Love Should Never Die

Chapter 44

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Why did she have to be so temperamental? Things had not gone according to plan and he was irritated. Why couldn't Angelica just have accepted his apology? Granted he didn't do a good job of explaining himself, but there was no reason for her to be that upset. He couldn't sleep, and he didn't really want to. It had been almost an hour since Angie had fallen asleep, and here he was left all alone. He couldn't take it anymore, his mind was reeling and he needed some air. He pulled a blanket up around her, and covered her face gently with the black fabric incase anyone was to catch her sleeping. He stretched his limbs as he stood up. He took one last glance at Angie's sleeping form before he went to the main deck. The air was cool, and there was a soft breeze. He stood leaning against the rail, facing the open sea.He needed his ship, and for that he needed Angelica to give it to him. His neck was throbbing with a slight stinging pain from the cut he had sustained from a very unhappy Angelica. He ran his fingers gently over the bandana still tied around his neck. Why couldn't she have just killed him? Then at least he wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. Why was she so-"Jack"He breathed a sigh, although he wasn't sure of it was because she wasn't Angelica or because he was no longer alone. He didn't need to turn around to know it was Elizabeth. She came to stand next to him and he shifted so he could look at her."Ello luv," He glanced around the rest of the ship expecting to see the others, but quickly saw that she had come back alone. He looked back at her trying to read the mixed emotions displayed across her face. "Where is everybody?""Well, after your little argument, Angelica is about to drink herself into oblivion. I ran into Gibbs and Aaron on my way back, I told him to join us in the morning. Daniel is trying to keep tabs on the crew and Cristina is hopefully still with Angelica, but no doubt she won't be able to get her back to the ship herself" She said in a few exasperated breaths."Now that truly is a tragedy" He scoffed."Jack, you have no idea how hurt she is" She said pointedly. Jack sighed again and glanced back at the sea if only a moment before he looked at her again."You're right, I don't. But whose fault is that? Is it mine because she doesn't talk to me? Is it everyone's for lying to her all the time so she has no one to trust? Or is it hers for remaining in our company? Whose fault is it really?" He said slowly."I don't-" She didn't know how to answer that. She could hardly tell if he wanted an answer, but he didn't give her a chance to think about it before he continued."I'll tell you whose fault this is. I admit some responsibility rests on my shoulders, but do not think you are free from fault as well, I know you, Cristina, and Will lied to her as well, and have yet to come clean about it" His gaze was fixed on hers and it made her nervous. His eyes were cold and shadowed. His tone was knowingly accusing, but not sharp. She was not sure what to say."How did you know?" She managed quietly."I'll was told""By who, who could have possibly told you that without having been there?" She was confused, but something clicked. There was someone with him earlier. "Where is she?" She asked hesitantly."Where is who?" He knew very well who she was talking about, but he did not want to start on that subject."Don't play dumb, where is she, and who is she?" She raised her voice, but his expression never changed."She's sleeping, and as for who, I'd rather not say""Then I'll ask her myself" She went to walk past him, but he stopped her."No, not now. In good time, it will make sense why her identity is a secret" He so desperately wanted to change the subject and distract her, but this was Elizabeth Turner, not much could stop her from her goals."But I don't understand""I know, and neither do I, but that isn't why you came back alone tonight, what did you really want to talk about?" He knew she had been avoiding her real reason for coming back since the very beginning of the conversation."Can you save Will?" She asked quietly looking up at him."I believe so.""Okay, I'll help you get your ship back, and I'll help you with whatever you need to find this treasure or whatever it is. But you have to get her back here yourself, and you have to fix things with her. I don't care what kind of resolution you two reach, but I can't have you fighting or ignoring each other all the time""Deal" He agreed without hesitation."Oh, and also, you have to tell me who your 'friend' is...right now"" won't believe me, but alright, come on, just don't wake her" He said as he made his way back down the stairs to the lower deck.He sat down on the crate next to her hammock with Elizabeth standing behind him looking down at the sleeping woman.Carefully, Jack pulled the blankets down slightly and removed the black fabric from her face. She stirred slightly and hummed at his touch against her face."Shh, Sleep darlin, I'll wake you in the mornin" He whispered softly.

