Love Should Never Die

Chapter 50

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"Thank you" he kissed her on the cheek quickly before he got up. "Do you want to come with me, or shall I go fetch breakfast?"She grinned up at him as she stood from the bed. She dressed as fast as she possibly could not even looking at what she was putting on before she gladly took Jack's arm to lead him out of the room. She was starving.He sighed, not moving an inch while she was practically tugging on his arm. "Luv, slow down, the food isn't going anywhere. And neither are you dressed like that" He said glancing her up and down.She looked down at herself. She was wearing a shirt, pants, and boots, she didn't see the problem."Yer shirt's on backwards" He told her.She sighed and fixed it. "Better?""Almost." He said before he brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. He found her hat and gently placed it on her head. "Perfect, now let's find you something to eat"They both left for the galley, and they were just about to enter, but they stopped just short of the door when they heard muffled voices inside.Jack slowly opened the door and they both slipped inside as quietly as possible.It was Aaron and Cristina chatting about who knows what, but they hadn't even noticed Jack or Angelica. Jack held a finger to his lips indicating to Angelica to be quiet so they could listen."On the captain's bad side already?" Cristina asked before she took a drink from the bottle that sat on the table in front of her.Aaron shook his head before he answered. "I was on his bad side before I even got on the ship""Oh yeah I remember now" She chuckled. "Because you kissed Angelica, right?""If you must know she actually kissed me, not the other way around"Jack glanced at Angelica who had a mixed look of fear and guilt on her face. He didn't care though, he had already yelled at her once over that incident and he certainly wasn't going to bring it up today, so he turned his attention back to the two sitting at the table across the room."But you threatened her didn't you?" Cristina asked. Neither of them had noticed that other two yet, and Jack was more than fine with that. He wasn't going to bring it up with her, but that didn't stop him from wanting to hear what Aaron was going to say."At first, but after a moment she stopped paying attention to me and was intentionally glaring past me, at who I later figured was Jack." He explained. Jack was just about to make himself known to them, but Aaron started talking again. " I haven't yet been able to understand their relationship though. They seem to be either madly in love, or completely at war with each other."Angelica looked up at Jack, but now his expression seemed to be more uneasy than before although his attention was still focused on the people in front of him."I have known them both for a fairly long time, and I still don't understand why either of them thinks they love the other" Cristina said.Aaron thought a moment, appearing to be considering something. "They aren't married are they? I mean I know he called her his fiancée, but it's not official is it?" Angelica let her shoulders slump and her gaze fall to the floor. She only looked up again when she felt his arm around her, comforting her.Jack raised his eyebrows curiously waiting for Cristina's answer, although he knew the answer was no."No" she said firmly. "It's partially my fault, but it's mostly their personalities. They are both head strong, natural leaders, and they both value their freedom. I'd be very surprised if it ever actually happened" She explained.That was it, he didn't need to hear anymore.Jack cleared his throat and they both jumped, their heads snapping around to look at him."Interesting that ye feel that way" He said and they both just gaped at them."H-how much of that did you hear?" Aaron asked nervously."Enough" Jack answered nonchalantly as they strolled over to where Aaron and Cristina were sitting.Angelica sat next to Cristina while Jack dug around in the different crates for things to eat. Both Aaron and Cristina averted their gaze away from Angelica, ashamed of the fact that she had overheard them talking about her and Jack.After only a moment Jack returned with a plate of assorted fruit, setting it on the table in front of them before he disappeared back into the cooking area.Angelica was the first to speak. "You two seem to be getting along petty well" she observed.Cristina and Aaron glanced at each other and nodded silently. The only sound that broke the awkward silence was a crash that came from the kitchen just before an assortment of muffled curses."Cristina would you mind coming in here for a moment?" Jack asked.They all looked at her and she just shrugged before she got up to see what he wanted."What do you-I didn't know you could cook" She stated. Jack somehow managed to find a way to cook eggs in a pan and was watching them intently."Never mind that" he said in a hushed voice. "I need your help""With what?" She asked."Shh""Sorry, what is it? What's wrong?" She