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You and Me - One Shot

By Tristan McLucas

Drama / Romance

You and Me

Despite being only a high-school student, Moe had many dreams and fantasies that she desperately yearned to achieve. There was gossip about an upcoming drama releasing in Japan, and also about there being only two more places left for the roles of a couple. With the thought of leaving Mizuki out for this one film shoot, Moe felt awful, even if Mizuki was Moe’s second favourite Mineral★Miracle★Muse girl out of both her and Mari. Moe would always choose Mari, even if Mari would only ever be interested purely for the spotlight. Although about this upcoming drama, Mari was unsure about it, but she knew Moe had feelings for her in reality. Mari eventually decided to act in this upcoming drama with Moe, to act out as a couple with her for the shoot. It was something different compared to the many Mineral★Miracle★Muse commercials they both starred in, but Mari also had the opportunity to compose a song for the drama’s opening. It would either be the song she wrote specifically for Gotou and Masayoshi’s wedding, or a new song specifically for her and Moe’s shoot. The rehearsal for the upcoming drama was bound to take place the following day, tomorrow.

As always, Moe was having a whole lot of trouble staying awake, earlier during the day to be exact. It was nothing short of a miracle that she managed to keep her eyes open throughout the entire ordeal of journeying across the countryside on the company tour bus with Mari, photographing with Mineral★Miracle★Muse fans and going through a lengthy Q&A with the journalist for the latest movie shoot she would be starring as a cameo in, with Mari. It was the first time doing something without Mizuki involved; Moe and Mari were scheduled to being starring in a romantic drama together, acting out as a couple, in which Moe actually wished for in reality. Now that it was past midnight, Moe was having trouble drifting to sleep; she kept thinking about Mari and their film shoot tomorrow. Knowing that the room of the main actress Mari was just nearby on the same hotel floor, Moe snuck out and dressed as she were in her pyjama shirt and pants with a pair of bunny slippers, she made her way towards the girl’s room and stood outside the door as she glanced around for good measure. “Hey...” her sweet, soft voice began calling out to Mari inside as she knocked ever so gently.” Are you sleeping yet? It’s me Moe... I thought you might want some company for the night...”

Hearing a voice outside her room door, Mari snapped her eyes open with slight annoyance the minute she heard Moe’s voice. Mari was tired, exhausted from today’s lengthy tour, and she wanted nothing more than to simply drift off into a peaceful slumber. She hoisted her torso from the mattress with haste, shortly before stepping out from beneath her duvet. Due to the warm temperature within the night Mari would often choose to sleep nude, although this evening she decided to actually wear pyjamas as she was staying in a hotel rather than her apartment. She was clad in a nightdress, cropped at the silk skirt and baring her pale thighs, it was the colour of baby pink. Approaching the doorway, rushing even, she started to fiddle with the door handle before eventually pulling the door open to see Moe. A small smile curled along her cherry-pink lips towards the blue-haired female, as of course she knew it was her waiting outside within the hallway. “M-Moe-chan...” Mari uttered with a sweet whisper, a high-pitch tone within her voice. “A-Aren’t you supposed to be asleep?” she questioned, trying her hardest to keep her voice quiet seeing as it was midnight and others within the hotel may be asleep.

“I can’t!” Moe answered with a small huff escaping her lips. Standing there, leaning against one side of the doorway as she slipped one bare foot off a slipper to stroke at her own calves. “I always have this problem, before I could even remember. I usually end up being wide awake at midnight only to finally drift to sleep again at around 4 am. It’s probably from all the working stress, I don’t know...” she muttered with a little sigh as she grasped at her own long blue hair, seeing as it was no longer tied in a neat bunch. Playing at the strands with both fingers as she leaned sideways, she was seemingly silent for a while before she glanced up at Mari once again. “...Well? Are you going to invite me into your room?”

Mari was never the type of person to understand, especially when hearing about the problems of others. “Maybe it’s because you don’t have much time for yourself?” Mari suggested with a slight pout forming upon her cherry-pink lips as she questioned the other female, placing a hand against her slender hip as she did so. “But maybe you’re right; it might just be work problems. Maybe you need to give yourself a break sometimes, I’m sure Mizuki wouldn’t mind.” Despite her gingery locks being in somewhat of a bird’s nest, and the fact Mari never bothered to check her pinkish nightdress or even appearance before approaching the room door, Mari never seemed to care about how she looked at this point. However, seeing as it was during the hours of midnight, Mari acted fast in hope not to rouse anyone else within the hotel, as there were other stars and the like present within the building as well as Moe and Mari. Mari eventually nodded at Moe’s question, responding with an obvious ‘yes’. Mari stepped to one side, pulling the door open a tad wider than before, enough to invite the other in. “You might as well,” finally answering Moe. “I wouldn’t mind a little company... from you, anyway.” Mari answered sweetly, a few faint giggles summoning.