"Don't-go-I'm-sorry-mmm-Jack-she-still-loves-you-" She murmured quietly, still not awake.Jack looked up at Elizabeth who was looking very confused. He pulled the blankets back up around Angie and put the mask back over her face. She shifted slightly and continued sleeping.Elizabeth was still shocked, she grabbed Jack's wrist and practically dragged him back up to the main deck.When they were alone again she spoke. "You better start explaining""You see why it is too hard to explain? She's from the future, and yes she has provided some information. It was no coincidence that we met you here this evening.""I thought - I thought you-" She stuttered before throwing her arms around him. He was surprised and confused so he just stood there."Ehm, what was that for?""You aren't as much of a bastard as I thought" She smiled up at him."Thanks, er I guess.""So I assume you were telling the truth then earlier""Almost every word that came out of me mouth was the truth." He said casually."So are you going to tell her?""I'll have to eventually, but I want my ship back first. She isn't going to believe me and I dont want to fight her. The future Angelica still has more information that could be useful, granted she already messed up the timeline, but still, there is more I need to know."Timelines, future, multiples of one person, this was too much for her to comprehend. She wasn't even going to try, she just decided to let him deal with it."Okay, I tell you what, you go get her, convince her to give you your ship, you get it out of that bottle, and until you feel like it's necessary, future Angelica can remain aboard my ship whilst you and our Angelica are aboard your ship. I'll also spare a few crewmen to help sail the Pearl. Sound good?""Sounds delightful, where did ya say she was again?" He asked."She should still be at the Faithful Bride where I left her." She said thoughtfully."Okay, I'll go fetch her then, just don't wake up the other one, she can't know yet that you know it's her." He said seriously before walking away."Okay" She agreed. "Oh and Jack...good luck"He nodded and sauntered off the ship.

It didn't take him long to get back to the tavern. He scanned the place for where Angelica was drinking herself away, but before he could get further into the building he felt a sharp tug on his arm. He spun around quickly only to see a very distressed looking Cristina. Her hair was everywhere and she had a drink stain all down her front and a small cut on her cheek."Jack!""Oi, you look like hell" He stated, looking her up and down."I feel like it too, thanks to you""Nevermind that, where is she?"For a second she looked confused but then pointed to a table at the far back of the place where Angelica was sitting all by herself with three empty bottles and one that was still half full of rum.He grimaced, this was not going to go well and he prefered if no one he knew well was there to witness it. He turned back to Cristina who was wiping the blood off her face."Go back to the ship." He commanded softly."What? She won't let you near her" She stated matter-of-factly."I know, but I have to resolve this." He said. "Go back to the ship, get cleaned up and go to sleep.""Jack, I'm not leavi-" She protested before he interrupted her."Look, you tried already, obviously you can't handle her like this. So what help are you to me? We have a journey ahead of us, and you are of no use to anyone, least of all yourself, if you are exhausted." She didn't move."Again, go, clean up and get some sleep. I'll make sure she makes it back to the ship tonight" He said softer.She nodded silently and left the crowded tavern. After watching her leave, he turned his attention to Angelica who was still drinking away.He walked up to her carefully, not wanting to surprise her. He pulled up a chair and sat right next to her, his legs barely brushing past hers.She took one look at him and turned away.