practically whispered."I know you just said you could never see us getting married, and on principle I am not sure about it, but I need you to help set up a semi traditional wedding by tonight"She just stared at him. "Do you know anything about weddings?!" She hissed."A bit, why, what's the issue?" He asked."The issue, Jack, is that weddings take a massive amount of planning, we don't have the time"Jack turned back to the sizzling pan in front of him. "Start with the most important things and we'll go from there"She rolled her eyes. "You need a priest, generally at least one bridesmaid and one groomsman, vows, a suit for you and a dress for her, and rings. Also someone to walk her down the isle""Most of that is easy. Elizabeth will act as the priest since she is a captain, You and Aaron will be the bridesmaid and groomsman, and Daniel or whatever his name is can walk her down the isle. I can improvise my vows and she doesn't know, so she can either improvise too or just not say anything. I'm sure I can make myself look presentable and there is bound to be a dress for her around here somewhere. So that just leaves the rings""Wait, what do you mean she doesn't know?!" Cristina snapped."I haven't asked her yet" he said quietly. "And if she says no, I'm probably going to die in the next two days anyways so what difference does it make?""Oh" she didn't know what to say to that, so she returned to the ring situation. "Jack aren't you always wearing a ton of rings, give her one of those." Cristina suggested.Jack shook his head. "She would obviously know it had been mine, besides," he held up his hand to show her. "I don't want her to have any of these, because each one of these was taken from an innocent person I'd killed. They're a reminders of the mistakes I've made. They all represent innocent blood on my hands" He said grimly. "No, I'd like her to have one that she hasn't seen on my hands.""I didn't know that, you carry a lot of weight with you Jack" Cristina said softly."Yes, I do. Now if I don't bring her something to eat soon, she is going to get suspicious. As bridesmaid, I'll leave you in charge of getting the rings, make Aaron help you." He said as he scooped the eggs onto some plates."How are we supposed to do that by tonight?" She questioned.Jack shrugged. "It's your job, figure it out. But I would like to see them before the ceremony, savvy?""We'll try Jack" Cristina assured."Good, now is there anything else I need to know?" Jack asked now balancing a few plates on one arm and some glasses in his other hand."Well, traditionally, the groom isn't supposed to see the bride before the wedding it's considered bad luck""I don't give a damn. I don't have the luxury of having plenty of time and I'll be damned if I don't spend the day with her on account of bad luck" He said with a tone of finality. "Now we just have to act normal"

In the other room, Aaron was still staring down at the table."What's the matter with you?" Angelica asked."Hmm? N-nothing, I'm just tired m'lady" He answered nervously. "Sorry""For being tired?" She raised an eyebrow at him."No" He looked up at her then. "For getting you in trouble with the captain""I-" She started but Jack interrupted her."Forget it lad." That surprised her, what was going on with him today? He was acting very strange. "Now who's hungry?" He asked placing the plates on the table in front of them. Cristina reclaimed her seat next to Angelica while Jack sat next to Aaron again."I didn't know you could cook" Angelica said. "But it smells good""Eat up" he said before digging into the food in front of him.The rest of the meal was pretty quite. When they were finished Angelica was surprised again by Jack, who cleared the table.He walked back into the room. "We have the day shift Angelica, shall we?" He offered her his arm. She nodded slowly. "Don't forget the duties I assigned to ye" he said back to Cristina and Aaron.He didn't wait for a reply. They made their way up to the main deck, and all the way up to the helm."What was that about?" She asked suspiciously."Oh, nothing darlin, just some things that needed to be done" He said as he took the wheel and adjusted their course.She came to stand next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder."You seem rather relaxed today" He surmised, putting an arm around her."And you seem more tense than usual, now why is that?" She slipped out from under his arm and came to stand between him and the wheel. "Don't even think about telling me that nothing has changed, you are acting different, Jack, and I want to know why"He sighed. "I'm afraid you'll just have to wait until this evening""And if I were to say that I won't be joining you this evening unless you tell me right now?" She asked, and she didn't understand the hurt and disappointed look in his eyes. They were not as soft and open as they had been moments before, now they were cold and guarded and she couldn't read them."I guess it's both of our losses then" He said coolly. "In less than two days it likely won't matter anymore" He