Love Should Never Die

Chapter 45

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It had been almost two hours since Elizabeth had gone to bed. He had found himself a comfortable place to sit and think for a while. He couldn't get his head around what he should be trying to do. What was he supposed to do? For all of his experience with women, he had no idea how to even approach Angelica anymore.

The sky grew darker as clouds moved in over head. The breeze grew cold and strong. A particularly strong gust of wind knocked his hat clean off onto the deck behind him. He took that as a sign that he should do something else, cause he wasn't getting anywhere just sitting there.

He grabbed his hat off the deck, placing it neatly on his head before going down to the lower deck.

It was quiet, and dark. He lit a lantern and let the light dance over the two people sleeping. He sat down on a crate next to 'his' Angelica. He looked at her face. She looked worn out, and distressed, but no less beautiful in his eyes. He brushed some of the hair off of her face. It was either really late, or it was really early. He had lost all sense of time. He just hoped she slept through the night. She really needed it.

He leaned back and closed his eyes. He quickly fell into a restless and dreamless sleep.

He woke up just as quickly to the sound of a hushed voice near him. He guessed he hadn't gotten more than two hours of sleep. He opened his eyes and moved his hand to the hilt of his sword. It was still dark, but he guessed it wouldn't be too long before morning. He stood up and walked around the deck but he found nothing to which the noises could be attributed to.

"Jack" It sounded like Angelica. He turned around to see her moving in her sleep. She must be dreaming, he thought. He sat down next to her again.

" con tu papá...te't hurt her...Jack- don't go...I-I" She mumbled. He heard enough. She must have been having a nightmare. He cupped her face in his hand to calm her down.

"Shh...yer alright" He whispered softly. "I'm not going anywhere" Perhaps he would ask her about that dream sometime if he ever got the chance, some of the things she said intrigued him.

She leaned into his hand, but he pulled it gently away.

Her eyes blinked open. "Jack?" She spoke, her breathing heavy. Even in the dark her face was pale. She looked like she was going to be sick. And in fact she was. Luckily Jack had foreseen this type of thing happening and had placed a bucket conveniently next to her hammock.

He grimaced, but he still gently placed a hand on her back as she emptied the contents of her stomach.

She pushed herself back up all the way onto the hammock again, as she had almost fallen off of it.

Jack also had some water and offered it to her. She took it gratefully. He smiled warmly down at her, not that she could really see him that well.


"Shh, yer alright" He said quietly.

"Where are we?"

"We're still on the Crystal Dawn, and we are still docked in Tortuga waiting for the crew to return in the morning"

"We aren't on the Pearl?" She asked as she stretched her arms.

"No, you still have it luv" He stated

"You didn't just take it while I was sleeping?" She said rubbing her eyes.

"No, I did not" He said seriously.

"Why? That isn't like you"

"I trust you to give it to me when you deem fit" For as long as he could, he was going to be as passive towards her as possible. "Just get some more sleep, we'll be leaving in a few hours"

She looked at him skeptically, her eyes filled with distrust. "Why?"

"Because yer exhausted" He said...'and very hungover', he thought.

"No...why do you trust me?" She narrowed her eyes.

"I dunno...I'd hope it would help you trust me to some extent, I suppose." He said honestly.

"Liar...I don't believe you"

"Clearly" He said. "Why not?"

"Why do you need your ship back so badly?"

"Because it is strategically better qualified for the expedition"

"Yeah, right"

"That is the honest answer, honestly" He raised his hand in defence.

"No, I don't think so. I think you want your ship back so you wont need a reason to keep me around anymore...then you can just leave me on some island or something" She coughed.

"Oh...I see what yer afraid of" He said with realization. "Ye think I'm just after me ship. That couldn't be further from the truth luv. Ye should know better than anyone that I care 'bout ye"

She ignored him. "Just go...take your ship and go"

He was very sure he heard her wrong. "What?"

"The Pearl...just take it...and if you're going to leave then leave…"

"It's not like that. I am not leaving, and I won't leave you. Not ever again, if thats how you want it to be." He said meaning every word. He knew she was still not thinking straight still, but there wasn't anything he could say to make her believe him.

She reached over and pulled the bottle from the bag next to her hammock. She held it out to him pointedly. "Here, now leave" She demanded.

