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Posted by: @Redhaired.Bloom

Redhaired. Bloom: Thank you all my followers, I’m soo happy to have already reached 240k followers in one week. Thank you all. I hope we can make it to 300k by the next month.

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Bloomxskyshipper: I LUV YOUUU soo much, please recognize me.

I Luv (Winx Musa): We’ll get you to 300k😊.

Hannah.Newcomb:@I Luv(Winx Musa), No, we’ll get her to 500k instead.

Redhaired.Bloom: @Hannah.Newcomb:🥰

Hannah.Newcomb: @Redhaired.Bloom🤯🤯OMGG, Hey Bloom, I love you so much, ship you and sky. I can't believe you replied.

Cute_girl.Sophie: Why you're hair sticking out?

Strongwinxlover01: Shut up hater, have you looked in the mirror lately.

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Strongwinxlover01: EEHHH! Are you guys finally replying? I loved you ever since episode 1 of your appearance in Winx club

Bright.unicorn.girl: I love you bloom we'll definitely get you to 300k.

SuperStarMegan: Please follow me! Luv you.

Cowardboy: You're gorgeous, no doubt.

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I Luv(Winx Musa): @Cowardboy: You're right, but she's taken by Sky, soback off😙.

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