Love Should Never Die

The end

A/N I'm sorry for the extreme delay in the posting of this finale. This is the final chapter, and although I'm not happy with it, I hope the ending is satisfactory. Please enjoy and feel free to leave comments! Happy Holidays!

They all jumped at the shots, but we're silent in the moments after to listen for anything else. Elizabeth immediately regretted her decision to wait. They didn't have time for that anymore. "Forget what I said, we need to go. Now!" She commanded.

Angelica couldn't agree more. They took off as fast as they could under the circumstances, careful not to run into anything.

A few moments ago, Jack and Angie had just walked carefully into this large cavern. The voices they heard had diminished into silence as if they knew they were there.

Jack and Angie looked around to determine who these people were, what they were doing, and where they were at. Angie knew full well who they were, but if they wanted to maintain the element of surprise, she couldn't inform Jack. Things happened differently than she remembered and it was slowly unnerving her.

She motioned for Jack to follow her around further, trying to get an idea of the terrain, and to find those people, but paused when they came into view.

As Jack came to stand next to her, she nodded in the direction of where the people were standing. Jack narrowed his eyes. Jack pulled out his pistol and looked to Angie. She nodded, thinking she understood what Jack was thinking. She walked around to the other side of the people, who were still unaware of their presence. There were four men and a lady. Jack recognized two of the men as well as the woman, but he had to assume the other two were just back up for whoever was in charge here.

Jack motioned to Angie who had been watching him intently from across the cavern. She nodded and stepped out into the open. "Hello gentlemen," she said seductively as she approached the people. Everyone turned their attention to her as she came towards them. Jack, now behind them, stepped up and shot the two men he didn't recognize. They fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

His gun still raised, he continued approaching the remaining people as Angie pulled out her gun as well.

"Ricardo, I should have known I wouldn't have seen the last of you." Jack sneered at the one man before turning to the other who seemed to be in some sort of trance. "Will? What are ya doing?!" Jack waved his hand in front of his face, but Will didn't answer. Angie didn't bother to check the woman, whom she knew was Tia Dalma or Calypso because she knew that she was under the same trance as Will.

"Angie what's wrong with them?" Jack asked, but he gritted his teeth when he heard Ricardo chuckling in a way Jack found most disturbing. He turned on him quickly and poked him with the barrel of his gun. "Shut up! I didn't ask you!"

Ricardo put his hands up in surrender, but he was still grinning.

"They're under the influence of the treasure," Angie said finally.

"So what? Can't we just turn it off or something?" This was too much for him.

"No, that's not how it works Jack. I control them and they won't stop until I tell them to" Ricardo said.

"Well, then how bout you hand over the treasure or I'll kill you" Jack snapped.

"If you say so?" Ricardo shrugged nonchalantly and extended his hand out holding the glowing sphere for Jack to take.

"Jack no. You can't control it. You don't have the second piece." Angie warned, but it was too late, Jack already had the sphere in his hands. Ricardo laughed maniacally.

Jack's eyes were focused on the sphere and he couldn't hear all the voices yelling at him. It was beautiful. It was perfect. Maybe this was all he needed to be happy. His vision was blurred and tinted black, making the glowing sphere look even more beautiful to him, and he couldn't look away, not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want to, ever.

Unbeknownst to Jack, Angelica and Elizabeth and the rest of them had found their way into the cavern. Will and Tia had been broken out of their trance as soon as Jack took possession of the treasure.

"Let me go!" Angie was holding Angelica back from running over to Jack. Will and Tia were trying furiously to get everyone away from Jack, but none of them wanted to listen.

"He must not see any of you when he comes too," Tia said gravely in her eccentric accent.

"Leave now!" Will demanded, but Elizabeth wouldn't let him go. "You must trust me! Jack will get you all killed and he will use us to do it! Go back the way you came"

"No, Jack wouldn't!" Angelica was adamant. Jack wouldn't hurt her. Not physically and definitely not intentionally.

"Maybe not intentionally, but believe me, he would," Will said. "You, get her out of here" Will shouted to Angie. He didn't even let himself think about how there were two of them, but it didn't matter. Angie tried with everything she had to get Angelica to leave with Elizabeth, but she wouldn't budge. She wasn't leaving without Jack.

"Aaron, watch her! Make sure she doesn't do anything stupid." She remembered that Ricardo still had to be dealt with. She ran all over the cavern, but he wasn't there. She looked a few steps into the passage that lead them there only to be met with a blade she recognized all too well.

"Barbossa!" She exclaimed.

