Love Should Never Die

Chapter 49

a/N Hey, so I wasn't planning on splitting this day into two chapters, but I am really starting to hate making them so long, so yeah. I'm kind of happy, kind of sad, but the story is actually almost over if you can believe it...I'm thinking I can finish it in around 5 chapters. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive up to this point, and I hope everyone enjoys the ending I have planned. Anyways, please enjoy this chapter, it's pretty much just a filler, but still.

Jack woke up early the next morning to Angelica's soft murmurs in her sleep. She was still impossibly close to him, with her head still resting on his shoulder.

He thought back to the day before. It had been mostly perfect after he had told Angelica about more of his past, but there was only one thing he didn't understand. He needed to know why Angie had gotten so upset. It was killing him that he didn't know everything that she knew. He had to talk to her, he needed to know.

He gazed at Angelica sleeping peacefully next to him. She looked so innocent, if only she knew what she would become should her future play out a certain way. He doubted she even knew of time travel. The more he thought about it, he realized he didn't understand either. Just one more thing Angie failed to explain. That was it, he couldn't take it anymore. He already knew he was going to die, but he didn't know how, or why, and he knew that Angie was keeping information from him.

He slowly shifted out from underneath Angelica, and pulled the sheet up around her. He threw on his clothes and boots, but it took him a few minutes to find his hat that got tossed somewhere last night in the midst of everything. At last he found it and placed it on his head. He also found a new shirt for Angelica to wear since he tore the other one the night before.

He quietly stepped out of the cabin, gently closing the door behind him. He was greeted by a salty sea breeze, and a slowly brightening sky. He found Aaron dozing off whilst leaning against the rail of the quarterdeck while Cristina manned the helm.

"Mornin Jack" Cristina greeted tiredly.

"Mornin, lass" Jack he raised an eyebrow at her curiously. He turned to Aaron and slammed his hand down on the rail next to Aaron's head. The younger man jumped up, clearly startled. "What do ye think yer doin...sleepin on the job, not only that but lettin the lady do all the work while yer sleepin" Jack growled.

"Jack, I don't mind really-" Cristina started, but Jack continued.

"You sorry excuse for a sailor, apologize for yer laziness and as punishment fer sleepin, yell take the day shift too"

"Aye Sir, but apologize really, what am I five? No, I'm a pirate, we don't apologize to anyone" Aaron said defiantly.

"This ain't bout piracy, lad, this is about character. Now I'm ordering you to do it or I'll throw you overboard" he was not in the mood for this.

"Sorry Cristina" Aaron muttered.

"There, not so hard was it?" Jack asked rhetorically. "Cristina, go take a nap er somethin, and if ye need anything, Aaron would be more than happy to do yer bidding, for the rest of the day. Savvy?"

"Okay, whatever Jack" She yawned an gave Aaron a sympathetic look as she turned to walk away.

Jack turned to Aaron and flicked him in the nose making him flinch. "That is not how ye get the girl lad" Jack stated unamused.

Aaron rubbed his nose. "What was that about?! You made me look weak in front of her!" Aaron snapped.

"Hold yer tongue, boy, I made ye look human to her. Which is what ye want. Second lesson, to yer girl, ye want to be as real as possible, with as few lies and secrets as possible, maybe don't trust me, but trust my advice, I have plenty of experience in this subject." Jack stated. "Now, since you are on duty for the next shift, catch us up to the Dawn, I have an appointment with her captain. When I get back granted I have time and am in the mood I'll give ye a lesson in sword fighting"

"Aye Sir" Aaron said as he turned the wheel so the sails would catch more of the wind. "And thanks"

"We had a deal, and although many people don't believe this, I do tend to hold up my end." He prepared a rope so he could just swing over to the other ship without either ship having to stop. He looked back up at Aaron. "Angelica is still sleeping by the way, if she asks for me before I get back, tell her I had to speak with Captain Swan, until then keep the ships lined up will ye"

"Aye Sir, I'll try" Aaron answered just as Jack took a running jump off the rail of the Pearl sending him through the air and landing him on the deck of the Dawn with a thud. He stood and brushed himself off. He had to find Angie...where would she be? Probably the lower deck, so that's where he headed first.

He only just stepped off the bottom step before he ran into Elizabeth. She looked very confused for a moment. "Jack? What are you doing here?"

"Good mornin to you too Elizabeth" He said.

"Sorry, I just didn't sleep very well, you know?" She said between yawns.

"Is Angie still sleepin, do ye know?"

"She is, but I need to talk to you" She said timidly.

"Aye, what is it?" He asked curiously.

"Lets perhaps talk over a drink" She suggested.

"Drinking? This early? Really?" He eyed her skeptically.

"Okay, fine...breakfast then? Is that better"

"Sure, I have no objections with drinking. I could have a rum at anytime during the day, it just seemed odd for you to suggest that. Are ye feeling alright?"

