and Angie were locked in an epic battle, parrying and blocking, attacking and defending. They were about evenly matched, however Angie had better technique, while Angelica had slightly more agility. Angie had no intention to harm her younger self, and was careful not to come in direct contact with her, but she was becoming increasingly frustrated with her younger self's unrelenting attacks.

Jack knew neither would surrender, and he knew that Angie was on his side, so if he chose to get in this fight he would be fighting Angelica. Just then Angelica kicked Angie in the shin causing her to stumble backwards. He was afraid that if she was still feeling unwell that she might faint or something so he immediately rushed to catch her before she hit the hard ground. He pulled her back a few step before he dropped her when he dodged a blow from Angelica. He hoped he didn't hurt Angie when he dropped her, but he would have to ask later. He didn't bother to get his sword, not that he couldn't win this fight, but there was a war going on between them so he had to choose the fights to win and the ones to lose. This was one to lose.

"You're anger is directed at me, don't waste your energy with her, come at me" He said gesturing to himself as he stepped away from Angie.

"You can't win" She stepped up to him pressing the sword against his throat.

Elizabeth and Cristina were going to pull her away from him, but Angie had pushed herself to her feet and stopped them. They gave her a confused look and she just shook her head.

"I wont fight you" Jack said. "And you don't have the nerve to kill me!"

"Don't I?" She pressed it a little harder into his skin causing a stream blood to spill onto the blade. He clenched his teeth, but other than that his features remained unchanged. She wasn't sure what angered her more, his words, or his lack of reaction.

"I would die for you, even if you were the one holding the sword" He stated, standing his ground.

"I am the one holding the sword" She corrected.

"Go it not what you think I deserve" He encouraged as much as he could with the pressure on his neck, knowing, or hoping rather, that she wouldn't do it. "You killed me once you can do it again, but this would be the last time." He barely managed to choke out. It was working. He never took his eyes off hers and just watched the flashes of different emotions dance across her face. He could tell she remembered. "You should...have left me...dead" He coughed.

She dropped the sword at that, barely missing his feet and backed up.

He immediately brought his hands to his neck trying to stop the blood. Angie rushed over to him, but he waved her off.

"Jack if you don't get that stitched up, you will have a scar" She said hastily.

He payed her little attention. He was still keeping his eye contact with Angelica. "That's alright darlin" He said sweetly to Angie. "I want a scar. As a reminder." He waited to see the look of horror crossover Angelica's face before he finally turned his attention to Angie.

"Well, at least put something over it to stop the bleeding." She pleaded. "Here, take this" She was about to pull her black mask off, but he stopped her with a pointed look. She removed her bandana instead.

He returned his gaze over her shoulder back to Angelica who was just watching them. Elizabeth and Cristina were trying to explain to Daniel what had just happened. Jack flinched at the touch of Angie's smooth hands against his neck, but relaxed. When she was done he looked back down at her.

"There, you should be good for now, but I still think you should let me stitch that up for you." She said concerned.

"No thanks luv, you've been more than helpful today. However, if it would make you feel better, you can take a look at it later." He said softly before kissing her on the cheek. He looked up and he could have sworn he saw a look of pure jealousy pass over Angelica's face, but he didn't really care. She had just ignored every meaningful thing he had said to her, and for that, she did not deserve his sympathy at the moment.

"You were feeling sick earlier, are you feeling any better?" He asked Angie seriously.

"Better, but I still feel a little light headed." She responded.

"How's your leg?"

She moved her clothing out of the way to reveal a purplish bruise covering most of her shin. His stomach clenched and his blood boiled. If it had been someone other than her own past self that had done that damage to her, he would have killed them on the spot. He wasn't going to physically hurt her, but he could probably stand to play with her emotions, at least a little for what she did.

"That doesn't look too good" He surmised. "Can you still walk darlin?"

"Jack I'm standing aren't I? I can walk" She responded.

"Well that's good, for a moment I thought I would have to carry you" He said playfully.

"Well now that you mention it, I don't know if I can make it" She said in a similar tone.

"We can't have that" A spark of deviousness in his eye. "I shall be right back for you luv."

He stepped around her and passed Angelica who was giving him a questioning look that he ignored. He walked up to Elizabeth and Cristina, interrupting their conversation.

"Elizabeth, think about what I said. You help me, I help you. We will be at your ship, whenever it is you decide to go back" He said turning away from them.

"I will think about it, but do you know what ship is mine?" She got a quizzical look from every person there besides Jack, who just looked back, amused.

"The Crystal Dawn, two and half masts, fairly small, fairly fast" He replied with a grin.

"How did you-" She asked.

"I have my ways." He smirked. "Speaking of my ways, it appears that she is getting rather impatient." He turned once again.

He reached Angie again and allowed her to wrap her arm around his neck. "Now how did you say your leg was?" He said deviously.

"Not good" She smiled against him as he lifted her off the ground. She knew how this would look to her younger self, but she also knew that her jealousy would be one of the only ways to get to her, so she played along. Not that she had to pretend that this was anything other than what she wanted. She kissed him on the cheek as he carried her away from them. She looked back and saw the look she expected to see adorned all over Angelica's face.

He held her tightly to him, and she rested her head on his chest. She could hear, feel, his heartbeat. It was like a sweet music that she could listen to forever. She closed her eyes, and actually managed to fall asleep in his arms. She woke up to him setting her down on a hammock below decks of the small ship. He sat down next to her and it didn't surprise her that he had already found himself a bottle of rum.

She was, however, surprised that he had actually carried her all the way back to the ship and had expected him to set her down after getting out of their line of sight, but he didn't.

She now expected him to leave her, or go back to the upper deck, but he didn't. He sat there and leaned against a crate. She hadn't asked him to stay, but he did as if she had. She wanted to know what he was thinking, but he was on the other side of her and she couldn't see his face. She rolled over, clearly giving away that she was awake.

"Jack-" She whispered.

He looked down at her, a calm smile on his lips. "Shh, Sleep" He leaned down and kissed her forehead.


"Rest, I'll be right 'ere" He said softly. "Tomorrow is goin to be very interestin, and I would feel better knowin ye actually got some sleep"

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