Love Should Never Die

Chapter 46

A/N Sorry it took so long, I was a way for two weeks, so time has been kind of alusive recently. Thank you all for reading this far. I hope this chapter's okay, it's more of a filler, so I just hope it isn't too bad. I rewrote it 3 times and I never fell in love with it, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

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He took a breath and glanced calmly down at her. His expression was calm, and his eyes were soft. He sat gently on the edge of the bed, folding his hands in his lap. He was the perfect picture of calm, but her, on the other hand was seething with rage. If looks could kill, Jack would have been brutally executed in every way known to man, by the sharp and unrelenting glare she was giving him.Sometimes she didn't understand how he could appear to be nonchalant and non-caring most of the time.They sat for a few more moments in silence while she tried to formulate a question. She didn't know if she should trust him to tell the truth, or to even listen to her if she got too upset with him.Even lying there partially incapacitated by last night's drinking, she was still a force to be reckoned with and she wouldn't let him forget it. Although she didn't fight him when he told her to lie down, she wasn't going to let him get away with his usual cryptic answers.She decided to start with what she thought would be an easy question for him to answer. "I expect honest answers you know" she stated flatly."I expected nothing less than for you to expect that" He countered. "But know there are some things that I won't explain to you"She nodded, wondering what he meant. She refocused on what she really wanted to know first. "I don't recall giving you the Pearl back, so when did that happen?""Earlier this morning" He responded."So what, you just went through my stuff while I slept?!" She asked pointedly.He tried to ignore her tone. "Not at all, you woke up briefly and practically shoved the damned thing in my face when I said I wouldn't take it from you like that."She rolled her eyes. "And yet you did anyways!""What was I supposed to do? There was no reasoning with you. You wouldn't listen and you were afraid. So yes I unhappily took it from you to save you and myself from a headache, and here we are." He said gesturing to the rest of the room."Afraid?! Of what?!" She exclaimed. She searched his face and eyes for any hint or clue as to what he was talking about, but she found none of the answers she wanted."I'm not going to answer that" He said flatly."Why not?!" She was curious to see what he thought he knew, and his deflection away from a real answer was just annoying."Just let me save us the argument, and allow you to keep your self esteem and integrity in tact" He said gently. He knew he was cutting it close, and she wasn't going to let that go, so he had to change the subject."But what-" He interrupted her, and the dissatisfaction with his answer was clear on her face."Let it go, I'm not going to discuss it with you" He snapped. He looked away and sighed, knowing he shouldn't have said that. When he looked back at her, she was looking down with her body turned away from him. "I-I sorry" He shouldn't be near her right now, it wasn't going well, and likely wasn't going to get any better until she remembered more. He wasn't good at being the one who did most of the talking. "Uh- look, if you end up remembering last night, just know that I forgive you, and uh- sorry."He sat a moment longer to see if he would get a response, but when none came, he stood. "If you want to talk to me, I'll listen, or if you want me to go, I'll go. Until then I'll leave you to your thoughts"Just as he was going to leave, he heard a whisper from behind him that stopped him in his tracks."Will you stay?" She wasn't really sure if she wanted him to, but she did feel better when he was there, she didn't want to be alone. He glanced at her and searched for any doubt in her eyes. She hid it well, so he carefully walked back over to the side of the bed, fully expecting her to change her mind. When she didn't, he sat down on a chair and crossed his legs, folding his hands neatly in his lap.He didn't seem upset, but he didn't say anything to her. She watched him watching her. She thought about everything he said, and everything he didn't say. His gaze was soft and non judgmental.She was leaning against the headboard, and fidgeting with the blankets. She finally looked back up at him, but he had averted his eyes to avoid eye contact with her. "Will you tell me about last night?" She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. "Please"

How could he say no to her when she asked him like that? It didn't help that she was making an adorable face, pleading him to tell her.

"Fine" He conceded. "Where should we start then?" He looked at her then and it appeared as if she were trying to remember but she was drawing a blank.

He didn't want her to see him as the bad guy, but he didn't want her to to feel the pain of guilt he knew would burden her if he told her everything. So, he decided he would bend the truth as he usually did, only this time instead of getting him out of trouble, he may be getting himself into more of it if she believed him.

