Love Should Never Die

Chapter 51

A/N Here is probably what will be the 3rd to last chapter. Sorry it's been so long since the last updaye. Anyways, please enjoy. :)

After the ceremony, they drank, laughed and had a wonderful evening, by their standards. There was enough conversation between all of them, and no one was comfortable bringing the obvious problem up. Angelica was sitting happily on Jack's lap with her arm slung around his neck. She was content to just sit and listen to him, not wanting to have an argument at this moment, although her eyes never left Angie. Jack had an arm around her waist and was telling his convoluted tales of grand plans and past adventures to Aaron and Daniel who were listening and laughing right along with him. Elizabeth couldn't help but grin, as she was half listening to Jack, and half listening to Cristina who was casually questioning Angie, who was more than happy to share stories about the future she came from. She avoided any serious talk though, not wanting to ruin the mood.

After a while, Jack was explaining to Aaron that one should not start fires using food and alcohol if one is trapped on a deserted island. He looked to Elizabeth who chuckled, but was very quick to remind Jack that she had saved him by doing that. Jack wouldn't give her that though and instead continued playfully arguing with her over it, completely ignoring Aaron.

After losing interest in Jack's argument with Elizabeth, he looked over to Cristina who was yawning and looked as if she could hardly keep her eyes open. It was at that point he decided to call it a night. He bid them all goodnight and helped steady the drunk and tired Cristina as they walked back to the Pearl. Daniel was the next to admit that it was late, and so he too left the four of them sitting there. With it now only them, it was no longer possible to avoid the subject of Angie. Jack was curious who was going to talk first, because he knew that Angelica hadn't said more than a few words the entire time and her focus had been on Angie.

The tension in the air was thick and suffocating. Elizabeth had dropped her gaze to the deck, Jack had continued to drink from his bottle of rum, but Angelica's gaze never faltered from Angie who was now intently looking down at her hands.

After another excruciating moment, Angie decided she might as well get this over with. "Congratulations again Jack. I must say I never thought you had it in you"

With the break in the silence, both Jack and Elizabeth snapped their attention back to Angie. "Uh, er, thanks" He shifted uncomfortably, although careful not to tossle Angelica too much in his lap. They fell back into silence, only this time Angelica was more determined to get answers, because letting other people do the talking wasn't working.

She had been thinking about it all night and she couldn't come up with a plausible explanation for who this lady was. "Who are you?" She asked cursing herself for not being more tactful, but that was what as she wanted to know and she was not going to dance around the subject. She was still leaning against Jack and she noticed his heart rate seemed to increase. What ever was going on was making him anxious. She glanced at him momentarily, but he was staring intensely at Angie as if trying to communicate with his eyes. Looking back at Angie, the woman shrugged and stood abruptly.

"I'm sorry that you won't believe me even if I told you" Angie said smirking.

"Try me" Angelica demanded, raising her eyebrow as a challenge.

"Fine, I'm Ang-" She started but Jack cut her off.

"Angelina, her name is Angelina." He stated. Catching everyone off guard with that comment, even himself.

Angelica looked skeptically from Jack to 'Angeline'. Angie nodded. "Yes, I suppose it is nice to now be formally introduced. I'm Angelina, your-uh..." She stuttered, looking at Jack for assistance. He mouthed something to her and she repeated it in her mind. It could make sense she decided. "Your twin sister"

Angelica stared at her blankly. What the hell? That made sense, why hadn't she figured it out? "Nice to meet you" Angelica ground out from clenched teeth.

Elizabeth and Jack shared a concerned look, neither of them knowing what to do or say next. Luckily for them, Angelica had her own idea.

Good, thought Angie, she bought the lie, now just to keep her believing it.

"Come here" Angie held out her hand for Angelica who now looked more curious and confused. Hesitantly she took the offered hand and stood from her seat on Jack's lap.

