Love Should Never Die

Chapter 47

A/N Sorry it has been a while, and that this chapter is really short. Obviously the focus of the entire story is on J/A but I had a thought about future Angelica over on the other ship and I decided I couldn't leave it out, but you can skip it and it won't really effect the over all plot (not too much anyways), so this is going to be a two part chapter..kind of, and the second half hopefully will be posted in a few days. Thank you to all readers and reviewers, you guys are amazing! Enjoy! :)

On the Crystal Dawn, Angie had found herself gazing through a telescope. She was watching Jack hold her younger self. He was being so gentle and kind to her, but it made Angie feel sick. She should be happy that her past future may have been saved up to this point, but she wasn't. She wasn't happy at all. She wanted to be the one to be held by him, to be kissed and loved by him. She wanted to be the one he fought with, the one he argued with, the one he said he hated and the one he said he loved. She wanted to be the one he promised to never abandoned yet did anyways. She wanted to be his, but she couldn't be, not ever again. Before she came to the past she thought it would be enough just to see him and to help him reconnect with her past self, but it was becoming clear that it wouldn't be enough for her. What hurt her the most though, was the knowledge that she couldn't do anything about it. She would never admit it to anyone, but she was jealous. Jealous of her past that she has no memory of because of the changes she herself made. Maybe she wouldn't be as upset by what she was witnessing if she could remember it, but she couldn't.

She sighed and lowered her eyes; she couldn't watch them anymore. When she looked back up at them for the last time without the telescope, she could just make out their two forms walking down the stairs. It was getting really close to sunset and she could see them separate for a few steps. She had planned on letting it go for the night, but she got curious about what they were doing.

She raised the telescope again to focus in on them. Jack was trying to get Angelica to do something. He was pointing up and out at the sea ahead of them. Angelica was backing away and shaking her head. The look Jack was giving her was adorable, almost pleading. She wished she could hear them, or at least remember what had happened at this point. She continued her observation, watching Jack walk slowly back up to Angelica, hugging her again. They separated again and to Angie it looked like they were now climbing the rigging up to the crows nest. When they reached the top, Jack wrapped an arm around her and she leaned against him as they watched the sunset.

That was it, she was done torturing herself with things that would never be hers. She had had her chance and she had to accept that.

"I imagine it's hard for you" Came Elizabeth's voice behind her.

She snapped the telescope closed and spun around to face her. "I don't know what you're talking about. Nothing is hard for me anymore" She denied.

"Somehow that's hard to believe" Elizabeth said as she came to stand next to her. "I don't think I'd be able to stand watching the man I loved with someone else, even if he was with a version of my past."

"It's one of the things I came here to do, so I have no choice but to endure it." Angie said grimly. "I won't have to for long though"

"What do you mean? Why did you come back?"