"Thank ye, but ye better go back to sleep while ye still can before we leave" He said before leaving her alone again. Silent tears slipped down her cheeks as she followed him with her eyes. But he was right, she was still tired and she did fall back to sleep momentarily after he left, the tears drying on her face.

On the other hand, his mind was reeling. How could she even think that he would use her as a means to an end like that?! What had he done to give her that impression? He would show her, he didn't know how, but he would, although, first he had to free the Pearl.

He found Angie and softly ran a hand over her arm to wake her up. Her eyes blinked open and she smiled when she saw his face.

"Good morning Jack" She whispered.

"mornin luv" He replied warmly. "I need yer help with somethin. Meet me on deck in ten minutes"

She nodded and he left her to go find Elizabeth.

Surprisingly she was already on deck, dressed and ready to go. "Mornin Lizabeth. Yer up early aint ye?"

She smirked at him from the top of the stairs. "Pirate" She replied. "Good morning Jack"

He grinned.

"We are just waiting on Daniel, Gibbs, Aaron, and a few other members of the crew before we can shove off"


The sun had not yet risen and the sky was still very dark, but it could have been due to the heavy cloud cover.

Jack and Elizabeth talked for a few minutes before Angie joined them. They waited about an hour for the last stragglers of the crew to return. After everyone was aboard they departed, leaving Tortuga behind. They sailed for about an hour, keeping close to the shore for protection. The stopped. Jack had explained his plan to Elizabeth and Angie to release his ship.

A longboat was lowered and Jack and Angie rowed out a few hundred meters from the Dawn. Elizabeth, Cristina, and Daniel watched them from the quarterdeck.

"Give me yer hand" Jack said. She did as he said and let her smaller hand rest in his larger one. He swiftly cut it with a knife. She hissed at the pain that shot through her hand. "Sorry, luv" Just as quickly, he uncorked the bottle to the ship and held her hand over it letting the blood drip into it. After a few seconds he let her go. He leaned over the side of the small boat, and held the bottle under the water.

"Jack let it go" She said suddenly.

"What? No way!"

"Trust will work, just let it go unless you want to be crushed." She said gently.

"Fine" He grumbled under his breath as he released his grip on the glass bottle. He felt helpless as he watched his precious ship in the bottle sink into the darkness of the sea.

"Jack, we need to move" She said. "Now"

He obeyed and rowed them quite a ways away. There was a flash of white light, temporarily blinding them, and the sound of a deafening explosion. The water near where they had just been appeared to form a maelstrom, with the water running counter clockwise. From the center, the ship became visible and appeared to be growing in size.

After a few seconds it was full size again and it was beautiful. Jack just stared at it, stuck in a trance of both wonder and shock.

"Ready to see your ship again, Captain?" Angie said happily nudging him.

He didn't even answer, his gaze was still transfixed on the Pearl. He finally snapped out of it and rowed them over to it as fast as he could. He climbed aboard, only taking a moment to help Angie up as well. He found himself wanting to inspect the entire ship to see the damage caused since it was stolen from him.

To Angie he looked like a child on Christmas, his eyes wide with a genuine smile on his face. She followed him all over the ship. They were on the quarter deck when she pulled out a pistol, aiming it almost right at Jack who was not paying any attention.

"Hands up Jack" She demanded.

He spun around. "What?"

She pulled the trigger and he ducked, the bullet just missing his head.

"Damn, I missed" She holstered her gun again.

He glared up at her. "What might I ask was that for?" He said as he straightened himself out again.

She just motioned to the monkey that had climbed up the rigging behind him. "I tried to shoot him" She shrugged.

"Ha, well maybe I need to teach yer younger self a lesson in aiming" He said. "Perhaps when she feels better, but now looks like Lizabeth finally decided to join us"

They both moved to get the Pearl lined up next to the Dawn, and they lowered a gangplank. Gibbs was the first to cross over to the Pearl, followed by Elizabeth, Aaron, and Cristina.

"Alright, listen up" Jack began. "The plan, now that I 'ave me ship, is this. We are venturing to find a very powerful treasure, and we must get to it before Barbossa" Gibbs noticeably rolled his eyes, but Jack ignored him and continued. "Elizabeth will captain the Dawn, and Angie, and Cristina will remain aboard with her, while Gibbs, Aaron, and Angelica join me on the Pearl, plus a few extra personnel, savvy. Any questions"

"Sounds like a plan" Elizabeth accepted.