"How bout when I first arrived in Tortuga yesterday evening shortly before yourself." Here it goes, he thought. "I came to Tortuga in the company of a not so good female friend of yours, with the hopes that I would find you and reacquire my ship"

She eyed him skeptically, "who was this friend?" jealousy evident in her tone.

"it's perhaps better if she remains nameless for now." He stated. "Anyway, the plan was to make you so jealous that you gave my ship back out of desperation, but it didn't work." He didn't enjoy lying to her about it, but he could handle her anger towards him. He just couldn't handle any guilt that might plague her mind. She had already had so much to feel guilty about, hurting him again wasn't something that needed to be added to the list.

"We argued for a while…" He trailed off.

"Like we always do" She finished for him, but it was more of a question.

"Aye, like always. After the argument, Elizabeth broke us up and in a fit of rage I managed to throw a glass bottle whilst standing to near a wall and some of the shards ricocheted and hit me in the neck. In the mean time you had dropped your bandana and stormed off back into the tavern."

"You expect me to believe that a glass shard came back at you and sliced your neck open?"

"sure, why not, it's the truth ain't it?"

"You tell me" she countered.

"Yes." He tried to hold eye contact with her to get across that his lie was the truth. "I found your bandana, and after a while, I had gone to apologize, but you had already drunk a ton of rum, which by the way, I didn't know you enjoyed."

"I don't, thinking about drinking that much makes me want to throw up"

"Well then it's a good thing I changed yer clothes eh? They reeked of rum. By now you probably would have been sick" He chuckled lightly, but it soon faded when he noticed the unmistakable glare she only gave him when he had really pissed her off.

"What did you just say?!" She gritted her teeth and glared at him.

"Come on luv. It's no big deal." He waved her off, trying to avoid looking at her. "You were passed out, and you were covered in dirt, and rum, and it was plain awful. I wasn't going to let you touch my bed without changing your clothes. Besides, you should be thanking me that I wanted you to be comfortable"

She didn't really know how to respond to that. Was she supposed to be mad that he would do that without permission, or was she supposed to be grateful for him thinking of her needs like that while she wasn't able to do it for herself. She did have to admit though, that he had made the right decision, and the clothes he chose for her to sleep in were rather comfortable.

"Thank you" She said quietly.

"Any time" His eyes twinkled with a hint of playfulness when he said that making her blush slightly.

"Oh sure, maybe I should just become a complete alcoholic like you, and you could do that for me every night" She scoffed sarcastically.

"Now there's a nice idea luv" He grinned.

"Only in your dreams Sparrow" She replied.

"Then I have somethin to look forward to when I go to sleep, eh." He smirked. "By they way, you talk an awful lot in your sleep"

"I do not" She denied. "But I did have a strange dream last night"

"Oh?" He raised his eyebrows at her. "Want to talk about it?"

"I-no" She decided. It wasn't that she couldn't remember it, but she didn't want to remember it. It kind of scared her, which was exactly why she didn't need to tell Jack. He didn't need to worry about her more than he already did.

"That's too bad, it sounded really intense from what you were saying"

"And, what did I say, exactly?"

"well, uh- that's not important, back to last night shall we?" He redirected, he didn't want to make her talk about it if she didn't want to. "I came back to find you drunk and alone after Cristina had gotten in a fight or something with someone. I kind of helped you out of there and we walked by the edge of the beach and I talked to you. You weren't really up to a conversation, but it seemed like you were at least trying to listen" He said thoughtfully

"What did you talk about? I don't remember any of it"

"Oh you know, I told you every secret I've ever kept from you, confessed feelings, all of my hope and dreams. I told you everything because I knew you wouldn't remember" He chuckled, his eyes bright. It was intended as a joke, but she didn't take it that way.

"What?!" Of course he would only tell her things when she wouldn't be able to remember them. "Why can't you ever just tell me things when I'll be able to remember them?!"

"Woah woah, calm jown, luv, I was just jokin" He said quickly returning to his serious tone. "I only said a few things to calm you down. We walked for a ways, and on our way back you were so tired you fell asleep"

"oh" Why did she think he was being serious? She must really still be out of it if she can't tell when he's messing with her. "How'd we get back then?"

"You slept for few minutes, then I carried you back to the ship, and that's it."

