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Fuck Buddies


They were previous lovers who got together again and made arrangements. Tae loves Jungkook but Jungkook loves Jimin and the only way he can have his way to him is through their bodies. Will he someday love Taehyung?or will they continue using one another?.

Romance / Erotica
Sora KT_Dustin JJ
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Fuck Buddies Part 1


My phone beeped and a message came through.

"I'm coming over tonight..."

I light up my cigarette and down my glass of whiskey, I will finally see him again after sometime. I looked in the mirror making myself in checked before getting a small bottle of lube out of the drawer. Minutes later my door bell rang and finally my late night visitor has arrived.

I ran through the door with an excited smile plastered on my face and open the door widely for my sudden guest and there he stood in his boy cap and large jacket and a black face mask on his face. It was Jeon Jungkook, the love of my life.

He immediately pushes me in before removing his cap and face mask. He looked at me straight with his hazel brown orbs while his curly hair scattered all over his eyes before smacking his lips against mine before we could even speak one word.

There was a struggle between us as we passionately play our mouths on each other. I moaned through our kisses and started rambling my hands on his body and pulled him closer through our kiss yearning his body against mine. Jungkook groaned during our kiss and immediately led me on the sofa and he pulled me above him allowing me to straddle on his legs. He sucks on my lips and swirled his tongue unto mine pouring all of his emotions through our kiss.

I started grinding at his hips and slowly unbuttons his shirt while maintaining our kiss. Then I surveyed my hands over his chest and well toned abs, memorizing every curve of his body as I continue to feel heated in our passionate kiss. Jungkook grips my waist and starts synchronizing his movements to mine. Jungkook sucks on my mouth and moaned as my hands explored his upper body making him feel excited as I do so. I aggressively grind my hips sensually against his and started unbuckling his pants while we continue our kiss. I pulled out his throbbing member and started pumping him slowly.
Jungkook broke our kiss and breathes heavily as I pump his length. He started kissing the crevice of my neck and licks my sensitive spot. I stood up a bit and took off my top and immediately and unbuckles my pants to remove my garments immediately. I kissed him back again and straddled his lap and continued pumping his length.

He moves and grabs my plump ass and opened it's cheeks to expose my puckering hole. He circled the rim with his thumb and responded to my lips. He makes the kiss deeper by angling our mouths and you can loudly hear the wet and smacking sounds of our tongues and lips on each other.

My right hand sensually roamed his broad chest and started playing his nipples with my thumb. He broke our kiss and started biting my neck and leaving purple kiss marks on "Baby, you taste so good , it makes me want to devour you". He inserts his thumb inside my ass in and out and he started to notice the slick he feels on his thumb..." Fuck...you got ready for me".

He inserts two of his fingers inside and smirked on how easily he entered my insides. He scissors his fingers and continued to massage till he found my prostate. Jungkook hissed and said

" Baby, this is too much,you're so fucking hot" .

While I get wetter moaning his name on my lips. I licked his ears, played my tongue on it while his fingers continued on digging inside me. I moaned symphonies of pleasure in his ears as he continue his minstrations.

He stretched my walls more and pumps his fingers fast and deep inside of me. He continued to attack my prostate making my insides shiver with pleasure. Jungkook whispered in my ears seductively and mumured

" Baby...can you ride me? I want to fill your insides with my thick cock...fuck I so want to be inside you now...".

Blushes of pink filled my cheeks when he whispered to me. I got conscious and embarassed but still i wanted to oblige to Jungkook. So I stood up for a bit I aligned his member in my entrance and I slowly lowered myself while his member stretches out my insides as I do so. I cried out sighs of pleasure till I had him fully inside of me. I clung to his back and rested for a few moments adjusting to his size.

He moaned as my tightness wraps around his girth. He tried to remain in control of himself not to move his member inside of me for the mean time allowing me to adjust to his wholeness. He carresses my plump back in circular motion helping me relax and started kissing my neck. Then he grips my hips tightly and starts to ram his cock upwards. He loves the slippery feel my insides gave him so he said

"Baby...so fucking good...ahhh" he sighed in between pants.

I bounced my ass up and down and repeatedly grind my hips in sideways rotation for extra pleasure then left trails of kisses on his neck and mewled into his ears seductively and muttered

" Do me harder..."

He growls and held me to change my position. I am now laying on my back on the couch then he put one of my legs on his shoulder. While his one leg is on the floor while the other kneels on the couch. Jungkook held on to my legs opening me up for him as he thrust into me so hard.

I clung on the couch at the top of my head as he rocks his body against mine. My other hand covers my mouth as I try to muffle my mouth from making sexual sounds inside the room.

Jungkook then starts kissing my legs while thrusting now sensually. He moved his hips slow as if massaging my insides then moved his hips in circles feeling hot and good inside me. He pulled his cock until only the tip is on my opening then pushed into me balls deep that making me gasp at every move. He hastens his pace and rams into me just like how I wanted. Do me hard and deep till it drives me crazy.

I slither my hands around my cock and started pumping it while he is thrusting inside of me. I moaned his name like lullaby over and over as I felt a knot forming inside my stomach. I wailed loudly and said.

"Ughhh....ahhhh ahhhh....Jung-kook....im close......".

He exclaimed "Ughh.. baby come for me..".