"How are we gunna find this place?" Aaron asked.

" Son...I'm captain Jack Sparrow, and I just so happen have to have a map in my possession that we shall follow to get there" Jack smirked.

"I have a question." Cristina spoke up sternly.


"Who is she?" Cristina nodded to Angie.

Elizabeth glanced at Jack to see what he would say. Angie didn't look to bothered by the question and before Jack could say anything or stop her, she took off the black mask covering her face and lowered her hood from her head. Everyone gasped except for Elizabeth and Jack who were slightly unsure of why she had just given away her identity.

" Thats...thats...not possible" Cristina mumbled.

"Oh, I assure you Cristina, it is" Angie said nonchalantly.

"What's yer name?" Gibbs said eyeing her skeptically.

"Angelica Spa-Teach. Angelica Teach. You know very well who I am Mr Gibbs." Well that wasn't good. She almost let slip a secret about the future that she had been very careful to keep thus far. Jack glanced at her curiously, but he said nothing, no doubt he had caught her slip up.

" how is that possible might I ask?" Gibbs questioned.

"I'm from the future, which I must say looks quite bleak for all of us if we continue to stand around and interrogate me"

"Aye..." Jack spoke up. "now like I three will remain aboard the Dawn, while us four, 'our' Angelica included will be aboard the Pearl, savvy?"

He went on to explain the rest of the plan to them, from the moment they were to arrive on the island to the moment they were to get the treasure and leave. He pulled out his map and handed it to Elizabeth allowing her to study their route. "Here is the heading, we will go that way" He pointed off into the distance without even looking at his compass. He had already spent some time looking at that map and felt confident he could get them to where he wanted to go.

"Did you check your compass Jack? Don't you use it for everything?" Elizabeth questioned.

"Yes, but on occasion, I find it more fun to just go. So let's, shall we?"

Elizabeth shrugged and gave a nod.

The group separated, Elizabeth, Angie, and Cristina returned to the Dawn, while Jack Aaron and Gibbs remained aboard the Pearl.

"Gibbs take the helm, and Aaron...just do whatever it is you do. I'll be back"

"Aye Cap't" they both replied.

Jack walked over the gangplank and down to the crew deck of the Dawn. Despite how long they had all been up, it was still early in the morning, so he wasn't surprised to see Angelica still sleeping in the hammock where he had left her.

He carefully gathered her into his arms. She didn't even make a sound, but he could feel her breathing, the shallow rise and fall of her chest. He carried her over to the Pearl and into the captain's cabin. He gently laid her down on the bed. He left her only for just a few minutes to make sure the ship got moving ok, but he swiftly returned to find her in the same position as when he had left. He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked her up and down. She was a mess. Her hair was in tangled knots, her clothes smelled like rum, sweat, and vomit, and she had dirt smudges all over her face that he hadn't noticed in the darkness of last night.

He wasn't going to let her sleep like that.

Luckily for him he still had clothes in the trunk in the adjacent room. He found a pair of soft loose shorts and a loose white shirt that he was sure would fit her. He didn't keep a lot of female clothes around so the shorts and shirt were his, but at least they were clean.

He went back to the room where she was sleeping.

He sat on the edge of the bed next to her. He carefully moved her hair out of the way and gently pulled her stained shirt off of her and quickly replaced it with his clean white one. He did the same with her trousers, quickly replacing them with his shorts. He found a cloth and dampened it with some water. Carefully so he didn't wake her, he gently wiped her face off. When he was finished he shifted her slightly so he could pull the blankets up around her. She looked so peaceful, and he could only hope that she would stay that way.

He would have stayed with her until she woke up, but he needed to speak to Gibbs. He took one last glance at her before he left the cabin, closing the door gently behind him.

He walked up to the helm where Gibbs was steering the ship.

"How is she?" The older man asked.

"I suppose that is the question ain't it?" Jack replied. "She's fine physically, but emotionally she's...lets just say not going to be fun to talk to when she wakes up"

"And yerself? You look awful cap't, you been sleepin?"

"I'm perfect, why wouldn't I be?" Jack snapped.

Gibbs just looked at him knowingly.

"Do I look that bad?" Jack conceded.

