Love Should Never Die

Chapter 13

Angelica opened her eyes. Where was she? Why was she on a beach?

It seemed familiar to her, but she couldn't remember being there. She looked around to see if she could find anyone.

There. She spotted a small dinghy that was steadily getting closer to shore. There appeared to be two people in it, but she couldn't quite see who they were. She walked closer to the water so she could see them as they got closer.

It was her and Jack, but if she was supposed to witness Jack's death, why was she seeing this? She was completely confused.

They were now close enough that she could hear what they were saying.

"I hate you" She heard her other self say to Jack.

"The bloke who saved yer life" Jack replied with a less than happy expression on his face.

"The years I possess, stolen from my own father." The other Angelica retorted.

"I only helped Blackbeard do what any father should have done" Jack explained.

"you are cruel" she continued.

They had reached the shore, Jack stepped out of the boat, and lifted a restrained Angelica up and tossed her onto the sand along with a pistol.

"He was going to leave me on this beach? With nothing but a pistol?!" Angelica grumbled to herself, while still observing her other self and Jack.

She winced as her other self tried to hit Jack over the head with a log, but luckily Jack was able to stop her.

"Did that really happen?" She asked still not remembering any of this.

She chuckled at the silly excuses her other self yelled at Jack to make him stay. Although there was actually a treasure to rule the wind and tide, she would never be desperate enough to tell Jack, would she? Now she wasn't so sure, this conversation seemed very familiar. She was deep in thought until she heard Angelica stop yelling at him.

"Jack, there something I wanted to tell you from the moment we met" Angelica heard her other self say, and suddenly became interested again.

"Go on then." Jack replied as he took a step closer to her.

"I love you." She said softly.

"As do I, always have, always will" Jack returned in an equally soft tone.

They leaned in to kiss when Jack turned and started running back to the dinghy.

"What? He was going to leave even though I said I loved him? That bastard." Angelica growled.

"Jack!" She heard her other self yell after him. She observed her cautiously not sure what she was going to do, but she soon found out. Her other self had gone to get the pistol Jack had left for her. Oh no, she thought as she realized what was happening.

"Jack watch out!" She yelled to him, but of course he couldn't hear her.

Her other self had returned to the edge of the beach and aimed the gun at Jack. The shot rang through the air, as Angelica spun around to see Jack fall over in the boat.

"No, no, no. This cannot be happening!" She was frantic as she watched her other self have a similar reaction. "I killed Jack?! What am I going to do?" Angelica was furious with herself.

Now having returned to the Dutchman, Jack was sitting next to her bed worried for when she would wake up. She had been lying mostly still, twitching occasionally, but Jack assumed it was because of the curse. Jack jumped up as she suddenly said in a concerned tone "Jack, watch out" her eyes were still closed, and he began to worry again about the effect this vision would have on her. He heard her speak again, this time she sounded less concerned and more upset. "No no no." He was curious what she was talking about and decided to ask her when she woke up.

What had she done? She quickly swam out to the dingy that wasn't too far away, following her other self, and climbed in. She watched her other self lift Jack's head onto her lap, and put pressure on the bloody wound to his chest. She looked down at him with fear filling her eyes, and tears streaming down her cheeks. She had not wanted this. She knew she usually wasnt that good at her aim.

She watched Jack lift his hand to her other self's face and wiped some of the tears from her eyes. "Here's to revenge, sweet and clear" he almost whispered as he grinned up at her. "Shh. You will be alright" Her other self pretended to sound confident as she put on a fake smile for him.

"Not this time luv" he whispered, as he glanced slightly at the hole in his chest, and at the blood on her hands. She watched her other self lean her face close to his so that her lips barely brushed his cheek as she whispered "I love you Jack Sparrow". She started crying, more than her other self had been.

"I love you too Angelica Teach, and I believe there should be a captain in there somewhere" He said to her other self, he chuckled slightly and closed his eyes for the last time. "NO! You can't die! You are Jack Sparrow!" She looked away at what she heard her other self say sobbing with her head resting on his chest.

She couldn't watch this anymore. She just wanted to get out of there. How much more of this would she have to see?

She watched as her other self jumped out of the boat into the shallow water and made her way back to shore tears still filling her eyes. She stood and looked back at Jack. What had she done? He would never forgive her for this.

"I'm sorry, Jack" She said through her tears, as she too got out of the boat and followed her other self back to land. She followed her other self to the other side of the island and sat down next to her. She tried to understand what her other self was saying between tears.

"Why did you have to save me?" she heard her say loud. "Why couldn't you just let me die so I would not have to live without you now? This is all your fault SPARROW!"

"No it wasn't you idiot! It was your own fault! You pushed him to the limit, and when he finally decided to leave you again you couldn't take it! Its your own fault. My fault!" She almost yelled as she watched her other self continue to cry. She dropped her head into her hands wishing that she could just leave this place.

Her other self yelled for a few more minutes before she passed out from exhaustion and dehydration.

Angelica was happy that her counterpart was now silent allowing her to think. She was wondering what Jack would do when he found out. What would he say? She didn't want to lose him again. Those questions whirled around her mind, and soon she too fell asleep.

Jack was lost in thought, pondering many questions he had for Angelica. He looked up at her to see her eyes flutter open.

"Jack!" She said, sitting up with a sense of urgency.

Jack jumped up, and ran out the door to get Will, knowing that he would not be missed for a minute.

"Will come here! She's awake!" Jack yelled to Will who was looking over the ritual in his cabin. They both entered the room to see that she was sitting up, tears running down her face. Will went over to her and pulled her into his arms.

"It is okay, remember that Jack is still here, we can bring him back." Will said trying to comfort her. She started to calm down and wiped the tears off her face.

"Who did you see? Do you know who killed him?" Will questioned cautiously.

"I'm kind of tired, can we go over this later?" Angelica lied not wanting to tell them what she saw.

"Of course. I'm sure Jack will wait with you if you decide you want to talk about it. Don't forget the ouija board is on the table if you do want to talk with him." Will said as he got up and left the room.

She held up her mirror and angled it at Jack. She looked at the worry in his eyes, and she felt sick. It was her fault they were in this mess.

"Jack, I...I need to be alone." She said as she walked over to see what he would say in response.

Jack watched her longing to hold her again, but he soon went over to the table and spelled out "It's ok luv, I understand you need time, but I'll be out on deck if you need me"

She angled the mirror and watched him sadly walk out the door with a depressed look in his eyes.

She sank to the floor lifting her hands to cover her face. How was she ever going to tell him?

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