really needed to stop talking. At the rate he was going, there would be no way they could avoid an argument. "Would ye mind luv" he waved his hand at her to move out of his way.She nodded and stepped to the side. She still had no idea what he was talking about, but she had gathered that it was important to him for some unknown reason.They stood for a long moment in a suffocating silence until Jack spoke. His voice seemed strained but it lacked any noticeable emotion. "You are not apart of the crew and you have no obligation to be up here." She looked at him then trying to determine the reason for his sudden change in tone and expression, but she didn't answer, nor did she move."Technically speaking, I owe Cristina a ship, before this is over, I'll leave orders for her to take you wherever you want before she is to meet up with Gibbs and trade ships with him. I'd rather see the Pearl in his hands than anything else" He continued without so much as a glance in her direction. If marriage was out of the mix, he might as well make arrangements for after his death. It most certainly wasn't his favorite topic, but things had to be done, with or without her."Jack, we talked about this, I can handle myself. And whether you like it or not, you have to understand that" She snapped. "I don't need a babysitter, and I'm not going anywhere" Clearly she didn't understand what he meant. He sighed and let his eyes close.Always about her. It was so infuriating some times. Although she didn't know it, he was planning something nice for her and she just couldn't wait to know. She was so impatient that she could even turn what was going to be good into one of their usual fights, and unknowingly reinforcing the doubts he had in the first place. He almost wished he was dead already so he wouldn't say what he was about to. He had already used up all of his patience and will power to make this a good day between them and there was no way to stop him from barking things he didn't want to say right back at her. He knew he was a bastard, but even that knowledge couldn't stop him.He tried to make himself ignore her, but he couldn't stop himself from turning swiftly to face her. "Not everything is about you! Listen sweetheart, I care bout you and all, but honestly there should be more pressing matters to me than your feelings at the moment. But no, instead of dwelling on my end in less than two days, I tried to keep things good between us for at least a day so I could surprise you later with something, something I might add, that you have expressed an interest in before. It was probably the best and last good thing I could do for you in this life, but oh no. Not a bloody chance of that" He barked, his eyes were blazing and his blood was boiling."Ja-" He had spoken so fast and with such rage in his tone that she could barely understand what he meant, and before she could ask, he interrupted her."No, just shut up already, I don't want to hear what you can and can't do by yourself. And I don't need to be told that the world doesn't revolve around me either.""Sor-" She winced when he cut her off again."Don't apologize" He demanded a little too harshly. When he noticed her flinch at his words, he paused. Seeing her hurt in anyway because of him was enough to make him feel like he was already dying. Choking to death on the words he threw at her like knives. He ran his hands over his face before he spoke again, this time softer. "Please darling, just don't." He slowly shook his head and backed away from her as if his mere presence was going to cause her physical pain. "I don't deserve your forgiveness not again""Jack wait" She said trying to get him to stop walking away from her. She wasn't upset. She was mostly confused. He had been yelling at her, but she didn't have the slightest clue as to why. She wanted to know what was wrong with him. "I'm not mad, Jack. Just stop right there" She crossed over to where he was standing, stopping not more than a few inches away from him."Tell me what's- " She couldn't finish before he brought his lips to hers smothering anything else she was going to say. She noticed right away that this kiss was different. It felt awful, like he was leaving her all over again. It felt apologetic, it felt like...goodbye. He broke it off and just glanced down at her, afraid of what he would find in her eyes. But his suspicions were correct, he saw sorrow, disappointment, confusion and perhaps worst of all, disbelief, all mixed and reflected in her soft chocolate brown eyes."Don't" Was all she could muster. Their eyes were locked and neither seemed as if they wanted to look away."Jack!" Cristina yelled from the main deck snapping them both out of the trance that had befallen them.He stepped away from her without answering, leaving her gaping after him. After a moment of hushed talk with Cristina, he dared a glance back up to Angelica. She was watching him intently."I'll send someone to take over for me" He shouted.Angelica was still too awestruck to answer verbally, so she just nodded slowly.

