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@Flora-nature Lover

Posted by: @Flora-nature lover

Followers: 218k

Flora-nature lover: Please follow, you may be just get a follow back for now. The first five people get a follow.
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Mistygirl: Follow for a follow🤯, Oh I'm following you, Flora.😊
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Unity.gurl: Please follow me, I've been following you since.
Strongwinxlover01: @Unity.gurl; yeah, same, but she said maybe.
Hannah.Newcomb: I followed you, Flora. Now my reward......
Riven'sgurl: I followed you, Flora. Have a great day.
Flora-nature lover: Thank you guys for following me, Mistygirl, Unity. gurl, Strongwinxlover01, Hannah Newcomb, and Riven'sgurl, you've earned a follow from me.
Joanne: How come Flora has only 218k?
Hannah.Newcomb: @Joanne: All the Winx main characters wanted to continue their career, and now they're working with Instagram to improve their career before any more shows and movies come from them.
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Joanne: @Hannah Newcomb: Thanks for explaining.
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Vampireisme: I'm I too late for a follow?🥺
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Shameon-Shane: yeah you are, but I am too.☹️😣
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