"I saw that nasty fight you two got in last night. You should have known better Jack"

"What was I supposed to do?! I had to get my ship back!" He defended. "Why can't it ever be simple?! Why can't things just go smoothly?!"

"Because women are anything but simple cap't" Gibbs responded wisely. "You still look like you haven't slept in days. Take a break cap't, after all it will take a few days to get there"

"Fine" He grumbled under his breath. "Keep us on course, if there are any developments let me know, other than that I do not wish to be disturbed"

"Aye sir" The other man responded as Jack walked away back to his cabin.

Before going back to his cabin he decided to find himself something to drink. Rum would be nice, he thought. He walked into the galley, which he had thought would be void of persons, but no, Aaron was there.

"Aaron, what in the blazes are ya doing? Ain't ya s'posed to be workin or somthin?!" Jack questioned sternly.

The younger man practically fell out of his chair, dropping the bottle that was in his hand and spilling it's contents across the floor. He didn't answer.

"So yer not workin, and ye wasted a perfectly good rum...perhaps I should just throw you overboard now" Jack said smirking at the younger man's nervousness.

"No-no sir" Aaron said quietly standing at some form of attention.

"what are ye doin? That is not how I run my ship savvy?" Jack said finding two more bottles of rum and sitting across from where Aaron had been sitting. "sit down"

He did as he was told. Jack took a sip of his and slid the other across the table to Aaron who nodded uneasily in thanks.

"What's yer story boy?" Jack asked after a moment.

"uh-why? What's it to you?"

"cause on occasion I like to know the persons on my crew" Jack said plainly. "You are an ex-royal navy officer ain't ye?"

"what makes you say that?" Aaron looked at him incredulously.

"Ye follow orders, ye are fairly well mannered, ye treat women with a general respect, and the dead give away is that standing at attention is not common amongst pirates" Jack smirked and took another drink of rum not taking his eyes off of the man in front of him.

"That obvious?" Aaron asked.

"Aye, now people ain't gunna trust ye if ye don't start actin like ye belong" Jack said knowingly. "So what changed yer mind? Why join a Barbossa in the first place?" Jack asked thoroughly intrigued.

"I didn't choose okay! I was part of the expedition crew that survived during the fountain of youth charade!" Aaron said lowly. "After Barbossa turned pirate again, he offered any remaining officers a choice to either join his crew on the Revenge, or to be left behind"

"Once a pirate always a pirate" Jack stated.

"Of course I knew even if I made it back to England I wouldn't be welcomed back into the navy and I would more than likely be executed for piracy. But I knew I wouldn't even get that far, so I joined his crew" Aaron continued.

"Have any family back in England?" Jack inquired.

"No. My father was in the Navy and his ship was lost at sea, and my mother had gone so mad with grief that she jumped off the Richmond Bridge in London. I was left to care for my younger siblings. I had a brother, Joseph, and a sister, Katherine, but I couldn't look after them so I had to put them in an orphanage to be adopted by someone who could." He said sadly taking a long drink of rum.

"Well, I know how that feels, to lose yer family." Jack mentioned. Aaron gave him a look wondering if he was going to continue, but Jack didn't elaborate any further.

Jack took a drink of rum, and sat in silence for another moment.

"What about a girl? Got a lass waitin for ye to come home?" Jack asked clawing himself out of his deeper thoughts and pushing them out of his mind.

"No." Aaron said. "I have never had the best luck with the ladies"

Jack chuckled. "Oh come now, a lad such as yerself has to have someone"

"They're so complicated, I never can say the right things"

"What kind of military training did you have did ye say?" Jack asked having somewhat of an idea. "Like what was yer position"

"I was a Lieutenant, I never really had to do anything that important, but for some reason my job was generally to escort prisoners and any guests we had aboard our vessels" He answered.

That gave Jack an idea, he didn't particularly like it, but it would make him feel better. "Well, I tell you what, I help you, you help me savvy?"


"First I need to know something. Are you sure you want to turn pirate, cause like I said, once you turn, you can never really go back"

The younger man nodded. "its already too late for that"

"Good" Jack grinned. "Now then, as I was saying...I will help you with yer reputation as a pirate, as well as find you a girl.."

"And in return?" Aaron interrupted.

"And in return not only will you continue to serve as a member of my crew, but you will also serve as a bodyguard"

"What for, you can take care of yourself" Aaron almost laughed, but Jack merely looked at him.