She stood face to face with this woman who looked exactly like her. The same chocolate eyes, the same curly hair. She looked her up and down, they were exactly the same. She had so many questions, but to start with she had one in particular. Turning swiftly, she looked to Jack who had been admiring the view of both of them standing there. "What the hell Jack?!" She snapped

"Sorry, I don't follow" He said not wanting to answer her. He hated it. He hated lying to her, but he had to keep reminding himself that he didn't have a choice.

"You know exactly what I mean! How could you not tell me?!"She hissed.

He sighed, set down his bottle of rum on the deck, before standing to face her. "Now hold up a minute" He said, needing to buy himself time so he could come up with a good reason. "Trust me I wanted to tell you, but yer sister insisted that I not."

Angie came around to stand nearer to Jack. "We wanted it to be a surprise for your wedding."

"Surprise" Jack said grinning weakly hoping it was enough to convince her. Angelica just looked between them before a wide smile graced her features. In a second she flung her arms around Jack and left a kiss on his cheek. To say the least he was quite surprised, but he smiled and hugged her back non the less.

When she let go, she looked back at the woman who was supposedly her sister and grinned. "I'm glad you could be here and that I had a chance to meet you"

"Trust me, the pleasure is all mine. I'm so happy for you" Angie said, her eyes flicking to Jack for a brief moment before returning to Angelica.

"I have so many questions, you must tell me all about your life" Angelica sounded so excited. At least, more so than she had been in a long time. It hurt him that he could do this to her so easily, that she had placed her trust in him and it was so easy to manipulate. Not that that was his goal, but even his good intentions always had painful backslashes.

"I'm sure yer questions can wait until tomorrow, because we have a long day ahead of us, we best get some sleep before we leave" Jack said as kindly as possible. Angelica nodded and took his hand ready to walk back over to the Pearl with him.

Noticing this, he released her hand. "You go ahead luv, I'll be there in a minute. I have to adjust the course and such"

"Don't be long" She added before leaving Jack, Elizabeth, and Angie staring after her.

"That was brilliant Jack!" Angie exclaimed.

He rolled his eyes. It sure didn't feel brilliant. "Oh sure, bloody brilliant" He grumbled.

"Think about it. She isn't upset with you. You just got married, and now you're so close to finding this treasure that will make you unstoppable. What could possibly be wrong now?!" Angie stated slightly annoyed by how Jack was suddenly listening to his conscience.

"If it's so great, why do I feel so awful for lying to her, again? She trusts me, and what have I done?!" Jack growled.

"She thinks I'm her sister, not herself from the future. So when I-uh, when we make sure everything goes according to plan it will make sense and probably save her some emotional stress." Angie explained.

"I have to agree with her on this, maybe it's better." Elizabeth agreed. "Everything will be fine now go be with your wife"

Jack nodded solemnly and headed back over to the Pearl.

Elizabeth and Angie swiftly went to bed as soon as they saw Jack disappear to his ship.

Jack closed the door silently behind him. Angelica was laying in their bed with the had the blankets pulled around her. He undressed till he was wearing nothing more than his breeches. He crawled into the bed next to her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her closer. He was asleep in minutes.

They awoke early the next morning and prepared for the day ahead of them. When they were all ready to go, all six of them took a long boat to shore. They hiked for what seemed like days, not stopping but every few hours for short breaks. Every so often they would check the map and take note of any significant landmarks. Most of the trip was spent in comfortable silence. Occasionally Angelica would ask Angie a question, but more often than not, the answer she got was hardly satisfactory and would lead to another question only a few minutes later.

By the time was low in the sky, they came upon a cave of sorts. Jack decided they would stay the night outside and venture further when they had the morning light. They set up a fire, but without knowing anything about this island, they kept their noise levels to a minimum and turned in early so they could continue again when they were better rested. Jack took the first watch over the camp while everyone else was supposed to be sleeping.

Angelica used Jack's leg as a pillow seemed to fall asleep quickly. After a while of no company, and watching the light of their dim fire bounce off the trees, Jack could barely keep his eyes open. He nudged Daniel who was to take over for him. As soon as he was sure Daniel was awake, he carefully shifted himself out from underneath Angelica and laid down next to her. The last thought Jack had before sleep took him, was of how Angelica had subconsciously snuggled closer to him.

