Love Should Never Die

Chapter 48

A/N Okay, it's only been a few days. This chalter is non essential, and contains (I wouldn't quite go all the way to smut, but pretty darn close by the end...) so if that's not your thing, do skip ahead to the next chapter which hopefully will be done in another few days. The beginning is basically the J/A pov of last chapter before it gets into...that other stuff... (on a side note, this is type of writing is not my forte, so...yeah... I apologize now)

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He didn't want her to make her cry, but he wanted her to understand. They stood for a few moments in each other's embrace until Jack, for the first time since returning to the deck, realized that it was getting late. He had an idea to hopefully spend better quality time with her rather than having her continue to cry, and hopefully he could also lighten the overall mood. That day had been a bit too depressing in his opinion."Come on" Jack let go of her briefly and began sauntering down the stairs, only turning around when he didn't hear her behind him."Where?" She asked softly."Don't you trust me?" He asked her seriously."I-I..." She didn't know. What was she supposed to say. Given everything he'd told her, she would have hoped that it would be easier to say yes, but it wasn't."It's a yes or a no, luv" He said. "Just say yes and come watch the sunset with me"What watching the sunset had to do with trust, she didn't know, but he sounded genuine. "Yes, I think I trust you enough for that""I'm glad" His eyes lit up and he grinned, before continuing his walk to the main deck.He stopped right by the portside rail and offered her a hand as soon as she came to stop right beside him."I thought we were going to watch the sunset" She tilted her head in confusion.He was still grinning calmly at her. "We are, but I say we have a beautiful vantage point at our disposal, why not take advantage of it, savvy?" She looked slightly afraid and somewhat confused until he pointed up to the top of the main mast."No Jack" She shook her head and backed up a few steps. "You've said it before, so I know you know that I don't like heights"He stepped up to her and rested his hand on her shoulders. "Look at me, I do know that, but I also know that you adore sunsets." She looked into his eyes then and saw only honesty. "I asked you if you trusted me and you said you did. Now I'm asking you to trust that if I thought you couldn't handle it, I wouldn't have suggested it.""I don't know""You've done it before, granted it was mostly out of anger, but no matter, I'll be with you the whole time. I won't let anything happen to you" He promised. She nodded. He was so happy that she agreed, that he hugged her once more before helping her onto the rail of the ship. He let her climb up first so if she slipped he could catch her. As he climbed he found that he had a good view of the Dawn. He noticed a person, he assumed was Angie, peering through a telescope in his general direction. He wondered for a moment why she seemed to be watching them, but was soon distracted by Angelica's voice."Jack?!" Her voice wavered. She struggled to turn her head to look at him, but as soon as she looked down she regretted it. She tried to focus on him but she couldn't. "I don't think I can go any further, not even for the best sunset ever""What about for me then? I'm right 'ere, luv. Yer doin good, we're almost there." He said reassuringly. She made eye contact with him and found some confidence to keep going.When they finally got to the top, Jack sat with his feet hanging off the edge of the platform and helped Angelica to sit next to him. He wrapped an arm around her allowing her to lean into him.The sky was painted beautiful shades of orange and pink, mixed with brilliant reds and soft purples. They sat in comfortable silence for a few moments as the sun descended below the horizon."I could get used to this" Jack said breathing a sigh of contentment."Yeah, if we could stop getting into trouble, and if you stopped provoking dangerous people" She responded light heartedly. "You might also have to give up your insane adventures to find random treasure""And if after this one, what if there is only one more treasure I want? Say one that I can't live without?" He questioned."Tell me about it and I'll let you know, but don't assume anything" She said somewhat tiredly."Well this particular treasure has managed to evade me on several occasions. I thought I finally had it several times, but things always kept me from it. I think I'm closer to her now than I have ever been, or at least I hope so""Is that so? What's stopping you right now?""Fear of the past and the future""And if I said those fears are unjustified at the moment?" She said quietly."I'd say we have too much of a history for them to not be" He returned.She sighed. Of course he couldn't just accept her response. "How I miss the days when we didn't have any secrets and we had some semblance of trust. Without the titles, without the charades, without an agenda and a destination. Where we are not Captain Sparrow and Ms Teach, but to each other we were just Jack and Angelica. With nothing to do other than just enjoy each other's company." She said dreamily."Luv, I don't mean to ruin this for you, but things have never been like that with us. We both have agendas, and we both have pasts that the other doesn't know completely. Trust has always been an issue, you know that. You hardly had enough trust in me to watch the damned sunset" After he spoke he realized that he just shouldn't have said anything. He should have just let her dream. He could see that she had closed her eyes, and he felt her stiffen as she sat up slightly so she wasn't leaning on him anymore, but she didn't say anything."I didn't mean that it couldn't ever be like that." He said quickly trying to recover and gain her attention back for at least a second. "Up here, that can be what it's like. Just me and you, no one else. Complete truth, no doubts, and unquestionable