"Yes I'm fine" she rolled her eyes as she walked passed him and found her way into the galley. She got herself a piece of fruit while Jack of course found himself a bottle of rum. They sat down across from each other, but Elizabeth avoided eye contact with him. He took a drink of rum before setting it down on the table between them.

"What is it ye wanted to tell me?" Jack asked.

She didn't know if she could make herself even talk to him about this. She could hardly look at him now that she knew he was probably going to die, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"What's the matter?" Her excessive silence intrigued him. "Lizabeth, look at me" She could barely stop tears from running down her cheeks when he spoke to her like that. She looked at him then and felt awful. "What has gotten into you, what are ye cryin for?" He asked as he came to kneel down next to her. "Take a deep breath and tell me what's the matter"

She didn't really care how it looked to anyone, he was one of her best friends. She threw her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. "I-I can't go through it again. Not a third time, Jack" She mumbled.

He could barely hear her above her sobs. "Through what? Calm down Lizzie"

"I know Jack." She said pushing herself off of him and wiping her eyes. "I know that you're going to die in only a matter of days! How are you not phased by that?!" His expression became stoic.

"Angie told you" It wasn't a question.

"Yes she did"

"Damn. Did she tell you anything else?"

"Not a whole lot except that she didn't know if she could even save you" Elizabeth seemed like she hadn't finished, but she had regained her composure, so Jack returned to his seat across from her and took another sip of his rum.

"Jack?" Here goes her plan. "Do you love Angelica?"

"What's this about? " He asked.

"Do you?" She asked again.

"I suppose"

"It's a yes or a no Jack. You can't supposedly love some one"

"Fine" He grumbled. " Yes"

"So what are you going to do about it since you are scheduled to die very soon?"

"Nothing." He stated with a tone of finality that surprised her.

She gaped at him. "What do you mean nothing, you can't do nothing! Do you understand me?! You Are Going To Die and you aren't going to do anything?!" She was outraged and she wasn't even in love with him. She was his friend, at least she hoped so, and she needed to knock some sense into him.

"What would you have me do?" He asked with no small amount of annoyance.

"Anything! I mean, at least you two have stopped fighting, but still!"

"And what if we are still fighting?" He asked hypothetically.

"You aren't." She sighed. "I saw you two last night. I must say, I didn't expect that from you, but it was pretty adorable."

He chose to ignore the fact that she just called him adorable. "What is it with you people...I saw that Angie seemed to be paying us some attention. I thought nothing of it, but now I'm curious"

"Hold on, what do you mean 'you people'?!" She asked a bit taken aback. "We are your friends"

"Yes yes, sorry." He muttered. "What is it you two were doing?"

"Sufficient to say, she is more than a little jealous of you two." She said carefully.

"That's bloody stupid" He almost laughed, but Elizabeth glared at him.

"Not if you knew that she was only married to you during your dying minutes in which you eventually died in her arms"

"I suppose not, so what?"

"This is what she wants by the way, not that I don't think it wouldn't be good for you eventually, I just think it's a little rushed." She started.

"Go on, what does she want?" He questioned.

"She thinks you should marry Angelica before we arrive" She said hesitantly.

"I don't know about that" He thought a moment. "Hold on, I thought you just said she was jealous, why would she want that?"

"I'm not sure I completely understand myself, but she said she wanted you to be happy for the last few days of your life if she can't save you"

"Oh, right" He rolled his eyes. "And what? I'm just supposed to waltz up to her and make her marry me. You my dear are insane"

"Then don't make her, ask her. You asked her before, and she said yes of course, and more than likely she'll say yes again"

"Not to mention she still doesn't trust me completely"

"Do you trust her completely?" Elizabeth asked pointedly.

"Yes. I trust her not to trust me" He said.

"Oh come on Jack, just do it. For all you know these could be your very last days on Earth and you won't even consider it?! Think about this, if your areservation kiled tomorow, then it wont matter if you had married her or not "

"Yes, but, I won't do it. Not until I get answers from Angie." He compromised.

"That can be arranged" She grinned.

"How am I supposed to pull this off?" Jack contemplated. "I don't even have a ring, I have absolutely nothing to offer her"

"Just offer her yourself. Offer her your heart, and your love for all the time you may have left. That is more than she should expect from you, and it is the most precious thing you could possibly give her"

"How touching" He said sarcastically. He tried to imagine Angelica's expression and response if he were to say something like that to her. All he thought of was either a slap in the face, or some very harsh laughter, both of which he didn't want.

"Jack, I'm being serious. Ask her today, and it can be over with this evening. You and I can work on the rest of the arrangements , I can't promise any thing fancy, but I can make it happen, as I do happen to be a captain. Also, you should see if you can get Cristina and Aaron to help us"

"Fine" He grumbled. "She wanted to watch the sunset again tonight, so I'll ask her then" She rounded the table and patted him on the shoulder.

