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Fuck Buddies

Fuck Buddies Part 2

Weeks came apart since Jungkook last contacted Taehyung, leaving the latter in distraught seeing their wedding preparations coming to a close in their social media. Taehyung has been avoiding Jungkook as much as he can, so he wouldn't notice how much he was saddened to lose him soon to Jimin.

Everyone is in glee and hyped over the upcoming nuptials. During the dinner party, Jimin's family continued talking as he sat beside Jungkook and Tae was seated across from them. Tae looked over at Jungkook and caught him staring at him before averting his gaze back to Jimin's family. Feeling flattered, Tae casually slipped off his shoe, he rested his elbow on the table and watched along with him. He maneuvers his foot inbetween Jungkook's legs and presses down on his manhood. Jungkook swallows hard and wanted to close his legs, but Tae lightly brushed the ball of his foot against him. his cock twitched, and Tae stopped as his own began to grow from the unexpected arousal. Tae's groin tightens and fills his slacks. He tries to control himself and move his foot down, but Jungkook firmly grabbed his foot and aligned it back on top of his hardness. Tae looked at him sharply with no expression on his face only to be met by Junkook's eyes meeting his gaze. Jungkook sweeps his tongue across his thin lips, pulls back in his seat and stands. he leans over to Jimin and whispers, "I'm coming right back." Jimin only curt a nod without looking his direction. Tae caught a glimpse of Jungkook's bulge before he covered it with his coat. Jungkook walked down the hall and into the catering kitchen. Tae threw his handkerchief on the table that he used to cover his bulge and followed behind him.

When Tae walked inside, he didn't see Jungkook anywhere. Suddenly Jungkook appeared behind him and grabbed his bubble as while hissing in his ear, "You know what you were doing in there. Now I need you to finish what you started. Tae holds still and takes in the younger's massive pecks pressed on his back with his cologne and masculine alpha scent taking over his senses.

Hunger deluded his senses and so he turned around and he started kissing Jungkook roughly with his lips as it was the last time he can have him for himself and he wants to relish these stolen moments with him. So he pushed him back to the kitchen counter making him lean on it. He trudged towards the small refrigator grabbing a can of whipped cream. He sprayed a small amount on his finger and slowly he traced it near Jungkook's plump lips slowly smearing it on his little mouth making him taste the slick sweet taste of the cream over his lips. Jungkook gazed at him fiercely while he began sucking Tae's finger sensually inside his mouth sucking on it and coiling around his digits tasting the sweet liquid inside his mouth while their eyes exchange lustful gazes as they continue on. Tae traced his other hand on Jungkook's polo shirt and began unbuckling his belt in a haste and opening up his pants. He quickly knelt down on his knees and unzips his pants using his mouth and his two hands holds the hem of his shorts and pants and immediately pulled them down in a swift pace exposing his hard erect cock before his face.

He takes the can of cream and sprayed it on Jungkook's sex . He starts pleasuring him by running the flat of his tongue from the base to tip lapping up the salty precum and cream swirling his tongue around the red flushed head before dropping open his jaw and tilting his head at just the right angle. Jungkook held the end of Taehyung's locks and uses that leverage as his guide into Taehyung's mouth his hips twitching with the need to shove himself down Taehyung's throat until he gags.

" Shi-t yeah.." Jungkook grunts with pupils blown out impossibly wide. "You look so..good sucking me" Tae obediently hums and takes in his length further inside his mouth. Muffled moans comes out from his mouth as he continue to service the younger one saliva and precum drips down from the corner of his lips. Jungkook then began snapping his hips fast on Tae's mouth making him teary and gagged everytime he hits the back of the throat of the latter. Jungkook then stops and immediately pulled Tae for a rough kiss making them share his taste inside their mouth.

Jungkook then squats down under the table and sprays a hefty amount of cream on Tae's cock. Wrapping his lips around the bloated tip, he starts bobbing his head and commences to sucking off the cream. Shimmering deposit of saliva coats Tae's rod and encourage the younger one to take him in deeper. He reaches up and grabs Tae's peck as he quickens the pace. He devours the cream the pops the older ones throbbing hardness out his mouth out swiftly to apply more. His tip turns a swollen purple from the suction. Jungkook swirls his tongue around to sooth it a bit. Suddenly the door swung open, a caterer walked in. While Jungkook continued to suck him off, Tae kept his composure and responds to his inquiry with a ragged pitch. He grabs Jungkook's locks and tries to pull him away, but the younger one pressed his lips down on the base of his cock and stayed in place. Tae's knees buckled as he bit his lip and bites back a moan. The caterer leaves and Jungkook pulls away to lock the door. With his pants loosened, he barricaded the door to prevent any more surprises, especially not his fiance. Tae strips bare and props up on the table. The younger nips the corner of his bottom lip as he walks in front of him and trails his fingertips up his curvy waist. His tone is more in-depth and brought chills through Tae's body as he spoke, "I'm going to please every fiber of your body." Jungkook plants soft kisses on his neck, sucking and kissing the same spot until his skin welts in redness. He lifts the older's legs and sprays cream on his tight opening. "Your ass is so pretty and tight."

Tae's body contorts as he feels the coolness of the cream and younger one lifting his legs on his solid biceps and guiding his stiffened rod down his waiting canal. Jungkook moans in his ear and whisper, "why are you so irresistible? " Unable to respond, waves of pleasure take over him as Jungkook grinds his hips deep inside him. The slickness of the cream coats his cock and gives him ease to thrust in him meticulously. The sudden intrusion made Tae yelp in pain as his walls were suddenly stretched. The older held on to Jungkook's back. His nails digging through his skin as he rocks his hips into him and aggressively pounds him. His legs go limp as he penetrates his deepest ends, hitting his prostate in deep, powerful thrusts. his eyes half-lidded as his rough movements took him by surprise. Jungkook feeling the sensation of how well he took him in, he pulls Tae's body to the edge. Lifting Tae's legs higher, he gains full access and power drills inside him with high precision. The contact of their skin clasping rapidly together and grunts sends echos through the kitchen. "You feel so fucking good Tae. I can't resist your sexy ass." Tae moans loudly within his arms and captures his lips for a deeper kiss, coiling his tongue around his warm mouth. Jungkook's ragged thrusts hit in precision targetting all of his pleasure points. He succumbed his hips to meet every thrust of his and his body arches upwards and plunges into a more profound pleasure. "I want you addicted to me." He hums, breathing heavily on Tae's delicate skin. Every pound brings Tae closer to his edge as he mewled out. "Ahh..I'm close."

Completely turned on by his actions, he feels a familiar sense of heat rising in his chest that quickly shoots down to his groin. He thrusts in Tae once more and releases inside him. Tae's body trembles in pleasure as he fills his seeds to the brim, causing him to spurt his seeds all over his stomach. Lowering Tae's legs, he automatically wraps it around Jungkook's waist. He remains inside him and holds him tight.

Tae holds him close and nibbled his earlobe as they ride their peak and feel the warmth of their joined bodies. "Baby, I'm in trouble. I don't think I can go through with the wedding." He whispers breathlessly in Tae's ear. He licked his lobe and made soft wet sounds in it sensually teasing his pleasure point.
"Cancel the wedding, we can leave together."
Tae hums as he caresses the younger one's skin and kisses him softly. Jungkook peppers him with hisses from his jawline to lips.

"I love you, Taehyung. I want to be with you."
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