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The not so new roomate-


Richie's second year in collage, Eddie's first, Connor's second as well. So, Eddie leaves home for collage and ends up going where RIchie goes- Connor is madly in love with Richie- RIchie is just...RIchie- That's all-

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter one


"Bye Ma!! I'll come and visit okay?" Eddie smiled and grabbed his boxes walking toward's the door getting ready to leave off for college. "Do you Have your medicine, Eddie!? What about hand sanitizer!? Eddie, don't forget your pills!" Sonia, Eddie's mom said shoving a bottle of pills in Eddie's side suitcase pocket "They will help with anxiety!". Eddie sighed "I already have some of that ma, and yes I have everything I need. I love you ma!" Eddie walked outside and put his bags in the trunk of his car "I'll visit okay, please don't worry Ma! Love you!" he grabbed her hand and kissed it softly. Sonia whined as her eyes began to get a bit watery "Eddieeee! Please wait for tomorrow!", Eddie rolled his eyes "I have to go Ma! I love you!" Eddie grabbed his keys from his pocket and got in his car closing the door behind him. "EDDIE!!" Sonia yelled banging on the window, Eddie jumped and rolled the window down "Ma!!" Eddie sighed "What is it?" he asked softly. "Your phone Eddie bear" She smiled and handed Eddie his phone. Eddie smiled "Thank's" he took the phone and put his seatbelt on "Bye ma, ill call on Tuesdays and Sunday's okay, and if I don't call I'll probably be sleeping or studying okay?" Eddie said softly and slowly. Sonia nodded and stepped away from the car "I love you Eddie" she said holding in her tears the best she could. Eddie smiled "I love you too ma, see you soon!" he smiled and drove off.


"Hey Rich, heard you'll be getting a new roommate!" Connor, one of Richie's friends/used to be enemy walked up to him. Richie smiled and threw his arm over Connor "Yes! I am my friend! A new roommate!" Richie smiled. "Who do you think it would be?" Connor looked up at Richie, "Well I don't know Conn's! I don't know every single person in the damn world!" Richie chuckled and moved his arm from Connor's shoulder to hug a reddish auburnish haired girl "Hey Princess!" he smirked. "Beep Beep Dummie!" she chuckled "Anyway! Heard you're getting a new roommate" she smiled "Oh hey Con-verse!" she smirked at Connor. "Shut up Bever-face!" he rolled his eyes. Richie chuckled "Yeah I'm getting a new roommate! Hey, Bev do you think you can hook me up with some sticks?" Richie asked. Beverly, one of Richie's best friends from his childhood chuckled softly "Richie, You don't have to use the code word anymore!" she smiled "Yeah, I'll get you some CiGs!" she chuckled "See you guys later!" she smiled walking away towards her Dorm. "Bye, princess!" Richie smiled, Connor smiled and waved at Beverly "Wanna hang out?" Connor asked. Richie shrugged "Sure, you gotta come over tho, Gotta be there for my new roomie!!" Richie said excitedly, he pulled his keys from his pocket and unlocked the door to his dorm, he walked in and hung his keys on a hook "TGIF!" Richie yelled throwing himself on the couch. "Yeah!!" Connor smiled and sat on the floor looking at the TV as Richie turned it on. "Think my roommates gonna be a girl?" Richie asked through a yawn. "I don't know! Maybe" Connor replied.