"Go away" She spat viciously."No." He said softly. "Come back to the ship with me""With you-? I don't think so" She hissed. She lifted the bottle to her lips, but to her surprise, Jack stopped her. She glared at him but he maintained eye contact with her. His features calm and controlled, he studied every twitch and movement in her face and eyes."Enough. Enough of this, you don't need it" He gently pried the bottle from her hand and set it on the table behind him. She wanted to protest, but she was too drunk to stop him.It pained him to see her like this. He never wanted to hurt her, she just made it so difficult not to fight with her all the time.She couldn't handle his calm demeanor and gentle eyes any longer. She looked away from him. She shuddered when she felt his rough hands on hers. She tried to pull away, but he held her hands firmly while still maintaining a comforting feeling. She shifted her gaze up at him, her eyes were glossy and brimming with unshed tears.He could see she wasn't in her right frame of mind, but he wouldn't use that as a way to get close to her again. For that, he would have to wait until she was sober, but for now he just wanted to be near her, and for her to feel as safe as possible with him."Lets go for a walk" He said calmly. He stood and offered her a hand, but she stood by herself ignoring him."Uh, well then lets go" He said walking a few paces away before turning to judge just how drunk she was. She took one uneasy step before stumbling forward. Jack, luckily for her, had expected as much and caught her. He helped straighten her out and she looked as if she were going to argue but Jack beat her to it."Don't. You don't have to like it, and you don't have to talk to me, but just accept the help you are given when someone is willing to give it. Come on" She glared at him, but he just smiled warmly at her and put an arm around her waist.They walked out of the tavern, but she was somewhat surprised when they walked passed the docks and towards the beach.Neither of them spoke. Jack was too busy trying to figure out what to say and Angelica was still too drunk to come up with any coherent thoughts so they just walked on."Of all of the nights I have seen, this is one of the most serene." He muttered softly.She didn't respond. He inhaled and glanced down at her. She was looking off into the distance, at the rolling waves, lapping up onto the shore. The air was salty, and the breeze was soft against their backs as they continued walking away from the noise and crowds of the main port."I'm sorry, you know" He said finally, not expecting her to remember any of this and certainly not expecting any answer.She looked up at him confused, waiting for him to continue."I didn't mean for this to happen. We were both supposed to move on and be free of each other. I was trying to do you a favor by leaving you on that island, and since then I have been trying to fix the situation." She was still trying to understand what he was saying, but she couldn't, her mind was too fuzzy with the effects of the alcohol. She looked away from him again.He wished she would say something, anything. He knew she was listening, but he wanted her to talk to him."I've tried to stop fighting our relationship, I do care for you, but it's dangerous. I have enemies, and feelings can get people killed" He said seriously.She still wasn't going to answer him. So he stopped walking and turned her to face him. She looked at him. "I will not let you get killed because of me, because I-I love you" He said trying to get his point across. She showed no sign of having even heard him, but he didn't care, he pulled her close to him and held her in a tight embrace. He was glad she didn't resist.He felt her arms wrap around him and it made him feel good, but he knew she was drunk enough to not remember any of what was said this evening. He knew he would have to go through this all again when she was sober and it would be nowhere near as easy.He let her go, but they did didn't move."We can't just walk away. The ship is back that way, and our ship is still in that bottle." He practically whispered. "Care if we turn around and walk back" They had been walking for almost an hour along the beach and the stars were bright in the sky, and the moon's light reflected off the soft waves.She looked up at him again and nodded.

So, they did. They followed the path that they had made in the sand all the way back.She still hadn't said anything to him, but her demeanor was more relaxed and she leaned into him allowing him to support her. They hadn't made it halfway before she just stopped walking. He stopped to see why she had stopped. She had sat down on the cool sand and looked over the sea.She was dead tired and he could see it. Even in the poor light, the dark rings under her eyes were clearly visible against her soft tan skin.It was clear that she wasn't going to move another inch right now, so he sat down next to her. He wrapped an arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. He could feel her breathing on his neck. It wasn't long before she had fallen asleep, her breathing even and soft.He tried to shift her so she would be lying completely on the sand instead of slouching in this awkward sitting position, but she wouldn't move away from him.He refused to let her sleep like that so he lay down with her and allowed her to lay as close to him as she like. She curled up beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. He wished every night could be like this, minus the excessive fighting and drinking.He lay awake, no wanting to sleep should she wake up and be in a suddenly different mood which was not too uncommon for her.The air was cool, and the breeze had gotten stronger since hours earlier. She shivered next to him. He slipped off his jacket and lay it over her.She rolled over, now facing away from him. He sat up and stretched out his arms.He could almost see the ships and lights of the port in the distance. They really weren't that far away. He knew she would be outraged should she wake up out here, least of all with him.