She had a feeling he left something out. It seemed like everything he said could have happened, but nothing explained why he apologized at the beginning or why he said he forgave her. Forgave her for what?

"What was our argument about?" She said carefully, trying to read his expression.

"It's not important" He lied trying to keep his composure under her gaze.

"Who were you with?"

"She's not important" He lied again.

"let me see your neck" That threw him for a loop, and he was not expecting that, but he nodded. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed next to her. He let her soft hands carefully untie the bandana around his neck. He let his eyes close at her touch, but he winced as she pulled the bandana away. The blood had dried to it. It was a straight, clean cut. She wasn't a doctor, but she knew a stray piece of glass wouldn't have cut him like that, especially if it were from a bottle, there wouldn't have been a piece big enough to inflict a cut that deep. It had to have been something bigger, sharper. He opened his eyes to glance at her when she pulled her hands away from him. "Who did this to you?"

Well, so much for that. "I did"

"Stop lying to me!" She snapped. "I know you were cut by a sword, but by whose hand? I want the truth Jack" She just guessed it was a sword but it could have been a knife as well.

He sighed. "Yours"

Her face paled. She remembered. In that moment she remembered everything, the disappointment in his eyes when he looked at her, and the distrust in his voice when he spoke. And the voice of someone so familiar, but unknown to her. She could have killed him again, and he was telling her to do it. But she couldn't, all she could do was cut him, and at the sight of his blood she stopped. Watching him bleed reminded her how vulnerable he really was under his persona. He was only human, and she could hurt him if she wanted. But she didn't want to, even when she thinks she does out of anger she never really wants to. She did it out of anger and desperation. What came over her? How had she come to this? Sure she had threatened to kill him before, but she never had intended to. From what she remembered of last night, it scared her to think that she had actually considered it until he started talking.

"get out" She said quietly looking away from him.

"I'm fine- Look I-" She wasn't listening.

"Get out" She said louder, tears in her eyes.

"No" He whispered defiantly, as he wrapped his arms around her. She tried to push him away, but he wouldn't let her, not this time. Any other day he would have gotten up and left, but not today. "It's okay. I'm okay, and you're okay, everything's okay. I already forgive you. You just have to forgive yourself" He said softly.

"I don't know how" She mumbled hugging him tighter and burying her face in his chest.

"I'll help you, just one thing..."

"What's that?" She looked up at him.

"You have to let me" He practically whispered.

There was a large crash coming from outside on the main deck. Jack let go of her immediately and jumped from the chair and rushed to the door. He took one look outside before turning back to her. "Stay here, and don't leave this room" He commanded sharply, clearly annoyed and distracted by whatever was going on outside."Jack, what's going on?!" She said as she wiped the remaining tears off of her face."Uh- I don't know, but please, I am asking you to stay here" With that he left, slamming the door behind him.Out on the main deck he could see a relatively small vessel broadsided on both sides between the Pearl and the Crystal Dawn. What crew there were between the Pearl and the Dawn, most were busy with the cannons. The captain of the smaller ship must have known they were outgunned as a large portion of the crew began to board it's neighboring ships focusing mainly on the Pearl, likely because it looked like more of a threat. Immediately, Jack was caught in a duel with a sailor. It didn't take him long to out maneuver and disarm the man. He found the nearest rope and tied him to the port side rail, not in the mood for killing, but rather for answers about who ordered the attack on this vessel, and why he wasn't informed. Jack would have to fight first though, and ask questions later as he managed to get up to the helm, fighting people on the way to where Aaron was fighting another offender.Jack was about to help when he heard Angelica's voice from the main deck. He spun around to see her fighting a much larger man. She was still in his clothes, and for a moment he was transfixed by how beautiful she looked, but he was not about to watch her get hurt, not that he would have the chance. Just in time he raised his sword to block a blow to the back of an unsuspecting Aaron who was too busy fighting someone else. Jack heard Angelica yelp from the main deck and he had to make a decision. He glanced at Aaron who got the message. Aaron ducked out of the way of his attacker leaving him for Jack who was the better swordsman. Jack made short work of defeating the last two offenders before turning just in time to see Aaron jump in front of Angelica, fighting off the larger man.

