Love Should Never Die

Chapter 11

"We will be arriving soon" Will told Angelica who stood solemnly next to him at the helm. Jack was standing at the bow, watching the land in front of them appear to grow as they steadily got closer. He kept remember how much Angelica had been crying earlier, and he grimaced at the thought of having to watch her go through that again. He could not deny that he was worried about what was going to happen.

Back at the helm Angelica was worried as well. She was hoping that what they needed wouldn't be hard to find, because she wanted to spend as little time in that place as possible. Then it dawned on her that she didn't actually know what she was looking for.

"Will, it occurs to me that you have not said what it is that I need to find. What is it?" Angelica eyed Will with a puzzled look on her face.

"Ah yes, you will need to find the book of rituals. It is fairly big, and old so it should be no trouble finding it. You will also need to find the Ouija board and planchette so Jack can speak to you. And last but not least, we will need four candles. We will need all of that if we intend to help Jack." He said as her expression changed to that of fear and dread for what was soon to come. "Also, I think the ritual requires Jack's original body, so we shall have to wash the blood off him, and store him somewhere cool." Angelica grimaced, not wanting to even look at Jack's dead corpse that was stored below decks at the moment.

"Drop anchor, and lower the longboat!" Will commanded . "Mr. Turner, you are in command until we return"

"Aye, sir" Mr. Turner responded from the lower deck.

"Jack, its time to go make you human again! Get your ghostly self over here, hurry up!" Will yelled to Jack who was still lost in thought at the front of the ship. Jack didn't hear Will, but he knew the ship had stopped moving forward and realized it was time to go. He turned and walked slowly over the the small boat.

"Angelica, are you ready to go?" Will asked her with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, lets get this over with" She said with fake confidence as they both got into the boat.

Will rowed them up the river into the ominous jungle. He remembered the last time he was here with Jack. It was not something he enjoyed remembering, since it was right after Jack had been eaten by the kraken and everyone was depressed, and at that time he was hardly speaking to Elizabeth. He was happy they had gotten over that, but he still didn't like thinking about it.

While Will was rowing and clearly deep in thought, Jack was sitting across from Angelica. He was content to just watch her, hoping that after this was all over he would be able to hold her in his arms again.

Angelica was just sat there. She didn't know where in the boat Jack was, but she could use some comforting about now, cause she was starting to feel sick just thinking about what she was about to witness. She pulled out the mirror that she had brought with her and angled it around so she could find Jack. And there he was, sitting right in front of her, a smirk appearing across his face as he watched her with that mirror. He moved to sit right next to her, so she would not have to sit with her back to him in order to see him. He put his arm around her shoulder, and leaned his head against hers. She smiled, feeling a bit better since she could see him and know for sure that he was there for her.

"Thanks Jack" She whispered, still smiling at him.

"No problem, luv" He whispered in return. They were both so busy looking in the mirror that they didn't even realize they had stopped moving. They had arrived.

Not wanting to ruin this moment between them, Will kept quiet, knowing that he would want the same if it were him and Elizabeth.

Jack lifted his head realizing that they had indeed arrived. A grave expression washed over his face, signalling to Angelica too that they were there, and it was time for her to go.

She stood up, and stepped off the boat onto the small dock in front of the shack.

"Don't forget, you need the book of rituals, the ouija board and planchette, and the candles." Will said hoping to god that she didn't forget anything, cause he had a feeling that she would not want to repeat this process if she did. She turned and smiled at Will, then turned again holding up the mirror so she could see Jack one last time.

"Be careful, luv, and don't worry, we are here for ye when ye get back" Jack said and smiled warmly at her.

"Uh...he said be careful and don't worry. And that we will be here for you when you get back" Will repeated what Jack had said.

She put the mirror away, and took a step closer to the door. She paused still nervous about entering. "Just breath, you can do this. For jack" she whispered to herself, and with that she opened the door and took a step inside. She turned around just in time to see Will smiling at her when the door mystically slammed shut. She suddenly felt overwhelmed with fear and tried to open the door again, but it was locked and she didn't have the key. She was now completely alone.

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