He lifted my hips as he rams into me fast and deep. His movements are rough and merciless making me reach me high soon.

I continously pumped myself in front of him then after a few seconds.I came all over my hand, my insides twitch tighter around his cock as I felt my release from the pleasure that he gave me.
Jungkook groans feeling me tighten around his girth then he continued to thrust into me slowly until I came down from my high. He reached for my hand and licks my cum from my hand while looking at me with eyes still in a daze and murmured

"Not just your body is taste good hyung.. even this.. is tasty.. I like everything about you.." slurping the remaining cum from my hands.

I blushed and felt heated seeing him taste my juices from my hand I moaned softly and weakly as I felt his tongue in between my fingers cleaning the remaining signs of my cum.

Jungkook removed my legs on his shoulder and hovered his body over mine. He is still inside of me and our bodies are now closer our heat radiating around each and we can smell each other's scent. He kissed me again but this time sweetly just feeling his lips against mine then he murmured

"Baby, can you still take me?".

I moaned through our kiss and took a short break to look at his eyes mesmerized and fulfilled. I nodded and said my reply

" umm yeah, do me more ".

Jungkook was delighted hearing my answer and smirked.

"Let's change position again. I want to do you from behind", he whispered into my ears.

His voice was a bit husky but was filled with lust then kisses my cheek. He lifted me up and then positioned me on all fours on the couch, my cheek was resting on the handrest. Then, he starts kissing my back and follows the path of my spine and then grip my hips tightly. I felt him lining himself in my entrance and then entered me slowly with a groan.

This position was more intense, I couldn't help but clung to the armrest with strength as I felt him penetrating me deeper than we've have done before, my whole body was in his control I could only succumb to the pleasure he was giving me.

He relentlessly thrusted into me, grunting loudly and gripping my hips tightly, pulling me back into his cock and I lay flat on my stomach on the couch and my legs was spread wider as he continued with his rough movements. My entire body was rubbing against the couch due to his hard thrusts, tears pool in my eyes due to the harshness of his movements and the pleasure he brings about. He bent and laid his chest on my back, making our bodies closer and starts kissing the back of my neck.

I turned my head and started kissing his lips back while he penetrates me from behind.I gripped my clutches on the arm rest while feeling his hips hitting my butt. Our skins were slapping loudly in the entire room and I moaned through our kisses as he hits my very core and every thrust brings ecstasy to our love making.

He breathes heavily while ramming into me so deep.Then he suddenly slaps my ass and massages it to soothe my skin. He leaned closer to my ear and murmured " Do you fucking like that baby?"

"Ahhhhhh .....hmmm I like it..." I answered him back and kissed his lips more hungrily while savoring the stinging pain he gave me while tightening myself around him as he makes his move inside.

"Fuck.. Ugh" he groans loudly feeling my tightness like I'm sucking him in. He slaps me again harder this time while he thrust into me harder than ever, with all of his might.

"AHHHHHHH fuck...." I groaned loudly and I bit my lip since I felt the stinging pain from his hand,his thrusts was getting rougher and deeper making me feel a knot again in my stomach. I moaned and drooled over as every move is making me lose my mind my high was coming soon again so I wailed.

"Jungkook.....im so close again....ahhh uhhhghh ughhh".

"Ugggh shit.. let's cum together baby.. aaah.." his hands goes in front of me and starts pumping my cock in time with his hard thrusts.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes and shouted "AHHHHH AHHHHH UUHHH....I'M CUMMING......" I came hard on his hands while he was pumping me and felt myself throbbing within his grasp and my walls tightening as I ride my high.

"Fffuuuuccckkk t-taehyung aaahh" he thrusts into me violently and once he felt me tightening up around him, he trembles and released his cum inside of me . He continued his slow thrusts until both of us calm down from our high and he released all his seeds inside of me. He held me close and closed his eyes as he kissed me slowly.

The excessive pleasure and tiredness are now coming down to me, I savored his slow kisses as I felt my heart slow down and felt comfortable in his arms.He laid down and pulled me on top of him. He embraced me close and smiled at me dearly and said "still the best fuck I ever had....I fucking want more...."he whines and looks bothered " But I have to go baby...Jimin's coming back to Seoul tomorrow I gotta go fetch him early in the airport. He kisses my forehead before getting out of the bed and immediately dressing up. I lit up my cigarette and watch him get ready as my ass throb in pain with his cum dripping out of me. I looked at him with sad eyes and swallowed my saliva before asking " ...so when will you visit me again?".

He was done dressing up and looks at me with a smile and kissed my lips "...probably when my wedding preparation with Jimin is coming over....I couldn't do it with him since he was so busy lately...thanks for being there for me when I "need some release"...still you are fucking the best sex I had. I can't get over that sexy ass of yours....talk to you later baby....I will do you more next time". He kisses my cheeks and immediately leaves the room.

Jungkook was my ex...and even though we broke up a year ago...we still keep having these kind of nights with each other.

" Wedding ...huh?" tears started to stream down my face as I felt my heart broken over the news. I agreed to this arrangement in hope he would get back to me never have I imagined I lost him forever ever since that day and the only thing that binds us now is our bodies. I croaked and covered my mouth as I wail in agony inside my room crying over the man i loved for so many years.
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