"I don't need you're help!" She hissed shoving Aaron out of the way. He tried to get in between them again, but she wouldn't have it."Back off!" Angelica yelled as she kicked her opponent in the stomach sending him stumbling backwards. He regained his footing and viciously slashed downwards sending harsh vibrations up her arm as she blocked his blow. He was way stronger than her and in a swift movement her grip on her sword gave out and it was pulled from her grasp."What a strong pretty lady, to bad I have to get rid of ya" The man grumbled raising his sword again. She backed up as he approached her, completely defenseless. Aaron saw Jack come up behind the attacker just as he stepped in front of Angelica again, sword raised, but he relaxed when he heard Jack's voice."Over my dead body" Jack growled as he stuck his blade in the man's chest. The man dropped to the deck. She peered over Aaron's shoulder, momentarily relieved until she saw that murderous look in Jack's eyes."He wouldn't have had to die if it weren't for you." He said, his voice dripping with disappointment. "If you had only done what I said. I told you to stay there damnit! You are in no condition to fight!" He turned away from her."Jack I-" She started.He cut her off. "Aaron, well done, now, take her back to my cabin until this mess is cleaned up" Jack ordered over his shoulder as he walked away not waiting to hear what she was going to say."Don't you dare" She hissed, but he ignored her."Yes Sir" The young man responded."I hate you for this!" It hurt to hear that, but it wasn't the time to discuss emotions.Aaron's grip was tight but gentle, although it was not comforting in anyway."Jack!-You can't do this to me!-Jack!-Let me go!" He could hear her yelling behind him, but he still didn't turn around.She really didnt want to sit in that cabin any longer. She had seen enough of that room, anywhere else would be better. Perhaps she could go below decks instead.

"Aaron, can I go to the brig instead?" She asked hopefully.

"Captain ordered to take you to the cabin, m'lady."

"But the brig is almost the same, and if I'm down there then no one will have to worry about me" She saw the conflicting orders on Aaron's face. "Please" She batted her eyelashes at him.

"Yer the Captain's lass, that sort of thing won't work on me. I don't fancy being thrown overboard so cut it out" Aaron stated. "I will escort you to the brig though, if you would rather"

"Thank you, but I can take myself" She rolled her eyes.

"Just go, I have to get back to work!" He released her and she trekked herself down to the brig. She found the cleanest cell and locked herself inside with the keys so she could be left alone for as long as she wanted.

Jack was too busy being furious as he watched as the crew of the Crystal Dawn boarded the smaller ship. So not only had he not been informed of the attack, but Angelica had put her life at risk for no reason. He was not happy.

When Aaron returned to the deck Jack was waiting for him, and he was almost fearful for a moment.

"Is she okay?" Jack asked.

"Is think so sir, but isn't too happy with you" He replied.

"Of course not" Jack sighed. "So tell me again why I didn't know what was going on?!"

"You said you didn't want to be disturbed, Sir, and they said it was necessary"

"What was?"

"I don't know, Cap't, why don't you go ask them?" Aaron shrugged.

"Aye, lets". He helped Jack lower a gangplank to the smaller ship, and followed him as he came to stand by Elizabeth, Angie, Cristina, and Daniel. Elizabeth ordered Daniel to search the ship for any useful supplies. Angie and Cristina were busy interrogating the crew, and Elizabeth had turned her attention back to over seeing the rest of her crew, so none of them even noticed Jack walk up behind them."Ahem, what exactly is happening here?" Jack asked causing all three of them to turn towards him."Oh Jack, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to be taking part in the fun" Angie said.He glared at her. "Would someone mind explaining why none of you thought to tell me what was going on?!" He snapped. Elizabeth had a slightly guilty look on her face, and she looked as if she was going to say something, but she remained silent. Instead Angie spoke up again."It was necessary. In the future I lived, they were interrogated by Barbossa which helped him find us faster." She said flatly. "We can't let them go, Jack.""Be that as it may, why didn't I know about it, or is it that in this messed up future you're always talking about it doesn't matter anymore?!" He growled. "I'm not dead yet!" He continued glaring harshly at Angie who returned it with a look of equal intensity whilst Elizabeth and Cristina shared confused glances."Jack, what do you mea..." Elizabeth hesitantly started before she was interrupted.Angie didn't want to go there, but if she was going to get through to him, then she had to. "No Jack, you aren't. Not yet, but I promise you will be if you don't listen to every damn word I say!" Angie snapped, completely ignorant of the question Elizabeth was going to ask."No, you listen to me. Since obviously if I don't make the plan, I'm not included, so, what will happen is this. We are taking these prisoners with us for the time being, dropping them off on some island, and then we can talk, savvy? It's my life not yours, let's not forget that"Angie clenched her fists and stormed off without another word leaving Jack to watch her walk away."Jack?" Elizabeth raised her eyebrows at him and gently placed a hand on his arm. He practically jumped away from her."Uh- I'll take the prisoners aboard my ship, just keep me informed should anything happen." He was going to give some orders to Aaron who standing not to far away, but Elizabeth stepped in front of him.They were somewhat of friends so that basically made Jack's concerns, her concerns. "Jack, what's wrong?""Nothing""I should like to think I know you better than that." She said knowingly."Remind me later and maybe I'll tell you, but right now, excuse me your highness" He said as he walked around her. "Aaron put these prisoners in the brig""And Ms Angelica?" The younger man questioned."What about her?!" Jack grumbled, he was not in the mood to talk about her.