He turned back to Cristina who looked more than a little confused. "What is it?""Uh, I thought you would like to hear that we found wedding bands for you" She said quietly. He glanced back at Angelica, who appeared as if she were only guessing what they were doing, but he didn't want to risk her hearing them."Come on" Jack muttered before leading them down stairs.When they were out of Angelica's earshot, Cristina pulled a pair of almost matching golden rings out of her pocket and held them out to Jack. He took them and held them up to examine them. "Where did you get these?""Aaron had the brilliant idea to do a 'routine' search of the prisoners in the brig. Turns out some of them were either married, or they just enjoyed wearing rings. "She shrugged. "We also came across a few silver ones, but I figured you always wanting the best, would rather have gold""Yer right, I would." He handed them back to her. "Too bad I don't need them anymore"She shook her head and sighed. "What did you do this time?""The usual" He said, but she knew that it meant they fought again. "Talk to her, will ye?""Fine" She grumbled. "Anything else my liege?""Oh come on. Can you just keep her away from me right now? I'd like to observe that tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding.""But I thought you just said you weren't-""Exactly, now where's Aaron at?" Jack asked."The brig still, I think he was finishing up with the prisoners" She said as she started climbing the stairs again, but stopped when she heard his voice behind her."Thank you. By the way, keep those silver rings for yerself, you might want them at some point" He smirked and winked at her. She nodded and kept on walking.Jack soon found himself trekking down to the brig. When he arrived the first thing he noted was Aaron leaning his head against a support beam looking as pale as a ghost.Jack curiously stepped forward and tried to get a better look at the younger man's face, but stopped when he felt and heard the squish of a red sticky liquid under his boots. He slowly let his eyes take in the horror show around him "Oi, what happened here?" He asked."Mm Mmm" Aaron squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. Jack took another quick glance at the area around them. Aaron had spots of blood all over him, his sword was covered in it and it was now lying in a puddle of the same blood on the floor near his feet. Most of the prisoners were trying not to gag, while others were ignoring the scene altogether. A few were wiping blood splatter off of their faces, but none of them explained where all of the blood came from. Jack glanced over the prisoners again and this time he noticed one of them was fiercely gripping one arm with the other, and to Jack's horror, one of the man's hands had been cut clean off. Unfortunately for Jack, he couldn't avoid noticing the severed hand twitch slightly in the surrounding pool of blood. That sight sent a shiver down his spine, but he shook it off immediately.Jack grabbed Aaron by the shoulders and forcefully helped him to sit down.He left only for a moment and returned swiftly with some rum. He knew Aaron wasn't the only one who needed it. He passed Aaron a bottle and he took it, but the expression on the younger man's face was unchanged, horrified and looking nauseous."Drink up before ye pass out" Jack advised just prior to taking a drink from his own bottle. Aaron did as well, but only ended up coughing."What in God's name came over you boy?" Jack's curiosity finally taking over."He was defending the integrity of that lady" One of the prisoners spat. Jack just turned to glare at him. "Did I ask you?" He looked back at Aaron who had still yet to bring any of the color back to his face."Come on, we'll clean up this mess later, ye need some fresh air. Let's go" Jack said clapping the young man on the shoulder and helping him up the stairs until they reached the main deck.For most of the rest of the day, Jack ended up sitting, drinking, and talking with Aaron, as well as doing a fairly good job of avoiding Angelica. He tried not to think about her, although he found it hard since she never left the deck, not even once.At one point, he became so distracted that he needed to do something else, and he really needed to change the scenery, so he quickly suggested a sword lesson in the early evening. But Jack knew he had to make it more interesting, because he definitely couldn't let himself get distracted during that sort of thing. And by that, of course he meant more dangerous, so they ended up going over their foot work whilst practicing their balance atop the tallest mast on the ship. By the time they finally decided to call it quits, the sun was low on the horizon. Jack dismissed Aaron and reminded him to get someone to clean up the floor of the brig. It turned out that he was grateful for the diversion his young deck hand provided him. He may actually have enjoyed relaxing a little, it wasn't his company of choice, but it certainly hadn't been awful. Not such a terrible way to spend one of his last days on Earth.

