Love Should Never Die

Chapter 10

What was she supposed to say? He couldn't answer her so she couldn't ask him anything, so what now? She had no idea what to do. If she was actually going to talk to him, she would need Will, but she was fairly certain that he wouldn't enjoy that. She just wanted Jack back to his human self. She would do anything for him to be able to hold her in his arms again.

"I've missed you, Jack" She said sweetly. She held up the mirror and watched a smile appear on Jack's face.

"I know, luv" Jack said pointing to his eye, then tapping the side of his head, hoping she would understand. She understood, but she wished she could hear him.

"Jack? Do you know who killed you?" She decided to ask him, cause if he knew, she would find out eventually and kill the sorry bastard who killed him.

"No, luv, I don't know" He said shaking his head. She sighed, wishing that she could remember what happened. She must have known who killed him, but she just could not remember.

"I'm going to ask Will where we are going, and how we can bring you back" She said walking out of the room. Jack followed close behind her as she approached Will who was standing at the helm.

"Will, where are we going?" Jack shouted to him from behind Angelica.

"We are sailing for Cuba" Will responded plainly. Jack stopped walking. He knew what was in Cuba. His face twitched at the thought of their destination. Angelica saw his expression in the mirror, and became suddenly concerned for she knew that Jack was not fearful of very many things.

"Cuba? What's in Cuba?" Angelica asked confused.

"The Pantano river is. There is a building that used to be home to the sea goddess, Calypso, while in her human form. She had a book that contains the ritual to save Jack" Will answered watching Jack cringe at his words.

"Will, what in hell is going through yer mind?! I am not stepping one ghostly foot in that abandoned shack. I've heard it be cursed, and all who enter are afflicted with a fate worse than death itself" Jack expressed with an upset tone.

"Jack calm down, we are going, unless you don't want to live again?" Will asked, not understanding Jack's apparent dislike for that place.

"Of course I do, and don't think I don't, that place just creeps me out, and I don't want anyone to get hurt as a result of the curse, ye cannot let her enter that place!" Jack said motioning to Angelica as the person he would not like to see hurt.

Angelica was still standing there only hearing Will's side of the conversation, but she was watching Jack. He appeared to be talking again and making a large assortment of hand movements. He looked distressed, and she wondered why.

"What did he just say?" She demanded, while still watching Jack who had since stopped waving his hands and was now standing still, just looking at her.

Jack glared at Will hoping he would get the message and only repeat the first part, cause if she knew that he didn't want her in there she would make a point to go in, and nothing would be able to stop her. Will returned the look, and decided to go against it.

"He said the place we are going to was cursed by Calypso herself. Also, that he of course he wanted to be human again, and that he forbade you to enter that place in fear of your safety.

"You said that did you, Jack? Well, you know me enough to know I can take care of myself. And you can't exactly stop me now can you?" She knew that would make him upset but she didn't care, and she didn't need him to worry about her for no reason.

"He can't, but I can. And I will. You are not going into that building. Jack is." Will stated making it clear that she was not getting her way this time.

"Will, I already told ye, I'm not stepping in that cursed place. And incase you forgot, I can't exactly pick up anything. What are you thinking?" Jack was confused, knowing what the curse really entailed.

"Jack, you are going in there if you want to be human, and while you are there I will watch over Angelica for you. Sound fair?" Will countered trying to reach a solution.

"Will, neither I nor ye, nor her can step in that place. The curse is that if ye enter, the one ye truly luv will die b'fore yer eyes, and if they already be dead, ye will be forced to relive it" Jack spoke gravely, his word hung in the air. Will suddenly didn't know what to say, he could only think of Elizabeth and how he would not be able to live if she were dead, and he figured Jack felt the same way.

"Lower the anchors!" Will shouted to his crew. They all stared at him. "Do it now! Lower the anchors!" Will continued to shout, his crew now running to drop anchors.

They were now stopped in the middle of the sea.

"What are you doing, we have to get there so we can save Jack!" Angelica yelled to Will who was now staring blankly at the sea around them.

"Jack, come with me. Angelica, stay here, or go back to the cabin. I need to speak with Jack." Will spoke sternly, turning to walk away.

Jack quickly followed Will to his cabin so focused that he didn't realize Angelica was following a few steps behind.

Will shut the door behind him, knowing that Angelica had probably followed them.

She had a feeling that it would be a long time before she would see them again., so she sat down against the door hoping that she would be able to hear what Will was saying to Jack.

"Jack! Why didn't you tell me this before?" Will almost yelled, while Jack just sat down apearing to be calm.

"Well, I didn't think it was relevant." Jack shrugged.

"Not relevant? No one can go in there! Not you cause of Angelica, not me cause of Elizabeth, and not Angelica cause of … wait?" Will had an idea, but he knew Jack wouldn't like it.

Angelica who was still outside, heard what Will said not sure what he was thinking but she knew it had to do with her. That isn't good, she thought to herself.

"Ohh no. No no no! Ye will not use her. Ye can't let her go in there. Ye know what she was like earlier. I can't make her go through that again, and neither should you." Jack was now angry, he could not stand the thought of her having to watch him die again. The tears and the pain it had caused her was too much for him to bare.

"But Jack, we need to know who killed you! And if she truly loves you, then she should be willing to watch you die again if it meant bringing you back. Of course it would be painful to watch, but the information it gives us could be useful. Please, she may be your only hope." Will said pleadingly hoping not to upset Jack further.

That was it, she couldn't listen to the one sided conversation anymore, she knew she had to do what Will suggested to Jack.

Just as Jack was about to reject Will's plan, he heard the door open behind him. Damn Spaniard, never knowing what is best for herself. Ugh, he thought.

"I'll do it for Jack" She said bravely, even though the idea of watching him die sent chills down her spine. Jack walked up behind her as she held up the mirror to see his expression. He was upset, and she could tell.

"Jack, I'm doing it for you, don't worry, I'll be fine." She tried to convince him.

"I don't think ye should, luv, who knows how pitifully awful my death was? You shouldn't have to re live that." He said looking at Will to tell her.

"Oh um, he said the he was against you going through with this, and he didn't want you to relive the pain again. And he mentioned that he didn't want you to see how pitiful he was when he died." Will said hoping these words would not deter her.

"Oh, Jack. I love you, and if I don't do this for you, then I may never see you again. Do not ask me to live without you" She was almost crying again, but she forced herself control emotions in front of him.

"Shh, its okay luv" He whispered softly, seeing the tears she was fighting to hold back. "I love ye too no matter what happens, and if ye are set on doin this for me, then all I ask is that ye be careful." He looked to Will again, who now was sitting and not really paying much attention.

"Will, tell her for me will ye?" Jack said after a moment of silence.

"Oh, yeah sure Jack." He mumbled, then turned to Angelica "He said he loves you no matter what, and he wants you to be careful" Will said softly trying to sound as interested in the conversation as possible.

"Its settled then, when we arrive, you, me and Jack will row over to the house, and I will go in and get whatever it is that we need to save Jack. Then you will probably have to row us all back Will, as I will probably be afflicted with the curse by then." She said hoping that her plan would work. She needed this plan to work. She would not spend the rest of her life without Jack.

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