“Thank you, Mari-san...” Moe answered as she slipped her toes back into the bunny slipper before happily stepping inside of Mari’s hotel room. Finally feeling the hesitation, the need for courtesy, after waiting for the room door to be closed she then wandered over towards Mari’s bed and helped herself lie on the mattress. It sure was comfy, just the same as her own bed back in her designated hotel room, but just as previously she was still unable to close her eyes and drift away to sleep. It seemed that as usual she still needed to wait for a couple more hours before she finally would. Grabbing a pillow and hugging it to her small chest as she soon sat up and then glanced over at Mari. “I’m a little surprised that you went through with this idea with me, trying out this little gig of making this short romance film starring you and me!" Moe chimed the last few words with a beaming smile, slanting her head to one side as she looked up towards the ceiling with hopefulness, only to cast a glimpse towards the ginger-haired female still standing within the doorway.

Slowly shutting the room door shortly after Moe had entered, Mari turned to face the other lying on the mattress of her bed, performing more of a twirl with her small body rather than just casually turning. A slight smile still along her cherry-pink lips, her crimson hues casted a friendly gaze towards her close friend. With the two of them being alone and of course the hotel itself being quiet, this meant a time to bond, to get to know one another, and it also meant company for the night. Both girls would usually sleep together with Mizuki, but this hotel only seemed to have single bedrooms to choose from. Approaching the bed within moments, Mari parked herself beside the other, and then eventually lied down and rested her head onto the pillow beneath her. Using a few fingertips to lightly brush her fringe to one side, brushing a few gingery stands away from her view. Mari let out a quiet snicker of amusement in response to Moe’s statement. “Well, it’s different.” Mari admitted. “Compared to working with Mizuki, this one gig is actually one of my favourites’ so far. It’s different with just the two of us working together; you’re not as bad as I thought you were.” It was rare for the two of them to tour without Mizuki present; it would often be the three of them shooting a Mineral Miracle Muse commercial together. Mari found Moe different, a positive type of different; she actually found her fun to work with.

“I find it fun with you, Mari-san.” Moe muttered, totally dismissing Mari’s comment, taking it as a compliment rather than an insult. Gotou would usually call Masayoshi an ‘idiot’ or a ‘freak’ out of affection, and that was how Moe saw Mari’s comments. Noticing that her bluish hair had grown to be a bit too long as of late she began to silently remind herself to have it trimmed a bit, but perhaps later after the filming was done and she returned back home with Mari. Back to high-school, and back to juggling between classes and more amateur shoots for the upcoming Mineral★Miracle★Muse events. While still twirling with the blue locks of her hair, she glanced at Mari and suddenly began grinning as she thought of something. “Hmmm...” she hummed to herself, yet she was refusing to reveal to Mari what she was currently thinking of as she began to lean over. Approaching her, she bowed down and while curling her hair up so it would not fall down, she began to slowly approach with her lips slightly parted, closing in to see if she could actually land their two lips together in a kiss.

A faint pinkish blush dusted Mari’s cheekbones at the sight of the other, although she did not bother to adjust herself or even push the female away. Thinking of a little kiss, it was no big deal to Mari, and Mari often enjoyed spending quality time with Moe anyway, she enjoyed kissing her in fact. It was either when she wanted something, or when she just wanted to fool around with her. Quite often she would kiss Moe out in the blue, putting it bluntly. Puckering her own lips, she decided to play along, until eventually planting a fleeting kiss onto those inviting lips that started first, followed by a gentle hum within her throat. It was unexpected, but they were both alone after all. Mari never even felt that tired any more; she felt more energy bloom within her at this one moment. Although upon releasing, Mari shifted herself somewhat closer towards the blue-haired female, before nuzzling her head into her pillow once more. “How does it feel acting as a couple with me, by the way?” Mari asked curiously like as if nothing had happened, especially since it was casual for her to just kiss Moe without her expressed permission. With this girl, Mari was genuinely interested in getting to know her. Forgetting the Mineral★Miracle★Muse group for a moment, Mari was interested in getting to know Moe as a person.

Moe seemed to have a bit of a sparkle in her eyes after the kiss. Upon hearing Mari’s question she simply hummed to herself at first, delaying her answer until she moved over to straddle herself comfortably upon the girl’s waist. “It feels exciting...” she muttered while her hands began roaming up and down Mari’s body, purposely letting her palms slide over the girl’s ribs and chest rather than touching her somewhere safe enough for Mari to think like she was not deliberately seducing her. Getting naughty was exactly what she was thinking of to pass the time between them. “I’ve always wanted to spend a time like this with you, with just you and me, without Mizuki-san...” she murmured, flicking her hair to the back of her ear as she leaned in, cupping both Mari’s cheeks in her hands as she bowed down, kissing her once more.

At the nimble touches upon her slender figure, along her silky-smooth nightdress, she felt her body react with slight arousal to Moe’s actions. Not only did she feel her body react with a tingle, but she also felt her nipples becoming erect through the material of her sleek nightwear. Mari swallowed her own spit, beginning to feel somewhat uncomfortable, although she felt safe within the company of the other teenage girl. Her thighs tingled with excitement, her body reacting to the many touches, even becoming... moist, downstairs. Mari rose a hand, beginning to gently touch Moe’s cheek at first with her fingertips, eventually moving her palm to rest at the nape of Moe’s neck. Now, this kiss was more likely. With a gasp of arousal escaping her throat at the passionate and inviting kiss, Mari remained flat against the pillow and mattress of her bed, although beginning to gently drape a slender arm about Moe’s delicate waist.

“I always thought you had a bit of a devil within you, Moe-chan...”

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