trust. Here, we are like you said, just Jack and Angelica, nothing more" He didn't mean it to sound as cheesy as it did, and was cursing himself for it.She glanced at him them and he smiled calmly at her. She couldn't help but return it with a small grin of her own. "What if I want us to be more?" She questioned suggestively, shifting closer to him again and looking him right in the eyes, searching for anything to give away what he was thinking."If it's what you want" He said trying to keep his composure as well as eye contact with her."Jack, what do you want?" She almost whispered, sitting up a little taller and leaning in ever so slightly, her lips barely brushing against his."I-" She didn't give him a chance to answer before she gently pressed her lips to his, kissing him softly. He was too shocked to respond. He had not expected this turn of events.She pulled back to study his reaction, taking in every movement in his eyes. He snapped out of his shock and cleared his throat. "I was saying, that uh- are you sure about this?"She didn't answer, instead she gently removed his hat from his head before placing it on her own and looking up at him defiantly. He didn't dare even breath as he tried to read her eyes and her expression. He was either going to compliment her or question her, but as soon as he opened his mouth, she held a finger to his lips silencing him."Like you said, no doubts" She said before removing her hand and kissing him with more enthusiasm than before, only this time he got the hint and responded with an equal intensity.They broke apart for a moment allowing each other to breathe, but still close enough to feel their combined warm breath between them.By now the sky was almost completely dark and even sitting extremely close to each other, it was getting hard to see. Angelica took a quick glance around them. Now that the sunset was over, the combination of darkness and unreasonable height they were off the deck was starting to unnerve her. She had been so focused on Jack that she almost forgot where they were sitting. "Jack, how much longer are we going to be up here?" She asked softly, her voice shaking ever so slightly."Not a moment longer" He could tell she was getting uncomfortable. "Lets do this again shall we? How bout tomorrow evening?""Same time, same place?""Unless you have some way to watch the sunset in the afternoon, then I'd say yes, same time-ish granted we're not otherwise engaged.""Okay, can we go down now?" She felt she had been up there long enough.Jack nodded and stood up carefully. He helped her to stand next to him and she clung to him like her life depended on it. Jack was just about to start climbing down when he thought he saw something in the distance far behind their ships. It was too dark to see anything clearly, but he was curious. She did not have any desire to see what Jack was looking at, she just wanted to get down, but he wasn't moving. She rested her head against his shoulder. "How long til we get there?" She asked softly."A day or two, I'm not sure, luv" He said not taking his eyes off the seas behind them."Ja-ack...can we please get down sometime before morning?" She said slightly irritated."Hmm, what? Oh yes of course" He said distractedly before he started climbing down the rigging. She followed him carefully and he helped her down as they reached the rail to the deck."I will be havin my hat back now, luv""If you want it, come and get it" She smiled slyly and stepped back."Aren't we being playful all of the sudden" He raised an eyebrow at her and closed the gap between them."If that's what you want to call it" She said, looking up at him. "But, you should know by now that I don't play games""That I do miss Teach, that I do" Jack responded, his tone gruff and a devious glint in his eyes."Oh and now you want to keep things professional Captain Sparrow?""Aye, now if you don't want to end up in the brig I suggest you accompany me to my cabin" He practically growled. "So we can discuss your violations of the code""And they are?" She asked innocently."Well, my dear, for one, you were caught wearing the captain's hat, and we both know that no one touches the captain's hat""Punish me then" She challenged.He cupped her face in his hand, and crushed his lips to hers. He wasn't too rough, but the kiss was not gentle either. It was passionate, but it lacked a certain amount of faness. She wanted it to last forever, but when he broke it off sooner than she would of liked, she couldn't hide the dissatisfied look that must have shown in her eyes. Jack took a step back and straightened his vest and shirt as he cleared his throat. "I'll be right with you Mss Teach. If you'd be so kind as to wait for me in my cabin, and we can continue your punishment more thoroughly in a moment"She didn't want to wait long for him, but she went along with it. "Aye Captain" She said as she stepped away from him and disappeared behind the door to his cabin. All he could do was watch her until she shut the the door. After a moment, he snapped out of it and quickly ran down to the crew deck, finding both Aaron and Cristina chatting about who knows what with a single lantern lit between them."Ah good, you two" Jack announced as he came to stand near them. He noticed Aaron looking really tense so he quickly added. "At ease" and he visibly relaxed."Aye Sir" Aaron answered."Glad to see you two are getting along so well" Jack looked between them. Cristina blushed slightly while Aaron lowered his gaze to the floor and Jack just grinned."Well, luckily, I'm in a good mood. You both have the night shift, so you will have to continue what ever this is" he made a gesture to both of them. "Up on the main deck""Aye Sir" Aaron answered.Jack turned to head back upstairs and they were both behind him."Did Angelica go to bed already?" Cristina asked.For a moment he'd almost forgotten. Thankfully it had only been a few minutes. "Not likely" Jack said as he stepped back onto the main deck. "As always on this ship, the rule is don't disturb me in my cabin unless it is of the utmost importance, got it?" He didn't even wait long enough to hear Aaron answer before he had slipped into his cabin and locked the door behind him."What took you so long Captain?" She asked from behind him.He turned around slowly and almost had a heart attack when he saw her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing only a white shirt, a belt, and a pair of boots, all of which were his, and of course she still had his hat. He gaped at her before he began to formulate an answer."I had...things to attend to" He said, his voice barely audible."I see. And these things were important enough to make me wait here for you?