"Not for me you idiot. Where we are going, Angelica is going to be in danger, and I may not be able to watch her all of the time. That's where you come in" Jack stated. "Everywhere she goes, you go unless I am with her understand?"

"Okay, is that it?"

"She is not to know, and you mustn't tell anyone savvy. Deny everything, but if she is hurt under your watch you will be held personally responsible" Jack said sharply.

"And you trust me with that?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Well, that's why I'm gettin to know ye savvy" Jack completely made that up. He had originally just wanted a drink. "And yer gunna need some better fight training mate."

"What's wrong with my fighting skills?" Aaron asked offended.

"Nothing. From what I remember you fight cleanly, like any other sailor, but you miss opportunities to out maneuver yer opponents"

"Oh yeah?! I bet I could beat you!" Aaron challenged.

"Am I correct in assuming you want a sword duel?!" Jack asked evenly.

"Your damn right. I could beat your sorry ass any day with my training" Jack noticed a change in Aaron's expression. He looked afraid almost

"And you dare smack talk yer captain like that?!" Jack practically growled.

"You said I was acting too much like a soldier!" Aaron defended, his voice shaky

Jack laughed. "Then by all means, lets go, this is going to be fun" Jack smirked as he stood and left the galley.

He stood on deck and waited for Aaron.

"Oi, Cap't I thought ye went to relax er somethin?" Gibbs asked from the helm.

"Ye know me Gibbs, I couldn't possibly say no to a challenge" He said deviously.

"Who's the poor soul?"

"I have been challenged to a sword duel" He said. "By Aaron"

"Don't 'urt the lad Cap't after all he's no use if he's injured" The older man warned.

Jack waved him off as he turned to face Aaron who had arrived on deck.

They were standing a few meters apart and they both drew their swords.

They both took their fighting stances and Jack was hit with the familiar memory of his first fight with William Turner. He smirked. This would be easy, clearly this guy was not a practice obsessed blacksmith.

"Let's dance" Jack said stepping forward raising his sword. Aaron did the same and in an instant the clashing of metal was they only thing to be heard on the otherwise quiet deck.

Aaron didn't quite have proper footing and Jack was more agile than him, making more advanced moves.

Jack noticed Aaron favored his right side. He dodged Aarons downward swipe and took the opportunity to get close enough to him to jab him in the side. Aaron doubled over and Jack kicked his legs out from underneath him. He directed the end of his blade at Aaron's throat.

"You cheated" The younger man glared up at him.

Jack leaned down to grab the sword out of Aaron's hand. "Next time I should think twice about challenging a pirate to a duel" Jack said quietly before standing back up.

Aaron pushed himself off the deck, and straightened out his clothes. Jack handed him back his sword.

"Like I said ye need-" There was a sound that sounded like glass breaking coming from behind the door to the captain's cabin. "more practice" Jack finished. He looked up at Gibbs who shrugged. "now thats over, get back to work" Jack ordered over his shoulder to Aaron as he walked towards the door.