"Elizabeth, in the future I lived, we were good friends. You helped me through some really hard times and I'd trust you with my life, but I don't think Jack would appreciate it if I told you""Is this what Jack was talking about earlier? Why you two fought briefly?""You could say that"Elizabeth gave her a look with a mixture of skepticism and confusion. "Tell me what happened, or will happen.""It's also because you're my friend that I don't want to tell you." Angie stated. "The event that I came to change not only crushed me, but it had devastating effects on you as well"That only made Elizabeth more insistent on finding out what she was talking about, but figured she needed to change her approach. She racked her brain for anything that could help her get through to Angie. Of course it was harder when the person you are trying to get information from is from the future. She thought back to earlier, then it hit her. She had willed herself not to react when Angie had made that obvious slip up with her name, but Jack wasn't here, so she thought she might as well ask her about it now."Okay, but can you remind me of your full name?" Elizabeth tried to sound as nonchalant as possible."Angelica Teach" Angie was a bit caught off guard by that, but she knew immediately why she was asked and was internally smacking herself for her stupid mistake."Right..." Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Do you have a middle name?""Rosa""That's very beautiful. So your full name is actually Angelica Rosa Sparrow?" She raised her eyebrows knowingly."No, I never said that!" Angie snapped. "Why would you even think that?" She laughed uneasily.Elizabeth just looked at her disapprovingly and slowly Angie quieted. "I would think that because in whatever life time this is for you, you and her..." She appointed out at the Pearl. "Still love Jack Sparrow and I have a feeling that's it's mutual. Not to mention I heard that at one point you agreed to marry him anyways. And by the way, I noticed your slip of the tongue today, don't think I didn't notice that when Gibbs asked your name you almost answered with Angelica Sparrow. So don't give me that BS. Now tell me the truth or maybe we weren't as good of friends than you thought!"Angie narrowed her eyes. "You're right. I did make a mistake...and I did marry Jack... right before he died in my arms." Elizabeth gasped. "That's familiar isn't it? How we both married the men we loved right before they were taken from us? And here you are wondering why I didn't want to talk about it!" She watched as Elizabeth's expression became more sympathetic, but she didn't have the will to talk anymore. She turned to walk away but Elizabeth grabbed her arm."Angie, I'm sorry, I didn't know."Angie yanked her arm away. "Of course hasn't happened yet!" She said sharply. She turned away again but didn't walk away, she wanted to know what Elizabeth was possibly going to say to her."If there's anything that I can do to help you fix what happened, because Jack is my friend too, and even though I don't care for him the same way as you, if you say that there is a way to keep him alive, I will support you in that." Elizabeth offered quietly."I know you will." Angie answered without turning back. "As long as they don't have a reason to fight, leave the actual saving him to me, but in the case that I can't save him and I fail, I need you to try to get them married before we arrive""What?!" How was she supposed to do that?"You should understand better than most, if he dies, I would rather them be happy for as long as possible before hand""I'll see what I can do" Elizabeth still had no idea what she was going to do, but she would have to think about it. "Go sleep then, but as much as I can tell it pains you, we need to talk more about what's going to happen, tomorrow""Sure, if we survive til then" Angie said over her shoulder as she started to walk away. She was somewhat kidding, but she wasn't going to tell Elizabeth that, she thought it better to just let her wonder.That worried Elizabeth deeply, but she disregarded that foreboding statement as nothing more than Angie's volatile emotional state. That, and she didn't wanted to ask, and if something was going to happen, she'd find out soon enough.She sighed and turned her gaze back to the Pearl. She expected to see that in the time she was talking with Angie, Jack and Angelica would have gone to bed. She was surprised to see Jack standing atop the crowsnest platform looking out behind the two ships. Angelica was standing next to him, her arms wrapped around his waist. Jack seemed like he was looking for something. She herself looked in the same direction but saw nothing. Before long they both carefully climbed down the rigging to the main deck. Elizabeth had nothing better to do than to just think to herself and watch them. It made her sad to think that there may be nothing that could be done to save Jack. She recalled the previous two times he had died, as if dying was an ordinary occurrence for him, and both times she was devastated. But both times it was possible to bring him back. What troubled her the most was that Angelica had found no other option than to go back in time in mere hopes that she could change it, not for herself, but for her past. Angie wasn't even certain that he could be saved. Elizabeth was already trying to prepare herself for whatever was to come, but she knew deep down that no amount of comforting could console her of the death of such a dear friend.On the other ship, Jack had just kissed Angelica. To Elizabeth, they were so cute together, and in that moment, she figured out what she was going to do but it would mostly consist of her telling Jack and him carrying it out. As Angelica retreated to the cabin, he ordered what looked like Cristina and Aaron to the night shift before he too went to retire for the evening.It was now completely dark out and eerily quiet, the only sound being the gentle sea lapping up against the wooden hull. She thought back to what Angie had said, and decided that if anything should happen, she might as well get some sleep before then. And then again, if she was just overthinking it, then it was a win-win, in addition to nothing bad happening, she may get some hours of uninterrupted sleep. She assigned a member of what was left of her crew to the helm before heading to bed. She hadn't realized how tired she was until she finally laid down and closed her eye, drifting easily into a deep sleep.

A/N Sorry again it was short and kind of a tangent thought, but there will be some I guess you could say 'steamy' J/A coming up in the second part. :) Stay tuned. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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