"Afternoon, Ms. Teach" He snarled. Forcing her to back up by continuously prodding her with the tip of the sword. She raised her hands in defeat and backed up into the cavern.

"How did you get here anyways?" She asked. He smirked and held up Jack's compass in his other hand.

"Sorry Angie" Came Gibbs' voice from behind the one legged man.


"We found im while we was out followin Jack after he ditched us at Tortuga" Barbossa answered.

"You made it way too easy" Angie taunted.

"You weren't that was you Jack was gettin all protective over. Now that makes a lot more sense" He recalled.

"Why are you even here?!"

"The treasure. It be in the best interest of us all if it were to be destroyed" He said.

"Really, don't you just want it to yourself?" Angie was no stranger to Barbossa's malevolent ways and how evil that man could really be.

"Nay, as tempting as it be, fret not." He smirked. "You really should be thanking me. It's very fortuitous for you that I showed up here"

"And why is that?" Angie raised her eyebrow at him.

"Because I caught that weasel you undoubtedly were trying to find" He explained. "He's being hauled off to me ship right now"

A shout from across the cavern broke them out of their conversation. Angelica had been non-stop calling out to Jack, but until then Aaron had been holding her back. She stepped down hard in his foot making him let her go and in that instant she bolted up to Jack. When she got closer she noticed what he was doing. She just watched him completely transfixed by the sphere for a moment, but she jumped when she felt a presence behind her.

"You care for him deeply," Tia Dalma said. "Dat is why you must go, go away from here and wait for him. He will come"

"But-I don't want to leave him" Angelica muttered.

"You would do anythin for this man. You already did more than most." Tia continued. "You subjected yourself to torment when you relived his death, you forgave him when he may have hurt you the most, and you trusted him enough to marry him, but now you need to step back" Angelica shot her a concerned glance. "Let others help him now, so he can go home to you"

"But I-Jack?" She stopped when he snapped his eyes up to meet hers. It wasn't him. His eyes were black and cold. Unseeing and soulless. She couldn't move. She has never been so afraid of anything in her entire life than right now, seeing Jack look at her in that way.

Why must everyone always ruin everything for me, he wondered. And why must they always be yelling, can't they ever just shut up and give me a moment's peace. Just one moment. Can't they just leave me alone, can't they see that it's what I want? Do I have to spell it out to them?


Who said that?


She did. She's trying to stop you from leaving. She's trying to keep you from what makes you happy. He heard a voice in his head say.

He didn't want to look away, but the woman who was yelling really needed to be quiet. /


Damn it. Damn it all.

"You need to go...let others help him" This wasn't the same voice. This was someone else. It was muffled and held a heavy accent. It wasn't as sweet as the other nor did it have the same sense of urgency.

"But..." There was the other one. The one who couldn't stop yelling for him. He looked up. Oh. It was her. The one who caused him so much pain over the years. She was his great conundrum and it was infuriating.

Painful memories flashed before his eyes of the woman in front of him, of yelling and swordfights, of arguing and pain, of blood and betrayal, and of curses and death.

He didn't move towards her, he wasn't sure he wanted to. This woman was trouble. A dangerous, wicked, seductress and she would kill him given the chance.

That already happened. She already did kill you. She's an untrustworthy she-devil!/

He hadn't even realized, but he was drawing his sword as he stepped towards her.

He noticed her eyes widen in fear as she backed away slowly. /Good. She should be afraid. After all she's done to you, make her pay! The voice said.

"Jack?!" Angelica cried.

He heard her voice but not the words she said. In his head, he heard all that she had said to him before. I hate you he heard her say. I should have left you dead She continued.

"Jack stop!" Will yelled as he stepped in between him and Angelica, momentarily catching him off guard.

"Shut it" Jack snapped and Will immediately straightened up and closed his mouth, his eyes becoming dark and unfocused. Angelica took this chance to jump out of Jack's view.

"Will!" Yelled Elizabeth as she tried to run towards him. Jack looked to her and she stopped dead in her tracks.

/She killed you too! But it was worse. She had kissed you and left you to the Kraken. She needs to pay/

"You-" Jack growled. "Take care of her!" Will pulled out his sword and advanced on Elizabeth while Jack tried desperately to focus on the other voice. Jack, she had called for him over and over but where was she now?

Jack looked back at the sphere in his hand, he wondered what he could really do with it, to really see what he could do, he needed to get back to the ocean, he thought, but he knew he would never get there with all these idiots running around trying to stop him. "Calypso-lightning if you please" He demanded. Tia succumbed to the will of the treasure and sure enough, through the opening ceiling of the cavern perfect bolts of lightning struck the ground around them, the sound echoing off the walls.

