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This is just a random Sander Sides book. I Hope You Enjoy!

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1 ⚜The Beginning⚜

It was movie night and everyone was picking out scary movies...except Roman.

"Oh look guys I found that clown movie!" Virgil said handing it to Logan. "Don't you think this is to scary for Patton?" Logan asked sounding a little worried for the dad figure of the group. "I'll be fine!" Replied Patton. "You sure dad?" Virgil said directing it to Patton even though he was staring at Roman. He looks away when he catches him staring. "Do we have to watch a scary movie?" Roman repling to everyone.
"You dont have to if you dont want to!" Patton replied. "I'm not scared!! Im a prince I'm not scared of anything." Roman said while doing his natural power pose of the evening. Logan rolled his eyes and face palmed himself. And replied "No one said you where scared." "I was thinking he was scared" Virgil said and grinned. "I am not scared Hot Topic!" Roman said slightly yelling, "Aww princy you think I'm hot." Virgil said mocking The prince. " Virgil your basically a shadow of hot therefore the opposite!" Roman shouted at Virgil kind of harshly. Virgil was used to it, he used to live with the dark sides. Things where good back then, and things are 'ok' now. "At least im not related to Remus." Virgil said. "Remus isn't that bad!" Roman shouted. I do miss Remy a little Virgil thought, "Maybe I should invite that coffee addict over soon". Virgil thought out loud and laughed a little. "Invite whom over soon Virgil?" Logan asked.
"Nunya." He snaped at Logan. But, he sounded scared like, he was hiding something or someone. Of course eveyone knew he used to be a dark side but there are some people who think he is related to one of them. "Guys! The movie!" Patton said as he turned on the TV and put the movie in.

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