Love Bite


Boy loves girls or boy loves boy? Deadmeat millennial Luka Kim just wanted to surprise his long-distance girlfriend. So, why the hell is he standing in Vancouver rain with nothing but a boner and her handsome boss' business card?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - It Started Out So Well

Luka met a man’s eye and he yelped, freezing mid-thrust. His bare hips and his attention lurched towards the bedroom door, where a handsome well-dressed stranger stood with a shocked expression and a suitcase.

“Oh, Millie! I-I...” stuttered the unknown man before pausing helplessly when his eyes landed on Luka’s nakedness. Luka grabbed a blanket from the bed to cover himself, inadvertently knocking Millie, who was bound at the wrists and ankles, onto her side, exposing her even further to the view of the scandalized man in the doorway.

“Who…?” Luka was too stunned to complete his sentence. On her side, Millie was struggling in her bindings and making unpleasant sounds around the ball gag that had been suppressing moans of pleasure just moments earlier.

The man turned around to leave, “You didn’t answer my texts. I thought you were out… Millie, I’ll go. Contact me when you’re able.”

Luka finally unfroze. He leaned forward tugging off Millie’s blindfold. The front door slammed while he looked into her panicked eyes, reaching around the back of her head to undo the clip that held the gag in place.

“Untie me!” She shrilled as soon as the gag left her mouth with a wet pop. Reluctantly, Luka began undoing the loving tied rope he’d only just finished. Millie leapt up and immediately began tugging her work slacks back on, hiding the beautiful deep red lingerie Luka had been so excited to see. He followed suit, tucking himself back into his jeans.

“Who was that guy?” Luka finally asked.

“My boss!” She hissed, scrabbling for her phone. She unlocked the screen to reveal a series of texts. Luka slumped onto the bed, shirtless.

“Are you… cheating on me?”

Millie looked up from her phone, “What the fu*k? I’m just housesitting for him. Did you think I owned this place? This place?” Her hand sweeping encompassed the entire apartment, which did seem far beyond her means now that he thought about it. Luka blanched as her face darkened from irritation to fury, “Do you even care that I’m probably going to get fired? You know what? Get out.” She slapped his shirt into his hands and propelled him out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. He fell back, thumping against the bedroom door hopelessly.

“All the way out!” She yelled through the door. He scooped up his jacket and boots, paused to tug them on in the living room before exiting the apartment as directed. He then called the elevator that dropped 20 floors almost as fast as his mood had plummeted over the last 10 minuets.

He paused in the lobby wearing just a thin jacket over a t-shirt, to watch the poorly-timed first drops of autumn rain start to fall outside the double glass doors. Luka knew not a soul in this country outside of the angry apartment above. Without the balance in his bank account to support a hotel room, he contemplated whether this surprise visit to his long-distance girlfriend had been ill-considered.
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