Everything became silent.

Angie and Barbossa had more or less been watching from a distance. Will had captured Elizabeth and had forced her roughly to her knees, and Tia had used some power to prevent Angelica from running. Jack made his way gingerly to the exit of the cave intent on leaving all of these people who had damaged him so badly to rot here forever.

"He can't be allowed to leave" Angie stated.

"Aye, I've been waiting a long time to do this, do forgive me" He raised a pistol and trained it on Jack who had yet to pay them any attention, apparently content that if they posed no threat of stopping him from leaving, he would leave them be.

Angie tugged on Barbossa arm. "You can't I won't let you shoot him!" She shouted gaining Jack's attention for the first time.

He was confused. He thought he'd already taken care of her. What was she still doing making noise and distracting him?

He didn't have time for this, he needed to get outside. Without a second thought, he saw them and all of the pain those two represented in his life and knew there was only one thing to do now. Get rid of them for good.

What had they ever done for you? Only cause you pain, and suffering and death. They deserve nothing less!

Instead of his sword, this time, he gripped his pistol and raised it level with Barbossa. He needs to go first!

Angie just watched the staredown between the two men and she knew Barbossa was going to shoot first.

"Don't!" She yelled as she stepped in front of Barbossa's gun just he pulled the trigger and so did Jack.

Jack dropped the gun as he watched the woman fall to her knees. Crimson seeping through the back of her shirt.

You loved her! All of those years! She saved your life! he heard a different voice now and new images flashed across his mind. Memories of kisses, of walks on the beach, of sunsets and stars, of smiles and laughs, of her eyes, of the way she used to look at him. The sphere fell from his hand and everything became clearer again. The world was no longer tinted black, but now all he could see was red. All over his hands and on his clothes.

The other man had tried to help her, but Jack viciously pushed him away. He hadn't even remembered coming to her side, but now he was trying desperately to stop the bleeding, but to no avail as she was wounded in the front of her chest and on her back and there was nothing he could do.

"Jack-" Angie coughed, blood spilling from her mouth. "I'm - sorry"

He shook his head furiously and cupped her cheek with his hand forcing her to look up at him. "Shh, it's okay luv" He whispered.

"Jack - I - she loves you - now you can - be together" Angie strained to say just loud enough for him to hear.

"Why - what were you thinking!?" He asked more to himself than to her.

"I missed you - and I'm grateful to - have gotten the chance to- get to know you -again- you're a good man Jack - promise you won't ever leave her" she spoke so lightly, and he could see she was hanging on until he gave her an answer and who was he to deny a dying woman anything, especially this woman.

"I promise luv, I'll never leave her" He swore, and he meant every word. She tried to smile up at him but it looked more like a grimace, but he kept his eyes locked on hers as she breathed her last breath and her eyes closed for the last time.

He hadn't even realized he had been crying until he tasted the salty tears that ran down his face.

"Sparrow I-" Barbossa had started but upon seeing the red-eyed glare he received from Jack he silenced himself and stepped away.

Will had regained control of himself and helped Elizabeth to her feet and kissed her softly. Tia released Angelica, who instantly ran over to where Jack was crouched over her dead 'sister'. There was blood everywhere.

"Jack is she-?" She said softly resting a hand on his shoulder, but he ignored her.

"Back away," He said lowly, not looking up at her. "You don't want to see her like this"

"Jack are you okay?!" She wanted to make sure he wasn't injured as well before she would even think about letting herself deal with what happened.

He couldn't listen to her. He had just witnessed the death of the one woman he ever loved, and yet fate had been cruel to him, because now he had to exist every day with that same woman who was lying in his arms covered in blood, every day for the rest of his life, and every time he looked at her he would be reminded of the sight in front of him now and how he would never be able to save her no matter the love he still felt for her. It was all his fault.

"We need to get back to the ship," Jack said monotonously as he stood, clutching the dead woman in his arms. The rest of them followed him in silence. Jack didn't feel anything anymore. He didn't stop until he reached the ship. He had walked all day and all night. When he reached the ship he placed Angie's body on the bed of the first mate's cabin and placed a sheet over her. He trudged to his own cabin collapsed on his bed and cried like a child, not even caring anymore. The pain he felt now compared to nothing he'd ever felt before, except that one time. The time he had found Chloe at her little farmhouse in England. But even that didn't compare to how he felt right now. He had watched the life leave Angelica's eyes. He felt her go limp in his arms and yet he was still able to hear her voice, and he would be tortured by it every day. He should have been able to save her. How could he have let that happen?

