Love Should Never Die

Chapter 8

"What?!" Will asked Jack not even thinking about the fact that he said that out loud.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Angelica asked him, not sure why he was confused.

"Oh, Jack spoke of you often. He told me that he loved you. He would often imagine what his life would have been like with you by his side." Now Will was just exaggerating, and by the look on Jack's face he decided that he should just stop there.

She looked blankly at him. Was he telling her the truth? Had Jack really told Will that he loved her? She needed more proof.

"I'm still not convinced, anyone could make that up" She said once again with an angry tone.

Jack's eyes fell when he realized she didn't believe Will. He stepped behind her and put his arms around her waist, even though she couldn't see him, just standing behind her made himself feel better.

"You remember that I've told you that before, don't you sweetness?" Jack whispered as his lips brushed past her ear, hoping that she could sense his presence like she had before.

"Jack... don't leave" She whispered whilst instinctively lifting her hand to her ear once again as if he were actually there. She snapped out of it. She knew he wasn't there.

Meanwhile, Will watched in amazement of how jack could make her feel his presence there. But, he was tired of standing there, so he grabbed her arm pulled her into her cabin and sat her down on the bed whilst he went and sat on a chair across from her.

"What do you want from me?" She asked forgetting what he had said earlier.

"Tell me what happened before Jack was rowing you to that island." Will said, wanting to know every detail. She didn't know what it was, but the strange feeling about Jack that she had earlier made her want to tell Will everything in hopes that he would be able to make things better.

She began with their meeting in London, leaving out a few 'minor' details. She told him about their trip to the fountain of youth which seemed to have him intrigued.

"The one legged man used a poisoned blade, and since my father had be stabbed by it, he needed the fountain, I told Jack to let me save him, but he wouldn't. He killed my father! The only family I had left was taken away by Jack!" She said with both anger and sorrow in her voice. "but now he's gone too, so I have no one."

At this, Jack jumped up "No no no. Will, that is a lie. I saved her life, unfortunately at the expense of her father whom, she decisively left out, was none other than Blackbeard, aka Edward Teach." Jack growled, angry that she didn't appreciate this decision he had made for her, the decision without which she would not be here. "And I am still here! I have not left her!" He continued in his angry tone. Will could tell Jack was angry now, besides for the tone in his voice, he had almost an aura around him.

Will knew that when ghosts became angry or otherwise emotionally distressed, they could sometimes have an affect on things like the room temperature, or they could become visible for a few seconds at a time. This was not good he thought. The room suddenly became very cold, the lanterns that lit the room went out, and it became almost completely dark, at this Will immediately got up to light the lanterns again knowing that Angelica may not like the dark.

"Calm down" He ordered in a harsh whisper while glaring at Jack, so Angelica would not hear him.

"Would you like a blanket or something Ms Teach, you look cold" He asked her when the room was lit again. She nodded as he got up and left the room. She was alone once again, or so she thought.

Jack was still angry as he paced around the room.

"How could ye say that!" Jack was yelling now, for he could not believe what she said. "I saved yer life, and if I hadn't ye would not be here!"

Angelica looked up. The color rushed from her face. Could it be? Was that Jack yelling from the other side of the room?

She could only hear some of what he was saying, but she knew it was his voice. She heard 'How could you' and 'I saved your life'. She was shocked.

She stood up about to walk over to where she saw him standing, when he turned around to face her. He looked into her eyes, and with that all the anger left him.

He saw the fear and horror in her eyes that made him want nothing more than to hug her. She saw him. He was just standing there with that stupid grin on his face.

"Come here, luv" He said calmly. She started walking cautiously over to where he was standing with his arms out as if he was going to hug her.

But, the closer to him she got, the harder it was for her to see him, and when she stood where he had been, he was gone.

"Jack?" She whimpered, the tears streaming down her face again.

She sat down right there in the middle of the floor, not wanting to move, and she kept crying. Jack, not really sure what just happened, did not want to see her cry anymore, but he could not stop her. He kneeled down in front of her. He hugged her, resting his head on her shoulder, while his hand rubbed her back in an attempt to comfort her.

"Don't cry anymore, luv, ol' Jack hasn't left ye yet." Jack whispered.

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