"She told me she would rather go to the brig, Sir"

"So? Is that where you took her?!"

"No, she wouldn't let me go with her"

"So you let her walk away from you?! Boy, what did I tell you?!"

"She told me she could handle herself" he shrugged.

"You take orders from me, not her. Get back to work" Jack ordered. She was not going to be happy to see him, especially if she would rather be in the brig, but she was already there so a few more minutes couldn't hurt anything, he had an idea.

"Wait a moment, first find Gibbs and get him over 'ere" Jack said.

"Aye Sir" The young man quickly walked away back to the Pearl.

"Oi, Elizabeth and Cristina, come 'ere a minute" Jack said getting the attention of both of the women.

"What is it Jack?" Cristina asked.

"I have a plan" Just as he said that Gibbs casually walked up to them.

"Ye asked to see me Cap't?"

"Aye, now it seems a waste to not make use of this third ship, so what I propose is this. Gibbs I want you to take this ship and some of it's crew along with some of our own people." Jack started. "I need you to take this" He handed him his compass. "And I need you to find the second piece of the treasure."

"After I find it I assume I am to rendezvous with you at a later point" The older man asked.

"I trust it shouldn't be that hard to find us" Jack said before directing his attention back to Elizabeth and Cristina not noticing as Gibbs left to prepare 'his' ship for departure. "Now as I will be short another crewmember, Cristina, ye'll come with me"

"Why me?" She asked.

Jack thought a moment. He knew what he was doing and that didn't involve telling her the truth. "Why not? It'll be fun." He grinned. "Elizabeth, we need to keep heading in that direction" he pointed off into the distance. "When Angie cools down, ask her for my compass. We should be able to use it to get where we want to go"

"You just gave your compass to Gibbs though." She was confused.

"She has my future compass. Use it if we seem off course." She nodded and gathered up what was left of her crew and headed back to the Dawn. He turned back to Aaron.