He hadn't even bothered the change out of his bloodied clothes before he laid down. The tears streamed down his face until he fell asleep. The fatigue from the journey back, and everything that had happened finally catching up to him.

When he awoke, he felt the presence of another person. Their arm was wrapped around his waist. He opened his eyes slowly and glanced over his shoulder at the woman beside him. He jumped up as fast as possible. He had to get away. She was supposed to be dead. He could still see the blood on his hands. Her blood was on his hands. But it wasn't anymore, it wasn't on his hands or on his clothes. She must have changed his clothes for him while he slept. He wondered how long he had been asleep.

Now she was sitting up and just looking at him concern written all over her beautifully haunting features.

For a moment he thought he could see blood on her face, but he quickly blinked that image away.

"Jack are you alright?" She asked softly coming to stand in front of him and wrapping her arms around him, but he pushed her away and stepped back completely horrified.

"No - no I'm not okay - " He stammered. "Don't come near me"

She nodded and backed away from him.

"Jack if you need some time, I can go," She said softly making her way towards the door until Jack shook his head.

"No, it's okay. I need some air anyways" And with that, he quickly left shutting the door behind him.

It was still early in the morning and the cool air burned his lungs, but it was a pleasant relief that he recognized this feeling and it comforted him.

The Pearl was out on the open seas again. He wondered when they left, he didn't remember. The other ships were nowhere to be seen and he had no idea where they were going.

This nightmare needed to be over, and he knew the only thing he could do to make it happen.

"Where is he?" He asked when he sensed the presence of another person behind him.

"Who?" Angelica asked quietly.

It had been two weeks since Jack had gotten Ricardo to free Will. Two weeks since Jack killed him and dumped his body over the side of the ship. Two weeks since they buried her 'sister' at sea. Two weeks since they left that island. Two weeks since they had said farewell to Elizabeth and Will, to Cristina and Aaron, and to Barbossa.

Angelica had forced Jack to let her take over his duties. He was a mess. Every night having nightmares and waking up traumatized by the events two weeks ago. She needed to fix this now.

"Jack, you killed him already. He's gone" She said as she came to stand beside him, taking his hand in hers. He looked at her for the first real time in what seemed like years but was only days. She looked tired, exhausted even, and thinner than he remembered. Her hair was disheveled and she had dark circles under her eyes. When did she stop taking care of herself? He had to snap out of this. He promised he wouldn't leave her, and even though he was physically there, mentally he was still on that island. He knew he needed to fix it. He needed to see her eyes light up when she looked at him. He needed to hear her laugh again. It should be him taking care of her, not the other way around.

"When was the last time you ate?" He asked, his voice rough from lack of use.

She seemed surprised. "Um, lunch yesterday"

"That won't do - that won't do at all" He muttered. "Come on, you have to take care of yourself" He tried to pull her along down to the galley, but she didn't budge.

"Later, Jack, I need to take care of you, are you feeling alright?" She held her hand to his forehead, but he was his normal temperature.

He pulled her hand away from his head and cupped her cheek in his own so she would look up at him with her dazzling brown eyes.

"You've done quite enough of that darlin," He said gently. "Let's go back to bed for a few hours," He said as he slung his arm around her shoulders and walked them back into the cabin and laid down. She had her back to him and it felt so good to be held by him again. She missed it. She felt his voice rumbled through his chest. "I want you to decide where you want to stop first, I think a world tour is in order, don't you agree, now I'm thinking Paris or Rome, what do you think?" He asked, his arms tightening around her, and his eyes falling shut. She could barely focus on his words when she was still cherishing the feeling of him almost back to normal. "mhmm" was the only answer he got because soon after, she fell back to sleep for the best few hours of sleep she had gotten in a long time. And just as Jack promised, they spent the next weeks in each other's perfect company, celebrating their marriage now that they had the chance. They traveled to Rome first and then they stopped in Spain where they visited Cristina and Aaron before they made the journey to Port Royal to see Will and Elizabeth.

No matter where they were, Jack managed to keep his word and he never left Angelica's side, and she couldn't have been happier. As much as he enjoyed it, he had cut back on his drinking, never wanting to fall back into the pit of despair he had fallen into after those fateful days that changed who he was forever. He never forgot what happened, but he knew he still had his life because of it, and that made it all the more important to him to keep himself and his wife safe and happy as long as he could, all the while knowing he wouldn't be able to forever. For now, though, things were perfect for him, he had his ship, he had the love of his life by his side, and they were free from everything.

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