Eddie had arrived at the college at 9:40, he walked into the office and looked around. "OH! Hey Baby!! Welcome to SNHU! What's Your name and Birthday hun?" A young woman with blonde wavy hair and a western accent smiled at Eddie. "Eddie kaspbrak, 11-2-1946" Eddie said softly, The woman typed the keyboard and looked at Eddie "How do you spell your last name Babe?" she asked. "K-a-s-p-b-r-a-k" Eddie smiled softly and looked around the office. "You Thinking bout' joinin any sports?" The woman smiled. Eddie shrugged. "Okay! Here you go! Your key, your mailbox number is 24, your dorm number is 739, and here is your schedule!" she pulled a paper from the printer. Eddie smiled and took the paper and key and smiled "Where would 739 be?" Eddie asked. "HEY!! JAZZIE!! COME HERE!!" The woman yelled, Eddie jumped slightly and looked around. A woman Eddie's height walked through a door in the back and smiled "Yes?" she had the same southern accent as the woman did. "Can you show this sweet boy to his dorm, 739" she smiled. The girl nodded and walked through the side door to meet Eddie "Hi, Im Jazzie, it's nice to meet you" she said softly. Eddie smiled "Eddie, it's nice to meet you as well." Eddie said softly. "Come on! I'll show ya to your dorm!" She smiled and walked out of the office with Eddie following behind her. Eddie sighed and looked around the hallways. Jazzie grabbed a ring of keys from her pocket and flipped through about a million keys before she found the right one, she pushed the key into the keyhole and knocked before walking in "Hello?" she said looking around. "Yeah?" A voice said from behind the couch. "Hello, your new roommate is here," Jazzie said. A boy sat up and looked towards the door, smiling widely "Hey Jazzie! Hey Ed-" the boy's eyes went wide "Eds!?" Richie got up from the couch, Connor stood up and tilted his head. Jazzie smiled "Have a good night boys!" she left the room and went back to the office. "Richie Trashmouth Tozier!" Eddie smiled widely. "Holy Shit Eddie! Dude! You still short what the fuck!? " Richie chuckled "How have you been?!". " Good, I guess! Whos that?" Eddie asked waving at Connor. "Connor!" Richie smiled. Eddie's eyes went wide "Connor Bow-". "Don't Fucking Say It!" Connor raised his eyebrows "Connor Devaughn!" he said. Richie sighed "A lot of shit happened after you left Derry Ededs! Like a lot!" Richie chuckled softly.

Eddie smiled "Rich can you help me get my stuff please?" Eddie asked. Richie nodded and walked to his room putting his shoes on "Come on Conn's!" Richie smiled and walked out of the room "Oh Ed's Bevvy is gonna freak out!"Richie chuckled and walked to Beverly's dorm room and continuously knocked on the door, "What!?" Beverly swung the door open. "Lookie!!" Richie pointed at Eddie. "Eddie!" Beverly smiled widely and gave him a quick hug "Dude how the- NO!" she looked at Richie "Mhm!!" Richie smirked, "But-....oh!" Beverly smiled "Sucks to Suck Eddie! You gotta practically live with Richie and his Boifwend now." Beverly smirked. Eddie chuckled softly "Wichie has a boifwend!" Eddie chuckled softly, "Shut up assholes! Connor is NOT my boyfriend!" Richie looked at Connor and winked "unLessS" Richie smirked. Connor blushed slightly, "No, I'm joking Im still dating Mrs.K!" Richie threw his arm over Eddie and ruffled his hair "Aren't I Ededs!?" Richie smiled. Connor rolled his eyes "You wanna help us Bevvy?" Connor mumbled. "Yeah! um, do what?" she asked and slipped her feet into her black slippers that were near her door. "We are gonna help Eds with his boxes and stuff" Richie smiled and threw his other arm over Connor "Both you idiots are short!" Richie smiled widely. Eddie rolled his eyes and moved from under Richie's arm "Shut up" Eddie rolled his eyes. Richie chuckled and pulled Beverly under his arm "Hey princess do you wanna go eat out tomorrow!?" Richie asked as they walked outside. Eddie looked back and raised his eyebrows "Wha-?" he raised his eyebrows and unlocked his car. "Nickname Eddie, we are not!!" Beverly rolled her eyes "And yeah I'll go! Wanna come Eddie?" Beverly asked. Eddie shrugged "I guess" he smiled and grabbed a bag and handed it to Connor "Thanks" he smiled at Connor who gave him an ugly look. Eddie sighed and gave Richie two boxes stacked upon each other "Thanks 'Chee" Eddie smiled and gave Beverly two bags "Thanks Princess" Eddie smirked. Beverly sighed "Fuck you both!" Beverly rolled her eyes. Richie smiled and walked towards the door and opened it walking to his dorm, he opened the door and walked put the boxes on the floor. Everyone else followed behind him and placed Eddie's stuff on the floor.

"Thanks, guys!" Eddie smiled. "No problem Eddie! See ya tomorrow! Goodnight" Beverly smiled and went to her dorm. Connor sat on the couch and sighed "Hold on Eddie, I'll help you unpack." Richie sat on the couch next to Connor and laid his head on Connor's shoulder "What's wrong Conn's?" Richie whispered, " I'm fine...I just don't want Eddie to think im anything like Henry, and I don't want him to hate me!" Connor said softly. Richie smiled "I'll talk to him! And Eddie is not a hateful person! he's super sweet okay? You don't gotta worry! Wanna go eat out with us tomorrow?" Richie asked. "Sure" Connor smiled. Richie nodded and stood up from the couch and saw Eddie looking around. "Come On Eds! Let's get you unpacked!" Richie smiled.

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