"If I don't return in less than five minutes, you'll know why." Aaron nodded.He walked back to the Pearl and slowly down to the brig where he looked for the keys high and low. She must have them, he thought.She had turned away when she heard him come down the stairs, and she didn't flinch or move in any way when she heard him lean against the door behind her.He sighed and decided to sit down next to her in the neighboring cell. "Come back up to the main deck""Am I allowed? Really?!" She asked sarcasm thick in her tone."Of course you are" He said in all seriousness."Just not when there is actually something going on, or when you need help""No, only when I know you can't take care of yourself. Had you not stayed up drinking and fighting last night, you could have taken that guy no problem, I know you are good enough to do that. But I also knew that today you couldn't have and that's why I told you to stay inside the cabin. And your stubbornness is why I would have had you locked in the cabin, so you didn't hurt yourself." He tried to explain."I can take care of myself, you just don't give me a chance!" She finally faced him."Oh, I have done that plenty of times, you just don't appreciate it when I do" he responded. "In every instance, I couldn't trust your ability to make the best decision for yourself. You can't save everyone.""What about the people who matter to me? Am I allowed to help them?!" She asked sharply.He seemed to think for a moment. "If it was a choice between saving yourself or someone you loved, you must always choose saving yourself" He said thoughtfully."And if it were your choice between yourself and the person you loved?" She asked."You don't know?" He raised an eyebrow at her. "Luv, if it were a choice between my life and yours, I would save you over myself every time, no doubt and no questions asked""Always the hypocrite." She muttered. "So you can sacrifice yourself for me, but I couldn't do the same for you?! Why not!?""Because you have more to live for than I. Your life is worth so much more than mine. If you died when I could have saved you, I'd have to live with that guilt forever and I'd have no point in living, but the other way around, you could move on and have the life you deserve"It was always so infuriating talking to him when he got like that. She used the cell wall to stand up so she was looking down at him. "Stop saying you aren't worth anything, because you are, to me. But, you have to stop treating me like a fragile child that can't even protect myself, because, I can""I know you're not, and you can, but I can't help it.""Why not?!" She demanded. "Why are you like that?! Either your way too over protective or not there at all, why can't you just be somewhere in between?!"He hated where this was going. Ever since it happened he tried to forget, but he just couldn't. He only hoped that she would then understand why he was so protective at times and extremely distant at others. It was an excruciatingly impactful event in his life before he met her, and it would be hard to tell her, but he had to. He had never told anyone what happened those years ago. "Come with me back up to the cabin, and I'll tell you why, if you agree to just listen until I finish."She nodded and unlocked the door, and followed him up the stairs. They passed Aaron who was guiding a few prisoners in the direction they had just come from.They got into the cabin and Jack shut the door behind them. Angelica climbed into the bed and leaned against the headboard. Jack was going to sit in a chair next to the bed, but Angelica motioned for him to sit next to her on the bed. So he did.She looked at him expectantly, and he cleared his throat before he began."One time I found myself traveling across the British countryside by horse after a nasty scuffle with some arms dealers, but that's a different story. I was on my way to the nearest port to rendezvous with my ship." She was watching him intently, already captivated by his voice, curious what the point was. "Anyways, I had been traveling for two days non stop. I had been shot twice, only grazes mind you, the sorry bastards were terrible shots, worse than you actually." He chuckled. She merely gave a small smile, so he continued. "And the poor horse I borrowed...""You stole someone's horse?""He was a forgotten, outcast race horse, they were gonna kill him anyways!" He defended. "That is way besides the point though. Anyways, he was tired and I knew we had to stop. We were in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, and the only building in sight was a small farm house. So that's where I went. " He paused. He squeezed his eyes shut as if remembering physically hurt him.He remembered the cool summer breeze on his face, and the rustling of the tall sea of grass parted only by a small dirt path that led to the wooden steps of the small building."Jack, what's the point of this story?" She asked not understanding."Don't interrupt me, if you still don't understand, I'll tell you. Now if you don't mind, where was I?""You just got to a farm house""Ah yes. This was years before I met you, by the way. This beautiful young woman answered the door. She was just like you in so many ways it's almost scary, and she absolutely loved nature. She had short brown hair that curled just behind her ears, the way she smiled made her nose wrinkle in the cutest way. She was definitely the third most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on." He said dreamily.She huffed at his extensive complimenting of another woman snapping him out of his dream like state."Are you going to continue the story before or after I decide to stop speaking to you?!" She snapped. "Wait, what are the first two most beautiful things you've seen then?"He ignored the last thing she said. "Uh-yeah. Her name was Chloe. She let me stay with her for a few days . She tended to my wounds and didn't even question who I was or where I was going. She was so trusting, and so kind. She had so much compassion for someone who had lost so much." He paused again and Angelica gave him a quizzical look. "She lived alone, her parents had died and were buried in the backyard, and she had no one except for a dog." He said grimly. "I offered her the opportunity to leave that place, and join me on the Pearl. I told her I could show her the world.""What'd she say?""Yes, of course. She so desperately wanted to come with me, and I wanted her to as well." He said as if it was the most obvious thing ever."Did you love her?!" She blurted out. She really didn't mean to, but she would admit that she was jealous of how he was talking about this other girl."Yes, if it was possible for the short amount of time I was with her" She almost gagged and she felt her heart clench."What happened?" she just managed to choke out, her voice barely audible."She had some things to take care of first, so I promised I would return in three days. She unfortunately insisted on taking further care of my horse as it was still recovering from the fight.""Aw, did she leave before you could get back?" She asked sarcastically rolling her eyes.He ignored her tone. "No, she did exactly as I asked and waited for me to return, but I didn't think about how I would impact her life.""What do you mean?" She asked softly."You know who I am don't you?" He asked her pointedly as if she should already know the answer to her own question. "I've said this so many times to you, and you never listen. The people I deal with are dangerous, and over the years I've made quite a few enemies. Enemies that take the people I care about away from me" He said seriously."What happened to her?""She was killed." She gasped, but he tried to keep his voice even. "The day I came back for her was the day I found her strung up in her front yard." He visibly shuddered at the memory. He took a quick breath before he continued. "Obviously the organization I was running from caught up with me, but instead of finding me, they found her. I should have known better. I shouldn't have left her alone knowing that I was being followed, but that was a different time, a different life." He wiped a single tear away from his eyes."Jack I'm sorry, I didn't-" She started but he stopped her."No, I didn't finish." He added before clearing his throat again. "I learned that day that I had to be more careful. I promised myself that I wouldn't let myself get close to anyone like that ever again. That was...until I met you all those years ago.""And that's why you're so protective of me?" She practically whispered."You remind me so much of her. Every day, every time I look at you. You asked me what the most beautiful things I've ever seen are, well the Pearl is an obvious number two, but right now I'm looking at the most beautiful person I have ever seen, right now" He kept eye contact with her and gave her a grim smile before looking away. "You were so similar to her when I first met you. You had no family, nothing stopping you from coming with me. You as well seemed to have a love for nature, and as I said you both had undeniable beauty beyond measure, but you were different than her. You had spirit, a fiery attitude and curious personality something that she just didn't have." He paused a moment. "Before I told you this, you asked me why I was always so protective of you one minute, and the next leaving you on your own, well I have an answer to that. When I met you, it seemed like my second real chance to be with someone, and I told myself that I would protect you at all costs, but I realized all too quickly that there was one thing I couldn't protect you Every time I would look into your eyes, I was reminded of what I did to Chloe, and how much I didn't want that to happen to you. So yes, I was conflicted, fighting a constant battle between what I wanted, and what I thought was better for you at any given time. I didn't ask you because I didn't know if I could handle your decision to walk away, should you have chosen to do so, without first coming terms with it myself." He sighed. "Call me selfish, yell and scream at me all you want, leave even, but now you know why I do what I do."Did he really think that's what she would say? How could he, she wasn't heartless. When she looked up at him, his eyes were shut and he appeared to be trying really hard to compose himself. She wanted to say something, anything, but what could she say. She couldn't say anything, there was nothing to say.