"Great, I can't wait. This is so exciting" She grinned.

"You seem more happy about this than myself, why?" He asked skeptically.

"Well, I didn't really have a proper wedding like I had imagined as a young girl, so I want to make it special for you"

"Oh it'll be special will be something else entirely" He said quietly.

"Don't be such a downer, good grief Jack"

"Yes indeed Jack, cheer up, you'll be a married man by tonight" A new voice said from the doorway. They both turned to see Angie leaning against the door.

"Good morning Angie" Elizabeth greeted.

"Mornin" She said as she came to sit next to her and across from Jack. "Morning Jack"

"Mornin" He said lowly. "I have some questions for you and you better have some damn good answers!"

"Now what exactly is that you want to know?" She asked raising her eyebrows knowingly at him.

"How were you able to come back in time?" Jack asked.

"And I want to know exactly how he is going to die" Elizabeth chimed in.

Angie sighed. "Those are not easy questions to answer"

"Just start talking" Jack demanded.

"Fine fine" Angie replied nonchalantly. "First off Elizabeth" She turned to look at her. "Jack was killed by my old friend, while under the influence of the treasure which is why I had no alternative than to go back in time. By now, Jack has already met him, and unwittingly spared his life"

"Jack?" Elizabeth questioned. He had a blank look on his face and merely shrugged. They both turned back to Angie.

"His name isn't important, but the people he works for are very dangerous. For the life of me, I can't remember what they call themselves-"

"What do you mean you don't remember?!" Jack interrupted earning a harsh glare from Angie.

"I mean...the sorcerer that I bargained with to help send me back in time, to save your life, informed me that it was part of the deal to be sent back in time that I wouldn't be able to remember specific things. Things like how I was sent back in time, why you couldn't be brought back through other means, and other less significant things. So no, I don't remember."

"Wait, hold up a you..." He pointed at Angie. "Found some sorcerer in the future, to send you back in time to stop me from being killed by some old friend of yours that just so happens to work for a very dangerous organization"

"Funnily enough though, he went rogue and actually wasn't sent by his organization, he killed you on his own accord" Angie said thoughtfully.

"Then why bother with telling us that he is part of this group, if his leaders aren't even a threat?" Elizabeth was confused.

"And if he is acting alone, shouldn't his name be important to us?"

"How did you get this information?" Jack eyed Angie suspiciously.

"He told me, right before I killed him" She answered coolly. "And to answer your question, Elizabeth, they are a threat, but not right now, and if Jack lives, he will be able to live without attracting their attention"

"Okay never mind that this is getting to confusing for me, so whomever it is, if he told you he was acting alone, why didn't you just go back in time to kill him instead, so he wouldn't even have the opportunity when we arrive" He said before drinking some more rum and finishing off the bottle.

"I was going to, but this one's husband" She nodded to Elizabeth. "decided to give me some last second words that distracted me. The way the whole thing worked was that while the ritual was being performed, I was to think of the date and person I wanted to be sent back to, which originally was your killer before you even met him, that was until Will opened his mouth."

"Will was with you?" Elizabeth asked. She nodded. "You both were"


"Using the treasure, he was released from his obligation to the Dutchman." Angie answered.

Talk of Will only reminded Elizabeth of her son. "If we were with you, tell me my son was okay."

Angie grimaced and sighed before looking at her. Elizabeth gasped, and Jack couldn't help feeling sorry for her.

"What happened?" Elizabeth asked quietly.

"What happened to Alex is mostly why you both helped me, because if I save Jack in two days, Alex will live." Angie explained, but Elizabeth's expression remained unchanged. "Trust me, you don't want to know more than that, and you don't need to"

"I guess I should thank you in advance then."

"Not yet, wait until after two days from now to thank me" Angie stated before she stood to leave. Jack and Elizabeth watched her as she went to leave the room. She stopped just short of the door and turned back to face them. "Jack, you only have one real chance to be with me before tomorrow, don't mess it up" And with that she left the room.

"Damn" He muttered.

Elizabeth put a hand on his shoulder. "You'll be fine, just don't forget, be sincere, and don't doubt yourself. It is a risk, but you have to ask yourself if you're willing to take it" Soon after she spoke, she too left the galley.

He hated talking about emotions, and he liked even less to assume those of others. Generally the most notable emotion when it comes to him is either fear or hatred. So when he assumes it's something better than that, it makes him nervous although he would never admit it. He only sat there a moment longer, before he too left the galley.

The sun was a little higher in the sky when he stepped back on deck. Thankfully for him, the two ships were still aligned and fairly close. He found a rope he could use to swing back to the Pearl. He glanced up to see Angie and Elizabeth watching him. Angie only nodded at him and Elizabeth wished him luck.

