Love Should Never Die

Chapter 9

Will returned with a blanket in his hands, but he dropped it when he entered the room and saw Angelica crying on the floor, with Jack close by her side.

"Ms Teach are you okay? What happened?" He asked her, even though he had a feeling he knew what it was.

"I thought…I thought I saw…No I didn't, I must be going crazy" She mumbled, tears still rolling down her cheeks. Will walked over to her and put the blanket around her shoulders as he helped her back over to the edge of the bed. When he sat next to her, she put her arms around him, and cried into his shoulder. He wasn't sure what to do, he had not had much experience with upset women before, since he had not been around Elizabeth in years.

"Shh...It will be okay. You aren't going crazy" He spoke softly whilst trying to think of a good way to tell her that she had actually seen Jack.

Jack sat in the chair across from them, jealous that he was not the one comforting her. He knew she had hugged Will because he was the only one there, but he couldn't even look at them.

"I miss...him … so much.." She barely could barely say it through all of the tears.

"Everything will be ok, you are not going mad, you are safe here" Will said, hoping she would take comfort in his words.

"Will, you have to make her stop crying, I can't take it any longer. You must make her stop. Talk to her. You have to find an easy way to tell her that she did actually see me and she's not going crazy." Jack spoke softly with a depressed tone that made his words hang heavily in the air. Will could only think of one way to tell her, but as he had seen earlier, she had quite a temper and he was afraid to face it.

Here it goes, he thought before he decided to speak.

"Jack, how am I supposed to tell her that? Are you crazy?" Will said to Jack over the muffled sobs of Angelica. "Jack you have to help me, she will only stop crying if she knew you were actually here." He continued, and with that Angelica lifted her head, looking confused at his words. It didn't sound like he was talking to her, but rather about her. Jack stood up, not quite sure what Will was doing. Didn't that idiot know he shouldn't talk to him in her presence?

"Will what are you doing? and How can I possibly help you?" Jack asked eyeing Will questioningly.

"I'm doing exactly what you said Jack. Trying to convince Ms. Teach, here, that you are not gone forever, and that there is a way to bring you back." Will said still holding Angelica.

She couldn't believe this. She pushed herself away from Will, and coincidentally in the direction of Jack. He stepped behind her and put his hands around her waist, wishing that he could actually hold her again.

"Don't lie to me!" She warned Will "Why should I believe you?"

"Well, you obviously won't trust my word, but perhaps I can show you." He suggested. "Wait here with Jack, and I'll be right back." He told her, giving Jack a glance as he walked out.

Jack was still holding his arms around her as if he could keep her there, but he couldn't. She walked right through his arms and sat back down on the bed. Her mind was filled with questions. Was Will telling the truth? Was Jack really still in the room with her? Could he really be brought back?

He had not been gone more than a few minutes, when he came back through the door interrupting Angelica's long line of questions. He held a small item . It appeared to be very old, but not that valuable. How could this little thing help her?

"Here it is, I am quite sure you have seen one of these before" Will said as he handed it to her. She took it cautiously, and soon realized what it was.

"A mirror? How is this going to help me?" She questioned him. Jack sat down right next to her, in the hope that she would use the mirror sometime and see him.

"Just hold it up in front of you" He instructed. She did as he said, but only saw herself. Will gave her a look suggesting it was obvious, as he slightly turned the mirror to show the Jack next to her.

"Jack?!" She yelled, as she jumped up, not sure if she believed what she saw. Jack got up as well and stood right behind her.

"ello luv, long time no see, eh" He said sweetly, even though she couldn't hear him still.

She watched him standing there behind her, his lips moving as he spoke. "Why can't I hear him?" She said turning to Will.

"Well, unfortunately the mirror can only let you see the dead, not communicate with them." Will sighed. "He said hello just then, incase you were wondering. And also, he can hear everything you and I can, so feel free to speak to him, just remember that he can't answer at the moment"

Now that she knew Jack was there Will was not looking forward to being a messenger between them. So he decided to leave as fast as he could before she asked him to speak for Jack.

"I have to go give my crew a heading, I'll be at the helm if you need me." Will said as he walked out the door leaving Angelica all alone with Jack.

"Mr. Turner, we have a friend to save. Make way for Cuba." Will yelled to his father.

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