Hours earlier on the main deck she had just let him kiss her and she was now watching him walk away.She was still standing there when Cristina came to stand next to her."Angelica, Angelica...What happened? Are you alright?" Cristina asked softly."I don't know. He got so upset but he said nothing that told me why..." She muttered."If it makes you feel better, he never said anything about not telling you, if you really want to know why he was acting funny today." Cristina offered.Angelica looked at her then and Cristina took that as a yes so she continued. "I'm sure he didn't want you to know, but the reason why he was acting so nice, calm, and collected was because he wanted to be on good terms with you by the evening so he could propose to you once again, only this time, he was making arrangements to have the ceremony right afterward, tonight" She explained."Really?!" Angelica asked in disbelief.Cristina smiled warmly. "You should have seen him. This morning in the galley all he was talking about were things that needed to be done to make it as traditional for you as possible, because he knew that's the kind of wedding you would have wanted. Of course I thought it couldn't have been done, but he was so insistent that he wanted to make today one of the best days of your life""You can't be serious" Angelica said incredulously, before covering her face in her hands knowing that she had heard the truth. "Why the hell do I always end up messing up my life?!""I don't know if you want to hear this or not, but something he said earlier has been bothering me, and it's apparent that it is stressing him out too, which is why I think he must have been so upset earlier" Cristina started, and Angelica looked up at her again. "Has he told you?""Told me what?""Well, um, he said that he was going to die in less than two days" She stated. " He really told you nothing?"She shook her head. "What else did he say?""Nothing until I just spoke with him. He said you two fought, but nothing on his death, I'm sorry"Angelica couldn't find any words at all to match what she was feeling. Even then she wasn't even sure what she was feeling. Was she angry or concerned. She was furious at someone that was for sure, but she didn't know if it was with him because he didn't tell her, or with herself because he was about to die and yet he was trying to please her and what did she do?Things had been getting better between them at last, and the night before that she had spent with him had been wonderful. How could their relationship be that fragile that they could be torn apart by that one final argument? If he really was going to die soon, she wanted, no, needed to fix things between them."What can I do?" Her voice nothing more than a murmur.Cristina sighed and smiled weakly at her. "Give him space and a little bit of-"She trailed off when she noticed Jack followed by Aaron come onto the main deck. "Time" She finished.Jack paid them no attention, or rather seemed not to. But for the rest of the day Angelica and Cristina did little to nothing besides talk and keep the ship on course as well as keep a close eye on the two men who had begun sword fighting atop the mast. They were still at it even while the sun was setting below the horizon.

As the sky steadily grew darker, they were broken out of their conversation when they noticed Aaron climbing down the rigging. Cristina glanced at Angelica, before she looked back up to Jack who was still sitting up on the small platform of the crows-nest. "Now would be a perfect time to go talk to him" She said before leaving her so she could greet Aaron as he jumped off the rail back to the deck.Angelica stood for a moment before she made up her mind that she needed to do it, if not for herself than at least for him. So she went. Hand over hand, she pulled herself up the rigging all the while willing herself not to look down.The sky was very dark by this point, and when she reached the platform, Jack was lying flat on his back with his feet and most of his legs hanging off the edge. He didn't say anything when she assumed a similar position next to him, although she wasn't too fond it. He either was ignoring her, or waiting for her to say something. She didn't know which, but she hoped it was the second."Jack?" She spoke quietly.He only sighed in response."Jack talk to me, please" She begged, not having the strength to keep the emotion from coming through in her voice, or the tears from threatening to spill over her cheeks. "How do you know? And why the hell didn't you tell me?""I have my ways and you really want to know why I didn't?" He asked coldly.She nodded but he was looking away from her. "I do"He couldn't have this conversation lying down so he sat up. "Because I remember how you were after the last time" He snapped. "You don't wear worry and sorrow well luv, those emotions don't suit you"She sat up as well so she could get a better look at him even though it was dark. "So you chose not to mention it?!" Anger seeping into her tone."You know now, and if I could change it I would, I should have told you myself" He said. "I just thought...""Thought what Jack?" She interrupted him. "That it wouldn't be relevant to me? That I might not care enough to do anything about it?" She asked sharply not waiting for any responses from him."I thought it would be better..." He started."Better for who exactly?" She hissed, interrupting him again."I don't know" He muttered in full understanding of why she was upset, because she had every right to be. "Better for us, I suppose." He gestured between them. "They say ignorance is bliss" He let