He wished she would say something. It didn't matter what she said, just her voice was enough to ease the dull ache in his chest as it was proof that she was there and well. Silence. He sighed. He couldn't sit there anymore he needed a distraction. Before she could stop him he had stood and left, shutting the door behind him without another word.

She waited a few moments before she slowly exited the cabin. She immediately heard Cristina talking to someone. "Jack, what's Angelica up to?"

There was a pause.

"I've no idea" Came Jack's low voice.

"So what you stormed out of there?" Aaron asked.

"okay, enough of this. Both of you just go do something" Jack said.

"What needs to be done" Aaron asked.

"I didn't say I cared what you guys do. Neither if you have this shift, so go sleep or something." It was getting late. Both of them shrugged and shared a confused glance and walked away. They passed Angelica on their way down the stairs and gave her an uncertain look. She carefully walked up to him, but he payed her no attention.

She got close enough to wrap her arms around him, making him tear his attention away from the ocean ahead of them. He turned to face her and she buried her face in his chest. He hadn't even noticed she started crying until he felt the wetness of tears through his shirt. He embraced her as well and rested his head on hers. He let his eye fall shut until he heard a muffled sound coming from her. She was sobbing. She had no idea that that was the reason for everything. It all made sense, and she felt stupid for not noticing that he had been burdened with this since before they met. She felt horrible for yelling at him, and for making him practically relive that fateful day.She pulled away from him slightly so she could look him in the eyes. "I'm sorry Jack" She whimpered."Shh, no. There's no need for you to be sorry, ever, and there's no need for you to cry" he said softly as he wiped some of the fallen tears off of her face.

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