Love Should Never Die

Chapter 12

She spun around trying to taking her surroundings. The room was dark and she quickly scanned the area looking for some matches to light some of the many candles in the room. She searched around for a few minutes until she found them. She lit a few candles and refocused herself on finding the items. She was in awe of how much stuff that one lady had when she lived there. There were piles of books everywhere, and all manner of jarred creatures and things hanging from the ceiling.

She had to stay focused, for Jack.

She would first find the candles, there were so many just lying around that she decided to find four that were the least melted. She set them on the table, now for the ouija board. Where would she find that? Something like that wouldn't just be left in the open, would it? She was frantically looking through everything.

She looked around the whole front room for that board, but still nothing. She wandered into the back room and looked under the cluttered table and surrounding chairs, and there it was. Under a chair pushed far against the wall, covered in a thick layer of dust. She pulled it out and blew it off. It had some strange patterns on it, the likes of which she had never seen before.

Oh well, thats not important she thought still looking at the antique. She brought it back over to the table and set it next to the candles. Now for the book of rituals. She scanned the room once more.

There had to be hundreds of book in this room alone. She didn't even want to think of how many there could be in the rest of the building. She thought she should get started going through the piles of books. She went over to one stack, picked it up and turned to bring it back to the table, but she wasn't paying attention and hit her head on a glass bottle making it fall to the floor with a loud crash.

Just outside the shack, Jack and Will were waiting in silence, fearing for when Angelica would return and the curse would take over her. They both look up when they heard a loud crash from inside. Jack had a worried look on his face as he stood about to go in after her to make sure she was okay.

"Jack, you know better than I why you can't go in there. She will be fine so just sit down. We will just have to wait until she comes out with the stuff for you, and then we can help her." Will said sternly making sure Jack listened. Jack sat back down, but his worried expression never left his face.

Back inside…

"Ow" she hissed, as she set the books down. She looked at what fell, it looked like a human foot...uh...she didn't feel good, but she looked away and remembered why she was still there. The book of rituals for Jack.

"I must find it" She whispered to herself as she pawed through the pile of books.

Book of Spells, Cloud Reading, Telling the Future, and countless others, none of them were what she was looking for. Will had said it was big, old and she couldn't possibly miss it, but then where was it? She had gone through tons of books, and still nothing. She kept thinking of possible places someone would store a book of that importance. Lets see, under a chair, on the bookshelf, on the floor, or...sitting right on the middle of the table that she had completely ignored. She wandered back over to the table, low and behold, there it was sitting right next to the candles and ouija board. She opened it looking for the ritual they needed to make sure they didn't need anything else before she left, because she knew for sure that she was never coming back. She flipped through the pages stopping at some that could have been what she was looking for. Creating Life, no. Waking the Dead, no. Killing the Dead, definitely not. Rejoining the Body and Soul, ah this looks like it she thought.

"For this ritual you will need the following items: The flesh of the dead, blood of the killer, tears of the friend, a cup of something from their favorite place, and a kiss from the lover. The tears, blood, and thing from their favorite place is to be mixed with their favorite drink." She read aloud. "The spirit must drink it from a special glass, while occupying the same space as their body, and as they are kissed by their lover, their spirit and body will be joined and will rise again in the world of the living. Thats not too complicated." She finished reading and closed the book.

She was leaving this place now, since she knew she wouldn't need to come back. She placed the ouija board on the book, and the candles on top of that, and she went to open the door for herself, but it was still locked.

She couldn't leave yet, she had to find that damn key. She examined the lock to see how big the key could be, and unfortunately as it turned out the keyhole was incredibly smaller than the average ones. Now what she going to do? She couldn't spend her time looking for that key. The door didn't appear to be very stable, she wondered if it would break if she ran into it. She took a few steps back to get a running start. She ran forwards slamming into the door, it shook slightly but did not appear to be anywhere near breaking down. She didn't want to do that again. She decided to try another tactic, she looked around for something resembling a hammer. She found a wooden mallet, curious as to why a voodoo goddess would need a mallet, she picked it up. She looked at it and shrugged, oh well she was going to get out even if she had to break the door into a million tiny pieces. She went back over to the door and started attacking it with the hammer. Finally she broke a small hole through the door, and she could barely see Will and the boat waiting for her.

From the outside, Will and Jack heard a lot of banging on the door not sure what Angelica was doing.

"She must be very angry at something to be making that much noise all by herself" Jack almost chuckled as he knew how violent she could be when she was upset.

"Well, I just want her to hurry up and finish releasing her anger on the door so we can get out of this cursed place." Will said impatiently.

Back inside… Angelica was still smaking the door with that mallet, the hole growing larger and larger, soon it was big enough for her to fit her hand through and open the door from the outside.

She threw the mallet to the ground and went back for her stack of items. She briskly walked out of the shack and was welcomed by a smiling Will, who quickly took the stuff from her.

"Will remind her that the curse will go into effect as soon as she steps off the dock" Jack said sternly.

"Angelica, wait, do not step off the dock yet. If you wish to say anything to Jack before you have to suffer the curse, speak now, cause the curse goes into effect as soon as you leave the dock." Will warned her.

"Ok then" She pulled out her mirror again, and angled it so she could see Jack watching her. She looked into his eyes "I love you Jack" She said "And no matter what happens, I always will." She said, never breaking eye contact with him.

Will set the ouija board in front of Jack so he could respond to her. She turned around to see what he would say. He moved the planchette and spelled the word "I will always love you too, and I wont ever leave you again" A smile spread over her face as she read his message. "Ok here it goes" She said as she stepped into the boat, and immediately she felt dizzy and disoriented. Will stood up just in time to catch her as she feinted. He lowered her carefully in the boat, and quickly began to row them back to the Dutchman.

"Don't worry, luv, I'm here for ye" Jack said sounding depressed while watching her just lie there. Hoping it wouldn't be too painful for her, and although he knew it would be awful, but he also knew she was the strongest person he knew, and that if anyone could get through it, she could.

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