Only a few hours later, they were all up again and walking into the cave. They had torches, but Angelica still clung to Jack's arm as they walked along. It was so reminiscent of the cave that lead to the fountain of youth that it scared her. She had lost someone she cared dearly for on that expedition, she had no intention of letting it happen again.

The air was thick and humid. Their torches were burning low, and it seemed unlikely they would find anything. The cave got narrower, so much so that they were walking single file, their shoulders often brushing against the walls. One by one, their torches died completely, leaving them in the pitch black darkness of the cave. Angie decided they should all take a break before continuing any further, since she was the one leading the way. Jack had no idea what time it was anymore, no idea how long they had been in there.

"Everyone alright back there?" He shouted back to the rest of the group.

Daniel who was taking up the rear was the first to respond. "Aye, I'm all good back here Sparrow"

"Cristina and I are fine, Sir" Aaron said from his place in between Cristina and Daniel.

"I'm a bit warm and it's warm as hell in here, but I'm alive" Elizabeth huffed from behind Angelica.

"Good, we'll continue in a moment" Jack said so they could all hear him. "What about you, luv. How you holdin up?" He asked quietly to Angelica who was right behind him.

She didn't answer, but Jack felt her rest her head on his shoulder.

"Darlin, you have to answer me, I can't see you, and I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong." He said gently rubbing her back in a soothing motion. He felt her take a shaky breath before mumbling something he couldn't hear. "What is it, what's wrong?" He asked again.

"I-I don't feel good. The dark a-and the space is s-so small...I don't want to die in here" She said hesitantly.

"Take a deep breath luv, we will be out of here in no time" He felt carefully for her face and left a kiss on her forehead. "We'll be alright, you ready to get out of here?"

"Yeah" she answered. He squeezed her hand quickly before letting go and continuing to walk behind Angie through the narrow cave. Their walk was slow and Angie was only using her hands to feel the rocks in front of her. They were mostly silent, on guard and afraid of what could be lurking in the blackness. Occasionally Angelica was close enough behind Jack that he could hear her still trying to control her breathing, and once in a while, he could hear someone further back muttering curses for tripping or bumping into the person ahead of them. It seemed like it was going to go on forever, trapping them in this black oblivion, but just as Jack was contemplating that thought he stopped without warning after bumping into Angie.

"Oi, stop a moment" Angie hissed then leaned her head back slightly. "Jack, do you see that?"

"I think so" Jack responded.

"See what? It's too dark in here to see anything" Angelica said a little out of breath. "I think I see something, a light maybe" He said. "Stay here we'll be right back"

Before anyone could respond or protest, they walked away.

Angelica noticed Jack's absence immediately even though she couldn't see him. It had gotten cooler in there and she missed the heat that was radiating off Jack. It was comforting and she hadn't even noticed while he was there, but as soon as he left it was unmistakable that she missed it.

They were walking away, still forced to feel with theirs hands and feet the terrain in front of and around them. Now the speck of light they saw in the distance got brighter, they were getting closer. As they did so, they picked up their pace ever so slightly, but that was enough to have Jack hit his head on the wall of the cave as the direction of the cave took a sharp turn. He cursed to himself before turning to face the way of the continued tunnel. The light was so much brighter and he could have sworn he could see that the end let out into a much larger cavern. He quickened his pace again to catch up to Angie, now that he could see better.

When he finally approached the entrance to the cavern, he heard voices. He took a step into the cavern behind her, giving his eyes a moment to adjust before taking a glance around.

For being underground, there was a lot of light. He chanced a look up only to see how big the cavern actually was. It was like he was standing inside of a volcano, with the light entering from the large hole in the ceiling.

Angelica didn't know how long they had been standing there, but Jack had told them to wait for him to get back.

"Elizabeth should we try to go after them? Angelica asked tentatively.

"Not yet, he said to wait, let's give them a minute." Elizabeth answered calmly.

In the distance, a shot rang off and echoed through the dark caves. Then silence. Then another followed in quick succession, leaving them all stunned.

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