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Yes, and no luv. You obviously needed a moment anyways to change into some..uh..different clothes"She smirked as she stood and walked seductively up to him. "I was going to ask, what do you think? Am I wearing enough clothes for you?""I think, you are wearing a touch too many" He said, his voice dangerously low as he stepped towards her."Oh really? And here I thought something was always better than nothing""In this case, nothing would have been preferable. Yer playing with fire luv"Before she could respond, he wrapped a hand around her small waist and the other held her neck as he pressed his lips to hers. Without breaking the kiss, he undid the belt at her hips and tossed it away. He backed her into the bed, broke off the kiss and with more force than he intended, pushed her down so she was now lying on her back."A little rough, don't you think?" She moaned, but she made no attempt to move. When he didn't answer, she propped herself up on her elbows to look at him, but he still didn't respond.Instead of just crawling onto the bed right away, he had a better idea. He kneeled down at the edge of the bed and slowly removed his boots from her feet. He gently took one of her ankles, and left a kiss right on the sole of her foot. His beard must have tickled her as she tried to pull her foot away, but he held on to it."Jack, what are you doing, get up here" She demanded, but he ignored her and instead repeated his actions to her other foot, making her squirm a little."Jack-" She tried again, but it was no use, he had to do everything his own way. She let herself lie back down on her back, relaxing her arms; she would just have to wait for him.He slipped off the boots he was wearing and quickly returned his attention to her. He left a trail of wet kisses up each of her legs. By the time he was within arms reach of her, she was practically shivering. She wanted, rather, needed him. She thought maybe he would be inclined to move faster if she removed her shirt herself. She reached for the buttons, but the moment she did, he caught her hands stopping her."Getting a little impatient are we?" He said raising an eyebrow at her.She rolled her eyes and dropped her hands."Thanks luv. I'll get rid of this for you" Without a real warning, he took both hands at the neck of the shirt and ripped it apart. He pulled the torn garment out from around her and tossed it away."You could have just unbuttoned it" She said breathlessly."But where's the fun in that?" He smirked as he brought his hand to gently brush against her face. She turned into his touch and left a soft kiss on his palm.He kissed her all over her face, only stopping occasionally to nibble on her ear, eliciting groans from her. All the while, she ran her hands up and down his back and chest, trying to imagine the exact location of every scar and every tattoo.He started pulling his shirt off, but as soon as the scars on his chest were visible, she unintentionally pulled her hands back, making him pause. He looked at her curiously for a long moment and then glanced down at his chest and sighed. 'Of course, how could he be so stupid? He should have known better than to show off his fresher scars to her' He quickly pulled his shirt back on and sat up."Where do you think you're going Jack?" She asked, sitting up next to him."To get a drink" He murmured. He was acting like he made a mistake, but she wouldn't have any of it. She tugged at the bottom of his shirt, but he pulled her hands back. "I don't think so, you don't want that""And you would know?" She questioned, slightly annoyed. "You had your chance Sparrow, now it's my turn" She maneuvered now straddling him, and she quickly pulled off his shirt. She felt him shiver as she let her hand glide gently over two large scars on his upper chest."What ever you want luv.""Yeah, well, I want you but I haven't gotten much of that yet have I?" She walked her hands somewhat forcefully up his chest. She gave him a quick glance then a shove and he fell back on to the bed. She managed to stay sitting upright, but she leaned down so she was inches from his face and whispered"I'm the captain now" She left a soft kiss on his cheek.He just looked up at her in awe of her audacity. "Not in my cabin luv" He said as he flipped them over so they were back the way they started with him on top."Jack you still have too many clothes on" She almost whined as she trailed her hands along the waist band of his breeches.Once she brought that to his attention, He quickly removed the offending article of clothing. "Better?" He asked, resting on his fore arms, gazing down at her."You know it's always better..." She breathed as she looked him up and down. " this"He leaned down to kiss her, and wasted no time in taking her to where she wanted to go. They kept up a steady rhythm until she climaxed, leaving them both breathless.Jack slid over next to her, and pulled her to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and cuddled up to him."He, alright luv?" He asked, his voice hoarse."Never better" She hummed tiredly, letting her eyes fall shut."See you in the morning" He brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, before leaving a soft kiss on her forehead. It wasn't long before they both fell asleep and their ragged breathing became soft and quiet.

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