He sighed, taking in her beauty for the last time before he scooped her carefully up into his arms. He would carry her back the ship and hopefully in that time she wouldn't wake up.She was surprisingly light compared to her future self. Maybe she wasn't eating, or getting enough sleep, or exercise. He would have to pay closer attention. She put her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest and mumbled something inaudible to him. He smiled to himself as he slowly made his way back to the ship."Mhmm-Jack" She hummed shifting slightly in his arms."I'm 'ere, just rest" He said softly. Just a little bit further, he could now clearly see the ship, and the noises of the port had met their ears again."Jack?-" The fog that was clouding her head was starting to clear revealing a massive headache. It wasn't yet bad enough to stop her thoughts. She didn't recognize where she was and where she was going or who she was with.He could hear the pain in her voice and sighed."You are going to have a nasty hangover tomorrow"His voice brought her into awareness. She was with Jack, being carried to somewhere, she had a headache and he was acting like nothing was wrong, but something was. Why? What happened before she fell asleep? What happened earlier that evening? She tried and tried to remember, but she couldn't. She squirmed a little in his arms making it hard to for him to keep walking."Oi, calm down, I got you, but I won't for long if you keep this up" He said lightly.She stilled, but her hand brushed passed the bandana on his neck and she could visibly see him wince at her touch.Then it hit her like a giant wave. It all came back to her, the arguing, the fighting, the gash in his neck. She stiffened. Her sudden stillness worried him, he looked down at her. Her eyes were wide and her hands were trembling.He took a deep breath, he knew what was bothering her. He didn't stop walking, and he tried not to look at her so she wouldn't see any emotions in his eyes."Jack-" her voice was raspy and quiet."No, shh. It's not your fault." He said as he finally stepped foot onto the deck of the ship. She didn't say anything else. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on what he had said and she tried to remember everything that had happened, but she slipped into a restless sleep instead.Elizabeth was waiting for them on the stairs and she looked up when she saw them.She grinned at how cute they looked together, but Jack noticed and shot her a warning look."Is she alright?" She asked."Well, she's drunk, tired and she's gunna have one hell of a hangover in the morning."Elizabeth nodded.She watched him take her below decks and place her gently in a hammock a short distance away from her future self who was also sleeping.He removed his jacket from around her and replaced it with a blanket. He took off her hat and her boots, as well as her sword. He brushed some hair out of her face and leant down leaving a gentle kiss on her forehead."G'night luv" He whispered."Goodnight Jack" She replied before rolling over and closing her eyes.He stood up, he didn't expect her to answer. He walked back to the main deck, he was pretty tired.

Elizabeth was waiting for him."How'd it go?""She isn't going to remember any of it tomorrow." He sighed."Did you get your ship back?""No. As much as I want it back, I'd rather her give it to me out of her own free will, not out of a drunken mistake.""You are very sweet Jack" She smiled."Oi, I am many things, but sweet is definitely not one of them.""Oh, of course. Big bad, Captain Jack Sparrow couldn't possibly have a thoughtful soft side" She said jokingly.He shook his head and grinned."I will accept thoughtful, but sweet, never.""I'm not so sure, Jack. Maybe you just don't want to recognize it. Maybe you're in denial. You don't want to believe that you have feelings; that you're a good man""You keep sayin that after all these years, one might think you actually believe it" He said dryly."I do believe it, I just wish you would as well." She said before walking away leaving him once again alone with his thoughts.

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