Without a moment's hesitation, he took a running jump off the rail of the Dawn and landed himself back on the deck of the Pearl. Aaron flinched tiredly with each of Jack's steps up to the helm. "Cap't?"

"Anything to report lad?" Jack asked.

"No Sir" he drawled sleepily.

Jack narrowed his eyes at him. "You're relieved, send someone up 'ere to take over. I can't have ye crashin me ship."

Aaron nodded and practically dragged himself below deck. Jack waited until he could see the man coming up the stairs before he excused himself and returned to his cabin. He breathed a silent sigh of relief when he saw that she was still asleep.

He tossed off his boots and sat on the edge of the edge of the bed looking down at her. He didn't know if he could do it. It was true he had asked her before, but it never seemed like it was actually going to happen. He didn't know if he could ask for her hand in marriage a third time. All of these thoughts and doubts were racing through his head, but he was grateful that she was peacefully asleep, hopefully without any tormenting thoughts that might cause her stress. She didn't deserve that. Right now, sleep was her friend.

She must have sensed his presence because she shifted slightly and mumbled his name. He couldn't help but grin at that. He maneuvered so he would be lying next to her, and he draped an arm over her waist and gently pulled her closer to him. He allowed his eyelids to fall shut as he breathed in her scent, burying his nose in her hair.

A smile played across her lips when she heard his deep breathing and felt his heartbeat against her back. "Mmm, Jack, good morning" she hummed as she rolled over to face him.

"Mornin, luv" He grinned.

"How far away are we?" She asked before yawning.

"Didn't sleep well, and here I was thinking you were tired last night" He said getting a playful smack on the arm. "Ow-we should be getting there very late tonight or very early tomorrow"

"So we have plenty of time then" She said before kissing him quickly, taking him by surprise. He deepened the kiss and pushed her onto her back, holding his weight off of her with one hand and caressing her cheek with the other.

He took a moment to just look down at her. Such beauty and mystery shown in the darkness of her curious eyes. He tried to memorize the contours of her cheeks, the fullness of her lips, and the smoothness of her skin all as if it was going to be the last time he would see her. She looked up at him curiously, and he couldn't help but smile widely down at her. With each passing moment of just looking at her, he fell more and more in love with her if it were possible, and more at ease with the idea of asking her again for her hand. Forget about what would happen if she said no, he was almost more afraid of her actually saying 'yes'. He knew she was one for tradition and that she was religious. He also knew that this makeshift wedding, that Elizabeth for some reason volunteered to put together, would not include a church, a real priest, or any actual ceremony other than the few things Elizabeth would read to them. For all he knew, she might just reject him for that very reason of not having a proper wedding.

He didn't even realize that he was still looking down at her, but his smile was soft and his eyes must have shown some of his doubts because the playful glint that had been present in her eyes was replaced with a look of slight skepticism.

"What Jack?" She tilted her head slightly to the side. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Hmm?" He was so caught up in her beauty and his thoughts that he almost forgot to answer her. "Oh, uh, I don't-I didn't-I was- sorry luv" He stuttered before he let himself fall flat on his back next to her. She turned to face him and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"Deep in thought were you?"

"You caught me" He said, as he put an arm around her.

"About what?" She asked softly.

"Us" It wasn't quite a lie.

"Us?" She questioned glancing up at him. "What about us?"

He wasn't going to ask her now, he wanted to wait until later, and he would make this day perfect for her if it killed him. "Just how much better I feel when I'm with you" He lied. It was a true statement in and of itself, but it wasn't what he had been thinking about.

He must not have sounded genuine enough, because she just smiled and nudged him playfully. He winced slightly, he desperately didn't want that to be her response when he actually asked her. Her yelling at him was preferable to her not taking him seriously like that. But he didn't want her to get suspicious, so he gave her a weak smile.

"Haha Jack, funny, now why don't you tell me what you were really thinking about"

He tried to keep from frowning, from showing the disappointment he felt. "Nothing luv, don't worry 'bout it" he murmured.

"Fine, maybe I should just go back to sleep if you won't kiss me and you won't talk to me. Don't you have some important captain duties to attend to?!" She huffed and rolled over facing away from him.

"Come on, none of that" he slipped an arm around her waist and gently pulled her to him. "I have nothing that's more important to me than you"

"Then why don't you act like it?" She muttered.

"Please darling, can we not fight today? Can we just put everything aside and be happy in each other's company? Please?" Jack practically begged.

"I'd like that" she agreed so softly that if he wasnt listening for a reply he wouldnt have heard her.

a/N so I hope it wasn't to boring, and I purposely left answers to certain questions up to the imagination. So I apologize for that. Anyways, please leave a review if you liked it, or a review if you didnt. ;) stay tuned for the next chapter, it's mostly done and the wait shouldn't be too long. :) Have a wonderful day/night!

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