A few minutes ago...She woke with a start from her already less than peaceful sleep.How could it be morning already she thought, rolling over and trying to sit up, only to aggravate her already excruciating headache. She pried open her eyes but couldn't see straight. Where was she? She wasn't in the hammock that she had woke up in the previous morning. She was in a bed. A rather comfortable bed that was almost familiar to her, but she couldn't quite place it.She swung her legs over the side, setting her feet on the cool wooden floorboards. She looked over herself to see that she was wearing a loose white shirt and a pair of loose fitting shorts. All she knew was that neither of those clothes were hers, but that wasn't the most pressing issue, she couldn't remember any of last night and she didn't know where she was.She just had to stay calm, and perhaps by looking around she could figure it out. The whole room she was in seemed painfully familiar, but the world was spinning as she stood up from the bed making it difficult to think about familiarity. There was a set of beautiful stained glass windows, and the paneling of the floors and walls were made of dark oak wood making the room seem even darker than it was.She staggered a few steps before coming in contact with a table, knocking an empty glass bottle to the floor.She was barefoot and tried to take a step back only to stumble backwards landing herself on the floor.Moments later the door to the room opened, flooding the dark room with light.She turned her head to see who it was but the light from outside was really bright. The light obscured him, whoever he was, making him just a silhouette in the doorway. He paced quickly over to her without a word and picked her up off the floor setting her gently back on the bed. She didn't protest, but she wasn't sure who this guy was. His arms were strong, and there was a safeness she felt while he was carrying her that she didn't want to let go of even when he did.Her eyes were having trouble adjusting to the light and he could tell. He went to shut the door and strode back over to her, stopping only when he heard the crunch of glass under his brown leather boots.So that's what he heard break, just an empty rum bottle. At least she wasn't throwing things yet, as it appeared that she just accidentally knocked it over. He found a broom and swept up the pieces of glass, the entire time she just watched him wordlessly still trying to decipher his features in the dark space.He had cleaned up the mess in fairly good time, but she had fallen asleep again. She needed it though. Without stopping to look for the second piece to the treasure and being on a time schedule to get to the actual treasure before Barbossa, he needed her to be as well rested as possible.He had Gibbs and Aaron on deck watching the ship and maintaining the course next to the Crystal Dawn, so he could sit by her bed for the rest of the day if need be. He just wanted to be there when she woke up the next time so she didn't break anything else or hurt herself in the process of being too curious for her own good. He sat down at the chair behind the desk, and spent the next hour going over countless maps of their route. He looked at strategic currents and areas where the Royal Navy had patrol ships. He also tried to determine the way that Barbossa would go. It was getting frustrating. He leaned back in his chair and shifted his gaze over to where Angelica was sleeping. She looked so peaceful, but he knew as soon as she woke up and realized where she was, it was going to be hell.He must have been watching her for too long because he had all but forgotten what he had been doing and was only brought back into attention by a loud knock on the door.

He practically jumped up from his chair at the sound. The knocking continued, and increased in intensity when he didn't verbally answer, which he didn't want to do because he didn't want to wake Angelica up. "Stop dammit" He snapped as he approached the door. He glanced quickly over his shoulder at her to see if she woke up but she merely rolled over.He cracked open the door to keep the light level to a minimum.She actually had woken up and was deciding if she really wanted to get up.She heard the door open and noticed a sliver of light cut across the darkness of the room."I thought I told you that I didn't want to be disturbed..." He growled quietly at young Aaron who was standing there hesitantly. "Well...what is it boy, and it better be good" He snapped when he got no response.Was that Jack? No, it couldn't be, why would he be here? She guessed it would have helped if she knew where here was."The first mate requested to be relieved of duty, sir" The young man stated."Then relieve him and take over for the next shift" Jack said."Uh- I don't think that is a good idea" Aaron quickly stated."Why not?""Cause I don't have the experience to steer a ship of this size""If you don't do it sometime, you'll never learn" Jack was about to close the door again, but he decided against it. "Tell 'im he's not off duty til he shows ye what to do, savvy"

The young man nodded and Jack shut the door again. He had managed to get a few hours of uncomfortable sleep last night, but would kill for the chance to nap in his own bed, which now was occupied by Angelica. He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and gently brushed some of the hair off of her face. His hands were warm and rough against her smooth skin. She was awake and was deciding if she really wanted to move for fear that he might move away from her.

In the midst of her thoughts, she felt his soft lips against her forehead. He lingered there for a moment, breathing in her scent. He sighed, his breath ghosting over her face. She felt him pull away and instinctively opened her eyes hoping to look into his big brown ones, but he was facing away from her with his head down. She shifted silently and pushed herself into a sitting position right behind him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her head on his shoulder. She must have surprised him, he jumped slightly.

"What's wrong Jack?" She asked quietly.

"How do you feel?"

"I'm fine" She said softly. "What do you have my bandana for?" She asked as she ran her hands over his neck. She went to untie it but he stopped her.

"Ye'll remember eventually. It's best if I let ye remember on yer own" He stood without looking at her.

"What do you mean, why?"

"Because it's better that way" He stated.

"Fine, then tell me where we are?"

"The Pearl"

"What?!" She almost jumped off the bed as she came to stand in front of him. She swayed a little bit as she looked up at him.

He put his hands on her shoulders to steady her, a gesture which she was thankful for. "You're still disoriented, lay back down, and I'll answer your questions."

She wanted to protest, but there was something about the way he was speaking to her that caused all the fight in her to go away. She grudgingly nodded and climbed back into the bed.

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