himself lay back down, face up towards the blackened sky.She did the same and allowed her gaze to take in the view for really the first time that night. "Ignorance is only bliss until it affects someone who cares." She said quietly."Aye. Have you ever thought about your place in the universe?" He asked.At first she wasn't quite sure if he was serious or if he had more to say, so she waited a moment letting silence fall over them until she spoke up. "Not often, why?""Because when I get the chance, not very often, I enjoy observing the stars. Or rather if I ever want to feel insignificant I can just look up on any clear night and see the beauties that are the shining stars. Pin pricks in the fabric of the night that obscures a greater source of pure magnificence and mystery behind it so that we may only catch glimpses, flickers, and tiny sparks of it before it becomes hidden in the plain sight of day." He said, and although he could hardly see her, she was just gaping at him. All of the tension produced by their harsher, raw emotions had all but faded from them both.She shifted a little closer to him and to her surprise, he made no effort to move away, and he said nothing. "That was very poetic Jack, I didn't know you had it in you" she said quietly."I have my moments luv" He grinned. "Only for you"A few more minutes of silence passed with them both gazing up at the sky. She contemplated his words and his tone and wondered if he was still mad at her. Should she ask or just apologize, she didn't know what for, but if she did she figured he'd tell her."Jack, I'm sorry" She whispered.He turned to look at her next to him. "For what darlin?""I-I don't know but I don't want you to be mad at me anymore" She stuttered.That was not what he wanted to hear. He sat up, looked down at her and cupped her face in his hand."I'm not. I never was. "He said clearly. "I suppose the stress of my current situation got the better of me and for that I truly apologize."She took his hand and slowly sat up next to him. "You don't need to do this alone Jack. There must be a way to save your life from what ever it is that's going to happen""There's a possibility, but I don't know" he said quietly."Let me help you Jack. Or at least let us be together for however long you have left" She said still gripping his hand in hers."That might not be long, luv, and I don't want you to suffer any more pain than necessary"She chuckled humorlessly and let her head fall against his shoulder. "I would cry just as much, regret more, and feel just as lost. I think it would be worse." She lifted her head to look at him, her hands now loosely holding onto this shirt. "I would rather me be yours and you be mine for as long as you have left, than not at all"He blinked at her. Was he dreaming? Did he just hear her say those words to him? Was that even her sitting there next to him, looking up at him with those beautiful brown eyes? It was. It was her, and she had just said that. She cocked her head to the side obviously looking for any response, but he didn't know if there was anything he could say that would reflect his happiness to her, so he didn't speak. He kissed her instead, gently placing his lips to hers, letting his eyes slide shut so he could just enjoy this moment between them. Of course she had no objections, and she was so thankful that this kiss tasted sweeter than their last and it felt like a new beginning.After a moment longer, he broke it off and leaned back a bit. "I know I don't have it on me, but could ye stand up a moment?"She didn't want to, but she had waited all day to here what she hoped he was going to say right now, so she did so very carefully while he shifted so he was on one knee.He took one of her hands and looked up at her. "Now I know I'm no good at this, but I want you to know that I want us to be together for however long we both have left. I know I can never be the man you deserve, but I will do my very best, if you'll give me that chance?" He said looking up at her.She knew very well what he was asking, but she wanted him to say it. "What do you want Jack?" She asked softly."Angelica Rosa Teach..." Her breathing hitched at the use of her full name, she didn't even think he remembered it after all this time. "...Will you marry me?""Stand up Jack"He did as she said, a little confused. "Eh-"He was hardly on his feet before she hugged him tightly and turned her head up to kiss him."That enough of an answer, Jack?" She questioned, burying her face into his neck."Aye" He was enormously relieved, and terribly happy, he couldn't keep the grin off his face.She pulled away from him. "Come on" She said, inching towards the edge before starting down the rigging. She looked back up when he didn't move. "Jack, don't you dare make me wait here for you" She said playfully, but somewhat seriously. He nodded, still grinning as he too made his way down the rigging after her."Hurry up Jack" She said as he stepped back onto the deck."Why?""We are getting married tonight, and you are asking me why?" She raised an eyebrow at him."Just wait here a moment will you?" He asked. She nodded and leaned against the rail as he walked away.He found Aaron and Cristina below deck and quickly explained. They all came back to the deck where Angelica was still waiting."Signal the Dawn to stop" Jack ordered Aaron. He nodded and did so while Jack took the wheel and adjusted the course so they were once again parallel to the other ship.Cristina and Angelica just watched as Jack and Aaron lowered the gangplank. Elizabeth was quick to meet them as they crossed over."Are we going ahead with it then" She asked Jack who nodded. "Alright then, we found a dress for you, if you'd like?" She turned to Angelica who looked to Jack."Don't look at me, you look as lovely as the day I met you, don't matter what you wear" Jack said, but it seemed like she wasn't sure. "Look, if we both survive, I promise, if you want, we can find some church somewhere an have a traditional wedding anyway you like if this ain't what you want""What are we waiting for?" She asked grinning.Elizabeth looked between them. "Alright then, if there isn't anything else, come on"They gathered on the quarter deck Cristina and Aaron stood on either side of Angelica and Jack who were facing Elizabeth. Daniel stood a few steps behind Elizabeth and no body knew it, but Angie had quietly followed them and stopped at the top of the stairs."Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." Elizabeth started, speaking rather loudly and making grandiose gestures.Elizabeth stopped at the sound of Angelica giggling. Jack glanced at her, then back at Elizabeth, an eyebrow raised."What? I've never done this before, I only remember how Barbossa did my wedding" She shrugged."Go on then" Jack chuckled. "But make it quick" he added."Fine, where was I? Ah, yes. We are gathered here today to witness the joining of Jack Sparrow...""Captain" Jack stated."Oh yes, of course. witness the joining of Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica Teach" Elizabeth continued. "Jack did you prepare your vows?""No, but I didn't need to" He took Angelica's hands in his and looked right into her eyes. "Angelica, I know I can't change the past, I can't change all of the times I have hurt you, I can't change all the times I left you alone...I can't..."Jack..." Angelica said warningly, pleading him not to continue, but he ignored her."I know there is nothing in this world I can ever do to be worthy of your forgiveness or your love, and I know I could never promise you the life you deserve. But given this chance, I would try with all my might to make you feel as happy, safe and loved as I possibly can, in sickness and in health for however long we have left. I promise to stay by your side no matter what, because I...I love you Angelica." He cupped her face and gently brushed off a tear that had spilled over her cheeks. They didn't brake eye contact for at least a minute until they heard sniffles from beside them. They looked back at Elizabeth who was wiping tears off of her face. Jack glanced around them, Aaron gave him a thumbs up and a reassuring smile while Cristina was gaping at him until she realized and schooled her features into a small grin."Um-Jack do you have the rings?" Elizabeth asked drying the rest of the tears from her eyes."Yes-""Wait, don't I get to say anything?" Angelica asked.Elizabeth looked between her and Jack. "Do you have something you want to say?""You don't have to" Jack said quickly."Shut up Jack, you can't say something like that to me without getting something in return" Angelica said firmly. "You know me better than anyone else, and I'd like to say it goes both ways. The truth is that I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you" She paused a moment to steady her voice. "While I was staying with Elizabeth, she said something to me. She made me realize that if you hadn't come into my life, I never would have known the thrill of adventure. I wouldn't have known what it was to be free. I wouldn't have ever loved or known what it was to be loved. I wouldn't have ever known you but by your world renowned reputation, and even after everything, all of the pain we both felt, to me it was all worth it for this moment, right now, and all of the other times we will have in the future. Whatever happens, we will work through it together, for however long we have left, in sickness and in health, because I can say for certain that I love you Jack Sparrow""Jack do you have the rings now?" Elizabeth asked.He motioned to Cristina but she shook her head."I have them" said a different voice that was all too familiar. Everyone was so caught up in listening to Angelica that they hadn't even noticed her approach.She wasn't wearing her mask, and was dressed in the clothes Jack had first found her in. Angelica looked sharply at Jack who was shocked into silence.Angie handed Jack the rings, two of them gold and one silver with a small diamond.Jack didn't know what to do so he took them and turned back to Angelica."Elizabeth?" Jack questioned."Um, yes, well go on" She gestured to the rings in his hand. He nodded and carefully took Angelica's hand and gently placed the silver ring followed by the smaller of the gold rings on her finger. He handed her the other to her and offered her his hand.She would be damned if anything ruined this moment, she could ask him later. Right now, she took the ring and placed it on his hand. They both looked to Elizabeth who nodded. "If there are no objections, Jack, you may kiss the bride"They turned to each other again and after not even a second, Jack captured her lips with his in what turned out to be a very emotional kiss. They were the only thing that mattered, the clapping of their friends faded into the background, and even after braking the kiss, they were still in their own world.That was until some shouting grabbed Jack's attention."Land Captain!" One of Elizabeth's crew shouted. They hadn't been moving, but with the darkness one of the deckhands must have not identified it as land at first."So we have arrived then?" Angelica asked softly."Aye, we have" Jack replied grimly.

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